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Folie a Trois (14/15)


Upon the news that the entire Amigosian colony was wiped out and a number of Starfleet members killed, Admiral Pike ordered the Enterprise to Starbase 3.14 in the Veridian system so that an investigation could take place and the starship could be serviced.  The crew was grounded for almost four months on Veridian III, in the city of Kalamar.  Kirk could have cared less about the grounding.  He was ready to accept full responsibility for what happened.  It had been a year since they left Earth, and the Enterprise’s crew deserved some shore leave.  Kirk instructed the crew to enjoy the time off and not to worry about the outcome of the investigation.  Kalamar was a beautiful, bustling metropolis with lots of sun and wonderful beaches.

After the catastrophe on Amigosa V, Spock stayed in his quarters for seven whole days, meditating.  He had to get back in control.  He would not allow himself to return to duty until he was himself again.  Losing his senses like that was unacceptable, but seeing Uhura under attack and nanoseconds from rape made his resultant behavior…logical.  The commander killed the two Amigosians with his bare hands.  Kirk actually was able to get a shot off, but Spock bellowed in rage and knocked the one known as Ishtar off of Uhura and started punching him.  The other, Land’har, rushed to aid his leader and Spock effortlessly took on both humanoids and choked them to death. 

Spock was against senseless murder; so killing the two Amigosians spoke volumes.  After he returned to the Enterprise, Kirk wisely stayed out of the Vulcan’s way and ordered his officers to do the same.  He knew that Spock was unfit for duty, and he let him take the time he needed to regain his senses.  He knew that the commander would find his way back; that he would be all right.

Uhura was under McCoy’s care since they left Amigosa V.  Brenda and Didi had been savagely raped and died from internal injuries. Dez had also been raped, but the interruption by her fellow officers left her somewhat physically intact.  Comparatively speaking, Uhura had gotten off lightly.  She had a concussion, a strained back and neck, and cuts and bruises.  But she was distraught over what happened to her fellow officers.  McCoy kept her and Dez isolated in sickbay until they could get to Veridian III.  McCoy also advised that Uhura spend time with the ship’s counselor to deal with what had happened to her.  He ordered Kirk to stay away, and the captain had no choice.  He had his own situations to deal with, as Pike was furious over what took place.  But Kirk checked in with McCoy regularly.  He was relieved that Uhura was physically fine, but he was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to get over this.  He regretted not ordering her to remain on board the starship.

When the ship docked at Starbase 314, Dez was transferred to a Starfleet hospital.  The Bajoran was catatonic.  Uhura was staying in a private facility near Kalamar’s blue-green ocean.  McCoy kept her location secret, as she did not need visitors.  She healed physically and was healing emotionally.  The place where she was had a private beach and she had full access.  She spent her days in solitude and therapy.  Sometimes she went to the hospital to visit Dez.   Her evenings were spent either watching the ocean or walking on the beach.  Meals were delivered to her quarters and she did not have contact with anyone other than her therapist, nurse, and Dr. McCoy. Uhura wasn’t ready to deal with anything or anyone else.  She was grateful for the peace and quiet.  It gave her the time she needed to heal and to think about a lot of things. 

Five weeks into her recuperation, she was lying on a chaise watching the waves when she heard the nurse answer the door and an argument ensue.

“I don’t give a damn what Bones told you to do; I’m her captain and I need to see her. It’s been almost six weeks!  Get the hell out of my way—”

“She is not allowed to have visitors, Captain Kirk.”

“I don’t give a shit—!”  A scuffle.

“Captain, perhaps a different tack would be beneficial to our cause.  Excuse me, what is your name?  Sira?  Nurse Sira, it is essential that we, as Lt. Uhura’s commanding officers, check on her progress.  As you can see, it is very important to the captain to know that his communications expert is—”

“Sira, is it?  Get the hell out of my way…”

“Officers, I must ask you to—”

Another scuffle ensued.  Uhura shook her head.  Captain Kirk would fight anybody, but Sira was a formidable nurse.  She got up and went to the foyer.  Kirk and Spock were at the doorway.  Spock stood as he always did, hands behind his back, his face impassive.  Kirk was scrapping with Sira, who was Klingon, six and a half feet tall, and outweighed him by a hundred pounds.  Sira wasn’t about to let him in.

A smile broke across Uhura’s face.  She hadn’t realized until that moment that she missed them.  “It’s okay, Sira.  They can come in.”

