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Otherside of the Game (2)

2: "Got to Give it Up" --Marvin Gaye

Later they were on the couch.  Nedra called Sherpa’s and absolutely refused to order anything from Yang’s despite Victor’s protests.  She ordered chili-roasted beef, deep fried potatoes with aioli, a basket of mixed rolls with herb butter, goat cheese bruschetta, Spanish olives and chocolate strawberry cheesecake.  She had a bottle of merlot to go with the meal and once the meal was spread over her coffee table and the TV was on, she watched with satisfaction as her guest devoured every single morsel.

“Food is good, isn’t it, Victor?” she said, licking her fingers from a cheesecake cube.

“This is.”

“You should try eating more than Yang’s,” she said.  “You limit yourself so much; no wonder why you’re such an asshole.  You’re missing out on so much goodness.”
 She lay back on the couch and flipped channels until she found something she could watch: Rod Serling’s Night Gallery.  Victor finished eating and sat back, but Nedra beckoned to him when she saw his expression.

“You’re sleepy.   That itis has kicked in like a motherfucker.  Lie down with me on the couch, baby.  Take a nap.”

“Are you going to sleep?”

“No.  I don’t take naps, but you can rest your head in my lap.  I’m about to get up on some Rod Serling.  Night Gallery is highly underrated.  Love me some Serling.”

Victor stretched out, his head on her belly.  Nedra took a sip of wine and caressed his hair until he fell asleep.  Twenty minutes later, Nedra looked down at the beautiful sleeping man who was snoring softly, his drool drizzling out on her stomach.  He was good and sleep, and she loved it.  She wondered if he slept this comfortably when he was alone.

“You’re adorable,” she whispered, continuing to caress his head.

About an hour later, Victor awoke with a start, looking around and wondering where he was.  Then he recalled and found himself looking at Nedra’s scarred belly.  He rolled down her panties and buried his face in her stomach and impulsively blew bubbles.

“I see you’re awake,” she said, adjusting her legs while giggling.

“Tell me how you got this scar, Nedra,” he said.

She sighed.  He had asked her this before and she refused to tell him because at the time it wasn’t something that was he needed to know.

He was kissing it.  She continued to scratch his head.  “In Afghanistan, I took shrapnel to the abdomen during a firefight and it damaged my uterus.  I ended up having to have a hysterectomy because the damage was so bad.”

Victor looked at her.  She had mentioned last night that she was about to have a period…but that obviously had been a ploy to keep him from trying to get some pussy, which would not have worked if he really wanted to.

“So no children for Jon and me.  I was upset about that for years because I took it for granted that whenever I wanted to become a mother, I would.  But it was taken from me.  Every now and then when I see a gorgeous baby, I feel something but Jon is always there to make me feel better.”

He continued to stare at her. “I’m sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?  You didn’t do anything wrong.  I knew what I signed up for.”

Victor began to kiss her scar in earnest while slipping his hands under her Ruby Rhod T-shirt.  Her panties were green and black to match, but Victor didn’t notice as he slipped them off.  “I want to make you feel better in a different way,” he murmured into the skin of her belly.

“Make me squirt,” she said, keeping her hand in his hair.  “Use that nose and that facial hair.  Don’t be shy.”

He met her eyes.  “Challenge accepted.”

At some point, both of them hit the floor.  Nedra fell away from him but Victor grabbed her ankles and dragged her back towards him.  She giggled.  “Carpet burn!!!”

He was so focused on meeting the squirt challenge that he didn’t give even a little bit of a shit about her carpet burn.  Nedra’s love was what unicorns dreamed of and fairies fantasized about.  He took his sweet time, sucking what needed to be sucked, kissing what needed to be kissed, licking what needed to be licked and using his nose and beard in the manner she dictated.  And in time, he was graced with squirty goodness and was beside himself trying to catch all of it.

Nedra giggled.  “TLC told you not to go chasing waterfalls…”

Victor crawled up to kiss her awaiting mouth.  “Challenge completed.  Your every need fulfilled.”  Nedra licked her taste from his cheeks as he wasted negative minutes getting out of the shorts and into her body.   

"We'll see about that," she said, but the ensuing sex was spectacular.

When they finished, she was on her stomach and he was on top of her.

“I’m going to have to have my carpet cleaned,” she said.

“I just did that,” he replied.

“No, you dolt!  I mean my actual carpet.  What we’re laying on.”


“You got a right filthy mind, Victor von Doom.”

“You bet your fine ass.  Guess what’s in the bag I brought?”


“Toys for my dirty bad girl.  Silk whips, cuffs, a ball gag, satin scarves, ticklers, lube, chains, a collar, and a latex outfit.”

Nedra craned her neck to look at him.  “You brought all that?”

“Yes.  With the intent to use some of it, at least.  But our plans changed…and I guess I’ll be using them next time I come by.”

“Latex outfit?  How do you even know my size?”

Victor lifted enough so she could roll over.  “After that night we spent together, do you think I don’t know your every curve?  I know your exact measurements and how much you weigh…and my dick gets hard every time I think about you in that outfit.”

“Do you want me to try it on?”

The look in his eyes seemed to roll over and beg.

“Later, ok.  I’ll do it.  Right now I need to get some water on my carpet.  Don’t want the stain to set in.”

They got up and she immediately set about blotting her carpet while he watched, amused.  As she was on the floor, she told him to put his clothes in the washing machine; that she might have something for him to wear while they washed.

“You want me to wear his clothes?”

“He’s bigger than you.  They’ll fit.  No big deal.  Unless you want to walk around my house butt ass naked.”

