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Sexy Beast (16/20)


Warning:  Torture scene included.  Read at your own risk

The next time Uhura woke up, she felt much better.  Her tongue ached, but she could speak.  Her headache was gone, but her chin was still sore.  She opened her eyes.  Turock sat across from her on the other side of the room, watchful as always.  She didn’t know how much time had passed since the attack; the last she saw of him, he was fighting three redshirts.  He had a black eye, but looked no worse for wear.

“Turock,” she murmured.  Her throat was dry.

“Miss Uhura,” he said, nodding. 

Turock wasn’t known for his conversation, and that was fine because she didn’t really feel like talking.  Uhura ran her hands over her stomach.  She had some things to think about.

She was pregnant.

She didn’t know what to make of it or how to feel about it.  Uhura always thought that motherhood was something that would happen after she found Mr. Right and married him.  It was what every woman her age thought.  It was part of the mythos she absorbed at her mother’s knee when she was a little girl.  ‘When you grow up, this is what you’ll do, this is what you’ll be, and you’ll be happy.’

Such preposterous bullshit.  None of it was true.  As far as she knew, Mr. Right didn’t exist.  Not even in her mind.  What she had now was Mr….?  She hadn’t yet worked out what Spock was to her, other than an exceptional lover.  And she wasn’t entirely sure of that because she had no other to compare him to.  He might actually be a crap-tastic lover.  She had no way of knowing.

But he was the father of her baby.  She carried his child.  A child that now was in danger.

She felt no pain as she rubbed her belly.  Had she miscarried while she was unconscious?  Had she lost a baby that she never got to know?  Had she lost a child that she was never sure she wanted?  Her thoughts began to race.  She closed her eyes.  ‘One thing at a time.  Breathe.  Calm.  Peace.  Don’t run up your blood pressure.’

Uhura decided not to think about McCoy’s treachery.  She was in no position to do anything about it anyway, so there was no point.  She remembered Spock telling her that he would handle it.  What did that mean?  Did she want to know?  Had McCoy incurred the wrath of her Vulcan lover?

Probably.  Spock never intended for her to get pregnant.

First things first:  Did she want the baby she carried?  Did it matter?  She couldn’t un-carry the child.  She couldn’t un-conceive.  She couldn’t even feel it; wouldn’t have known until weeks later.  That would explain her fatigue, appetite and tender breasts.  It would also explain some of Spock’s insatiable sexual appetite.  She understood that certain female biochemical changes acted as hormonal triggers, and in Vulcans, they were amplified.  Since he’d returned from his self-imposed separation, he had been damned avaricious and she found that she didn’t mind his attentions.

Had she not been attacked and been allowed to discover her pregnancy on her own, would that change what she was feeling?  It wasn’t hate and it wasn’t disgust. The baby had not asked to be conceived, so she did not feel it was fair to convey such negative emotion on an innocent life.  At most, she was ambivalent.  She didn’t know if her feelings would change once she actually felt the baby’s presence.  Would they?

Secondly:  Was the child still alive?  She realized it would have been practical for that to be the first thing she considered.  There was no point in trying to derive feelings for something that might not exist. 

If it was alive, then she could think about how she felt.  If it was not, then she could process things differently.  She wouldn’t be able to mourn fully the loss of a life she didn’t have a chance to know.  Would she?  Would knowing that she once carried a life hurt?

“Turock,” she said.  “Can you get Sheila for me?”

The Vulcan nodded and stepped towards the door.  He did not leave the room and kept his eyes on Uhura the whole time.  A moment or two later, Sheila came in with a huge smile on her face.  Turock resumed his post.

“Nyota!  You’re awake!”

“How long was I out, Sheila?”

“Almost three days.  You needed it.  Your tongue was the size of a sausage and you were bleeding.  I stitched you up and you’ve been sleeping.  How do you feel?”

“Somewhat better.  I’m not in as much pain and I’m starving.”

