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Sexy Beast (15/20)

Moves and Countermoves

Spock carried Uhura to Medical Bay and she lay on a bed, unconscious.  He focused his attention on her life monitor and the tricorder readings.  Lieutenant Sheila Stephens, a trained medical officer, was cleaning and examining Uhura’s knife wound.  Spock did not want McCoy to lay hands on Uhura.  He was calm and controlled, working without thought as he ran the tricorder over her inert form.  He needed to know if she was pregnant.

The tricorder readings verified it.  Uhura was four and a half weeks into her first trimester.  She was also severely injured.  Sulu’s knife pierced her abdomen and cut her uterus.  She lost a good deal of blood, but according to the readings, the fetus was intact.  The readings could not tell how long it would survive, but for now, the baby was alive and Spock was grateful.

Sheila came over to give Uhura a sedative and told Spock to move so that she could treat her.  Spock allowed her to do her job, but insisted that he would remain by Uhura’s side.  Sheila recognized the still, tight voice of the commander and did not argue.

“She’s going to be fine, sir.” Sheila said as she applied salve to Uhura’s bruised chin.

“She is pregnant,” Spock said.  “You are ordered to care for Nyota and to save my child, Lt. Stephens.”

She looked at him, startled.  “A baby?  Nyota’s pregnant?”

“I have just confirmed it.  She is four and one-half weeks.”

Sheila looked at him.  “Does she know that she’s pregnant?”

“Not yet.  She’s been tired and sensitive, but she thinks she has a virus.  I suspected but I was not certain.”

“That explains why she’s been eating so much,” Sheila said.  She couldn’t believe it.  “Are you going to tell her?”

“When the time is right.”  Spock decided that Uhura needed to know.  He told her that there could be no dissembling between them, and he had to hold up his end of that agreement.  “I need you to make sure that our child survives, Lt. Stephens.  I do not wish for Nyota to lose a baby that she does not yet know she carries.”

Sheila nodded, feeling herself overcome with emotion.  “I will do my best, Commander.”

“Do better than that.  You save my child and you save its mother.  Nothing else will suffice.”

“Don’t you want Lenny—Dr. McCoy to be the one to do this, sir?”

Spock stared at her.  “It is Dr. McCoy’s fault that my baby’s life is in danger.  I do not wish for him to be within two meters of Uhura.”

Sheila’s eyebrows nearly touched her hairline.  “What?  What did Lenny do?”

“I would rather not divulge that information, Lieutenant.  Suffice it to say that I never intended to impregnate her and it was a surprise to discover that she is with child.”

“Oh my gawd!”  Sheila wasn’t stupid and her eyes narrowed.  “Lenny! That motherf—!”  She straightened.  “Sorry, Commander.  You have my word that I will do all I can for Nyota and the baby, and Lenny won’t touch her.”

“I will have a guard posted beside her bed to ensure that, Lt. Stephens.”

Sheila nodded and then looked down at Uhura.  “Commander Spock,” she said.

“Yes, Lieutenant?”

“Are you going to do something about it?”

Spock could not glean anything from Sheila’s expression.  “What would you have me say, Lt. Stephens?  This is in no way a pardonable offense.  He has brought an innocent child here for financial gain and to satisfy his own curiosity.  Indeed I am going to do something about it.”

Sheila nodded.  “This ship is no place for a child and Lenny knows that.  Why he would do such a thing is beyond me and it is unforgivable.  I mean, I can tolerate all the other shit that he’s done, but this? There’s no way I’ll be able to rest if Nyota loses her baby.  I just want to let you know that you don’t have to concern yourself with my feelings if you decide to take care of Lenny.  I’m sick of his ass anyway.  I’ve had it up to here!” She raised her hand to her forehead.

Spock stared at her.  “Your alignment with Dr. McCoy is the only thing that keeps you safe.”

“I know, sir.  But there comes a time when you’ve got to think beyond yourself.  I can’t have kids.  Lenny saw to that.  Nyota’s my friend and she didn’t ask for any of this.  Any of it.”  Sheila stared Spock right in the eyes.  “But she’s here and she’s learning to survive.  However, I will be damned if her baby becomes a victim of Lenny’s bullshit and malicious intentions.  You don’t need my permission, but you do what you need to do.  I’ll help you if you want, but don’t worry about me.  I’ll be all right.”  Sheila was furious.

Spock stared at the braided beauty as she turned to monitor Uhura once more.  “I shall keep that in mind, Lt. Stephens.”

“Also keep in mind that I’m not the only one who’s tired of this shit.  You’ve got help, if you want it.”