Kirk glared at the nurse as he shoved past her.  Uhura led them to the living room where she was sitting.  “Go on, sit down.”  She motioned toward the couch.  Kirk sat.  Spock didn’t.  She lay back down on her chaise, covering herself with a blanket.  Kirk gazed at her, unable to keep his worry out of his expression.

“How are you, Lieutenant?”  Spock said.  She knew he wouldn’t sit down.

“I’m well, Commander.  How did you find me?”

Kirk dispensed with the formalities.  “I hacked into Bones’ medical database.  He has been suffering from fucking lockjaw when it comes to you.  He wouldn’t tell me anything.  He wouldn’t even tell me where you were, so I had to do what I had to do.  I nearly beat it out of him.  I needed to see you for myself.  The last time I saw you, you were unconscious in sickbay…”

“I’m fine, Captain.”

“Jim,” he said.  “Please don’t call me Captain, not now…”

“Fine has variable definitions; fine is unacceptable,” Spock said.  “I must know how you are feeling, Lieutenant.  Are you well?”

“I suffered a concussion, a sore back and neck, and some scratches and bruises, so physically, I am healed.  Mentally, it is taking some time.  I’m doing a lot better than I was.  I was almost raped.  Dez was raped and now she’s catatonic.  Brenda and Didi were murdered.  I’m lucky to have survived at all.”  She gazed at Kirk.  “I should have listened to you, Jim.  I should have stayed on the ship.  I’m so sorry I didn’t do what you asked me to.”  Her eyes glazed with tears.  “I’m so sorry.”

Spock remained where he was, to his credit.  Kirk was by her side immediately, hugging her.  “It’s okay.  I knew you weren’t going to do what I say; you never do what I say.  What happened was no one’s fault.”

She put her arms around him and cried into his shoulder.  Spock moved closer to her, wanting to comfort her, but was not exactly sure how to do it.  He acknowledged that his commanding officer was quite proficient at it.  In two minutes and seven seconds, she was no longer crying. 

Kirk cupped her face in his hands and gently kissed her lips.  “It’s okay, Nyota.”

She touched his face.  “I have missed you and Spock.  I did not realize it until you knocked on my door.”  She pulled away from Kirk and reached out her hand to Spock.  “Come closer.”

A look crossed his face and he stepped forward, taking her hand.  Uhura was treated to flashes of his concern, his worry, and his great relief that she was well.  She saw his rage at what happened, his subsequent behavior, and his discipline.  She saw that he wanted to comfort her and to hold her.  She understood that he could not.  Not right now.

“Sit, Spock.  Sit on the other side of me.”

He did so.  She took a deep breath, sighing.  She had missed them.  “I need to say something.  I’ve had some time to think about everything that has happened within the past year.  There has been a lot going on between us.  It’s all my fault—”

“That is an illogical statement, Lieutenant—”

She placed her fingers against Spock’s lips.  “Shh,” she said.  “Let me finish.”

He closed his eyes at the feel of her fingers against his mouth.

“It’s my fault because I was being selfish.  I liked the idea of you two fighting over me.  I was invigorated by the fact that two hot men—yes, you two—found me so desirable that they were willing to engage in competition for my hand.  Especially when I thought that no one on this ship was interested in me that way.”

“Bullshit,” Kirk said.  “If it hadn’t been Spock or me, it would have been Sulu.  Cupcake’s got it bad for you too, but of course he’s a loser.  And Scotty has a crush on you.”

“He does?” she said.  “I already knew about Brett and Spock told me about Sulu, but I didn’t know about Scotty.”

Kirk nodded.  “You’ve got the pilot sprung.  Cupcake’s name is Brett?  I had no idea.”

“That is because you have never bothered to learn the crew manifest, Captain.”

“Why would I?  That’s your job, Commander.”

Uhura chuckled.  She had really missed these two wonderful men.  She smiled at them.  “Of course, I was so caught up in my own thing that I didn’t see that I was wrong and had been wrong.  I should have never allowed you two to fight over me.  This thing between the three of us is madness.  Nothing is worth the peace and functionality of a stable command crew on the Federation flagship.  Your individual passion for me caused things to escalate and I encouraged it because it felt good.  I am sorry that I led the both of you on.  Please forgive me.”

“There’s nothing to forgive,” Kirk said.  “Unless you’re telling me you won’t have me.”

