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Folie a Trois (13/15)

Amigosa:  part 2

Kirk was furious and frantic.  He had known something bad was going to happen on this godforsaken planet.   When Spock rushed back into the hut and told him what happened, he shook with rage.  But he did not direct it towards his commander; Spock behaved just as he had been ordered.  The Amigosians had obviously been waiting for Uhura to be alone enough to kidnap her.

Kirk ran out of the hut to wake the others:  To his surprise, Brenda, Dez and Didi were gone.  Tiny was dead.  McCoy and Cupcake were nowhere to be found.  Spock immediately contacted the Enterprise and ordered the entire security detail to beam down to the planet to search for the missing crew members.

They spread out and swept the forest and the compound.  The Amigosians were nowhere to be found.  The compound was empty.  Spock and Kirk found McCoy and Cupcake, who were deep in the woods still taking readings of the plant life.  Upon hearing the news of the missing crew members, McCoy groaned and began assisting in the search.  He wisely kept his mouth shut.   He didn’t need to see his commanding officers to know they weren’t in a jovial mood; not that Spock ever was.  But Kirk was in love with Uhura, and he had openly voiced his concern for her safety prior to beaming down onto the planet.  McCoy knew that his friend regretted not ordering her to remain on board the ship.

Spock was quiet, his expression dark.  He found a trail from the bush where Uhura had been standing and he tracked it as intensely as a bloodhound.  Two meters in, he found her Starfleet-issued panties.  He picked them up and balled them in one hand, feeling the rage start to rise but not allowing it to do so.  She had obviously been able to kick; there were broken twigs, cracked small tree branches and smashed leaves.  Spock was able to make out footprints, but they became less clear as they went deeper into the forest.  However, the commander did not swerve from the path.  He was going to find her, no matter what it took.  Anger was swelling inside of him; he had not experienced such emotion since Nero killed his mother and destroyed Vulcan.  He kept his fury at bay by concentrating on finding her.  He could not and would not suffer the loss of the only other woman he ever loved.  Not now.

Spock was certain that Kirk was going to vent his own fury on his first officer.  He had said that if anything happened to Uhura, he was going to hold Spock responsible.  But Kirk acknowledged that Spock did what he was supposed to do; that the Amigosians were lying in wait for Uhura to leave the hut.  And they would have gotten to her one way or another.  Other than standing over her to watch her urinate (which she would NOT have allowed), Spock did everything he was ordered to, even engaging her in conversation.

Kirk had no idea how they had been able to take her away without making a sound.  Spock’s hearing was impeccable and he had not heard anything, not even a twig snap.  Spock told him that they were natives and obviously knew the area well enough to be able to navigate it without making any noise.

The forest got deeper and denser as they continued searching.  Kirk was frustrated enough that he wanted to set fire to it and burn the whole thing down; he was so angry.  He understood that the whole desire to join the UFP was a front; the Amigosians lured them to the planet to get to the women.  Sulu had even suggested it.  Had everything gone as planned, Kirk would have sent for the second and third away teams, which had at least eight to nine women as members.  But Uhura, Brenda, Dez and Didi were such beauties that the Amigosians could not wait for the others to arrive.  He did not want to think of what could happen to them, to her, if they didn’t find them.  The Amigosians needed women as breeders.  He was enraged.   He feared for Didi, Dez and Brenda.  The very thought of one of those huge bastards putting their hands on them, on Uhura—or worse—Kirk didn’t want to see the thought through to the end.

He didn’t have to look at his first officer to know that Spock was in a rage.  While he would never show it, the most extreme emotions simmered in the Vulcan’s heart.  Kirk knew this firsthand.  He was once the recipient of Spock’s ire, he did not want to know what the commander might do if something bad happened to Uhura.  He did not know if Spock blamed himself, but he didn’t blame him.  Kirk knew that Spock would have never deliberately put Uhura in harm’s way; he had followed her and was a shrub away while she relieved herself.  She had been quietly snatched right in the middle of her relief and her conversation with Spock.  He would not have done any better in protecting her.

Hours later, one of the search teams communicated that they found a small group of dwellings hidden in the lush green valley.  Kirk had Scotty beam them to the location of the search team that found the community.  There was a wide stream that separated them from the dwellings.  Kirk was sweaty and exhausted, but it didn’t matter.  All that mattered was finding them, finding her.  He looked at Spock and McCoy.

“What do you think?”

“We have not come across anything remotely resembling a village until now, sir.  Logic dictates, as well as the evidence I am following, that they brought them here.”

“I am not in the most rational frame of mind right now, Spock.  All I want to do is to have the security team burn this place down.”

“That would be a violation of the Prime Directive, Captain.”

“I know and I don’t give a shit.  Do you?  All I know is that I will do whatever I have to do, even if it’s breaking all of the Starfleet regulations, to get our crew members back.  What are you willing to do?”