McCoy was in another wing with his assistants, working on Sulu and Michael.  They were brought to Medical Bay by Turock and K’avir on Spock’s orders.  Michael had a broken foot, a cracked rib, a pulled groin and a headache. Sulu’s lung was punctured, his spleen was ruptured, and he had a scratched cornea and a long gash across the chest.  Uhura gave as much as she got and for that, Spock was very pleased. 

When they were brought to Medical Bay, McCoy looked at Spock.  “You want me to save them?  They just attacked Uhura and you want me to save them?  You really have gone soft, Spock!  That pussy must be mighty fine indeed to make you do this shit!  You need to go on and let Sulu die for what he did.  I can take care of Tomlinson.”

“No,” Spock said.  “My reasons for wanting you to save them are my own, Doctor.  You make sure that Mr. Sulu and Mr. Tomlinson survive their injuries by any means necessary.”

“Whatever you say, Spock.”  McCoy shrugged.  He didn’t care one way or the other.

Shavik sustained a serious head injury, but it was not fatal.  Sulu’s henchmen—and Spock understood that he had to hire enough extras in order to be a match for Uhura’s Vulcan guard—ambushed them in a wave formation.  Three men attacked first and then three more and then three more, staggering the assault.  K’avir was blindsided from two directions trying to save Uhura and also was open to a staggered attack.  There were twelve in all.  That was the only way Sulu’s men could have gotten the drop on them.  It was the only edge they had.

Needless to say, Spock’s Vulcan sentinels emerged from the brawl intact, save for Shavik’s injury.  Turock had a black eye and K’avir’s shoulder was dislocated.  Twelve bodies were strewn across the corridor in front of Engineering.  Heads were smashed, necks broken, backs snapped.  Once Uhura was out of the way, the Vulcans allowed their natural ability and honed combat skills to gain the upper hand and wasted the enemy.  K’avir called Spock on his communicator and he got there just as Sulu charged Uhura and knocked her over.

But she was brave.  She fought back, risking her life and the life of their unborn child.  He would not let their deaths be on her conscience. 

Spock wanted them alive.

As he stood near Uhura’s bed, watching Sheila check her bandages, he knew that he would have to tell her that she was pregnant.  She needed to know and thus, could fight to save their baby.  He turned her duty over to one of her subordinates until she was healed.  But then he knew that Kirk would find out and try to get rid of Uhura or use his own methods to ensure that she miscarried.

Spock would be damned if he was going to wait around for that to happen.


When Uhura woke up, Sheila was standing over her, smiling.

“Sheila?”  It was hard to talk.  Her tongue was swollen.

“Hey, girl.  How are you feeling?”

She nodded.

“You were stabbed,” Sheila said.

Uhura looked at her, questioning with her eyes.

“It was Sulu.”


“He’s in surgery.”


“You almost did.  Good for you, sweetie.  You got in a few good shots.  Now don’t try to talk anymore.  Just rest.”


“I’ll get him.”

Sheila squeezed her hand and left her.  Uhura closed her eyes.  She felt nauseous.  Her stomach was churning and her head throbbed.  Her chin ached.  Then Spock was looking down at her and there was no mistaking the concern in his eyes.

“Nyota,” he said. 

She looked up at him.  “Spock.”

“Do not try to speak.  You bit through your tongue.  You were seriously injured and you have a concussion.  You will be all right.  But there is something I must tell you.”


“You are pregnant.”


“You are four point five weeks pregnant with my child, Nyota.  I confirmed it while you were unconscious.”

She squeaked out some garbled sound and her hands immediately went to her bandaged belly.  “Baby…?”

“Yes,” he said.

Tears sparked and then flooded her eyes.  She wanted to speak but could not.  Spock leaned forward and pressed his fingers around her eye.  Her thoughts poured into him like running water.

‘I’m pregnant?  I’m pregnant?  How did I get pregnant?  He gave me a shot to prevent that…did he sabotage the injection too…? How am I going to raise a baby in this horrible place…how am I going to be able to be a mother to his child in this place…do I even want to be a mother…?   How will it survive…will I survive it…I’m scared, I’m scared and I don’t know what to do…I don’t even know if I want this baby!’

He began to stroke her face, transmitting his own images and emotions.  ‘Rest, Nyota.  You are in Medical Bay and you will be transferred to our quarters as soon as you can be moved.  Do not worry.  I did not sabotage the injection, but I know who did it and it will be handled.  Just heal yourself and fight for our child.’

‘I’m not ready to be a mother…and I don’t want to be a mother here!’

‘Shhh.  You are overtaxing yourself and you must sleep.  We can discuss it once you are safe in our suite.’