“You look better and I’m glad you’re hungry.  Except for that bruise on your cheek and your chin, you’re fine, but that’ll heal up in a couple of days.”

Uhura nodded and rubbed her belly.  “Sheila, is the baby still alive?”

Sheila nodded.  “You lost some blood, but the knife missed the fetus.  She’s scrapping for every bit of life she can get.  You’re going to be on bed rest for a while. ”

“It’s a girl?”

“No, silly.  It’s way too tiny for us to know the sex, but I like to think that you’re carrying a strong little woman.  She’s a fighter, I’ll say that much.”

“Oh.”  Uhura looked up at the ceiling.  Sheila’s comment had an effect.  She wondered if it was a girl.

Sheila bent close to speak.  “I have to talk low because there is no way that Vulcan guard of yours is going to leave this room.  He has his orders; no one but Spock and I are allowed in here, and he’s been ordered to kill anyone else who tries to enter.”

Uhura looked at her.  “What?”

“Oh yes,” Sheila said.  “The shit is hitting the fan, Nyota.  Spock is pissed off.”


“Because you and the baby were attacked and are still in danger.”

“Sulu’s still alive?  But he didn’t know I was pregnant.  I didn’t know I was pregnant.”  She would have never fought him if she knew.  “We’re still in danger?  From who?”

“Yes.  Last I knew, he was in another wing of sickbay, healing from that ass-kicking you gave him.  But anyway, Spock isn’t making such distinctions, Nyota.  He is furious, and for the most part, he hasn’t left your side.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, he’s been here most of the time.  Turock got here just a little while ago, as Spock was needed on the bridge.  He hasn’t left your side.  But first things first,” Sheila said.  “I need to know if you want to keep your baby.  This is important.”

“Sheila, how can I answer that?  I didn’t even know that I was pregnant and I don’t have any attachment to something I can’t feel yet.”

“I understand that.  But speak what’s in your heart.  I don’t care what it is.  Yes or no.  I’m with you no matter what.”

Uhura closed her eyes.  If the child was currently fighting for its life, then she could not deliberately take it away.  She would not.  She was a survivor, and it appeared her baby was too.  If it could survive a uterine injury—and only time would tell if it would—then there was no way she was going to terminate its  life.  Such a thing was left up to fate.  If she lost it, then it was meant to be.  If she didn’t, then she was going to be a mother.  Simple as that.  The choice had been taken away from both of them, but there was no point in dwelling on it now.  The baby was here.  It was a part of her, regardless as to whether she could feel it.

She would fight for its life.  “Yes,” she said.

“Good.  The women are rallying around you and the baby.  Spock has asked for our help to take over the Enterprise.”


“We’re sick of this life, Nyota.  After I found out what Lenny did to you, and Trisha told me that she thinks it was Scotty who paid him to do it, we decided we couldn’t take it anymore.  There’s got to be a point where you have to take a stand.  And for us, you and your baby is it.  A lot of us want kids, want families, but Captain Kirk won’t allow it.  He’s been known to get rid of women who get pregnant; even the ones he knocked up himself.  And he’ll do it to you if he finds out that you are.  Kids are a no-no.”

“Get rid of how?”

Sheila shrugged.  “Kirk’s got a way of making people disappear.  I happen to know that five of his little side dishes got pregnant accidentally and came to me begging for abortions because they didn’t want to die.   Kirk’s a fucking bastard.  He’ll get rid of you if he learns that you’re pregnant.  Spock won’t let that happen.”

Uhura stared at Sheila.  “You’re not making this up.”

“No.  Spock loves you, Nyota.  I know your relationship is rocky, crazy and intense.  I know you still harbor resentment towards him for keeping you here.  I know that you’re conflicted over whatever feelings you do have, but I also know that he is crazy in love with you and he will not let anything else happen to you.  Especially now that you’re carrying his baby.  He wants his child.”

Uhura looked at Sheila.  “He’s committing mutiny to protect me?”