Spock blinked.  “Whatever is required, Captain.  We were tricked into coming here.  The Federation does not tread lightly in such matters.”

“This shithole of a planet is so remote, I don’t think anyone will notice if we blow it out of space.”  Kirk was incensed.

“Captain, may I remind you that the Enterprise does not have the weapons capability to blow up a planet.”

Kirk had the security team draw up several battle plans.  He was positive that the Amigosians would not give up Uhura or the others without a fight.  He disregarded Starfleet regulations and ordered his officers to shoot on sight.  The Amigosians were a bunch of kidnappers and likely rapists.  Kirk didn’t care.  Spock did not cite the regulation, nor did he challenge the order.  Kirk was right; had been right from the beginning.  Spock was not capable of having hunches, but he understood that he would have to learn to trust Kirk’s.  Had he done so, Uhura would be safely aboard the Enterprise.

*        *        *

Uhura closed her eyes, fighting back exhaustion and tears.  Her wrists were bound above her head, over a tree branch.  Her hair was matted and tangled with twigs and leaves.  She was sweaty and angry.  The Amigosians had been waiting for her to leave the hut.  They were in the forest when she went behind the bush to urinate.  She had barely removed her panties before she was taken.  A hand was clamped over her mouth and arms, and another pair wrapped around her legs, and then she was quickly and quietly carried away.  Poor Spock was speaking and hadn’t even known.

They traveled in the forest swiftly and silently.  She managed to kick out, hoping to disrupt the surrounding foliage so that Spock would be able to track her.  She already lost her panties and knew that he would find them.  That alone was enough to make her cry.  But she refused to show any weakness in front of these bastards.
At some point, they exited the forest and arrived at a series of dwellings in a valley.  Her hands were bound and secured above her head.  She couldn’t even reach her knife, which annoyed her to no end.  Dez was bound to another tree beside her.  There was no sign of Didi or Brenda.

They were left outside, tied to a tree branch like animals.  Uhura still hadn’t seen any Amigosian females and she wondered if there were any.  Were they prisoners?  Had they all died out?  She gasped, thinking about Spock’s analysis.  Had they all died in childbirth?  The males were enormous beings; did Amigosian babies kill the mother upon being born?  Were there no Amigosian women to carry on the species?  If so, that would explain all of the attention she and the others had received upon landing.  And maybe the males were too impatient to wait for the arrival of more Enterprise females.  Seeing Uhura and the others had ignited their base nature: to find a woman and procreate.

It horrified her to know that there were four women and there were more than a hundred of them.  And then she couldn’t stop the tears.

“Lieutenant Uhura?”

“Dez?”  She took a breath.  “You’re all right?”

“Bastards knocked me out and took my phaser.   But I’m awake now and I’m mad as hell.”

Uhura nodded.  “Me too.  Where’s Didi and Brenda?”

“I don’t know.  I hope they’re all right.”

Uhura fumed.  It was better to be mad.  Anger was more productive than tears.  She sucked up the rest of hers.

“I’m not going out like this, Lieutenant.  I’m not going out like this.  I’d rather take my own life than give it to them.  And considering what they want us for, that is preferable.  But I’m not going down without a fight and not without taking one of those giant fuckers with me!”

Uhura fed into Dez’s obvious rage.  It felt good to be that mad.  “I know.  I know.”
“Then you’re with me?”


Dez began squirming, moving her bound wrists against the leather strap.  Uhura took deep breaths.  She was going to put her flexibility and agility to work.  Her dancing had to have another benefit other than enticing Kirk and Spock.  She tightened her abdominals and tried to raise her legs.  She was flexible enough that she could get her legs up and around the branch, she could grab her knife.  Her hands were tied in such a fashion that she could grip it if she could snatch it out quick.  She had to be steady enough not to drop it.

Dez was cursing.  “…fucking…strap…is tight…!”

Uhura took a deep breath and tried to raise her legs higher.  She needed momentum.  Up, a little higher, a little more…

Dez was shaking her arms back and forth in a frenzy trying to get her wrists loose enough to slip out.

Uhura closed her eyes and felt her way.  This was going to hurt her neck, back, and arms but she could handle that.  She would rather be alive with a sore back than gang-raped and dead.

Her legs were high enough.  The strain on her neck and shoulders were tremendous, but if she could get a little closer…


Kirk had the security team fan out and surround the encampment.  He could see lights and hear the sounds of what sounded like argument, but he could not make out any details.  He considered burning the surrounding woods so that the Amigosians couldn’t get away.

Spock, beside him, said, “Captain, that would be illogical.  We have completely encircled the village.  They will not get away.”

“Have you seen how big and strong those assholes are, Spock?”

“Strong is relative, Captain, and completely irrelevant to this situation.  We have the tactical advantage.”

“Shut up,” McCoy hissed.  “Or they’ll hear you!  The assholes ain’t deaf!”


