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Bulletproof Soul

12.  Vulcan Ways, part 3

Kirk was in sickbay when he came to.  McCoy stood over him.

“Jim, are you all right?”

Kirk started, trying to get up.  McCoy pushed him down on the bed. 

“Why am I on the ship, Bones?  I need to get back down there to Nyota and Sp—”

“Calm down, Jim,” he said.  “I’ve been monitoring you.  I put a transponder in you so that I could check your heart rate whenever you took the adrenalin shots.  I saw a spike, got worried and came to get you.  You’ve got lacerations on your scalp, a black eye, a fat lip, a bruised trachea, a broken rib, a dislocated shoulder and some pulled muscles.  I find it amazing that your leg hasn’t been reinjured.  I must say, Spock beat the hell out of you.”

“I guess so,” Kirk said, trying to get up again.  “Bones, I have to get back to Nyota—”

“And you will, Jim.  Trust me; she will be all right when you do.  You are in far worse shape, I assure you.  Physically, that is.  Spock threw you through a pane of plate glass, you big jerk.”

“He did?”

“Found you unconscious and bleeding in the dirt, surrounded by broken glass.  You’ve got a contusion, but thankfully, no concussion.  Now I strongly suggest that you confine yourself to quarters and rest for the next week and a half.  But since I know you’re not going to do that, please do not interrupt Spock again unless you intend to give him that other sedative.  If you do whatever it was you did to make him throw you out of a window, you will not survive it.”

“He’s killing her, Bones.  He’s going to fuck her to death.  She was crying.  I had to do something!  Please, let me go!”  Kirk squirmed, struggling to get up.

“Jim,” McCoy said, “don’t worry about that right now.  Not that I was trying to intrude—I don’t want Spock beating my ass—but I checked on them and they were fine.  She was asleep and he was not doing anything harsh, hard or intense.  From my observation, he was gentle with her.”

Kirk was surprised.  “So it helped?  Me fighting with him helped?”

“Appears to be the case.  Now please, lie back down.  I’ll let you go in a little while, but trust me when I tell you that she is as fine as she can be right now.  I would not have left her otherwise.”

Kirk lay back, sighing with relief.  McCoy slipped him a hypo to make him sleep.  He was going to let Kirk rest in Medical Bay for a half-hour and then take him back to Madir so that he would be in the cabin when he woke up.  He shook his head.  McCoy had no idea how they would get past Spock’s Pon Farr.  The casualties were already severe.

*          *          *

When Uhura woke up, she was starving.  Spock was unconscious again.  It appeared that each peak knocked him out cold.  She supposed it was like most men who fell asleep after achieving orgasm, except Spock was more than asleep; he was cataleptic.  Maybe the power of the blood fever was such that when he climaxed, his lust popped like a balloon and the resulting endorphin rush was too much for his mind to take. 

Her thighs were hot and sticky.  She did not know how many times he came.  The hydrocodone put her to sleep the last time while Spock was inside of her; she had no idea how long he had continued after she was out.  He had come at least twice; her inner thighs felt coated with his semen.  He lay between them with his head on her stomach.  His fingers gripped her hips.  His face was warm against her belly.  He looked like he normally did when he slept with his head on her stomach. 

Uhura stroked Spock’s head, humming a light tune.  She had accepted this.  She knew she would need time alone to deal with it fully, but she also knew that she was not angry or upset with Spock.  He could not help his nature.  He could not help what he became during this time.  She had been warned and prepared as much as she could.  She knew that she would spend the next week on board the Enterprise, secluded in her quarters as she allowed her body to heal.  Dr. McCoy would care for her.  And for Kirk.

He had not come back into the room and she was afraid that he was severely injured.  She could not move without disturbing Spock and she just didn’t want to chance waking him up and risking another round of unpretty sex.  That was the one thing she knew she wouldn’t want for a while.  Spock would understand and Kirk would too.  They had each other and could satisfy one another until she was able to handle sexual intimacy again.  She would definitely want to watch them, however.

