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Sexy Beast (19/20)

Closing the Circle, part I

Uhura woke up early to morning sickness and fled to the toilet.  Sheila told her that she had been blessed thus far with a fairly easy pregnancy, except for the stab wound because she didn’t suffer regularly from morning sickness or nausea at any time of the day.

She bent over the toilet, puking her guts out, barely getting her hair out of the way.  She wasn’t used to her hair being so long and due to the events of the past three months, never thought about getting it cut.  Part of that was due to the fact that the ship didn’t employ a stylist, which explained why most of the women on the ISS-E had long hair.  She wondered—in between heaves—if Spock would get one for the ship.  The women would love him for it.

She rose from the toilet, rocking back on her knees.  Her head hurt and she didn’t even want to move.  They were supposed to arrive at Starbase 238.2 within a few hours and she didn’t think she would be able to make it.  Her stomach was churning and—

Uhura bent back over the toilet, vomiting again.  Tears were in her eyes, for this bout of sickness was the worst she’d experienced so far.  She closed her eyes and groaned.

Then she felt his arms coming around her, lifting her, carrying her.  He put her back in bed and sat beside her, still in his sleep attire.  He had a warm washcloth and was wiping her face.


“Do not speak,” he said.  He handed her some water to rinse her mouth and the wastebasket for her to spit.  She sipped a little more water just to rid her mouth of the acrid taste and fell back down on the bed.

“Nyota,” he said, stroking her forehead.  “Our baby disagrees with you this morning.  I shall not bring you breakfast, as I am sure you could not stomach it at this time.”

“Nooo,” she moaned, turning her face into the pillow.  The thought of food made her sick. He rubbed her back.

“I do not think you should accompany me down to Starbase 238.2 when we arrive in four hours and twenty-five minutes.  I would prefer that you rest.  If you are able to do so, you can join me this evening.  I would like for you to select the clothing you wish to wear during your pregnancy.  I will bring you a few items to wear for now, but your belly is growing and I must accommodate you.”  He ran his hand over her stomach, taking a moment to connect with the tiny life inside her.  It did not matter if she bore him a son or daughter; all he wanted was a healthy child.  Vulcan and human DNA were incompatible most times and made conception tricky without genetic engineering.  But this little being came into existence without the assistance of science, survived a brutal attack on its mother and continued to live.  Its heart was indeed as strong as his or as hers.

He even knew when they created their child.  Once her pregnancy was confirmed, Spock did the requisite math and realized she conceived the night he tied them together with his sash.  He spoke of fusion when she asked him about it (and he knew that she found it erotic) but the fact that they had actually fused was fascinating.  He could never look at his sash again without thinking about that night and its symbolism.

“Spock, I want to go but I just can’t…”

“I am aware of that, Nyota.  I must take Commanders Baker and Moreau and Dr. Stephens with me to complete specific tasks.  But Dr. Stephens will return to check on you.  I will return as soon as I can.”

She nodded.

“But right now,” he murmured, kissing her forehead, “I shall stay with you.  Commander Baker has the bridge and I am not needed until we reach base.”

“How are she and Marlena coming along with their training?”

“They are Vulcan-like in their adaptation and assimilation of bridge protocols and command procedures.  I am impressed with their exponential growth in ship operations.  But I have learned not to underestimate the heart of a determined woman.  I have realized that every woman on this ship is dedicated to you and our baby.”  He continued to rub her stomach.

She nodded.  “I know.  You’d better not piss them off, Spock.  Or you’ll disappear.”  She motioned her head over by the artwork that hid the Tantalus field.  “Don’t think that Sheila, Trisha or Marlena isn’t capable of captaining this ship.”

“I do not,” he said.  “I know that with a crew of women like the ones on board the ISS-E, we will be formidable indeed.  K’avir and Turock are instructing them in hand-to-hand combat and Shavik, now that he is healed, is also teaching combat strategies and tactics.  I would like for my ship’s crew to be fully armed, as we will be challenged by other starships once the Empire realizes that we are no longer subject to its whim.”

She put her hand over his, slipping her fingers between his own.  His hand felt so good on her stomach.  “They love it that you’re letting them learn how to fight.  I love it too.”