“Yes.  And we’re all with him, one hundred and fifty percent.  Even Marlena.  She showed him how to use that thing in the captain’s quarters.”

“What?  She did?”  She didn’t think Marlena would do it.

“Yes.  Things are wrapping up down on the planet and it is only a matter of time.  You’ll be here in sickbay, under heavy guard, and it’s going to go down soon. We’re tired, Nyota.  We’re tired of being treated like shit.  It’s like we’ve been asleep.   And it took you and your little one to wake us up.”

“Oh my,” Uhura said.  She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.  Spock was planning a mutiny and using the women to help him.  She didn’t know what to think about that.  Spock was loyal.  This was unheard-of.

“How many women are on board this ship, Sheila?  I mean, aren’t we outnumbered?”

Sheila shook her head.  “You would think so with the way things are, but no.  I had one of my assistants go through the medical records and do a count.  There are 260 women on board this ship.  And not all of the men are sadistic assholes.  We can do this if we’re brave.  We can make it if we’re strong.  And when word spread among us about your pregnancy; it spurred a lot of women to action.  So if you are having second thoughts or are so enraged over the whole of this mess, just know that if it weren’t for you, we’d still be operating under a veil of fear.  Please take something from that, Nyota.  Not that it justifies all that’s happened to you, but I’m really glad that Spock decided to keep you here.”  Sheila felt more alive now than she had for years.

Uhura nodded and rubbed her belly.  “What are you going to do?”

“Whatever we have to, Nyota.  And that’s all you need to know.  I’m going to get my tricorder and do a reading, and then I’ll bring you some broth.  I know you’re hungry.”

Uhura nodded.  “Yes.”

“Trish and Marlena will be in later.  I need Spock to tell Turock that it’s okay.”  Sheila stood up and squeezed her hand.  “You just get better and take care of your child, Nyota.  We need you to survive.”



Sulu came awake in a rush, eyes blinking, looking around.  Michael Tomlinson was next to him, secured to a cot and gagged.  Sulu tried to move and realized he couldn’t.  His chest hurt from the double puncture and cuts he got from that high and mighty bitch.  He realized that he was also gagged and fixed to a cot.

He tried to lift his head, but he could only manage to raise it an inch or two.  They were somewhere in the bowels of the Enterprise, somewhere hidden in a place where no one would look.  Sulu knew the area very well, for he had used it on many occasions.

He recognized the big Vulcan guard standing at attention between his cot and Michael’s.  The Vulcan nodded at him and whipped out his communicator.

“Commander.   They’re awake.”


Spock was in sickbay, standing over Uhura’s bed and holding her hand.  Sheila was scanning her.

“How are you feeling, my dear?”

“I’m all right.  I’m still sore in some places, but I’m okay.”

“I am very concerned,” he said.

“About the baby?”

“About both of you.  I could not accept it if you did not survive your attack.”

“What’s going on, Spock?  I heard Sulu was still alive.  I thought I killed him.”  She bit her lip.  “I wish I had.”

Spock looked at her.  “Is that right?”

Uhura shrugged.  “I don’t know.  I was mad enough to kill him.  And Michael…he fooled me.  He set me up, set you up.  It was all just a…game.”

“I told you that games are played all over this ship, Nyota.  You understand that now.”

“It doesn’t mean I have to like it, Spock.  There’s a kid involved now.  I would not have willingly gotten pregnant in this hellhole.  I would never consider wanting or raising a child in this universe.  You’re all insane.  Yet another reason I’ll hate you for stranding me here.”

He did not respond, but gently raised her hand to his lips and kissed her fingers.  She looked at him.  “So what are we going to do about this, Spock?”

“You shall do nothing except remain in Medical Bay and get well.  You are under guard.  Turock, Shavik and K’avir rotate duty.  Two Vulcans are outside of your door and one will be in here with you at all times.  I have also added another Vulcan to your guard as their relief.  They are devoted to you.  But they, too, are enraged that Sulu’s henchmen managed to pull off a sneak attack.  K’avir will not let that happen again.  They are ordered to protect you and our child with their lives.  It is simple as that, my love.”

