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Otherside of the Game (3)

3: "Part Time Lover" --H-Town

Later, much later, they were in the shower, bathing one another while making love.  Nedra initiated the act and showed him everything she wanted him to do…which he obediently did.  They were in her rainfall for so long the water ran cold and he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom…where the love continued.  It was clear that Nedra didn’t give a flying fuck that they’d drenched her duvet.  Victor was in a heaven he never thought he’d get to.  Time with Nedra was exactly what his starved soul needed.  Her attention, care and feeding of his emotions, needs and passion was a panacea to his torment, isolation and frustration with things beyond his control.  She was on top, gracing him with her splendid kisses and his hands were, as always, firmly planted on her ass, kneading and squeezing.

He wanted this.  This.  What this was, what they were sharing.  The intimacy of lowering his barriers and allowing someone like Nedra inside to serenade the walls of the heart and show him that he did have a tender side; that he could exist in a softer variation of the world he had carefully constructed over the years.  What made her special was that she was not put off by his obnoxious personality or overall dickishness.  She cut through his nonsense and saw right through him to him…and more importantly, liked what she saw.  He wanted to share his secret world with her.  Even though Nedra had made it perfectly clear that her heart belonged to another man, Victor didn’t give a single slice of a fuck about Jon and was perfectly fine going head to head with him for her.  She was worth it.

Nedra looked at him.  “When we first met and you tossed out that fuck request, you asked me how I felt about anal.”

Victor stared at her and bit the inside of his lip to keep from responding and perhaps ruining what might come next.

“It’s something I’ve always wanted to try, but it’s something you have to do with a lover you trust because, well, you can tear if they’re not careful…” Nedra seemed to lose her words, almost as if she were ashamed of her request.

“Go on,” Victor said, quietly.

“I want to do it with you,” she said.

Maybe ten to twelve questions flew through Victor’s mind but he uttered not a one of them for fear of ruining what might come next.

“It’s been a fantasy of mine…well, ‘fantasy’ is a little light, but it’s the one thing Jon’s not willing to try.  Are you?  Would you?”

Victor cupped her face and allowed two questions to escape, “Is he crazy or something?  He’s not willing to give you sex that you want?”

“No.  He’s just uncomfortable with it.”

“Even though you want it?”

“Even though I want it.  It’s a tiny negative in a well of positives.  But I have you here now and you seem like you’re down for whatever, considering you brought a naughty bag to my house.”

A loud breath escaped Victor and he pulled Nedra in for a kiss.  And another kiss, and one more kiss.

“Is that a yes?”

“It’s a hell motherfucking yes,” he said.  “I will fuck you any way you want.”

“I suppose I trust you to take care of me.  Since I asked.”

“I will take absolute care of you, Nedra.  I promise I will not hurt you.”

She demurely looked away.  “I wear a plug from time to time, just because I like the sensation.  So I’m not completely tight.”

“Nedra, I’m already hard, but if you keep talking, my dick will grow like Pinocchio’s nose.”

“This is between us, okay?  It’s just you and me.  This is our secret, our thing.”

He liked hearing those words.  “Who in the hell do you think I’m going to tell?  And stop being ashamed of what you want.  You're not asking for anything crazy.  It's a certain type of sex you're asking me for; nothing to be worried over.  Does he make you feel bad about it?"

"He just says no; he's uncomfortable with it."  Nedra shrugged, getting up.  “Remove this wet duvet.  I’ll be right back.”

Victor almost broke his neck getting up and stripping the duvet from the bed.  The sheets underneath were cool from the wet cover and he opened her closets looking for a blanket to cover the bed so that she would be warm.  He found one in her hall closet.

Her man was an idiot.  A complete idiot.  Women like Nedra should not be left wanting.  Especially around apex predators like himself.

Victor had the blanket spread on the bed and was drying his hair with a towel when she came out of the bathroom with a container of lubricant.  The rest of the merlot was on the table, a glass ready for her.