“Are you choosing?” Spock asked.  Suddenly, both men looked apprehensive.  Uhura took a moment to appreciate the cuteness of it.  She would have bet her position on the Enterprise that no one had ever seen either man look that way.  It was a moment she would cherish.

“I can’t,” she said.  “I can’t choose between you.  I want both of you.  How that is possible, I have no idea.  It is what it is.  It’s as if my life is complete with both of you in it.  And it is unfair for me to put you in that position.  I’m sorry.  If I can’t decide between you, then I will choose not to choose either of you.  So this is it.”

She leaned forward and kissed Spock on the lips while caressing his face.  Then she did the same to Kirk.  They just stared at her, disbelieving what she was saying.

“I heard your discussion when we were in the cabin on Amigosa.  After hearing that, I knew that I could not risk hurting either of you, and so I won’t.  Go and find other women to love.  You’re free of me.”

Spock reacted first, so sharply it was as if he had been shocked.  He grabbed her neck and pressed his forehead against hers, closing his eyes.  Uhura inhaled at the images and emotions he conveyed.  The passion in them was overwhelming and she felt it everywhere.  After a minute, he was able to speak.

“I do not want to find another to love, Lieutenant,” he said.  “I do not wish to be free of you.  Ever.”

He released her.  She breathed deeply, taking a moment to process all that he had shown her.  Kirk gave her a few moments, as he was well aware of the emotional transference that took place during a mind meld.  He took her hand and massaged her palm. 

“I can’t do what he just did,” he began.  “All I know is that I have no intention of letting you get away from me.  I have no desire to be with another woman.  I don’t want any woman but you.  I almost lost you.  I cannot tell you how afraid I was that I would never see you again.  I won’t let that happen.  If I have to pull rank, then so be it.  Nyota Uhura, I order you to have me, to be with me, to live with me and love with me.  I order you to be everything with me.  I don’t care what I have to do to make that happen.  I was willing to commit genocide for you.”

“I hope it never comes to that again,” she said.  “And you don’t have to pull rank.  But there is no rational solution to this problem.  How do you expect me to choose between you?  How, especially after all that’s happened?  I think it’s easier for me to just walk away; that way neither of you will be hurt.  I can’t do that to you.  I won’t be a woman that ruins a good man.  I won’t do that.  I’d rather be without you than hurt you.”

“No,” Spock said.

“I don’t want to hear that, Nyota,” Kirk said.  “I’m not leaving you.  I put my heart on the line for you, just for you, only for you.  I can’t just pick it up and give it to another woman.”

 She held hands with both men, caressing her cheeks with their fingers. “I’m trying to walk away and you won’t let me.  So if the both of you refuse to accept my decision, then where does that leave us? ”

“A predicament, to be sure, Spock said.

“A definite problem,” Kirk agreed.

“So,” she said, kissing each man’s knuckle.  “What do we do about it?”

*        *        *

When the Enterprise left Veridian III eight weeks later, the investigation was complete and the crew returned to duty.  Kirk was reprimanded for use of excessive force.  The Federation was misled by the Amigosians and the death of many Starfleet officers made Kirk’s actions somewhat justifiable, even though he violated the Prime Directive.  However, Admiral Pike understood the captain’s aggression in retaliating and did not restrict his duty.  The Enterprise was headed to rendezvous with the fleet in the Laurentian system.


She was dancing again.  She moved around, lifting, twirling and spinning in oh so mysterious ways.  Uhura was totally and completely healed.  She slid to the floor in and came up in her usual manner, caressing herself.  Then she grabbed the pole and pulled herself up, then allowed her body to circle down in a move Irish called the sunwheel.  Coming to her feet, she smiled towards the back of the room.

“Fascinating,” was a response.

“Do that again,” was another.

Complying with the wishes of her lovers, she grasped the pole, but merely held on to it as she arched backwards and extended a leg.  When she first learned how to pole, she was nervous, but after recalling her Amigosa experience, she moved into the exercises with no fear.  And it got wondrous results.  They loved it.  She figured she owed them for their patience with her during their courtship.

“That’s so damned hot,” the captain said.  “I love it when you do that.”

“I would like it if you did that again,” the commander said.

She came to her feet.  “I’d rather do something else.  Computer, retract and cease playlist.  Authorization Uhura: Delta Sigma 01.” Then she reached into a nearby candy dish to get a handful of Andorian Jujubees.  Kirk was now a diehard fan of the explosive sweet and kept them on hand for Uhura to eat.