Spock took a deep breath and turned his head.  Uhura sighed as she ran her fingers through his hair.  He would be awake soon.  She decided to chance it and get out of the bed.  She moved his hands and slid out from under him, taking as much care as she could not to wake him.  Uhura went for the table and wolfed down whatever she could eat and drink.  Spock’s sleep was too volatile and too unpredictable for her to be cute with calorie consumption.

She went into the bathroom and relieved herself, wishing that her period was over.  She had never felt so dirty.  Uhura decided to take a shower.  She was beyond worried about Spock attacking her; he would be able to tell by her scent that she was still in the room with him.

The hot water was soothing.  She closed her eyes and let it beat against her face before soaping her fingers and massaging between her legs.  Her vagina was far too sensitive and sore to risk applying any sort of washcloth.  She probably wouldn’t even be able to stand panties, much less a tampon or pad.  But she would handle it.  She could deal with it.  She was strong enough.  Spock’s mother survived at least three cycles of Pon Farr without an assist and with a full-blooded Vulcan at that.  Amanda not only stayed with Spock’s father, but also stayed in love with him.  And despite his Vulcan nature, Sarek adored his wife.  Uhura knew this from Spock’s memories.  She soaped her stinging breasts as the water ran over her.  If Amanda was strong enough, so was she.  If Amanda could endure Pon Farr and still love Sarek, she could do it too.  She cherished Spock and she was not about to leave him or let him go because of a wonky biological quirk.  She adored Kirk enough to keep him out of harm’s way. 

Uhura heard Kirk’s yell and glass shatter when they fought in the front room.  She knew that Spock threw Kirk out of the window and her heart ached for him.  Bless Kirk for trying to protect her.  His efforts succeeded, for the next time Spock had her, he was as gentle as the lover she knew.  She wondered if it would continue.

She stepped out of the shower and toweled off, taking care with her discomfort.  She gazed at her reflection.  Her braided coil was loose and fell over her shoulders.  There were dark circles under her eyes and her caramel skin was covered in bruises, scratches and bite marks.  It was just skin and it would heal.  If this kept Spock alive, then it was worth it.

When she emerged, he was still asleep.  She wished she could move him and change the bed sheets.  She did not want to get back into bed.  So she piled some of the floor pillows against the wall, wrapped herself up in a robe, and sat down on the pillows to eat while she waited for him to wake up.  Her hunger seemed bottomless.

She did not know how long she sat, but the color of the sky changed and she fell asleep.


She opened her eyes.  Kirk was kneeling before her.  He looked a hot mess.  “Jim!”  She threw her arms around him.  “You’re all right!”

“I’ll live,” he said.  “I’m sore as hell, but I’ll live.   More importantly, how are you?”

“Sore as hell, but I’ll live too.”

“How long has he been asleep?”

“For a couple of hours.  I can’t say for sure because that double dose of painkiller knocked me out while we were…and when I woke up, he was out.”

Kirk nodded.  “So you got some rest?”

“Yes.  And a shower.  I can’t bear to get back into bed; those sheets are filthy.”

“Well, I’d rather not risk waking him up to change them.”

“Jim,” she said, taking his hand.  “You were right.  Fighting him made it easier for me.  He was gentle that last time.”

Kirk nodded.  “I know.”

“How do you know?”

“Bones came and got me once he realized I took the adrenalin.  He has a transponder in me because he was worried about what it would do to my heart.  He peeked in on you—don’t be embarrassed, Nyota; he knew that I would need to know if you were all right.  He told me that Spock wasn’t hurting you.”

She nodded, still mortified that McCoy saw her with Spock.  “He didn’t.  Not the last time.  And he said my name.”

“He did?  Thank goodness, maybe the blood fever is wearing off.”

“I hope so,” she said.  “I’ve had enough of Pon Farr.”

“Me too,” Kirk said.

Spock stirred.  Uhura grabbed Kirk and kissed his lips.  “He’s waking up.  Get out of here.  I’ll be fine, Jim.  Go and get some rest.  Please.  I’m worried about you.  Go.  Go now.”

Kirk nodded.  He really didn’t feel like going another round with Spock right now.  He got up.  “I love you, Nyota.  I hope you know how much.”