“I mean, what are we going to do about this baby?  You promised to try and send me home.  I don’t know if it’s safe for a pregnant woman to go through a transporter.  How can I possibly be a mother to your baby in this place?”

Spock thought about her leaving with his child.  He could not countenance it.  “I did not wish for you to ever have to make that choice, Nyota.  Please understand that I believed the hypo worked.  I was not pleased to discover that Dr. McCoy intentionally sabotaged your injection out of financial gain and curiosity.  I would not have put you in this position.”

He put his hand on her stomach.  “Unless our child does not endure your injury, then we shall discuss it once you are completely healed.  I am willing to accommodate any request you make, Nyota, as long as it keeps you and our baby safe.”  He didn’t want her to leave, but he had promised that he would do his best to figure out a way to get her back home.  He hoped that she would decide to stay with him.

Consequences, consequences. 

Spock stared at his hand over her belly and closed his eyes.  He could clearly sense the presence of his baby now, fighting for its life inside of Uhura, struggling to survive.  He wished he could will it to live, but it seemed to want to do so on its own.  He thought that it might have the heart of a Vulcan, if not the heart of its mother.

‘Live, my child,’  he thought.  ‘All you have to do is live and I shall take care of everything else.’

Uhura stared at him, feeling the emotion he conveyed in every pore.  It was powerful and made her tingle.

“You love this baby already?” she asked.  “It’s barely the size of a dot, Spock.”

He was moving his large hand back and forth over her stomach.  “I sensed its presence five days, eight hours and twenty-nine seconds ago.  I did not have a tricorder reading to verify my hypothesis.  But to answer your question, yes.  I feel very strongly for our child.  I do not take such responsibility lightly.”

Uhura put her hand over his.  “I guess that means no special playtime for us.”  She found it amusing that she was annoyed by the prospect.  She found it interesting that she was even thinking along those lines.  Something must have short-circuited in her brain.  She clearly wasn’t thinking straight.  How could she think of that at a time like this?  It had to be the medication.

“There are very mild forms that we can participate in, but only if you are up to it.  I am more concerned for your comfort than my own needs, Nyota.  We may speak more on this once the baby is no longer in danger.”

She nodded.  That was logical.  She didn’t even know why she brought it up.

Spock’s communicator beeped.  He pulled it out.  “Spock here.”

K’avir’s voice was tinny, but strong.  “Commander.  They are awake.”

Uhura looked at him, instantly wary.  “Spock…?”

He took her hand in his and brought it to his lips.  He kissed each of her fingers, eyes closed, savoring the feel.  “You told me that you didn’t want to know, Nyota.  It is my intent to honor your request.”

She swallowed.  “Okay.”

“I shall return later.  Get some rest.”

She nodded and watched him leave her room.  Uhura was not sure if she no longer wanted to be kept in the dark about what he was going to do to Sulu and to Michael.  Not after what happened.


He knew that Sulu couldn’t really stand, much less walk.  Michael could stand, but walking was difficult because Uhura stomped the hell out of his foot.  He wished they were in better condition, as he wanted a fair fight, but time was short.  Negotiations were wrapping up on Dantouine and he had to return to the planet to assist Kirk in formally handing over control of the Empire’s new colony.

There was no time to play and he regretted it.

“K’avir, bring Mr. Tomlinson to his feet.”

K’avir released Michael’s straps and yanked him to his feet.  The young man had an entirely different look in his eyes.  K’avir held him by his bound arms.


“Do not,” Spock said, removing his jacket and sash.  “Do not insult me with formalities, Mr. Tomlinson.  You intended to snare my wife early on to gain her trust?  Answer me.”


“Answer my question.”

“Mr. Sulu paid me to do it.”

“And you did not have the good sense to reject his plan?  That was very illogical on your part.”