“I personally have no problem with that.”

“Up to you, sweet thing.  Naked men don’t bother me.”

When she was finished blotting, she went into one of her spare bedrooms where her computers were set up.  Victor followed.  Her office was spacious and she had three computers up and running.  He snagged her desk chair before she could sit down and grabbed her waist to guide her into the chair, into his lap.

Nedra turned to look at him.  “I’m about to do a little online shopping.  You can watch TV or go see what’s in the fridge.  What I’m about to do is going to be boring.”

Victor slid one hand up between her breasts and gently pushed her back to kiss her neck.  “I want to be wherever you are, Nedra.”

She turned to look at him.  “You’re really serious about this, aren’t you?”

“I’ve never been more serious about anything in my life.”

“Including your work?”

There was a moment of pause and he kissed her neck again.  “Yes.  Besides, you’re talking to a man who spent three years online doing all kinds of fuckery.  I know shortcuts and websites that will get you what you want.”

“I love Amazon, though.”  She moved her mouse and pulled up the screen.

Victor put his hand under her shirt and began to rub her back in slow circles.  “What do you want to buy?”

“My wishlist has about 30 items in it.  Books, gadgets, random bullshit like that.  Lately I’ve been obsessed with pop culture T-shirts.  Like this Fifth Element T-shirt.”

“It’s really green,” he said.

Nedra looked back and smiled at him.  “Super green.  I love Ruby Rhod.  Bzzzz!” She waved her hand in the air.

Victor looked at her selection of T-shirts: a DC lineup, some Marvels, a Cobra Kai, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Pac-Man 1980 Champion, Super Mario Brothers, four different Bruce Lee tees, Jem & the Holograms…the list went on.

“Are you going to buy all of these?”

“Yeah.  I’ve been putting it off for the longest, but I’m going to splurge.  There’s also a Bruce Lee DJ shirt that I’ll give my left arm for.  You want anything?”

“No, he said, enjoying the feel of her naked warm ass in his naked lap.  “So this is what you do on Saturdays?”

“Usually.  I make it a point to not leave the house on Saturdays if possible, and to an extent on Sundays.  My weekends are my private time; ours if Jon is here.  We hole up and we cook or order out, watch TV, read, play chess or pool, and of course, have copious amounts of sex.”


She turned to smile at him.  “Wanna play?  I have a beautiful black glass board in my game room.”

“Oh you must want your ass spanked in other ways?”

“Are we talking shit?”

“I’m talking truth.”

Nedra wiggled her ass.  “Blitz chess, if you’re man enough.”

He was.

Minutes later, they were on opposite sides of her chessboard, engaged in an intense game.  The room was silent except for the ticking of her clock and every few moments, they would lock eyes.

Victor won the first game and smirked.  “Definitely man enough.”  Nedra rolled her eyes.  “Luck,” she sneered and he reset the board.  Then she decided to even the playing field.  She removed her T-shirt and then they were both naked. 

Victor eyed her breasts.  “That won’t help, baby.”

She beat him twice in a row and cackled like a witch.  “What was that again?”

Victor gave her a seductive smile; one she liked.  “Your chest is far more interesting than mine.”

“Excuses, excuses.  Another game??”

“Why not?” he said.

The next time he beat her in four moves and she was irritated.  “HOW DID YOU DO THAT?”

“You tell me all the time.  Genius, baby.”

“You ain’t shit.  You are a monument to ain’t-shitness.  I don’t want to play anymore.”

“Sore loser.  But we’re tied,” he said.  “Come on, one more for the championship.  I’ll make it easy on you.”

Nedra put her shirt back on.  “We’ll finish it a later time, what do you say?  I’m hungry now.  Want me to cook or do we want to order out again?

He stood up and she glanced at his dick before meeting his eyes.  “I feel like deep dish pizza.  Gio’s, specifically.  The works.”

“No Yang’s?”

“You say Yang’s isn’t good for me.”

“It isn’t, but now that you mention it, Gio’s sounds amazing.  I’ll make the call.”  She disappeared into the living room and Victor took that moment to sneak into her office and fiddle with her computers.

He met her at the door of the game room, cues in hand.  “Come on, shit talker,” he teased.

Nedra clapped her hands to emphasize.  “Trust me baby, this ain’t even what you want.  My father was a champion pool player and he taught me from the time I was knee high to a junebug.  This right here is not what you’re looking for.  I will beat your ass all over this table.”

He gave her a look that heated her from the inside out.  “I beg to differ, beautiful.  You rack, I break.”

“Let’s make it interesting.  I win, you do what I want…you win, I do what you want.  Two out of three.”

“You’re on.”

Nedra retrieved the balls and put an extra oomph into racking them.  Victor watched her ass like a hawk, licking his lips.  He knew what he wanted her to do: get into that latex outfit.  Just so he could see her in it.  He had even bought shoes to go with the getup.  He had no idea what she would want, but he would do anything she requested.

Twenty minutes later, Nedra was lying across her pool table, grinning seductively at her opponent, the cues between her knees.

“You hustled me,” Victor said, sounding hurt.  She beat his ass like he stole something.  Twice.

“Duh,” Nedra replied.  “I told you this wasn’t what you wanted.  The pizza will be here soon, so let’s get ready for dinner.  Then I’m going to tell you what I want you to do to me.”

Victor stared at her, lips parted.  “To you?”

She stood in front of him and caressed his beard and lips.  “You told me you wanted me to give you the sex I don’t give him.  You still want that or were you talking shit?”

“Look down at my dick and tell me what you think.”

Nedra glanced down.  “Then let’s go eat.”

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