“I do,” she said.  “Please, Jim.  Go on.”

He left, closing the door behind him.  Spock rose up from the bed, sniffing.  He looked around and found her sitting on the floor across the room.  Her scent still flickered white in the haze of his mind, but he knew that his mind was almost his again.  Almost.  The haze was still there, but it was dissipating.  He still wanted her, still needed her, but the insanity of his lust was markedly less than it was hours ago.

Spock got out of bed and moved towards her.  Uhura looked up at him, opening the robe.  She did not have a hypo and decided not to risk using one.  She had enough drugs in her system to last her for weeks.  He knelt before her, gazing at her, putting his hands on her waist.  Silently, she spread her legs again.  His nostrils flared as he looked down.  She sighed; her labia and clitoris were swollen and throbbed.  He reached down and rubbed two fingers against her, slowly, back and forth.

He was inhaling and exhaling, taking her in.  Absently, she wondered what she smelled like to him.  What was it about her period that excited him when he was like this?  For sure, it never failed to do no more than annoy her and make her feel dirty.  But this was not like that.  He kept touching her, staring down at her and sniffing her.  Uhura relaxed; this was nothing.  She wondered if menstruation was an instinctive trigger.  Pon Farr was a mating ritual, designed to perpetuate the Vulcan race.  Menstruation, when normal, was the signal that an embryo did not or was not able to attach itself to the uterine lining.  However, it did not preclude that a woman could not conceive during her cycle.  The egg was viable for several days and could still fuse with sperm as long as it was within the woman’s body.  Her period began when they went into orbit around Capella VII. 

Maybe Spock’s senses, keen as they were, could not distinguish her failure to ovulate.  Perhaps there was no detectable olfactory difference.  Just the thought that there might have been a last chance to impregnate her was enough for a Vulcan in the grip of the blood fever.  That seemed to be the most likely explanation for his near-incessant banging for the first day and a half.  Spock, in that mindset, was determined to get her pregnant.  Uhura was grateful that she maintained her birth control injections.  If she had slipped up and missed it…But Spock was the reason why she never missed any shots.  The irony was too thick for words.

Spock put his hands on her thighs, spread them and came up against her.   He put his hands on her hips to adjust the angle and entered her.  Uhura perched atop his thighs.  He pushed into her, holding her tight.  His face was buried in her neck.  Uhura put one arm around him for balance and used the other to finish eating the food that was on the end table beside her.

He stood up, pushing her against the wall.  Spock adjusted, moving her legs over his hips to get more leverage.  Then he was pulsing rhythmically, his face in her cleavage.  Her breasts bounced against his cheeks.  He was moaning.  Uhura held on to him.  This wasn’t so bad.  She could endure the next few hours as long as he wasn’t as vicious as he had been.   She was going to make it through.


She was crushed against the floor pillows, her arms spread out above her head.  He was moving over her, kissing her, stroking her breasts, holding her carefully as he thrusted in and out of her.  Uhura’s sex was numb, and she didn’t need a hypo for it to happen.  But her lips weren’t, and she welcomed Spock’s gentle kisses with as much ardor as she could muster.  She was just too exhausted to do no more than lie there.

“Nyota…” he murmured against her mouth.  “Nyota…”

Uhura couldn’t find the energy to say his name in return.  She lay there, like a doll, as he maneuvered and moved her body to fit his needs.  Since he woke up, he had been at her for over two hours.  Not hard or violent, but still incessant.  She found herself moving back and forth out of consciousness and she welcomed any reprieve from the discomfort and soreness that was her physical state.

Again he stiffened, grabbing her waist and grunted as he climaxed.  Uhura sighed, knowing that he would be unconscious in a matter of seconds.  He stared at her, holding her face in his hands, kissing her nose and cheeks as he was spent.  “Nyota…” he breathed, trembling, vibrating within her, on top of her.  This release was different from the others; it was longer and more intense.  She felt his thick, warm semen running out of her.  Some fuzzy corner of her mind wondered if it was green.

Then he collapsed, crushing her into the pillows.  Uhura groaned and let her mind go.