It was as if she was screaming in his head.  He closed his eyes and absorbed her pain, determined to make McCoy and Sulu pay for what they did to her.

She bit her lip and cried.  He dried her tears with his fingers.  She was understandably emotional and her thoughts were fleeting and illogical.  When she was better, they would discuss everything.  He was unsure if she wanted to have a baby, much less his, and to be in a situation where neither he nor she had any control over the matter increased his rage.  But he was Vulcan and he maintained his composure.

For now.

He stood up.  She looked at him with questioning eyes.

“Rest, my love,” he said.  “Rest.  I shall return.  K’avir is watching over you.  Lt. Stephens will be your provider.  I shall return shortly.”  He caressed her face and kissed her lips.

She nodded through her tears.


Uhura lay on her bed, mind swirling in confusion and a medicated haze.  She was pregnant with Spock’s child.  And he informed her through a mental transference that it was on purpose, but it was not him who did it.  Thoughts didn’t lie.  Who in the world sabotaged her birth control?

There was only one logical answer.  McCoy.  She wanted to scream, but it made her head hurt.  She wished she could speak clearly, but she was exhausted.  Her tongue felt thick and heavy, and her mouth was dry as cotton.  She was so upset that her blood pressure shot up, alerting Sheila.

In moments, she was standing over her.  “Nyota?”

“Sheila…”  She clutched her belly.  “Preg…nant.”

“I know,” she said.  “So Spock told you.”

She nodded.

“It was that fucking Lenny,” Sheila hissed.  “Nyota, I’m so sorry about this.  Did Spock tell you that your stab wound nicked your uterus?”

She shook her head.

“Right now, the fetus is so small that we think it may survive, but you lost a lot of blood.  So far, the baby is still alive, but it’s touch and go.  I’m doing my damndest to save your baby, Nyota.  Commander Spock demanded it.  He’s pissed.”

Uhura grabbed her stomach again and wailed.  Now to hear that the child’s life was in danger made her want to scream.  This was so very unfair.

Sheila stared into her eyes and whispered.  “Do you want me to save the baby?”

Uhura looked at her.  “Wh…at?”

“Do you want to keep this baby?  Do you want it?”

“I…don’t…know…”  The question surprised her.

“Because if you don’t want this child, then I’ll help you.  You didn’t ask for this, and this shithole isn’t the place for you to raise a kid.”

Uhura closed her eyes.  Sheila squeezed her hand.  “Take some time and think about it.  You’ll be here for a little while.”

Uhura nodded.  Tears glazed her cheeks.

“Right now, I’m going to give you a very mild sedative so that you can sleep.  It won’t harm the child.  We’ll talk later.”

Uhura nodded once more.  Sheila wiped her face and injected a hypo.  “We’re here for you, Nyota.  Trish, Marlena and I are here if you need us.  We will talk when you’re able to.”

Uhura drifted off to sleep.  Sheila was a true friend.


Spock sat across from her bed, watching her life monitor.  Beside him was a chessboard.  He played against himself, thinking about the rash of current events.  He had to review the facts.

<u>First Premise: Nyota</u>

Fact:  He was in love; absolutely, positively, head-over-heels, testicles-in-hand, stone in love with her.  And for a Vulcan, that was saying something.

Fact:  She was pregnant with his child.  Fatherhood wasn’t something he thought about, not while serving the Empire.

Fact:  He wanted the baby.  It was a part of him and a part of her, and Vulcans were not capricious about parenting.

Fact:  He did not want to command the ISS-E.

Fact:  Captain Kirk would get rid of Uhura if he knew she was pregnant.

Fact:  He would kill for her and the baby.

Conclusion:  He would have to assume command of the starship if he wanted to keep her and their baby.

<u>Second Premise:  The Captaincy</u>

Fact:  McCoy had to go.  His treacherous act, fueled by Chekov, was unforgivable.

Fact:  Sulu’s life functions would soon cease to exist.

Fact:  Scotty was semi-loyal to the captain, and therefore he would have to go.

Fact:  There was an instrument in the captain’s quarters that could assist him.

Fact:  If he chose to take any action, then the captain’s woman had to be considered as well as the Chief Engineer’s and the Chief Medical Officer’s.  They would need protection.

Fact:  McCoy’s woman was willing to risk her life to assist Spock.  And she suggested that she was not alone.

Intrigued by Lt. Stephens’ words, Spock left Medical Bay immediately after to go visit Sgt. Trisha Baker in Engineering.  In addition to being Scotty’s mate, Trisha was an expert on antimatter physics and nuclear engineering.  She was on duty, monitoring the board in the office and stood when he entered.

“Sgt. Baker, you may take your seat.”

“What can I help you with, Commander?”