“He told me that you wouldn’t kill me because you were…He said that you wouldn’t kill me and you didn’t.”

Spock raised an eyebrow.  “A decision that I have come to regret, but that I am pleased to say I can rectify.”

Michael went pale and his eyes widened.

“You may choose,” Spock said.  “I would rather you be able-bodied and take me in hand-to-hand combat, but I do not have time to drag out your death.  But I will allow you to choose the method in which I will end your life.”

Michael looked at him.  “Sir?”  Clearly he hadn’t heard him correctly.

Spock picked up a sheath and removed a long, silver knife.  It was polished and had a thirty-inch long blade.

“This is a Vulcan katana.”

He put it down and removed his eight-inch blade from his boot.  “Maybe you prefer this.”

Michael closed his eyes.

“I can easily beat you to death, and considering how you had your hands all over my wife, I much prefer that, but it is not my choice.”

Spock held up his hands and spread his fingers.  “Asphyxiation.  I get to look in your eyes as your life ebbs.  Perhaps I’ll save that for Mr.  Sulu.”  He cast a glance at Sulu’s inert form and wide eyes.  “Or maybe you would like for me to snap your neck.  It is quick, easy and clean.  But I will derive no pleasure from it.”

Michael swallowed.   Spock glared at him.  “Or you can choose to die by whatever methods K’avir prefers.  He is most anxious for revenge after your staggered attack.  He has far more time to taste your pain than I.”

Then he blinked slowly and looked at Michael.  “Choose.”


Sulu was next.  Due to his internal injuries, he could not stand without assistance.  Spock had K’avir support him.  Spock held a container of salt.  “Any last words, Mr. Sulu?  For whatever you choose to say, I assure you that they are your last words.”

Sulu hocked and spat on Spock’s black T-shirt, landing a nice, large loogie dead center of Spock’s chest.  Spock cocked his head to one side and looked down.

“At least your oral aim is proficient,” he said. 

“Let me choose my death, Spock!  Give me the same choice as you did Michael.”

“Are you begging, Mr. Sulu?  I thought such actions were beneath you.”

“If I’m going to die, I should go out on my own terms.”

“See, that is where you are wrong, Mr. Sulu.  The difference between you and Mr. Tomlinson is that he did not deliberately risk the life of my unborn child.  You do not get to choose how I will end your life, Mr. Sulu.”

The color drained from Sulu’s face.  “Child?  Uhura was pregnant?”

“She is pregnant, Lieutenant.  My baby still lives.  How long, I cannot say, but for now, it survives.  I regret the opportunity that you are not at full health.  I much prefer to take your life in hand-to-hand combat, to snap your spine and render you paralyzed from the waist down and choke you until no breath remains in your body.  I much prefer to use my katana to sever your limbs and your wayward manhood.  I much prefer any manner of drawn-out death for what you did to my wife, but I am pressed for time.  That does not mean, however, that I will make it quick.  K’avir, remove his tunic, please.”

“She’s not your wife, Spock!  What the hell are you talking about…!”

K’avir ripped off Sulu’s tunic, revealing the raw, red places where Uhura’s blades pierced his chest.  Spock stepped forward.  “She did manage to injure you, and for that I am pleased.  She almost took your life.  You nearly died, Sulu.  You could have, but I ordered McCoy to save you just so I could have the pleasure of taking your life.”

Spock poured a handful of salt into one palm and dragged it down the diagonal cut across Sulu’s chest.  Sulu screamed as the salt burned.  Spock stood back a moment, pouring more salt into his hand.  He waited ninety-two seconds, thinking about Uhura and his baby while their attacker squirmed in agony.

He stepped forward and smashed the second handful of salt into the puncture would above his lung.  Sulu’s screams were louder this time, but they were deep in the bowels of the ship, a place where foul things took place and no one was ever interrupted.