The pole retracted into the ceiling.  Uhura walked towards the bed and crawled in between them, popping two jujubees in her mouth.  Kirk leaned over and kissed her first, using his tongue to retrieve one of the candies before she bit into it.  She smiled at him.

“They’re so much better once you’ve sucked on them,” he said, leaning to kiss the tip of her nose.

Uhura turned to Spock to receive his kiss, delighting once again in his oral skills.  That tongue trick of his never failed to excite her.  Spock could kiss like a motherfucker.  So could Kirk.  It was a definite bonus.     

Uhura lay on her stomach, her head resting on her folded arms.  Spock, who was obsessed with her back, ran his nimble fingers over the curve of it, unfastening her bra strap.  Kirk merely rubbed her ass while kissing her forehead.

“I have a query, Nyota.”

“What is it, Spock?”

“I have noticed that you have been receiving roses for quite some time.  I have been meaning to ask you, who has been sending them to you?”

“You mean it’s not you?”  Uhura gasped.  She’d figured they were from either him or from Kirk.  She never bothered to ask and they never said.

“Nor is it me,” Kirk said.  “I didn’t think you’d fall for something like that.  I thought it was Spock sending you roses.”

“Well, who would send me roses and not acknowledge it…?”  She was puzzled.  The roses were delivered regularly, every month.  She had come to adore them and had even taken to putting them in her bathwater and scattering them on her sheets.  They liked that.

“Who knows,” Kirk said.  “I told you, there are plenty of men on this ship who have a thing for you.  Maybe it was one of them.  Maybe it’s Sulu.  Scotty’s not a flower guy; he’d be more apt to buy you a drink.  It’s probably Cupcake’s unimaginative ass.”

“His name is Brett, Jim.”


“Captain, you really need to learn your crew manifest.  Mr. Willis is your head of security.”

“Why do I need to know that when you can very easily tell me, Spock?”

Uhura shook her head.  “Boys,” she warned.

“It is logical that you may be receiving flowers from either Mr. Sulu or Mr. Willis,” Spock said.  “I am not bothered by another man being enamored of you.”

“Good to know that you’re not jealous,” she said, turning to kiss Spock’s eyebrow.  “I don’t think I can say the same for Skippy over here.”

Kirk merely smacked her buttock.  He had never been as content as he was now.  Commanding the Enterprise was so much easier, knowing that she was his anchor and saved him from himself on a nightly basis.  Spock’s calm presence in his private life helped more than he cared to admit.  Spock was able to submit to her, making it much easier to use his cold logic in every other area of his life.  Uhura was right; there was a balance between the three of them, with her as the fulcrum.

“Please clarify for me the nature of the Skippy reference.  I have heard you call him that before and I do not understand.  It is completely illogical.”

She smiled at him.  “A slang term for the captain of a ship is ‘skipper.’  When he took the Kobayashi Maru exam for the third time, he insisted that I end each of my statements with ‘Captain.’  He also did it while we were on the bridge.  He made me so mad one time after assuming command of the Enterprise that I called him Skippy, meaning it to be an insult.”

Kirk rubbed her ass.  “It was an insult the first time you said it.  After that, it turned me on to get you mad enough to call me that.  I love it when you’re angry with me.”

“Jim, I hate you,” she said. Their banter resumed shortly after they got together, and it was layered with so much innuendo and subtext that it was inherently more fun than before.  She could leave him on the bridge all hot and bothered and there was nothing he could do about it until later.  Spock merely reaped the benefits.

“You weren’t saying that earlier,” Kirk teased.  “In fact, I do believe you were saying the opposite.”

Uhura grabbed her pillow and hit her blue-eyed lover.  “I hate you.  I really do.”

“Fascinating,” Spock said.  “Skippy.”  He resumed massaging her back.

 “Don’t think I’m going to let you call me that, Spock.  And yes,” Kirk said, fingering the dimple above her ass, “Skippy here would have an issue with another man being in love with you.  It’s bad enough that I’ve agreed to share you with the commander.  I’m not doing it with anyone else.”

“Nor am I,” Spock said.

Uhura shrugged.  “It doesn’t matter anyway.  I have then men I want.”  She winced when Spock touched a sore spot.  “Jim, I’m going to have to use your bathtub again tonight.  Spock, I’ll need another massage.”

“I will rub you down any time you wish, dear Nyota.”  He kissed the tender place on her back.