“It is illogical for them not to be able to defend themselves.  I have already instructed the armory chief to produce a phaser for every woman on board this ship as well as a better knife.  They will have the option of carrying specialized equipment for times of probable danger.  I am positive that ship captains and base commanders will underestimate my crew and find themselves a victim of a phaser blast or a knife to the throat.  I know that you abhor killing, Nyota, but the women understand that it will be necessary if we are to be successful.”

“I understand, Spock.  I agree with you.  Otherwise, this entire endeavor is moot.”  She knew that it wasn’t going to be sweet sailing for the new captain and his crew.  There would be repercussions.  “It’s best that everyone understands that.”

“I am pleased.  Your approval is very important to me.”

She closed her eyes.  Her stomach was calming down.

“I am, of course, planning to replace lost members of the crew with as many Vulcans as are available.  I have already sent messages to interested parties.  As the first Vulcan to command an Imperial starship, I know without a doubt that I will have their loyalty.”

Uhura smiled to herself.  She was aware that a lot of the women found their Vulcan instructors sexy.  Sheila, for one, told her that she was determined to find out if K’avir was as hard and as strong as he looked.

“I don’t think I could make him my bitch,” she had said, “but I’ll definitely make him my stud.”

“What are you smiling about?”

“Oh, nothing.  Just wondering what it would be like to have that many Vulcans on one starship.”

He raised an eyebrow.  “You are thinking about Dr. Stephens and my personal guard.  Fascinating.”

“You may as well know, Spock,” Uhura said, closing her eyes. “A lot of the women on this ship—the ones who still like men—think that Vulcan men are really, really sexy.”

“Does that include present company?”

“You know that I’ve been attracted to you from the beginning, Spock.  Don’t be silly.  I’m just saying that you should not be surprised if things should naturally take place as things tend to when you have a bunch of sexually frustrated women and Vulcans in the vicinity.  Not that it will affect their duties, but things will happen.”

Spock took her hand and kissed it.  “Vulcan men are very resistant to the attentions of human females.  Until they find themselves in the presence of one who is easily able to break them down.  It rarely happens, my love.  Rarely.  We are disciplined beings.”

“Not if Sheila can help it.  She was with Dr. McCoy for years and he suffered from erectile dysfunction.  You think a Vulcan can resist a beautiful, intelligent, sexually frustrated woman?  K’avir won’t know what hit him.”

“Touché, my love,” he murmured.


The scheduled visit to Starbase 238.2 started with an incident, but word spread quickly.  Spock beamed down with Marlena, Sheila, Trisha, K’avir and one other security guard.  The ladies were strapped with their new weapons: six-inch long tanto point carbon steel blades and new phasers.  Sheila had a Harpy and a pair of brass knuckles stuck in her cleavage.  Trisha had a four-inch retractable trailing point blade affixed to the inside of her skirt.  Marlena had another phaser tucked into her boot.

The moment they beamed into the transporter room, the base commander and his second officer saluted Spock.  He saluted back and indicated that the ladies should do the same.  The second officer, a brute named Jonas, reminded the ladies too much of Rex.  Spock and K’avir fell into step with the base commander and they followed him out.  Not even ten seconds outside of the transporter room, Jonas swatted Marlena on the ass hard enough to make her stumble and fall.

The security guard didn’t have a chance to react.  Trisha grabbed Jonas’ swinging arm and flung him into the wall.  Sheila kneed Jonas in the balls and both women had their knives out before he could speak.  Spock and the base commander turned to look.  K’avir helped Marlena to her feet and watched his protégés with as much interest as a Vulcan guard could muster.

Trisha pressed the tip of her knife into Jonas’ throat, drawing a bead of blood.  “Give me a reason, asshole!”

“Please,” Sheila said.  She tapped her blade against Jonas’ swelling balls.  “I will slice and dice and wear these little motherfuckers like a pair of earrings, you shithead.”

“Touch her again,” Trisha said.  “Touch any of us and you’ll be the first one to get fucked up.  I’ll skewer you like a tomato.  Sheila here is anxious to break in her brass knuckles.”
If K’avir could have smiled, he would have.

Spock raised an eyebrow and looked at the base commander.  The commander had a shocked expression on his face.