*          *          *

When the haze finally cleared, Spock found himself on the floor beside her.  She lay on her belly, her arms folded under her head, fast asleep.  Spock gazed at her, at the scratches and bite marks on her back and buttocks and he felt an acute pain in his chest.  Prior to his vile display of illogic, Uhura’s skin was flawless and unmarked.  Neither he nor Kirk had ever broken it when they made love to her.  Now she bore the evidence of his madness.  Spock would spend an eternity making it up to her.  Whatever she wanted him to do, he would do it.

Where was Kirk?  Where was he?  Had he killed him?  Had he, in his insanity, broken the trust Kirk placed in him when he offered his life to protect Spock from injuring Uhura?  The pain in his chest grew.  He would not be able to bear it if he had indeed murdered him.

“Nyota,” he breathed, gently caressing her back.  He was displeased with himself for what he did to her skin.  She opened her eyes.


“Yes, k’diwa.”

“You’re back,” she said, yawning.  She was too tired to move.

He stared at her and ran the back of his hand against her cheek.  She was obviously exhausted.  “I am so sorry, Nyota.  I am so sorry.  I will do whatever I must to erase this smear on our relationship.  Where is Jim?”

“I’m right here,” said a voice from the doorway. 

Spock turned to see Kirk, battered and bruised.  The pain in his chest grew even more.  What had he done to them?  What on earth…?

Kirk came over to where they lay on the floor and knelt beside Spock.  He pointed to his face.  “See what you did, you dingus?”

Uhura tittered.  Leave it to Kirk to ease the tension.

“Jim, I am sorrier than I can ever vocalize.  Please forgive me.”

“Not necessary,” Kirk said, putting a hand on his shoulder.  “Are you okay?”

“I assure you that I am quite well.  I regret, however, that I have injured Nyota.”

“It isn’t permanent,” she yawned, closing her eyes.  “I’ll heal.”

“I admit,” Kirk said, “you scared the shit out of me, Spock.  That wasn’t pretty.”

“The plak tow never is, Jim.”

Kirk looked around at the broken furniture and unkempt room.  “The Madirians are going to keep our security deposit,” he said.  “You totally fucked this place up, Spock.  No pun intended.”

Spock looked around.  “It would appear so,” he said.

Uhura yawned again.  Kirk went to get her robe.   Spock rose to his feet and looked down at himself.  He gasped.  Kirk came back out and saw the confused expression.  Spock looked down at Uhura and then back up at him.  “Did I—?”  The look on Spock’s face was one of sheer agony.

“No,” Kirk said.  “That’s from her period.  You didn’t rupture or break anything, Spock, so don’t throw a fit.”

Spock looked at Kirk and then at Uhura.  “I am so sorry, Nyota.  I am—”

“Spock, it’s all right,” she said.  “You couldn’t help it, and besides, Jim and I were warned.  I couldn’t help that my period decided it wanted to show up while you were in heat.  I’m fine.  I’m sore as hell and I don’t want to see a penis for at least a month, but I’m okay.”  She pushed herself up.

“That’s unfortunate,” Kirk said.  “But understandable.  Here, let me help you.”  He knelt and helped her sit up, and then covered her with the robe. 

Spock knelt to caress her cheek.  “Again, I am sorry, Nyota.  I hope that my actions have not completely put you off sexual intimacy with Jim or with me.”

“No,” she said.  “Just for a little while.  It won’t last, I assure you.”

Spock nodded.  “I shall go and cleanse myself. “  He went to take a shower.

“You do that,” Kirk said.  He rolled Uhura into his arms and kissed her forehead.  “You’re going to be all right, though?  Mentally, I mean.”

“Of course.”

“Good.  I mean, I know you gotta heal and all and I know sex is the absolute last thing you want right now, but please don’t say I’ll never get to make love to you again.  I will kill Spock if that’s the case.”

You’re a dingus,” she said, smiling at him.  “I didn’t say that.  And it would be illogical to kill Spock, as you can just as easily make love to him.  If you want to get off, that is.  Because my cookie jar is officially off limits.  For now.”

“As long as it isn’t forever,” he said.  He whipped out his communicator.  “McCoy, two to beam up.”

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