“You’re using us,” Kirk said.  “You’re using Spock as your personal masseur and you’re using me just because I have a bathtub.”  Ever since they got together, Uhura had been spending a lot of time in his tub.  Usually, she was not alone.  It was large enough for that.

“I admit; that is one of the better perks to being the captain’s girl and the commander’s lady, in addition to you having a bed that can hold the three of us.  So maybe I am using you until someone with better benefits comes along.”  She smiled into her pillow, knowing that such a thing wasn’t possible.  Spock and Kirk combined came with maximum perks, including the ability to make her scream in ecstasy. 

“That’s not about to happen, Nyota,” Kirk said.  “But you can use my tub anytime.  You know that.”

Spock started kneading the sore spot on her back.  She sighed.  He was so good at that.

“I know.  But seriously, Jim, spinning still makes me sore.  I cannot believe you were able to get a pole installed in your quarters and a mirror put over your bed.  I don’t know how you pulled that off or how you justified it.  How did you get Pike to authorize that?  Especially since he was pissed about what happened on Amigosa.”  Uhura had quickly come to love the freedom and inhibition of pole work and ceiling mirrors.  She was not the only one.

“I’ll never tell.  The mirror’s just so I can watch when we make love.  But I told you that if you chose me, I’d get you a pole.  I’m glad you learned how to use it while we were in Kalamar.  Your friend Irish is amazing.”

“I agree with the captain’s assessment.  She is quite remarkable.”

“She is,” Uhura said.  “You have no idea.” 

Irish’s starship, the U.S.S. Hood, was on shore leave in another Veridian city.  When Irish heard that the Enterprise was grounded in Kalamar, it took her no time to get in touch with Uhura.  And when she discovered her best friend deep inside a love triangle with Captain Kirk and Commander Spock, Irish pulled out all the stops and taught her best friend how to do several kinky things that would please them, including how to use a pole.  Irish instructed Uhura that it was time to let her freak flag fly.  Uhura had been quite surprised to learn that Irish had a pole, and even more surprised to find out she liked using it. 

“This will blow their minds,” Irish had said.  “You will have them eating out of your hand once you whip this baby out on them.  I can see Captain Fine and Commander Hotness turning into drooling horny fools after you do a little routine.  Trust me.  I’ve got half of Engineering at my beck and call and the other half’s on deck.”

Uhura knew better than to doubt her friend. “You’re such a slut, Irish!”

“And you are too, lachia!  Don’t tell me you’re not screwing fine ass Kirk and sexy ass Spock on a daily basis.  Men that fine will turn you into a slut.  But it’s not a bad thing.  Let it fly, Nyo!  Let the flag fly!”

When Irish first saw her with Spock and Kirk, the lovely Betazoid openly stared both men up and down and saucily informed them, “If Nyo can’t figure out how to fuck you two, come and find me.  I’ll show her how it’s done.” And she winked at them.  “You two are so damned hot!”  Irish didn’t give a hoot that she was addressing officers of a higher rank.

The tips of Spock’s ears actually flushed a pale green and Kirk merely smiled and said, “Don’t worry.  She knows how to fuck us. Very well, in fact.”

“Good,” Irish replied.  “And you’d better do the same.”  Then she grinned wickedly.  “But if you ever want a jump off, you can still come find me.”

Had it been any woman other than Irish or Gaila flirting with her men like that, Uhura would have put an old-fashioned Starfleet beatdown on the offending little tramp.  But as it was her wonderfully horny and informative best friend, Uhura let it slide.  She knew Irish was just talking smack.

Before she left, Irish gave Uhura one last piece of advice.  “Nyo, you’re going to do this right,” she said.  “An experience like this is about as frequent as a supernova.  Love as hard as you can for as long as you can.  You’ve got a serious thing here with Captain Fine and Commander Hotness!  I’m so fucking jealous, lachia!”  And then she hugged Uhura.  “Mission accomplished!”

Uhura continued.  “And I must confess, Irish has been absolutely right about everything.”

Spock was kissing her vertebrae and she was getting excited again.  She loved it when he did that.  “What was she right about?”

She smiled into the pillow.  Kirk was also kissing her back.  “Oh…that Vulcans could be sexy…that Captain Kirk could bring it…that I should let my freak flag fly…”

“Freak flag?” Spock looked up from her thoracic vertebrae.  “May I inquire as to what that is?”