“I should warn you, Commander Heller,” Spock said, his tone even and cold.  “You should caution your operatives as well as the other individuals on this base that my crew members are not what they appear to be.”

“I see that,” Commander Heller said, halfway aroused by the sight.  Jonas fell to his knees, holding his nuts.  Sheila kicked him in the back of the head for good measure, knocking him out cold.  Marlena spit on him and stomped her boot heel into his buttock.  Then the ladies caught up with their captain.

Spock looked at Commander Heller.  “Do not fuck with my officers, Commander.  They did not kill Second Officer Jonas because they need a survivor to spread the word.  I cannot promise you that they will not kill any other who tries to attack.  Including you.”

Commander Heller looked at Spock and then at the ladies.  “Welcome, officers! Welcome to Starbase 238.2!”


Sheila returned a little later to check on Uhura and relayed the story.  Uhura found it hilarious and couldn’t stop laughing.

“It felt so good to knee that bastard in the balls,” Sheila said.  “He’s just like Rex; may his soul burn in hell.  We’ve got to work on Marlena’s sense of awareness, but Trish was on point and slammed that prick into the wall, just like K’avir showed us. Spock didn’t bat an eye.  He told us to do do whatever we had to do and he would take care of the rest.”

“Do you think you’ll get attacked again?  Or any of the other ladies once they start beaming down for shore leave?”

“Probably.  The men are stupid and think we’re all just a bunch of timid pretty faces.  But if we kill enough of them, they’ll get the message.  I’m kinda hoping that someone tries to attack me just so I can use this baby,” Sheila said, fingering her brand-new tanto blade.  “Or the Harpy stuck between my tits.”

“I love it!” Uhura said.  Then she looked at Sheila’s outfit.  “I see you got your new uniform.”

Sheila preened and turned.  Her uniform was a feminine version of Spock’s: a blue cropped jacket with gold emblems, form-fitting black pants and thigh-high leather boots.  She wore a holster on each thigh.  “We also chose a dress, similar to our old one, except it’s a one-piece and covers the midriff.  And it comes with a short jacket.  One is a black coverall with shoulder emblems and the sash, and my ass looks amazing in it, and the other is a modified version of this one, to be used as a dress uniform.  Spock’s paying for all of it.”

“He is?”

Sheila nodded.  “He’s got plenty of money and he prefers to use it to take care of us rather than go through the bullshit of Starfleet authorization and paperwork and have it take months for us to get our clothes.  And you know those cheap Imperial fuckers would only let us choose one uni.  Spock said that was unacceptable.  Then Marlena told him we needed a beautician.  He looked confused, but then she told him that she would take care of it.”

“We do,” Uhura said, fingering her hair.  “If he wants to keep his crew happy, he’d better get one.”

Sheila smiled.  “You feeling well enough to join him on base this afternoon?”

“I’m okay now,” Uhura said.  She fell asleep after Spock left and woke up a little while ago.  She felt a whole lot better.

“Good.  I brought you your new standard-size uniforms, but also some additional ones in larger sizes.  And I got you a pair of low-heeled boots.  He wants you to pick out whatever else you need from the base stores.”

Uhura nodded.  “That’s a relief.  I’ve been wearing nothing but his robe and the biggest T-shirt I have, which really isn’t that big.  I can’t even get my other boots on.”

“Well, he said he’ll come to get you if you felt like it.  So I’ll leave you alone to get dressed.” 

Sheila stood up, looked at herself in Uhura’s mirror, and then smacked her butt.  “Yeah, I do look good.  My ass hasn’t looked this round since I was eighteen.  You remember the body you had when you were eighteen?”

Uhura nodded, laughing.  “All the time.”

“See you later, Nyota,” she said and left the room.


She was in the shower when Spock came to get her.  He stood in the doorway, watching her bathe.  It was very stimulating.  He was a voyeur and he watched her as much as he could.  He didn’t know if she was aware of that particular quirk, but it didn’t matter.