“Are you up for this, Victor?”

He side-eyed her with a smirk, which she interpreted as, ‘Look at my dick.’

“You wouldn’t deny me anything sexual, would you, Victor?”

“If my goal is to be your man, hell no.  I won't deny you anything. Anything at all.  And I gotta say it, but fuck your man for not giving you all the sex you desire.  I’ll pick up his slack.  I’ll fill in the blanks.” And then some.  “Drink your wine.  I want you relaxed.”

Nedra couldn’t say anything to that.  She wasn’t surprised that Victor saw this weekend as a serious trial run.  She could never ever tell him that she and Jon had an understanding when they were separated because Victor would take that knowledge and run with it.  She drank the glass of merlot, handed him the lube and lay facedown on the bed.  Victor closed his eyes and sighed lustily before joining her.

He had become a quick learner over the past day.  Instead of being impatient and diving right on in, he moved her hair up off her neck and dropped kisses on it.  He massaged her scalp, loving how the kinky coily curls felt between his fingers.  Nedra moaned as he adjusted his weight and began kissing her spine, slowly, deliberately, and intensely.

Nedra moaned.  “You’re getting good at knowing what I like.”

“You told me that it should be organic; to do what comes natural.”

“A+ for my gifted, gifted Victor.”

He sat up on her ass and moved right into a massage to calm her.  He knew she was a bit nervous; he could feel the slightest bit of tension in her muscles.  “Relax, Nedra.  I will not hurt you.  I will take care of you.  You can trust me.  You have thus far.”

“Mmmmnkay,” she said.

Once again her ass was in his hands and he began a deft, firm massage, liking the sweet little groans rumbling from Nedra’s throat.  Then he engaged in what had become a pleasant pastime; literally kissing her heart-shaped derriere.

“I love your ass, Nedra.  I have from day one.  I can’t keep my hands off of it and if you let me come back, I’ll please you like this whenever you want.  I am an ass man to the core.  You brought that out of me."

"Just that?  You don't feen for anything else I have?"

"I love having my hands in your hair and you know I'm obsessed with your lips.  Your skin is so soft and what can I say about the Promised Land that you don't already know.  I love it when you've got your legs around me and your hands in my hair, and when you touch me the way you do...shit, I could go on and on.  What do you love about me?”

“Other than that marvelous weapon you’re packing?  Your lips, your eyes, that beard, your arms and your unbelievable strength.  You’re a slender guy but you’re strong as hell.  You lift me like I weigh nothing and that is something that most women find indescribably sexy.  I get so wet when you pick me up.”

He licked the cleft of her ass.  “Had I known that, I would have been carrying you everywhere.  I like carrying you.  Come up on your knees.  Not all the way, just enough…like that.”

Nedra smiled into her folded arms, getting aroused.  Victor nipped and kissed her ass like she was a goddess to be worshipped.  To her surprise, he pressed a kiss on her anus and the sensitivity of it and the anticipation of what was about to happen made her knees buckle.

“Hold still,” he said, lubing his fingers.  Slowly he inserted an index, asking her if she were okay.  Nedra was holding her breath but he instructed her to breathe slowly and deeply…to relax and she murmured a quiet “Yes,” before he inserted the second finger.

Nedra moaned as he slowly and carefully pulsed his fingers.  Victor’s eyes were closed as the tightness of her ass drew him deeper and deeper into her web.  He continued to stretch her, checking on her emotional state until he was sure she was ready.

Then he asked.  “Are you ready?”

“Yes,” she breathed.  “Put your hand between my thighs and you’ll be able to tell.  I’m glad you put this blanket on because if you get this right, I’m going to drench my bed…”

Far be it from him to keep a lady waiting.  He adjusted her hips and spread her thighs until she was comfortable.  He slicked his erection with lubricant and put one hand on her cheeks before slowly, carefully moving inside of her.  Nedra closed her eyes at the sensation, at the feel of him filling her.  Part of her itched to tell him to hurry but he was being careful, which was what she wanted.  When he was all the way in, the noise that escaped him meshed with the one that escaped hers.  The fit was unbelievable and Victor groaned it aloud.