“You may scream, Sulu, but you well know that this area is notoriously deserted just for these occasions.  How many times have you stood in my place?  Don’t answer, for I know that you are in great pain.  I wish I could assure you that it will all be over soon, but Vulcans do not lie.”

Spock put down the salt and picked up the katana.  He removed it from its sheath and stared at his reflection in the blade.  Then he walked towards Sulu, who began screaming like a lunatic.

After some time, the screams stopped.



Spock went to Medical Bay to speak with Lieutenant Stephens, Sergeant Baker and Lieutenant Moreau.  They were waiting for him outside of Uhura’s room.  Shavik was on duty by her door in spite of his recent injury. 

“How is Nyota?”

“She’s fine, Commander,” Sheila said.  “She’s strong.”

“Good,” he said.  “I must beam down to the planet now.  You are aware of what you must do?”

“Yes,” Marlena said.

“Hell yes,” said Trisha.

“Damn right,” said Sheila.  “We’re ready, Mr. Spock.  All of us are ready, no matter what happens.”

Marlena and Sheila nodded.  Spock left them and nodded to Shavik before reporting to the transporter room.



Scotty’s guard was a six-foot-three, blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic nicknamed Thor.  Thor was two hundred and twenty-five pounds, all of it good old Starfleet muscle.  Thor was Scotty’s only sentry, as he was a vicious protector.  Thor was a very handsome man, but had a heart black as night.  He was a sadistic murderer with a weakness for young women and sharp objects.  He had many kills to his name.  Scotty used Thor as a persuasive measure to get things that he or the captain or McCoy wanted, as Thor liked to kill and gender didn’t matter. 

Thor was an excellent guard, but his Achilles’ heel was Scotty’s woman, Trisha.  Trisha was equally blonde and beautiful.  She had a priceless set of tits and legs that looked as if they went all the way up.  Even though she didn’t realize it, she was a fucking tease and made him crazy.  He didn’t dare touch her, as Scotty was very possessive of his trophy woman.  Scotty let Thor sate his lust whenever they had shore leave, and he valued the freedom Scotty gave him, so he would do nothing to cross his boss.

He wanted to fuck Trisha, just push her over a table and let loose like a battering ram.  Then he wanted to slice off her breasts.  It was a fantasy that kept him up often, and he hoped he’d get the chance to fulfill it, though it wasn’t likely.  Scotty was unfaithful, but he wasn’t about to let Trisha go.

He was waiting for Scotty to return from the planet.  No danger awaited him on Dantouine II, and so Thor had the night off.  He was in the ship’s lounge, nursing a bottle of Romulan ale.


He looked up.  It was Trisha, hot as fire in her engineering reds and boots.  She had a smile on her face.

“Thor, can you come here for a moment?”

Thor put down his bottle and followed Trisha out of the lounge.

“What is it, Sgt. Baker?”  He shamelessly ogled her ass.

“Come with me, I’ve got something for you.  We need to hurry before Scotty returns.”

Thor stared at her.  Was she actually going to be bold enough to flirt with him behind Scotty’s back?

“Where are we going?”

“The transporter room.  We’ll have a little privacy.  Come on, hurry up. “

Thor grinned, delighted.  He wouldn’t get to slice off her breasts tonight, at least not until after he told Scotty about her behavior.  But he would still be able to fuck her.  It would do.

Trisha led him into the transporter room and turned to face him.  She started caressing her tits and smiling at him.  “Come on, Thor, you can’t tell me that you haven’t been waiting for this.  You know you want it.”

“I have and I do, Trisha,” he said, coming towards her with his hands out.

Then all of a sudden, there was a flash of light and Thor was gone.  Vanished.  Marlena was timely in her attack.

Trisha spat on the spot where Thor once stood.  “And you’ll never get it, you sick bastard!”  She whipped out her tricorder.  “Sheila, Thor’s gone.  You’re up.”