Her eyes were closed as she rubbed her swollen breasts and thickening middle.  Spock took a slow, deep breath, anticipating the time when she really began to show.  Everything about her now was so intoxicating and so desirable that he found it difficult to stay away from her even though he had duties to perform.  Something about her pregnancy—and perhaps it was yet another throwback to his ancestry—made him crazy.  He knew that the bigger she got, the more he would want her.  He kept it to himself, kept it close to the vest as he did with everything else and would let her know when he had  to have it.  He wanted to have her like that and as many times as she would let him.

If she was still here when she began to show.

He would not think about that.  They had time, for there was no ion storm within scope of the long-range sensors.  They had time and she agreed to let him love her for as long that time was.

Uhura turned off the water.  Spock grabbed her towels and waited for her to step out of the shower.

“Spock,” she said as he wrapped them around her.  “When did you get here?”

“Thirteen minutes and forty-two seconds ago.”

“I didn’t hear you.”

“You were distracted,” he said, bending down on one knee to kiss her wet stomach.

“Stop that, you’ll get wet,” she said. 

“I do not care,” he replied.  “I am not bothered by it, as my child is far more important than my appearance.”

Uhura smiled to herself but didn’t argue.  So she stroked his hair, deciding she would brush it for him when they got out of the bathroom.

He ran a hand between her legs.  “Are you up to this tonight?”

“Yes,” she said.  “It’s time and it’s starting to annoy me now that you brought it up.  Honestly, I hate doing it because getting the angles right is difficult.”

“I would take that responsibility from you,” he murmured, kissing her navel again.  Then he frowned at her scar.  Even though Sulu was dead, he would hate him forever for injuring Uhura and jeopardizing the baby.

She was calm.  “You can have it.”  She had no fear that he would hurt her.

Spock rose to his feet and kissed her lips.  “You are well enough to join me on base?”

She nodded, pressing her head against his chest.  “Yes, and I’m starving.  What do they have to eat?”

“You would do better to take your meal on board the ship, Nyota,” he said.  “I daresay that you will find it much more pleasing than the fare on base.”

“You don’t have to tell me twice,” she said.  “Please get something for me and the baby while I get dressed.”

When he returned, she was comfortably dressed in one of her new black coveralls. Uhura was exceedingly thrilled to be in actual clothes that weren’t tight.  Her hair was secured with combs and she was excited that there would soon be a beautician on board to cut it back into its normal style.

Spock brought her a thick, hearty Vulcan soup, bread rolls, a green salad and her favorite blend of Vulcan tea.  He was amused to watch her devour the repast in a decidedly un-ladylike way.  She and the baby must have been starving after missing breakfast.  He found it stimulating.

He watched her eat.  In his hands, he held a box.  It was the same box he had tried to give her months ago when she first came on board the ship.  It was the same box he kept secured in a red wrapping inside his redwood chest.  He knew she wondered what it was, but she never asked him about it.

“What’s that?” she asked, biting into a fat red tomato.

“It’s for you,” he said.  “I wanted you to have it months ago, but circumstances kept me from giving it to you.  But finish your meal.  This can wait.”

She took a drink of tea and wiped her mouth.  “What is it?”

“Do you remember what we agreed to last night?”

“I do, Spock.  Of course.”

He stood up and went over to her.  He broke the wrapping on the box and she gasped.  “I’ve seen this in your redwood chest, but I didn’t want to ask you about it.”

Spock gave it to her.  “You may open it.”

Inside the box was a smaller box.  Curious and gleeful, Uhura opened it.  It was a gold ring with a blood-red ruby so large she would have to do finger curls just to hold it up.

“I wanted to give it to you after you got here,” he said.  “When you agreed to align with me.  So that all would know that you were mine.”

Uhura stared stupidly at the ring.  Marlena told her a long time ago that he bought her a gift but she didn’t believe her.

“Since you’ve agreed to be my wife for the time that we have left, would you wear it?  You may take it with you when you leave,” he said.  His voice remained even, as if his heart had nothing to do with this.

“I couldn’t take it with me, Spock!  You could…you could give it to another woman, one who—”

“No,” he said, firmly. “There will never be another for me.  I accept the consequences of my actions.  It is yours to do what you will.”

She stared at him.  He looked as if he weren’t bothered by any of this, but she knew him as well as he knew her, and she knew that he was right.  Marlena also told her on that long-ago day that Spock was a one-woman man. 

