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Folie a Trois (10/15)

Seduction, part I

Uhura smiled.  She was going to dinner in the captain’s quarters.  She was looking forward to it.  She had never seen his quarters, but everyone knew that he had the best digs on the ship.  He had earned it.  She wondered again if he had a bathtub.

She looked in her closet, which was a futile effort.  All she had were her uniforms, Starfleet-issued clothing, and the dress Spock gave her.  She wasn’t about to wear it with Kirk.  She put on a clean uniform, made up her face and put her hair in a quick upsweep.  Then she donned her favorite pair of silver earrings and the matching bracelet.  Then she was out the door.

When she arrived, the room was lit with candles and there was a warm fragrance tinting the air.  On a small table was a gift box with a card.  The card had her name on it.  She read it.

Nyota, this is for you.  You may use the side lavatory to change.  Jim.

A gift?  From the note, it sounded like an outfit.  She picked up the box and located the side bathroom.  She opened the box and gasped.  Within the layers of tissue, she discovered a silver dress and a matching pair of heeled sandals.  The dress was very simple and very elegant.  She could not hide her pleasure and quickly shed her uniform and boots.  Kirk had also given her a dress to wear.  And shoes!

‘Well, at least they know how to set the mood.’

When she looked in the mirror, she was amazed to find that it fit perfectly.  The back was open and it stopped a good five to six inches above her knees.  Certainly no longer than her uniform skirt.  It definitely highlighted the curve of her ass without being snug.  The shoes were fabulous.  There was no way Jim Kirk picked this out.  Some woman did it for him.

When she exited the lavatory, he was standing in front of his picture window, against the backdrop of stars at warp.  He was wearing black and she didn’t see any insignia on his chest.  He held out his hand and she took it. 

“Captain,” she said.  “Thank you.”

“No titles tonight,” he said, kissing her fingers.  “Tonight, we’re just average people.”

“I could never think of you as average,” she said.  He wasn’t.

“Nor I you,” he replied.  “But I insist you call me Jim.  You are stunning.”

“Jim,” she said.  “Oh baby isn’t an option?” she teased.  

He smiled and inclined his head.  “Only if you want it to be.  Come and sit down.  Our meal will be delivered shortly.”

Kirk led her to the couch.  Uhura sat down and he sat beside her.  She crossed her legs, admiring the shoes.  He admired her legs.

“I love this dress, Jim.  I really did not want to come to dinner in that drab uniform.”

“It has its charms,” he said, taking her hand and stroking her fingers.  “I had to guess at your size.”

“You know you had a woman pick this out.”

He blushed.  “I did.  I had Yeoman Rand find it.  But I thought it appropriate for dinner.  I wanted to see you in clothes outside of your uniform.  I’m pleased with what I’m seeing.”

She beamed at him.  He kissed her fingers again.  “I have a confession.”

“What is it?”

“I’ve been watching you dance.”

Uhura smiled again and decided to act surprised.  “Really?  For how long?”

“How long have we been aboard this ship for the current mission?”

“That long?”

“I saw you the Friday before we left space dock.  You were dancing and everyone in the bar was staring at you.  I was too.  Where did you learn to dance like that?”

She shrugged.  “My sisters and I were trained in ballet when we were young.  I was on the dance team in high school and minored in creative movement in college.  When I got accepted into the Academy, I used to dance as a form of exercise.  Before that night, I hadn’t danced in years.  I lost a dare to Gaila.  You remember her.”

“Your old roommate?  Yeah.  So you did that on a dare?”

“It was either dance or go hit on some guy.”

Kirk smiled slowly and Uhura’s blood heated.  His eyes flicked over her.  “You could have hit on me.”

She smiled back.  “I’m well aware of our history, Jim.  Hitting on you instead of you hitting on me just doesn’t feel right.”

“I’m glad you didn’t; then I would not have known the pleasure of watching you dance almost every night.  You are amazing and so flexible.  I must admit, watching you gets me hot.”

She closed her eyes.  “I didn’t know that you’d been watching me for that long.”