Kirk was removing her panties.  She sighed as she felt him kiss her buttocks.  He had a thing for her ass.  And her boobs.  And her legs.  Truth be told, Kirk had a thing for all her body parts.  He was an equal-opportunity sucker. 

“Oh, just to be with whom I want to be with and do what I want to do, no matter what anyone thinks.  Forming a triad with my captain and my commander—that could be considered freaky.  If only they knew,” she said, smiling a very secret smile.  There was a lot to be said about superior officers’ freak flags.  Kirk had a big one.

“Then I’m letting mine fly as well,” Kirk murmured into the skin of her ass. “I never thought I’d be here, freely doing this with you and another man.”

“Fascinating metaphor.  I would have to conclude that, if I were to actually have a flag attached to my person, it would also be in motion because this is completely inappropriate and illogical.  It is a complete disregard of Vulcan sensibilities and Starfleet regulations.”

“And yet you can’t keep your hands off her,” Kirk sneered.  “Told you logic had nothing to do with this.”

Uhura laughed.  Spock and Kirk had a delightful back and forth of their own.  It was completely hilarious.

Spock resumed kissing her back, moving to her neck and shoulders.  He was completely captivated with the curves and planes of her body.  There were those rare times when she felt like she would be consumed; his feelings were so passionate. And to think that was what lay under his logical, rational and detached exterior.  There were decidedly worse things.

“Ummm,” Kirk moaned, slipping a finger between her thighs.  “What else was Irish right about?”  He became quite fond of the hot little Betazoid in the short time he had gotten to know her.  In another time, another place…

“That if I couldn’t be with either of you, I should be with the both of you.  Or as she says, to give the both of you my cookies.”  She gasped as he found her spot.

“I do not understand,” Spock said, resting his forehead against her neck.  “I do not recall you giving us any cookies or any other kind of sugary confections.”  He ran a hand over her buttock, his expression dreamy.

Uhura laughed into her pillow.  Kirk glared at Spock.  “For someone so brilliant, you can be a complete dumbass.  She’s talking about this,” he said, removing his fingers and waggling them at Spock. 

Spock looked at Kirk’s wet fingers and a different expression came over his face.  “Fascinating.”

Kirk shook his head at the Vulcan.  “It’s better than cookies, believe you me,” he said, sucking them.  Then he slipped his fingers back inside and pulsed slowly.  She moaned and clenched around them.  She loved it when they finger-fucked her.  Kirk continued, concentrating.  “You should have listened to her a long time ago, baby.  We could have been deep into this thing.  Mmmm,” he groaned.

“Aren’t we already?” she gasped.

“We could have been deeper,” he said, a look of heat in his cobalt-blue eyes.

Spock was nibbling on her neck and did not respond.  But he agreed with the captain.

“How was I to know that you would agree to this?  You told me that you two were practically at war.” She inhaled sharply.  Spock found another one of her sexy spots.  Either she was covered with them or they simply knew how to touch her.  Certainly no other man had been able to do it right.

“We also knew that neither of us would back down.  And even though he irritates the hell out of me with his never-ending logic…shit, you’re so wet…I actually consider the commander more than just a friend.”

“Dr. McCoy is also your friend…oooh!”  Kirk was so good at this…!

“Bones wouldn’t be able to handle this,” Kirk said, rolling her over on her back.  “Nor could he handle you.”  He traced one finger down to her pelvic bone, running it over the tiny black triangle tattooed on her hip.  Spock had one and so did he.  They got the tattoos while in Kalamar.

Spock removed her bra, tossing it over his head, and sucked a nipple into his mouth.  Uhura moaned as she felt his teeth nip her areola.  For him, talking at this point would be illogical.  She tended to agree, but Kirk liked to talk.

Spock…!” she murmured.  Her nipples were very sensitive, and Spock definitely knew how to treat them.  While Kirk was a sucker, Spock was a nibbler. Both were just fine with Uhura.

Then she turned her eyes to Kirk, gasping.  “And you…can?”

Kirk parted her legs and lowered his head.  “Don’t you think so?”

In moments, she was panting and moaning.  “Skippy...!”

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  1. This story was über hotness!!! Words cannot describe how turned on right now with this story. I never thought to read of a fanfic story featuring a ménage-a-trois with Uhura, Spock, and Kirk. The details of their lovemaking and the inner conflict was amazing. I really got a good image and almost felt like I was a peeping Tom looking in during their intimate exchange. Awesome story! I need a drink!


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