He practically handed her his heart.  Uhura closed her eyes and slipped the ruby on her ring finger.  “All right,” she said.  She looked at it.  It looked great on her hand, but it would take getting used to.

“It’s heavy,” she said.  “But it’s gorgeous.”

“I am glad you approve.”  Spock knelt before her and caressed her face.  She met his gaze and covered his hand with her newly-ringed one.  He leaned forward and kissed her while rubbing her belly with his other hand.  Uhura returned his kiss.  For all intents and purposes, and for however long, she was a married woman.  She was now his wife.


They were late returning to Starbase 238.2.  Shortly after she put the ring on, Spock carried her to bed and they made love.  Sheila was going to be mad, but Uhura didn’t care.  She was going to get as much of Spock’s body, mind and soul as she could before she left.  She cared for him and she wanted him.  Part of her wished she could take him with her, but that was impossible.  He was needed here.

He got her out of her coveralls so fast that she could have blinked and missed it.  He buried his face between her legs and devoured her.  It seemed that now while she was pregnant, she climaxed quickly.  She told him that she wanted to taste him and he let her.  He put her in the sixty-nine and they pleasured each other.  She wanted to ride him but he said he did not think it was wise, especially after Sheila warned her.  So she told him to have her from behind, to lay her on the bed and take her.  He didn’t want to; didn’t want to put that much weight on her stomach, but she was so horny and she wanted him so much that he could not resist her.  He pushed pillows underneath her belly and hips and carefully mounted her in such a way that the pressure was on his knees.

“Hold me down like you did before,” she commanded and he obeyed.  Sometimes he wondered if he was really a true dominant, as he submitted to her as easily as she did to him.  He did not mind.

Uhura closed her eyes as her fingers locked with his.  It was so good, so intense and she knew he could feel everything when he was so deep inside of her, absolutely everything.  She bit her lip and moaned his name, feeling his kisses and breath on her neck, shoulder and ear.  He timed it so that they could come together or at least within seconds of each other and it was supernova-like in its magnitude and luminosity.


Sheila knew it the moment Uhura beamed down on Spock’s arm, sporting her new red one-piece uniform, one that hid her pregnancy.  The chief medical officer smiled at the vision of them; they looked so regal together.  And also satisfied, which meant that they had sex again.  Sheila shook her head, smiling to herself. Then she noticed Uhura’s ring.  Stunned, she decided not to mention it; to let her friend tell her whatever whenever she was ready.

Trisha and Marlena stood with her, as well as Turock, K’avir and two more security specialists.  They didn’t salute Spock, as he didn’t require nor want it.

“Are you feeling better, Nyota?”  Marlena asked.

“We’re all right,” she said, running a hand over her stomach.  She looked at Spock, who kissed her fingers and helped her down the steps.

“Where is Commander Heller?” Spock asked. 

“He should be here momentarily, sir.” Trisha said.

Spock eyed his officers.  “Have there been any more incidents?”

Marlena nodded, trying not to smile.  “Yes, Captain.”

Uhura looked at Spock.  He looked at her, sensing her panic, and turned back to his officers.  “What happened?”

“Don’t worry, Captain,” Trisha said.  “As you can see, we’re still here and in one piece.  Apparently, Second Officer Jonas did not serve as the warning we intended for him to be.  And Commander Heller did not take note of your caveat.”

Uhura couldn’t help it.  “What happened, Trisha?”

“The men here were under the impression that we’re the rule instead of the exception.  They tried to take something that didn’t belong to them and lost their limbs or lives as a result.”  Trisha nodded smugly.

“They know now, sir.” Sheila said.  Uhura saw that she wore her brass knuckles.

“How many?”  Spock asked.

“Six, sir.  Excuse me, seven.” Marlena said.  She had her wits about her now.  She shot her attacker and then went back for Jonas when he failed to warn the others.

Commander Heller entered the transporter room.  “Captain Spock, I must protest this barbaric behavior of your…officers!  They’ve killed seven members of my staff!”

“Excuse me, Commander,” Spock said.  “But I warned you as soon as we beamed down that my officers were not as they appeared to be.  And I also warned you that they are trained to kill.  It would seem that you did not heed my advice, therefore I shall not apologize.”