“I meant it when I told you how I felt about you.  I have been nuts about you since that night in the bar in Iowa. Watching you dance brought it out in ways I never imagined.  I was about to lose my mind; you knew this because I couldn’t stop staring at you on the bridge.  Bones told me to tell you how I felt.”

He waited a long moment.  “Spock is your other suitor.”

She looked at him.  “So you do know?”

“Yes.  We sort of…ran into each other on the observation deck.”

“How do you feel about that?”

“How do you feel about Spock?”

“Answer my question first, Jim.”

“I’m a little jealous in that I won’t have your complete attention.  But I never back down from a challenge.  Spock is a worthy adversary and you are worth it.  Your turn.”

“I’m very attracted to the commander, as much as I am to you.  I can’t explain it, because you have nothing in common.  Maybe it’s a power thing.  I don’t know why I feel like I do.  I just do.  It is what it is.”

He looked thoughtful.  “He and I are rivals.”

“I figured as much.  I don’t expect either of you to back down; your personalities are just too strong.  What I don’t want is for this thing to affect our working relationship.  I do not want reassignment to any other ship, and Spock is the best science officer in the fleet.”

“And where do I fit in that universe?”

“In the captain’s chair, of course.  Where else would you be?”

He nodded.  “Fair enough.”

The door chimed.  Kirk got up to answer it.  A cadet rolled in a service, set the table, lit the candles and placed the serving dishes.  Before leaving, he opened a bottle of wine.  Kirk took Uhura’s hand and walked her to the table, seated her and spread her napkin before joining her.  He fixed her plate and served her, then himself.  Beaming, she poured the wine. 

Dinner conversation was light during the appetizer and the entrée.  They discussed work to a short extent.  He asked her about her relationship with her parents.  She told him that her mother was still not over her choice to become a Starfleet officer, but her father loved the idea.  He told her that he regretted never being able to know his father.  She mentioned that they should resume their banter.  He shrugged in response.  Uhura decided that the meal was good and his attention worth the effort.  It was when he revealed dessert—double chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and strawberries—that things got heavy.

“Chocolate cake?  What are you trying to do to me, Jim?  You know I love chocolate!”

“I know.  I’m not trying anything.  I’m seducing you.”

“Do you think you can?”

“I think I have so far.”

“Mmn,” she said.  “Touché.”

She cut a piece of cake and ice cream, topping it with a strawberry.  It tasted heavenly.  She took another bite and licked the back of the fork.  Uhura took a sip of wine.  “This is amazing.  Why aren’t you having any?”

“Do you want the true answer or the censored version?

“Only truth, Jim.”

“That’s not the chocolate I want to eat.”

She met his gaze.  Kirk’s chin rested in his hand.  His arm was propped on the table and there was that same heat in his blue eyes.  It was a look that only served to set her scalp on fire.  One day he was going to make her explode.

Uhura closed her eyes.  A lack of sexual intimacy combined with the double barreled blast of two officers in love was killing her.  She thought she could handle it, but now she wasn’t so sure.  She wasn’t sure she could resist either man for much longer.  This thing had been going on for months.  Both men had been eerily patient, but how long would that last?  They were men.

“I…I won’t have intercourse with you, Jim.  I won’t do it; I’m not the kind of woman who would use it like that.  That wouldn’t be fair.”  That would be the only rule she could safely establish.  She hoped, anyway.

‘They’ll go as far as you let them.’

Kirk gazed at her.  “Who says we have to have intercourse?”

“Who do you think you’re fooling, Captain? You have to have sex. I won’t make love to you or to Spock until I’ve decided who I want.”

“I don’t need to make love to you to please you.”

She took another sip of wine.  “Please don’t do this to me, Jim.  I don’t think I will be able to stand it.”

“Neither can I, Nyota.  Do you know how hard it is to sit here and watch you when all I want to do is to carry you to bed?  I wanted to have a date with you because I want to romance you properly.  You deserve it.  I won’t do anything you don’t want me to, but I want you.  You want me.  What do we do about that?”