Dez was grunting in rage.  She succeeded in chafing her wrists and that was all.  Uhura had much better luck.  Her final pull brought her legs up and around the branch.  She inched her legs as close as she could and was able to reach her knife.  Her skirt was hanging upside down, and she grabbed her blade, holding it tight.  She nearly cried in relief and took a moment to calm herself so that she wouldn’t drop it.  Uhura let her legs down.  She turned the blade and used it to cut her strap.  She fell to the ground, nearly shaking in relief.  Uhura turned the blade again and cut through her wrist straps.  Then she got up and cut Dez loose.

“Shh,” she instructed as she massaged her shoulders and arms, which were sore.  Her neck and back screamed.  “I can hear what they’re saying.”

Dez nodded and rubbed her shoulders and arms, trying to loosen her stiff muscles.  Then she started looking around for a weapon of some sort.

Inside the largest dwelling was a cluster of Amigosian males engaged in an argument.  Uhura tried to listen to what they were saying, but stopped after the first couple of sentences.

Ishtar: “S’oem y’lar toen mah!”  The dark one is mine first.

Lan’dhar:  “S’oem y’lar achen!”  Mine; she agreed to be mine.

Another:  “T’keon unduh a’ris t’knea!”  We take turns. We use both.

Another: “B’lani debuh s’ik’lith!”  They will give us many offspring.
Ishtar: “Tke’rem s’blai sh’ker aslat h’bein sh’tul’um asa kei!”  The others were fragile, but they are strong.  They can breed our young.

She closed her eyes and did her best not to listen.  Did that mean Didi and Brenda were dead?  She hoped not.  She prayed that Spock and the others would find them in time.  Uhura scanned the area, searching for the quickest way out that would hide their departure.

From inside the dwelling, it sounded like a fight was breaking out.  They were actually fighting over who would have them first. 

“We need to get out of here,” she told Dez.  “Come on, let’s just go!”

Dez, being Bajoran, didn’t want to let it go without a fight.  She found a long, slender tree branch and was twirling it like a staff.  “I’m not going out like—”

“Dez, come on!”

Uhura turned to run, but then Ishtar, Lan’dhar, and three more Amigosians stormed out of the hut, heading for them.  Uhura’s eyes widened in terror at the sight of them—they were naked, fully erect, and their penises were enormous.  Ishtar carried a thick stick of some sort.

“Hell no!” Dez said.

Uhura groaned.  ‘Oh no!  No wonder why the women are all dead…I don’t want that thing in me…God!

“Come on, Dez…let’s go!”

Uhura turned to run in the opposite direction and grunted as something whacked her in the back of her head.  She went down, the world swirling in little dark blots.

“No,” she moaned, trying to fight off the wave of nausea that gripped her.  She heard Dez screaming and tried to get back up.  Her vision was blurry and it felt like her head was bleeding.  What had she been hit with?  She struggled, almost losing consciousness.  She put a hand to the back of her head and it came back bloody. 

When she felt strong hard hands grab her arms, she screamed as loud as she could, turning her head to see which one it was.  It was Ishtar and he pushed her face down into the dirt.  She kicked and screamed again, but he straddled her legs and came over her, lifting up her skirt.

Dez was screaming and cursing in Bajoran.  Uhura tried pushing her head up, but felt another hand push it back down.  There were four hands tearing at her clothes—

“NOOOOOO!” she screamed.  She started squirming and bucking, but the humanoid was very heavy.  She felt her thighs kneed apart and screamed again.  She was going to die.  Her life was going to end like this; face down in the mud, raped and murdered, and she had never told the man in her life that she loved him and wanted to be with him.  Uhura choked on her tears as her head swam.  Why hadn’t she listened to Kirk?  Why?  He had been right about everything, and now…

Dez’s screams this time were completely different than before.  Uhura tried moving, tried kicking, tried everything, but the bastard was solid as a rock and she felt that thing…

She heard a commotion and moaned.  Then a welcome sound flooded her ears.  They were phaser blasts.  Were they saved?  She could feel Ishtar on top of her and then she heard a roar, a vicious feral sound from some animal, or someone’s, throat.  And then she felt no more.  She lost consciousness.

Starfleet officers swarmed the compound, shooting on sight.  Amigosians emerged from huts and log cabins, armed and ready to fight.  Battle ensued, but Kirk cared about only one thing.  She was face down in the mud and he ran to her and picked her up.  Spock knocked one of the big bastards off of her and was in the process of fighting him and the other that was attacking her.  He didn’t appear to need any help.  Kirk was focused on Uhura.  She was unconscious.  All that mattered was getting her out of there.  Cupcake was carrying a hysterical Dez.

Kirk ran to a small clearing with McCoy right behind him followed by Cupcake.  “Scotty, five to beam up.  Have a medical team on standby.”

To be continued…

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