“Captain, I must protest!”

“Your protest has been noted and logged.  Now I shall order the shore leave of my off-duty personnel.  I will inform you once more, Commander Heller.  The crew of the ISS Enterprise is not to be underestimated.  That would be a grave miscalculation on your part.”  He looked at Sheila and Trisha and inclined his head.

Trisha whipped out her tanto blade and held it under Heller’s nose.  Sheila held up her knuckled fist. 

“Your base crew, once one hundred and ten strong, is now down to one hundred and three.  There are 256 pissed-off women on board our ship, Commander.” Trisha said.  “And they are armed and ready to fight.”

Commander Heller’s eyes widened, almost to the size of eggs.  “Two hundred and fifty-six?” Captain Spock captained a crew of 256 women?

“That’s just the women,” Sheila snarled, waving her fist back and forth.  “We’ve got a hundred men at our beck and call.  So if you’re feeling froggy, Commander, then go ahead and leap if this is a game you want to play.”

Marlena pulled out her phaser and aimed it at the cowering man.  “I don’t think he does, Dr. Stephens.”

“Then,” Trisha said, tapping her knife against Heller’s nose, “you will tell your crew to back the hell off.”

Commander Heller looked at Spock.  “Captain…Captain…I demand that you control your women!”

“They are not my women, Commander.  They are my officers and I do not control them,” Spock said.  “I merely make suggestions.  You did not listen to me, so you would be wise to heed what they tell you this time.  I do not wish to leave Starbase 238.2 decimated.”  He knew if the ladies were provoked, they would wreak havoc.  They were itching to demonstrate and implement their new combat skills.  K’avir taught them well.

Sheila popped her knuckles.  “We will annihilate this place. Sir.” Her voice was thick with sarcasm.

“All right, all right!”  Commander Heller said.  “I’ll do it!  Captain, just tell them to stand down!”

“Ladies,” Spock said.


The visit to the starbase was interesting.  After Commander Heller realized that Spock’s mostly-female crew were not only serious about killing his team but also anxious to do so, he immediately got on the speaker and demanded that they be left alone or face deadly consequences.  He reminded them of the seven men who lost their lives and cautioned against retribution.

Of course there was, but the agitators did not survive it.  They, like most men, underestimated the women.  And the women didn’t fuck around with them.

The crew of the ISS-E, both male and female, was able to have a pleasant shore leave experience that day.  Uhura had no doubt that the rest of their time at the base would be agreeable.  Several women who also worked at the base asked Spock if they could transfer to the ISS-E, to work for him.  He told them to submit their paperwork to Starfleet and informed them what positions he required.  He also found six Vulcans who were willing to transfer to his ship.  He expected that the transfers would go through quickly and by the time the ship was scheduled to depart, he would have thirteen new crew members, bringing it to a total of 373. Marlena told him that a crew of four hundred would be sufficient.

They would remain at Starbase 238.2 for at least four weeks.  The ship needed maintenance and supplies, reports had to be completed and many, many other tasks awaited the captain.  He would be quite busy for the next month or so, but Uhura was at his side, helping him as much as she could.  It was fascinating to experience the levels of responsibility of a ship’s captain from his standpoint, for Spock told her everything.  Uhura sometimes took the captaincy for granted, but she wouldn’t any longer.  Absolute power was just that.

<center>*    *          *</center>

Six weeks later, the ISS-E, was on a routine border patrol.  It was a time of education for the ship’s crew.  Spock had time to think things out, to plan his next series of moves, depending on what the Empire ordered him to do.  He also had time to plan another series of moves if another starship should plan to attack.  It was a game of chess and so it was wise to be prepared.  He knew that word had spread about his mutiny and his crew of ferocious females and that it would be a matter of time before something happened.

His crew continued their training.  He wanted them to be as deadly as they could be, to be as close to Vulcan in their hand-to-hand combat.  He conducted red- and yellow-alert drills and delegated authority to his command staff, security chiefs and department heads.  They learned codes, techniques, strategies and methods.  He felt confident that when the time came, they would be ready.