“Nedra, it’s so tight…so fucking tight…I could come from this alone...”

“I know.  It feels amazing.  And you better not.  Be slow with your thrusts, okay?”

Victor’s eyes were closed and he waited a moment before beginning to move within her at the pace she requested.  He held her hips and enjoyed the way she felt.

“Victor, it feels so good,” she moaned.  She had no doubt that he was in up to his balls, because the man never did anything half-assed, pun intended.  She liked that.

“Nedra,” he gasped and their natural rhythms took over and they moved as one, slowly, steadily, both exclaiming their pleasure as loud as it required.

“Put your hand between my legs,” she said.  “See how wet I am; how crazy this makes me?  Almost as crazy as you do.”

Victor did so and tossed out another barb.  “Your man is a motherfucking fool.”  He really couldn't believe it.

The pace increased steadily and Nedra rose up on her arms, shaking her head.  Victor grabbed her by her hair and pulled it in the way he knew she liked and that did it.  Nedra exploded in climax and sprayed the bed with her juice.  She collapsed, squirming with aftershocks.  Victor ran into the bathroom to clean himself up right quick and was back with her before she could miss him.  He covered her body and lifted her hips before slipping within her, delirious at how wet she was and the sex continued until he joined her in the realm beyond the Promised Land, and what a superb place it was.

It might have been two or three a.m. when they were back in Nedra’s tub.  She wanted to soak afterwards, but this time, Victor was between her knees, getting his hair washed.

“I like this,” he said.  “I like it when you wash my hair and my beard.”

“I’m glad,” she said.  “It’s seductive.  My stylist knows to spend a good 15 on my shampoo.

“Did I do okay?” he asked, his voice tentative. 

“You were amazing.  You gave me exactly what I wanted, what I needed, and how I needed it.  A++ for my gifted Victor.”

“Put your number in my phone so I can call you, Nedra.  You don’t have to be alone when he isn’t here.”

“Okay,” she said.  She was willing to at least try something.  “But we will have no contact when Jon is here, Victor.”

“Whatever you say,” he replied.  He would let her needs dictate how that would go down; if she even so remotely as sent him a good morning text, he would be at her door before the day was out.  Her man was a fool to neglect her in a way that mattered to her and it was just the opening Victor needed to slide right on in.  Some men were stupid…or Simple Simons.

Or both.

He wasn't.

She had a pitcher of clear warm water next to the tub.  “Close your eyes,” she said and poured it over his head, rinsing the soap.  Then she reached for the towel next to the pitcher and dried his hair.  Even the slightest of things she did drew him into his private place.  It might have been as close to love as he was able to come.

“Can I wash your hair?”

“It’s not the same kind of process.  I use clay.”

“Like mud?”

“Yeah.  I mix it myself, with honey, aloe, herbal essences, and a mixture of oils.  It’s thick and messy, but when I finish, my hair is glorious.”

“How long does it take to mix?”

“Victor, it’s three in the morning.  I don’t feel like getting up to that process.”

“Well, what about that other thing I’ve seen you do?”

She frowned.  “You’ve seen me twist my hair?”



“When you were watching that goofy show.”

“Are you serious?  Black women’s hair is nothing to fuck around with.”

“I like the way it feels.”

Nedra kissed his ear and watched him smile.  "Under normal circumstances, I don't let anyone touch my hair.  Jon excepted, of course.  So let’s get out of the tub then...and you better not screw up.”

Twenty minutes later, she had her eyes closed as Victor attempted to twist her hair.  She sectioned it off for him and moisturized it so he wouldn’t have to deal with that, and she demonstrated how to do it with her front hair.

