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Come to Me, Inside My Love (3/?)

3. “Easy Conversation” –Jill Scott


The ritual was this: early breakfast on the verandah, meditation time for Rey, swimming lessons, a break for Rey, lunch on the verandah, afternoons spent with the Force, and finally, dinner in the opulent dining room.  Kylo suggested the day after their arrival that they watch the sunset and Rey was not pressed about it; she’d seen thousands of sunsets on Jakku.

“Have you ever seen a sunset over the ocean, though?”


“Humor me then.  Just this once.”

So she joined him on the shoreline and watched with rapt attention as the sun sank below the horizon and the sky change from orange to peach to pink to violet while the water ran over her feet…it was exhilarating.  Kylo watched her face as she watched the horizon.

After it was over, he asked, “What do you think?”

“It was nice.  It’s not like a desert sunset.  The water…I’ve never seen anything like that.  Can we do it again tomorrow?”

“Of course.”  And it became part of their ritual.


Come to Me, Inside My Love (2/?)

2.  “Learning to Fly”  -Pink Floyd


Rey woke up quick; sitting up so fast her head swam.  She looked around, taking in her surroundings.  She was in a bedroom, but where, she had no idea.  Rey looked down and breathed a sigh of relief.   Her clothing was intact.  She looked around and saw a wall of windows off to her left with sunlight streaming in.  Rey got up and walked towards them, wondering where she was. 

Rey pulled back the curtains and a gasp escaped her.  She was on a beach.  There was an ocean not 300 yards away.

At night, desperate for sleep…you imagine an ocean…

Were they on Nubia?  Had she slept that long?  She didn’t recall being awake at any time since she fell asleep on Kylo’s cot.


Come To Me, Inside My Love

Fandom: Star Wars
Pairing:  Rey/Kylo Ren
Rating: Mature/18+
Timeframe:  Immediately after TLJ
Disclaimer: Broke as fuck.  Characters you recognize do not belong to me.  Characters you don’t recognize are mine.
Summary:  An exploration of the bond between Kylo Ren and Rey.
A/N:  So I was not impressed with either TFA or TLJ.  I was all “meh” after both.  But after re-watching certain scenes in TFA and TLJ, my beloved Muse decided that she was quite impressed with the good ‘ship Reylo, enough that I’m about to spit out a fic I don’t have time to write.  I suppose I should not be surprised. 
A/A/N:  I don’t know where this is going to lead, so…

1.  “Come Back to Me”   -Janet Jackson


“We have everything we need.”

Rey looked the general in the eye.  It was less than 25 people on board the Falcon.  All that was left of the Resistance.  So much loss of life…and they lost anyway.  Rey didn’t know where they were headed, but it became clear to her two minutes after the Falcon took off from Crait that she knew where she was going.  The ship hadn’t even cleared the lower levels of the atmosphere when she felt it—him—deep in her soul.

She couldn’t hide it from Leia.  She tried.

“Where are we going, General?”

“Sajava IV,” she said.  “A small planet in the Outer Rim.  We’ll be safe there.  Don’t worry.”

“I’m not worried,” Rey said.  “It’s just that…that…”

Leia stared at the girl, closing her eyes.  A moment later, she reached out and put her hand on Rey’s shoulder.

“You need to leave.”


Lovesick (12/12)

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12: Equilibrium

Victor showed up at Nedra’s apartment later that night.  She called him a few hours ago, but he was in the middle of some work and told her he would be there that night.  He asked if she was all right, and she said yes.  He asked if she had good news, and all she said was that she had news.  There was no inflection to her voice, and Victor didn’t know how to feel about it at first.


Lovesick (11/12)

11:  Finding Balance

Nedra was in her living room, where she’d been for the past three days, curled up on her couch.  The TV was on, but she had no idea what was showing.  It was just background noise that took the edge off the deafening silence of her phone.  She had not heard from Jon since she left his house and it was driving her batshit.  She was terrified that she was going to lose him.  He was a good man, not without his flaws or faults, but he was good enough that she loved him and wanted to save their relationship.

Did he still feel the same way?  The uncertainty of something that was once as solid as granite and stronger than oak was freaking her out.  Nedra was not one for tears, but within the past three days, she’d cried an ocean of them.  She cried until her head hurt and her nose was clogged.  She hadn’t taken a shower in two days and hadn’t bothered to untwist her hair or even remove her headscarf.  She’d been drinking and binge-eating: four empty wine bottles were on her coffee table and there were two open boxes of chocolates and a giant bag of Doritos next to the bottles.  Three Haagen Dazs quart containers lined one end of the table.


Lovesick (10/12)


10: Uneasy Conversation

There was a Motel Spin about 12 miles away from the Baxter Building, tucked in between locations easily overlooked.  It was the one Nedra and Victor used most often; they would meet after his workday ended and before hers began and spend two hours rutting like animals or engaging in acts of shameless debauchery.  Nedra was a fan of rough sex and dirty talk, and being in a trash-ass motel brought those characteristics screaming to the forefront.  She encouraged Victor to call her names and the first time he was hesitant, but then she slapped him across the face hard enough to split his lip and he called her a bitch before he realized what he said.  It was a most unusual circumstance.

“That’s right,” she encouraged.  “Right here, right now in room 12 of the Motel Spin, I’m a sneaky, dirty ass bitch and a filthy slut, and I deserve to be punished…are you man enough?”  Then she backhanded him hard enough that he almost fell.  “Are you man enough, Victor?”

He was.


Lovesick (9/?)

9: Resonance

It was raining hard outside.  Inside, music was playing, as was the case when they were hanging out in her house.  Victor preferred coming to Nedra’s apartment, as it was far more comfortable than his place.  He didn’t have a problem driving the hour it took to get there, for it was always worth it.  Nedra’s home was warm, inviting and she made concessions for his frequent visits; there were certain foods and other items she kept on hand for his consumption and use.  They agreed to take tonight off, as Victor wanted to engineer a particular encounter with Nedra; one he’d been planning ever since they agreed to take their relationship to the next level.