Lt. Commander Trisha Baker ran Engineering better than the late Commander Scott.  Dr. Sheila Stephens’ medical personnel were as proficient as a team of Vulcan doctors.  Commander Marlena Moreau, head of the department chairs, kept Spock updated on everything.  If Uhura chose to leave, Marlena would become his official first officer.  Spock also had a new navigator and helmsman, both women.  Security was run by K’avir, and consisted of Vulcans and some of the toughest men and women on the ship, as K’avir didn’t want any timid hearts on his staff.  Their motto was, “When in doubt, shoot.”

Spock ran a tight, efficient starship and he would have it no other way.

But time was peaceful now.  She was back on duty, manning the communications console and running the department.  Uhura was a few weeks into her second trimester and she was rounding out in a very alluring manner.  She now wore her hair in the style she had when she beamed aboard.  He didn’t care, for she was beautiful no matter what.  He made sure that, unless his presence on the bridge was absolutely necessary, that they spent their evenings together.  Whenever she felt comfortable, they had their special playtime and with each experience, grew closer. 

Uhura was more confident in herself, in her ability to communicate her needs and test her boundaries.  She would send him messages whenever she craved his dominion.  She would ignore insignificant commands, snatch her hand away from his, make sassy comments and roll her eyes, slap his face and pull her knife on him.  Whenever she pushed, he pushed back and she reveled in the freedom of submitting to him.  She tingled at the memory of him standing before her, holding the silk whip the first time she pulled her knife. Or of wearing her collar while kneeling before him and pleasuring him with her hands and mouth.  Or of hanging from the bed hook blindfolded, waiting for him to do something....The experiences were varied and satisfying and she often reported to duty with the serenest expressions on her face.

He told her about some of his experiences on Bellatrix IX, which fascinated her.

And then there was the converse; him letting her take control.  He did it so effortlessly and let her test her boundaries in that direction.  He was overindulgent, catering to her every whim.  She got so used to being spoiled that she soon forgot what it was like not to be.  She indulged him, pandering to his little quirks and fetishes, finding his kinks kinky.  The first time she let him shave her was one of the most bizarre yet erotic experiences she had ever had.  He was so cautious, deliberate and tender in his actions that it was a struggle for her not to climax while he was trimming.  He massaged her neatened pubis and finger-fucked her until she did climax.  After that, she let him do it regularly, as his efforts were far better than her own.

The other items he had in his redwood chest couldn’t be used until after she gave birth.

And then there were the nights when they laid in bed and talked.  She no longer asked him about updates regarding her going home, as she knew that he knew Trisha gave her regular reports.  Sometimes she was uncomfortable and he kept pillows to support her back and knees.  He would kneel over her and caress her belly, murmuring Vulcan endearments to their child.  He would lightly suck at her nipples, as he knew she liked it, or sometimes stimulate her with his beard, as he knew she loved it.  They made love.  She found different positions for them to try, eager to know what they felt like.  She was easily aroused and became even more sensitive as the baby grew.  She hardly pushed him away, as her tolerance increased along with her desire. 

When Uhura asked Sheila why she was so horny so often, her friend laughed and said, “Because your hormones are out of control and you’ve got a telepath for a husband.  He’s not a man who thinks he’ll hurt the baby if he makes love to you.  He knows that the baby feels whatever you feel, and so he strives to make you feel good.  Considering that you’ve started singing again, I would wager that it is true.  Lucky bitch.”

Sheila was so blunt and honest that Uhura couldn’t help but value her opinions and judgment.  But then Uhura was quick to remind Sheila that she, too, sometimes walked around with a stupid grin on her face.


Uhura was five months pregnant when Trisha sent word to the bridge that an ion storm was starting on a planet four astronomical units away from the ISS-E, current location.  Her eyes widened and she turned to look at her husband.  He did not look at her, but ordered the navigator to plot the fastest course at warp 8 and put it into the computer.  At that rate of speed, they could arrive at the planet well before the storm dissipated.  Trisha had had the formulas in the transporter computer for months, so it was simply a matter of adjusting for the storm’s intensity.  The ion storm was the only variable they could manipulate, as the other two variables were out of their control. Spock was determined.  He was going to try and send her back home.  But Uhura was no longer sure she wanted to go.


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