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What You Need (6/?)

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A/N:  "Soft & Wet" & "Head" belong to Prince Rogers Nelson, not to me.

Chapter Six

1   Max had a burst of inspiration after her luxuriant bath.  Bane had actually followed her into the bathroom, where she accused him once more of being sprung.  He countered with, “Have you ever considered that I do this just to annoy you?” To which she replied, “Who says I’m annoyed?  But you are NOT getting your gigantic ass in my tub.”  She stood on the raised platform, looking like a glorious Amazon and waited for his response.  He cocked his head to one side and enjoyed the sight of the full-figured, long-legged beauty before leaving.  Max crowed in delight before getting into the tub.  Stalemate, perhaps?  Time would tell.

She was in her lab, earphones in, listening to Prince, diddling on the computer.  It occurred to her that there was a way to recycle Bane’s anesthesia so that he wouldn’t have to worry about constantly changing out the canisters.  She asked Marchine to run some simulations and while waiting, decided to get up and move around.  Max was in a very pleasant mood; a good sticking tended to do that.  She admitted that she was going to miss the man when he was gone.  In him, she found a kindred spirit.

Her hair was in four gigantic Afro puffs and she contemplated braiding it up while dancing around the lab waiting on Marchine’s analysis.  It had been a long time since she felt as good as she did.  “Head” was playing, and feeling understandably raunchy, she decided to sing along with Prince.

“Now morning noon and night I give you head/Til you’re burning up/Head til you get enough/Head til your love is red/head love you til you’re dead…”

Prince had a way of getting to the point.

Afer a couple of minutes, Marchine announced that she had two simulations ready.  Max sat down and looked at them, comparing and contrasting.  The canisters could only be so big, but he wouldn’t be able to just have them on hand, especially after he told her some of what he wanted to do.  That she was helping the man carry out his plan to eventually instigate revolution was of no consequence to her.  She understood his motivations.  The elite could use a takedown of a brutal nature, and Bane was exactly the man to spearhead the effort.  It became important that she find a way to keep his mask as convenient as possible.  If she inserted a conduit between the back of the mask and the tube that rested along his spinal cord, then he could take a modified injection that would get the gas to him via his bloodstream.  The canisters could be reconfigured.  It could be done.  It could be done, but he would have to agree to another surgery.

The music changed to another Prince jam.  Max bobbed her head, singing along as she dragged the computer image to her 3-D light box.  “Hey, lover I got a sugarcane/That I wanna lose in you/Baby can you stand the pain/Hey lover, sugar don’t you see/There’s so many things that you do to me…”

The image rotated and Max studied it intently while continuing to sing about being soft and wet.  She typed in some commands.  “Okay Marchine, fabricate a model of the reconfigured mask.  How long?”

“Twelve hours.”

Max stood back up and starting dancing around, pleased with herself.  She didn’t know if Bane would agree to the procedure, but part of her thought he would.  The man wouldn’t want to be burdened down with having to change canisters every day.  She didn’t see his future lifestyle accommodating him in that manner. 

Max increased the volume of her music and began to sing along once more.  “Every time I’m with you/you just love me to death/ooowee baby, you leave me without breath…” Max threw up her hands, moving to the beat.  She loved Prince.  “How will I take it when you call my name/Your love is driving me/Driving me insane/Crazy baby, oh oh girl/Crazy ‘bout your love, ahhh ah ah ah/Soft and wet, you know/You are soft and wet, oh sugar/Your love is soft and wet/Soft and wet…”

Max twirled her stylus and ran her hand over her belly.  She had to admit, she was downright giddy.  There was nothing like a great fuck to put things in perspective.  She supposed that she should thank Bane, but the mask would stand in its stead.

“What are you doing?”

Max jumped and turned around, tossing the stylus in the air.  Bane reached out and caught it.  She glared at him and pushed him.  “What the fuck are you doing, rolling up on me like that?”

He might possibly have been smiling; she couldn’t say for sure, but there was a crease around his eyes that could have been indicative of a grin.  “You didn’t hear me when I came in.  I’ve been standing here for ten minutes; listening to you sing and watching you dance.”

Max put her hands on her hips.  “Like what you see?”

“Of course.” It was hard not to like.

“Good.  Now that we’ve dispensed with all the formalities, I have something to show you.  Go sit in the chair.”

“What have you come up with?”

“A way for you to not have to worry about replenished canisters.  You’re going to have to have a surgical procedure where I have to attach a conduit to the tube along your spine and attach it to the underside of the mask.  From there, it will connect to the canisters and you can get the anesthesia through your bloodstream.  It will save a shitload of time and you won’t have to remove the mask so often.  Of course, you still have to worry about hygiene.  Bad breath isn’t something you want to be bothered with, unless you want to decimate your enemies with halitosis.”