Sheila had a hypo tucked in her boot.  Lenny’s guard, Rex, was in the officer’s dining room, wolfing down fried chicken, biscuits, mashed potatoes and green beans.  Rex was an animal, one of Sulu’s on-loan security guards.  He was almost as bad as Thor.  Almost.

According to Marlena, the Tantalus field had a limited range.  It could work in the transporter room, sickbay, officers’ quarters, the ship’s commons and the floor surrounding the captain’s quarters.  There were certain areas of the ship where the field’s power was dampened by the surrounding structure, which included the officer’s dining room. 

Rex outweighed Sheila by one hundred and seventy pounds, but it didn’t matter.  She wasn’t scared anymore.  She crept up behind him, hypo in hand.  Rex was so busy pigging out that he didn’t notice when she grabbed his head and stuck the hypo into his jugular.  The man slumped over and buried his face in the mashed potatoes.

Sheila opened the dining room doors.  There were eight females waiting.  “Come on,” she said.  “We need to get him to sickbay quick.”

The women entered the dining room as a unit.  Sheila knew from the looks on their faces that they were completely in tune with the uprising.  Not one female that had been contacted rejected the idea of mutiny.  Enough was enough.  The women who were in the dining room with Sheila all had specific issues with Rex and with McCoy, so when she came to them for help, they were more than happy to do so.  Each woman grabbed a body part and as one, they hefted Rex, straining with the effort.  They carried him out of the dining room.  The crew cafeteria was vacant, as planned, and the women had their own sentinels in place, making sure that the area was clear.  Sheila led them to sickbay.

Once inside, the women threw the unconscious Rex down on the floor.  Sheila whipped out her communicator.  “Marlena, give us a minute.”

“Okay,” she said.

Sheila looked at the women, who stared back with a hungry light in their eyes.  She waved her hand over Rex’s inert form.  “Ladies, you got sixty seconds to get whatever shots in you can before Marlena wipes this motherfucker off the face of the universe.”

The women smiled and circled Rex’s prone body.



The takeover was done.  The Empire’s governing body was installed.  Hands were shaken and the ISS-E’s mission finished.  It was now time to head for Starbase 238.2 for some R&R and ship maintenance.  Kirk was ready to go.

He, his guard, Scotty, McCoy and Spock went to the transporter spot and he requested to be beamed up.  He was in a jovial mood and ready for some horizontal bump with Marlena.  Or with whatever woman caught his fancy.  He was ready to get rid of Marlena; he was sick of her posturing and whining and bitching.  And the fact that he was bored with the pussy had much to do with it.  He would get rid of her tomorrow.  Tonight, he would tie her up and fuck her good and hard.  He had earned it.  The Dantouine takeover had been a bitch, but it was over now.

“Transporter room.”

“Yes, Captain.”

“Five to beam up.”


The transporter pad hummed and five figures materialized.  Kirk chuckled and stepped off the pad.  To his complete shock, Marlena was standing in front of the transporter pad with a phaser aimed at him.  And she was not alone.  He recognized six of the armed women as some of the ladies he fooled around with.  The other four women he did not know intimately, but they were armed as well.

Trisha, Scotty’s hot little blonde, manned the transporter.  She, too, had a phaser.  So did McCoy’s woman, Sheila.  Kirk and the others had beamed directly into a trap, and they were defenseless, as this was completely unexpected.  Who incited the women to rebellion?  Whoever it was, Kirk planned to eat his balls for breakfast.

Scotty and McCoy started yelling at their women.  Kirk’s guard was at his side immediately and soon found himself with two phasers aimed at his head.  Spock stood at the back of the transporter pad and watched.

“Marlena!” Kirk shouted.  “What the fuck is going on?”  He took a menacing step towards her.

“Don’t think for one moment that these phasers are set to stun, Jim,” she said.  “Not today.”

“You stupid bitch, you—“

Kirk’s guard took one step towards Marlena and fell dead on the floor from two phaser blasts from two different directions.  Marlena aimed her phaser at Kirk’s head.  “I am not playing, Jim.  Back the hell off.  I will  shoot you, you bastard!  And if not me, one of your other women will.  We’re sick of you, sick of this!”