“It’s just like twisting rope.”

“Pretty much.  You have to keep a steady tug on the hair as you twist, but if you fuck my hair up I will cut your dick off.  I have to work tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow we’re doing a primate test on the matter transporter.”



“Is this the first test?”


“Shit, you can’t test with a rat first?  Or a fern?  Why are you subjecting an innocent monkey to this thing?  What if it doesn’t work?  It goes to another world and you guys know dick all about the science of Dirtysex.”

“Come again?”

“I just decided to call the planet Dirtysex.  Cause I’m a dork, a freak and a Petty Betty.  Somebody’s going to give it an official name, but for now it’s Dirtysex.  At least in my mind.”

Victor worked steadily, twisting carefully.  “Reed is convinced it works and as much as I loathe the fucker, the math and the science works out.”

“Put a Go-Pro on a rat and test that first.  Save the primates for…I don’t know, test 126?”


“Aren’t you a scientist, Victor?  You know good and damn well you run multiple trials before you even consider primates.  I would even say a thousand tests on various lower organisms before you even think about primate trials.”

“It’ll be fine, Nedra.”  He and Reed had a long discussion about the mechanics of the transporter that Friday.

“I just wish you’d take into account basic scientific research and run multiple trials on a Go Pro rat before you stick a monkey in that thing. You don’t know what it’s going to do.”

He continued to twist.  “We get to go after the monkey.  Franklin’s assured us.”

Nedra turned to look at him.  "Are you sure you’re a genius?  Are you sure you’re a fucking scientist?  What skill set do you possess to make you qualified to go to Dirtysex?  When was the last time you did field work?  When was the last time you collected samples?  I’m more qualified to go than you…and I wouldn’t get within 500 meters of that thing.”

“It’ll be fine, Nedra.  Stop worrying.  We’re just going to jump over for a quick visit and then come back.  Then we start collecting samples of Dirtysex.”  He liked the name already and was going to slyly mention it in passing when the team was together.

“Why aren’t astronauts going?  They’re far more qualified to visit an unknown world than you are, my handsome, snarky genius lover.”

“Blow smoke up my ass, why don’t you?” he said, an edge to his voice.  “It’s not going to change anything. We're going."

“I don’t like this,” she said.  “It’s not right.”

He finished twisting her hair and kissed the top of her head.  “Done, baby.”

Nedra looked at the mirror.  Each twist was perfectly even, better than she was able to pull off.  She smiled and tied her hair up with a satin scarf.  Then she looked at Victor with imploring eyes before taking his hands.  “Don’t do it, Victor.  Don’t go.”

“I have to,” he said, squeezing her hands.  “This is the pinnacle of my research—and Reed’s—and I want the glory of seeing and claiming Dirtysex as my—our own.  We’re talking over a decade of my life devoted to this.  For years, I lived, breathed, and ate the concept of transporting and the mere existence of Dirtysex…how can I not see it through?  You told me to see it through!”

“I know how important it is to you, Victor.  But please, please don’t go.  Not yet.  50 drones, 126 Go Pro rats, 500 ferns, then 12 monkeys.  When it has been deemed absolutely safe for you to go and return—remember, that was the problem with your model—then you go.  And you come back to me.”

That last part slipped out but Victor didn’t miss it.  “I will come back to you, Nedra.  How can I stay away from you after this?”

“You won’t even consider it?”

“I have to go, Nedra.  The studies you’re running, how long have they taken?”

“My work on reaction paths from excited molecules has been going on for three years.  My other research in computational biochemistry…five.”

“You’ll see it through.”

“Or die trying.”

“Then you understand.”

“Victor, my life isn’t in danger from my research.  My work remains in my lab.”

“But you understand.”

Nedra sighed.  He would not be swayed.  Part of her did understand.  “That doesn’t mean I have to like it.”