Bane chuckled.  She had a way of being blunt that he could appreciate.

“I’m listening.”

“I mentioned the words ‘surgical procedure.’”

“It is a means to a more efficient end.  You’ll perform it, correct?”

“Yes.  Erik will help me.  I promise to be very careful.”

“I’m not worried.”

“Sit.  I’ll show you on the light box.  Better yet, why don’t you explain it to me, since you’re a motherfucking prodigy.”

Bane casually pulled Max into his lap and used the stylus to summarize Max’s findings. She didn’t say anything, but did adjust so that she was comfortable.  She turned her music down, but continued to hum at odd little intervals.  When he was finished, she looked at him.  “You got it.”

“When will the surgery take place?”

“I’ve got a ton of work to do, so I would dearly love to be ready by the end of the week.  I’ve got to go get some supplies and do your prep work, all that stuff.  But I can do it.  I was a vascular surgeon in my former life.”

Bane put a hand on her thigh. “What’s your real name, Max?”

“Why is that important?”

“I want to know who you are.”

“Bane, you know as much about who I am as anyone else does.  Be content with that, please.”

“I will help you prepare for the procedure.”

“I thought you might.”

“By the way, I did not do any damage to the suspension in your car.”

Max’s eyes widened as she turned to look at Bane.  “You drove my Ferrari?”

“It’s too flashy for my taste, but yes.  I wanted to have a better look at this city you call home.”

“You stole my car keys and drove my fucking car?”

“I didn’t steal them.  You gave me free run of the place, and naturally I took that to mean everything in it.  Including access to your garage.”

Max looked up at the ceiling.  “You stole my car.  You actually plopped your enormous bigheaded ass down in the driver’s seat of my $240,000 Ferrari and drove it out of my house.  Please, please tell me that you drove with the top up.”


Max tried to get up, but he pulled her back in his lap.  “Why are you so upset about it?”

“I like my toys,” she said.  “Simple as that.  I told you, I pay good money for my indulgences, and I don’t have very many.  And you, you inconsiderate brute, you just don't care."  Max still wasn't over her torn clothing. 

“What care should I have for indulgences of that nature?  I practically grew up in prison and never had anything that was my own.  They’re meaningless frivolities, a way of teasing the teeming masses.  What matters is what’s here…”  He pressed a fingertip against her temple.  “You’ll always have that.”

He was right, but she wanted to pout.  “Are you coming to my room tonight?”  She knew it was a dumb question the moment it escaped her lips.

“This is an actual question?”

“I don’t even know why I bothered to ask it.”

“I wasn’t aware that I was restricted to nights.”  He certainly hadn’t thought so.

“Bane, I was just asking a simple question, but nothing’s simple with you, is it?”

“Some things are.  You’re naked underneath this dress.”

“I refuse to have you destroy any more of my lingerie.  If that means I have to refrain from wearing panties, then so be it.  You don’t ever have to worry about me dressing sexy for your antediluvian ass.”  His base nature took the fun out of a lot of things. “And to think, I was actually planning to try something with you.”  She tried to get up again but he wouldn’t let her.

“Your being nude makes things a lot easier.  I know what I want; I don’t need it wrapped in a package, no matter how comely it may be.  If you’re asking for my preference, I’d be satisfied with you walking around completely naked.”

“Jeez, you really are nothing but a cave dweller.  Clearly, you never had a mother.”

“I do believe I told you how I grew up.”

“Pity.  You’re going to have a very staid sex life once you leave here.”

He shrugged, adjusting so that he could slip his hand between her legs.  Max didn’t fight him because there was no point in it.  She spread her legs and leaned into him, bracing her hands around the arms of her chair.  Briefly, she wondered if it would break with their combined weight.  After a moment or two, she didn’t really care.

That night was different.  Bane showed up in Max’s bedroom again without any clothes on, but she was ready for him this time.  The only thing he wore was the mask and the only thing he had was a raging hard-on.

Her hair was different.  It was wound around her head in a convoluted series of twists.  It made her look regal.  He liked it.  And in spite of his words earlier in the day, he liked the little thing she had on.  What really intrigued him was the fact that she knew he was going to rip it off and she wore it anyway.

Bane spread his arms.  “At your request,” he said, indicating the mask.

Max stared at him, rubbing her neck.  There was no doubt about it; she was completely aroused by the mask.  While she had no problems getting a healthy girl boner with Bane’s name on it, the mask had a way of focusing her needs like a laser.  She was pebbled and dripping wet within moments.  Max curtsied, grinning at him while waving her hands over her body.  “La Perla.  Come on, baby.  Come and get it.” 