“Sheila, what the hell?” McCoy hissed.

“Trisha, get your arse over ‘ere now!” Scotty yelled.

“No way,” Trisha said, coming from around the transport console.  “Not anymore, Scotty.  And don’t think Thor’s coming to rescue you.  He’s dead.”

“So is Rex,” Sheila spat.  “And you can forget it too, Lenny.  I’ve had enough of your bullshit.  We’ve all had enough of your bullshit.  We’re sick and tired of being treated like trash!”

“Shut your mouth, you fucking bit—“ McCoy started to say, but Sheila fired off a shot that barely missed his head.

“Call me a bitch one more time, Lenny.  Call me a bitch one more time and I will fuck you up.  I mean it.”

“Sheila, baby—”

Sheila fired off another shot and then looked at Spock.  Calmly, he stepped from behind Scotty and made his way down.  He passed an incredulous Captain Kirk and stood next to Marlena.  Spock took her phaser and nodded at her.  Marlena took one last look at Kirk and ran out of the transporter room.

“Spock, you fucking asshole, what the hell is going on?”

“I believe that Lt. Moreau, Sgt. Baker and Lt. Stephens have been very clear, Jim.”

Clearly, it had not sunk in.  “C’mon, Spock…what game is this?  What’s your play, what is it you want?  You want to command the Enterprise?  Mutiny won’t get you that, and if you think these weak bitches can help you steal my ship, you’ve got another thing coming…you want power, control, what is it?  Money…can’t imagine that; you’re as rich as I am; now what’s the game…stop this shit now I WON’T HAVE IT!  I ORDER YOU TO LET ME GO!”

Kirk was starting to unravel at being the focus of eleven deadly phasers held by ten pissed off women and Spock.  He took a step towards Spock.

“I regret to inform you that your command is at an end, Captain.”


“Events have been set in motion that makes it necessary that I take control of this ship.  I am sorry.  I do regret your death, but you will not do away with my child or my child’s mother.”


“Ask Dr. McCoy.  He is the reason behind this sedition.  Or better yet, ask Mr. Scott, as he paid Dr. McCoy to complete the task that led to this mutiny.”

Kirk turned and looked at his medical officer and chief engineer.   “WHAT THE FUCK IS HE TALKING ABOUT?”

“Got me, Cap’n,” Scotty said in his thick brogue.

McCoy glared at Spock.  “You pointy-eared fuck!  You selfish bastard!  How dare you put this on me!”

“Was it not you that tampered with Nyota’s birth control?  You see, Captain, I am well aware, as is every woman on this ship, of your attitudes towards children and their mothers.  Once I discovered Nyota was pregnant, I knew that it would be a matter of time before you knew and got rid of her and my baby.  I want her and I want my child, so I will not allow that to happen.”


“If that is the way your mind chooses to see it, then yes, Captain.  I am. ”


“Your operatives are dead, Kirk!”  Sheila spat out.  “We’ve taken care of that!”  Kirk’s harem had no love for his personal guard.

All of the women nodded in agreement but kept their phasers trained on Kirk, Scotty and McCoy.

YOU FUCKING BITCHES!  I’LL KILL YOU!”  Kirk lunged again and then the transporter room glowed with light and he was gone.

Another two flashes of light filled the transporter room, and Scotty and McCoy disappeared as well.



Spock handed his phaser to Sheila.  The women put down their phasers and looked at him.  Spock stared at them.  Their eyes were bright and their emotions high.  He could feel it.  He knew he would never do anything to piss them off.

“You have my word as a Vulcan that your efforts are not in vain.  You are free.  When we arrive at Starbase 238.2, formal changes will be implemented.  I thank you for your support, ladies.  I thank you for the life of my wife and my child.”

Sheila and Trisha nodded.  “It’s the least we could do, Captain.”

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