“Nyota is in Medical Bay with a serious injury.”

“What?  When?  Why didn’t Sheila tell me?”

“She has been by her side since Nyota was admitted.”

“Mr. Spock, may I ask…what happened?”

“Mr. Sulu assaulted her and stabbed her.”

The color drained from Trisha’s face.  “Ass…hole!” she shrieked.  Then she gathered herself.  “Excuse me, sir.”

“Your emotion and connection is why I am here, Sergeant.  How do you feel about Nyota?”

“She’s my friend, sir.  She’s one of us.”

“Please clarify.”

“She’s a senior officer’s woman.  Please tell me that she is all right.”

“I am of the belief that she will be, Sergeant.  But I must ask you to keep in confidence what I am about to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“She is pregnant.”


“Dr. McCoy sabotaged her injection.”

“Lenny did what?”

“I do not stutter, Sgt. Baker.”

Trisha closed her eyes.  That was some dirty, underhanded bullshit.  If Sheila knew what he did, she would be insanely mad.  She couldn’t have kids because of Lenny, and that he intentionally allowed Uhura to get pregnant…

Trisha slammed her fist down on table.  “That bastard!  I’m so fucking sick of this!”

Spock did not correct her.  In fact, he welcomed her anger.  “Now I have a question for you, Sgt. Baker.  You are Mr. Scott’s woman, yes?”

“Yes,” she said.  “What?  Don’t tell me that Scotty put Lenny up to that!  He’s trifling enough.”

“No,” Spock said.  “At least I am not aware of Mr. Scott’s involvement in Dr. McCoy’s actions.”

“I wouldn’t put it past the sonofabitch to do it and frame someone else.  He can be a weasel at times.”

That was something Spock considered after his operatives informed him that it was Chekov who paid McCoy to sabotage Uhura’s injections.  He had no evidence to confirm his suspicion, so he kept it to himself.  Chekov was a pawn and therefore expendable.  Spock lost no sleep after the navigator suddenly vanished.

“Scotty got Lenny to put these breast implants in, Mr. Spock, so I wouldn’t be surprised if he paid Lenny to make sure you knocked up Nyota.  I don’t know why he would do it, though.”

“To get rid of me.  Mr. Scott is aware that the captain’s has a ‘policy’ on pregnant women.  I would not, of course, allow him to get rid of Nyota and our baby.  I want her and I want my child, and I wish to remain on this starship.  But Nyota and our baby are my priority.”

Trisha stared at him.  “What do you want, Commander?  I don’t know if Scotty did it, but if he did, I can’t put up with that.  I mean, a baby?  An innocent child?  Mr. Spock, there are women on this ship who crave to become mothers and keep their jobs; who want both their careers and a family and are scared.  This environment isn’t a place for that, but the biological imperatives are still the same.   A lot of the men on this ship are predators, and I’m sure you know that.  Scotty’s lead guard is a sadist and a murderer.  You wouldn’t want a child anywhere near him, or that fiend in Security.  But Nyota can’t get un-pregnant, so what do you intend to do?”

“I intend to assume command of this ship.  But Mr. Scott cannot remain on staff.  He is loyal to the captain and I do not trust him.  However, you are protected because you are Mr. Scott’s woman.”

Trisha looked at Spock, her voice calm and even.  “What do you want me to do?”

“It is your choice, Sgt. Baker.  Nyota is in sickbay fighting for the life of our child.  Mr. Sulu stabbed her in the abdomen and injured her uterus.”

Trisha closed her eyes and took a deep, shaky breath.  “Son of a bitch!” she said.  “Poor Nyota.  This is just wrong.”  Then she eyed Spock.  “You know you brought this on yourself when you decided to keep her here, sir.”

She was dangerously close to insubordination, but Spock admired her spirit and didn’t call her on it.  “I am aware of that, Sergeant.  But I am quite…fond…of her and I want our baby.  I will do what I must to protect her, and that includes mutiny.”

Trisha nodded, wiping her eye.  “Then I’m in.  What can I do to help?”


Trisha told Spock that she would get word to Marlena to visit him in sickbay.  He sat across from Uhura’s bed, playing chess with himself and monitoring her life functions.  Sheila checked in every thirty minutes and ten seconds, and there was no change in the baby’s health.  That was a good sign, as the situation was stable.

Captain Kirk was aware that Uhura was injured, but not of her pregnancy.  As the ship remained in orbit, Spock’s presence was not required on the bridge.  He sat for one hour, forty-seven minutes and thirteen seconds before Lt. Moreau showed up in sickbay.

“Commander?  I heard from Trish what happened.  Is she all right?”