“I don’t know.”

“I do.  Come dance for me.”


“Come dance for me.”  He got up and held out his hand.  Taken by surprise, she grasped his hand.

Kirk pulled her up to the middle of the floor.  “Pick a song from your playlist.”

“You really want me to dance for you?  In spite of our conversation?”


“You play with fire, Captain.”

“You should know that by now.  Set me on fire.  Burn me.  Dance for me.  Please me.  I’ll return the favor.”

Uhura stared at him.  “What favor is that?”

“Whatever you ask of me.  Come on.”

She stood in front of him.  “Okay.”  She removed her shoes, put them out of the way and put in her authorization code, then chose a song.

“Anything you want me to do in particular?”

“I’d love to see you do one of those ‘V’s with your legs, but…I won’t do that to myself.”

Uhura smiled seductively at him.  “Good.  Because I’m wearing a thong.  Anything else you’d like?”

He ran a hand over his face and muttered an expletive.  “Whatever you do is fine with me.”

It wasn’t long before she was moving in front of him.  His eyes were hooded as he watched her, and from the Mona Lisa smile on her face, she was enjoying this.  Kirk circled her slowly, his hands behind his back to keep from grabbing her.  Maybe this was a bad idea.  Correction—it was a bad idea.

“You like it when we watch you, don’t you?  You like making us horny, right?”

She nodded.  “It makes me feel really sexy.  I admit it, I didn’t think I was a tease, but that’s exactly what I’m doing…when I do this.  I’m sorry, Captain.  But I like feeling this way.”

“You think we mind?”

“I hope you don’t.”

“Shit, I don’t.  Can’t speak for Spock.”

Kirk continued circling her.  His motions were panther-like, as if he were coming in for the kill. 

“If I manage to get a pole installed, would you use it?” he asked.

She paused and turned to look at him.  “What?  A pole?  You mean a stripper pole?”

“Yes.  Would you use it?”

“Are you serious?  Jim, I’m not a stripper!”

“I know that, Nyota.  I know very well what you are and are not.”

“I can’t believe you just offered to—are you kidding?”

“No,” he said.  “I’m not.  When you dance, you seem like you could use some sort of vertical support.  I’ve seen it used in that fashion.  There are women on Risa who—well, never mind that.  I don’t mention it to imply that you’re an exotic dancer, even though your dancing is erotic.  I just want to know if you would be willing to use it when you dance.”

“Even if I agreed to such a request, how in the world would you get one on board this ship?  And where would you put it?”

“I’m just asking.  If I did, would you use it?  I would like to see it.”

Uhura shook her head.  She could not believe he had actually asked her that.  She decided to humor him.  “I don’t know how to pole, Jim.  I might break my neck.”

“I don’t think so,” he murmured.  “Not with the way you move.  Would you be willing to try?”

“I don’t know,” she said again.  “I can’t answer that right now.”  Considering that she could use a support to help with her stretching and leg lifts, it was not an altogether ridiculous thought.  Outrageous?  Yes.  But she didn’t discount it.  This whole affair between her, him and Spock was bordering on scandalous.  Kirk was merely upping the ante.

He then came up behind her and put his hands on his waist.  “If you choose me, would you consider it?  Don’t stop moving.”  His voice covered her like warm chocolate.

Uhura moaned softly as he pressed against her.  The man was hot in every definition of the word.  It was only a matter of time before she spontaneously combusted.  She thought she might consider learning to pole for him if he was the one she chose.  There were resources available.  He was probably worth it.

Kirk rocked back and forth with her, finding the rhythm as easy as she did. 

“I didn’t know you could dance,” she said.

“I’ll have to take you on our next shore leave,” he said.  “But it is easy to move with you like this.  Nyota, I’m losing my mind.  Don’t stop,” he murmured in her ear.  “Don’t stop…don’t, please…”  He stroked her waist and her abdominals.  She covered his hands and moved her hips in a tight oval.  Kirk grasped her hips and pressed into her so that she could feel his arousal.