She turned away from him and sat on the bed.  Victor sat next to her and touched a finger to her chin to turn her head.  “Nedra, please.  Please.  Don't be mad at me.  We're having a good time.”

She reached over on her nightstand and grabbed her phone.  “One for the record books, then?”  Nedra put an arm around Victor and a leg over his, pressed against him and they posed for a selfie.

“How does it look?”

“We’re both butt-ass naked, but it’s cute.  My leg hides your dick, but there's a nipple showing.  And I'm wearing my head scarf.  No doubt about what's happening after or what just happened.”

“Clearly you’re not worried about him seeing it.”

“Jon doesn’t go through my phone.  But I wanted a visual reminder of our weekend.”

“There’ll be more after this, Nedra.”

She kissed his shoulder.  “Let’s go to bed.  It’s going on four in the morning.

Sleep was long in coming.  Victor spooned behind her, running his lips, moustache and beard over her neck and shoulders.

“You’re still mad at me,” he said.

“I’m not.”

“You’re tense and you’re not asleep.”

“Neither are you.”

“I’m savoring your feel and smell.  Tomorrow night I’ll be sleeping alone…and jacking off to all the sex we had.”

“Such a waste.”

“You’re welcome to come back to my house…or I’ll come here and then it won’t be a waste.”

“Do you know I had to take the day off work after I left you?  I was so damned sore from the Erotic V.  I’ve never been penetrated that deep before and I have a well-endowed lover.”

“Who clearly can’t fuck the way I can.”

“Who am I to argue?”  She ran her fingers over his arm.  “Tell me about your parents.”

“Not much to tell.  My mother died when I was 10 in a nasty car accident.  My father was a doctor and he lost a patient on the operating table and got hit with a massive malpractice suit.  It eventually broke him.  We moved to a small town and he got on as a GP and it was good enough for the town, but never for him.  He never could get over losing the patient or his practice—which was very successful—and gave a Smith & Wesson a blowjob while I was in college.  Fortunately, he had money tucked away from the insurance from my mother’s accident and some blue chip stocks he bought when things were going well, and so I was able to finish college and graduate school without any issues.  I don’t need a lot of things; I’ve always been driven by the work.”

“I’m sorry,” she said, kissing his fingers.  “How old were you when he died?”

“16,” he said.  “I finished college at 17, got my first PhD at 23 and my second at 27.  I was very careful with the money he left me and knew how to play the market, so I played.  I’m doing well financially.”

“Very well,” Nedra said.  Victor was a millionaire a few times over, but you wouldn’t know it to look at him.  “I’m sorry that you were alone.”

“I was more alone when my mother died.  I adored her.  I merely tolerated my father.  We got along, but it was a hit or miss kind of thing.  At least he was smart enough to do right by me.”

“Good thing too.”

Victor kissed her ear, feeling her relax.  “And you, my beautiful naughty girl?”

“Nothing special.  My father and brother are both retired Marines.  My mother worked as a store manager.  They were estranged.  I was more like my father than my mother, who absolutely hated that I chose to enlist rather than go to college.  She wanted me to be—get this—a model with a backup career as a science teacher.  No shade on teaching in general, but teaching these days…I’d snatch a knot in a child and lose my job.  No, I followed my heart and became a Marine like my father and brother, served 12 years where I got my degree, and then after I left service, I enrolled in Cal Tech and got my doctorate.  I’m happy with my life choices.”

“You could have been a model.”

Nedra shrugged, feeling sleep come over her.  “Maybe.  I don’t think I could have handled it, though.  I love my beautiful dark skin and natural hair, and sometimes that’s problematic for white folks.”

“Not a problem for me,” he said, his voice slurring with sleep.  “You’re stunning.”

“I’m glad you think so,” she murmured and soon, they were both asleep.

more to come...

A/N: Shout out to CinemaSins for the "Dirtysex" reference and the rat/fern commentary.  If you haven't watched any of Jeremy & Chris's videos, go to YouTube and get your life.

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