“Yes.  Mr. Sulu attacked her.”

“Oh no!”  Marlena went over to Uhura’s bed and took her hand.  Spock walked over to stand in front of her.

“Lt. Moreau, there is something I would like to know.”

“What is it?”

“You recall the incident that brought Nyota to us, to me?”

“How could I forget?” She often wished that she could have returned in Uhura’s place.

“Then you will also recall the conversation that took place between that Captain Kirk and myself.”

“I do.”  Then she looked up at Spock.  “You mean about the Tantalus field?”

“Is that the name of the device?”

“Yes.  It’s how Jim wipes out his enemies.”

“And do you know how to use it?”


Spock looked at her.  “I have asked Nyota to inquire about it.”

“She did, sir,” Marlena said.  “But I’m reluctant to show her how.”


Marlena bit her lip.  Best to be honest, because Spock would merely press his hand against her face and get the truth anyway.  “If she learns how to use it, then she can help you become captain.  And then she will be in my place.  I’m a captain’s woman and I like it.  I have status and benefits that most of the other women do not have.  I do not want to give that up.  And since I know that you want Nyota and not me, how can I help her take my place?  I mean, I care about her, but I’ve got to think of myself.”

“I understand that, Ms. Moreau.  I recognize the sacrifice you would have to make to help me.  But I must inquire about what you said.  You have perks and status because you’re the captain’s woman.  What do you really want?”

“I want my place.”

“If you refer to mere perks and a status, then you can continue to have that.  I would not take it from you.”

“I don’t want to be single on this ship.  I don’t want to become a target.  Single women get attacked.”

“If you help me, you will not be.  I can assure you of that.  You will be protected as vehemently as I protect Nyota.  Not counting this most recent incident.” 


“Is it a companion you seek in addition to the benefits?  Is there not another who intrigues you?  Are you in love with the captain?”

“No,” she spat out.  “I hate him.  But he’s the captain.”

“Is there another that you would be with if you could?”

“Commander Kenner will take me.  He has feelings for me, but I did not want Jim to kill him, and so I never returned his affection.”

“If you help me, Ms. Moreau, then you can have everything you wish and then some.  But events are unfolding and I must be prepared, and that includes using any and all methods at my disposal.  Nyota has been savagely attacked.  I did what I could to prevent it, but I must do what I have to ensure that it never happens again.  And that means a change in regime.  I had no personal desire to become the captain, but if it means protecting Nyota, then I will.  Will you help me?”

He knew that he was taking a risk; that Marlena could easily run and tell Kirk what he said, which was why he didn’t disclose Uhura’s pregnancy.  But he sensed that Marlena would not.

Marlena looked at him.  “Commander, I don’t know.”

“Do you not consider yourself worthy of more than being just a captain’s woman?  You are a lieutenant and an exceptional chemist.  You have much more to offer Starfleet than just your body.  Are you not aware of that?”

She closed her eyes, wincing.  She told the visiting Jim Kirk that she would fuck her way through the fleet if it meant being a captain’s woman again.  But was the prestige—such as it was—really worth her whoring herself?  Jim treated her just like a whore.  Why did she stay with him?  Was it just for the food and the access?  Was a good meal and unlimited credit in the ship’s commons worth his abuse?  He certainly didn’t respect her; everyone knew about his harem.

She was a physical chemist and a lieutenant.  She was very intelligent and very determined.  She could do more and be more if she was in the world Uhura came from.  She wished a thousand times that she could have followed that Jim Kirk back to his own universe.  Her abilities would be much more appreciated there.

But she was here.  Dare she believe what Spock was telling her?  Dare she take the chance and assist him in his mutinous efforts?  Dare she believe his claim of a regime change?  She told the visiting Jim Kirk that Spock was the most decent man on the ship; decent enough to warn him that he had to kill him.  That he was completely in love with Uhura was obvious, and his desire to protect her at any cost was yet another reason to like him very much.  Would any man want to protect her like that?

Did she really need to be protected?  She was a strong woman and had endured much.  Was she brave enough?  Trisha told her that she was willing to help Mr. Spock, and that Sheila was too.  Enough was enough.  They were sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Marlena looked at Spock again.  She, too, was sick and tired.  And if Spock was bold enough to think he could pull it off, then she could be bold enough to help him.  Spock saw more in her than just her beauty and her body.  She found she liked that.

“All right,” she said.  “Jim’s down on the planet, fucking some little skank.  Come with me and I’ll show you how to use it.”


In sickbay, Spock stared at the chessboard deliberately contemplating moves and countermoves.  The rules of play were very simple: a player moves the pawns off the board, gets key pieces in position and then puts the king in check.



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