There was no need for lubricant this time, for the mask served them well to that end.  Max wasn’t sure how fast it took Bane to cross the fourteen feet of space between them.  All she knew is that with the first breath, he was standing at the door, and in the space of the next breath, he was before her, lifting her.  He was so...damn...strong.  Max put an arm around Bane’s neck and caressed his cheek while looking into his eyes. “I’m so hot for you that pussy juice is practically running down my legs.”

“I see that,” he said.  “However, I’m still lacking in finesse.”

“I don’t give a shit.  Now shut up and fuck me.”

When he entered her, it felt like a thick, hot plug and he filled her completely.  She couldn’t help crying out; wet or not, the man had a distinct way of making his presence known.  Her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip and she drew blood.  Max absently licked her lips and held on to Bane as if her life depended on it.  The lingerie she wore, a gorgeous turquoise silk scrap, rubbed between her breasts and his chest, creating a deeply satisfying friction tinged with just the right amount of discomfort to make her nipples throb.  She could only wonder what it felt like to him.  Max bit his shoulder and then buried her face in his neck.  Bane’s thrusts were slow and deep at first and then as his breathing quickened, so did they.  He stared into Max’s bright eyes, greedily devouring the range of emotions he saw in them.  She was so tight, so hot and he, being his usual bullheaded self, turned jackhammer.  Max’s bottom lip bled and Bane wished for a second that he wasn’t wearing the mask so he could suck the blood off.  He found her bloody lip sexy as hell.

This, this right here was raw, unbridled passion; a kind most people never experienced.

“Yes,” she said as she held on.  “Yes.  Yessss…”  Her pedicured feet bounced freely in the air and he held her easy as she bounced on his dick.  Max had never been with a man strong enough to do her straight up, and she doubted if she’d ever find another one who could do her like this one could.  It would be a sad day indeed when he left.

Max looked at Bane again and ran her fingers back and forth over his faceplate.  Their eyes were as locked as they could be in spite of the steady rhythm of their fucking.  He touched his forehead to hers and increased the pace and she actually began queefing. “Damn it!” she said, throwing her head back.  The pressure was magnificent.  Bane’s dick curved ever so slightly near the head and it scraped just right…almost perfectly. “Shit, oh shit…take me to the bed, take me to bed…”

He was in his own private, secret place when she spoke, near insane over the dual feel of her pussy and the scraping of her silk-covered nipples over his chest.  “What?”

“Bend me over now, right now.  Walk, motherfucker…walk to the bed.”

Bane adjusted to keep Max anchored and walked to the bed.  He sat her on it and she rolled over to her knees, slipping her hand between her legs to play with her pussy.  She looked at him.  “Do I have to tell your primitive ass what to do now?  You know doggystyle, right?  Hurry up before I do this shit without you!”  Max was out of her mind with pure lust.  Bane bent over her; of course he knew this position.  It was his preferred method of doing the ugly, but he actually liked looking at Max’s face while he fucked her.  It was quite a sight.

She grunted when he entered her and arched her back.  He put his hands around her waist, marveling again at her softness.  Max felt good; he simply couldn’t make it any plainer than that.  She buried her face in the pillow and her hands curled into the comforter as he adjusted his angle of entry and groaned again at the feel of her.  He said things, dirty things, made all the more nasty by the influence of the mask.

“I don’t know what you just said,” she panted, “but say it again…”  It sounded good and filthy and it helped right along to what she felt like was going to be an enormous climax.

Bane thought Max was crazy, but it was definitely a crazy he could get used to.  His eyes rolled back into his head and he dug his fingers into her skin.  She was a big girl; she could take the pressure.

“Slap my ass,” she ordered.  “Spank me.  Don’t worry about hurting me with those big, wonderful hands…just do it.”

It sounded like a good idea, so he did it.  Max let out a cross between a scream and a laugh and her fingers knotted the covers.  The noise sounded even better and he did a second, a third, and then a fourth time.

“Yes,” she screamed.  “Yes, like that…just like that!”

Max’s knees turned into jelly and she slid to her belly, shaking as her climax hit.  She buried her face in the covers, completely incoherent until Bane came over her.  The scrap of silk she wore slid down over her ass, and it instantly got on his nerves, so he made short work of it.  He tossed it carelessly over his shoulder and snarled at Max. 

“I wasn’t finished,” he said, an edge to his voice.  He bent one of her legs and penetrated her once more.  Then, as if to demonstrate his displeasure, he slapped her ass again.  Max moaned into the comforter, completely beside herself.  His irritation did nothing but make her even more excited, if such a thing was possible. 

And then it was just the abrupt sound of skin on skin, labored breathing over air, cries muffled by bedcovers, grunts, moans, every noise indicative of a couple straight boning.  Bane’s eyes closed and then he stiffened, arched his back and roared as he exploded within her.  Never before had he experienced such a powerful, untamed climax.  

Damn the woman.

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