“Oh…” she murmured.  He felt so good.  This was absolutely dangerous.

“Don’t stop,” he said again.  “Oh shit, keep going…keep going…”  Her naked back was against his chest and his erection rested above the cleft of her buttocks.  He moved with her, pressing into her as hard as he could.  “Don’t stop,” he repeated.  He could come from this alone as long as she…didn’t…stop…

“We’re going to get in trouble if I don’t.  You’re going to make me a liar if I don’t.”  It would be so easy to allow it to happen.  She wanted him and he wanted her and they both wanted it.

“I won’t tell if you won’t.  Please…don’t stop…Nyota, you feel so good…!”  He caught her earlobe between his teeth.

“Captain, please…please…”  She was about to detonate from his scent, his heat, the crush of his body against hers, and the sensual way he was sucking on her earlobe.

“Let me please you,” he said.  “Let me…keep moving…let me pleasure you, Nyota.”

He wanted to bend her over.  It would have been easy…the chair was right there, her dress was short, and she’d been brazen enough to inform him that she wore a thong…a few moments was all it would take… “Don’t stop,” he panted.

Uhura closed her eyes.  It would be too easy to turn and let things take their natural course.  It would be too easy to capitulate.  She remembered how easy it would have been for her to yield to Spock.  How in the world did she get here?  She inhaled deeply and stopped moving.  This wasn’t helping her nerves or her tension.  Nor his, if what she felt behind her was any indication.

“Jim, we have to stop.  I’m sorry.”

He sighed, but didn’t let her go.  “Let me satisfy you,” he said.  “Let me please you.  It won’t go any farther than that.”

Uhura closed her eyes again.  She was so wet she was practically dripping.  Her body was screaming for release.  It demanded that she cash the check for doing all those sensual dances.  It demanded that she pay the cost for teasing Kirk.  Honestly, she brought this on just as much as he did.  Uhura was not sure if she regretted it.

“Please,” he whispered.  His voice was thick with need.

“What about you?” she asked.

“This isn’t about me, Nyota.”  If it was, he would have had her in bed the moment she entered the suite.  All he wanted was to hold her heat in his hand, to have her grind against him, to suck her sweetness from his fingers.  He could make do with that for a little while.

Giving in, she locked one hand around his neck and turned her head to kiss him.  He kissed her hungrily.  She tasted like ripe strawberries.  He tried not to devour her mouth, but he had wanted this, wanted her like this for so long.  Kirk allowed his fingers to slide under her dress and between her legs.  She was plump, warm and wet.  He cupped her, relishing the feel of her sex in his hand.  In moments, she was moaning against his mouth while grinding against his fingers. He broke the kiss and murmured, “…so hot…”

“Oh…oh my god…!” she pleaded.  She was close.  He felt it. 

“Come for me, Nyota.  Come for me.  Come all over my hand.”

A couple of seconds later, she did just that, her moan leaving her on one long exhale.  “Oh…!” she whispered.  She removed her hand from the back of his head.  He removed his hand from between her thighs.  She turned to look at him.  He was licking his fingers while looking at her.

“Sweet,” he murmured.  “I knew you would be.”

“What did I just do?” she said, smoothing down the dress.  She had climaxed in under a minute.  What the hell?  Was she that deprived?  The last few minutes blindsided her.  “Capt—Jim…what just…what did I do?”

“You let me please you,” he said.  “Thank you.”

Uhura braced herself against the back of the chair to stop her legs from trembling.  Her orgasm was swift and overwhelming and he hadn’t even touched her breasts, her navel or any of her other erogenous zones.  She wouldn’t be able to stay away from him.  Not after that.  “I’m in trouble,” she said.

“We both are,” he said.  “I am definitely in for it.  I don’t know how long I can go now without the taste and smell of you on me.  All I want to do now is sit you on the table and eat you for dessert.”  He started walking towards her.  “Be my dessert, Nyota.  Be my Andorian Jujubee.”

“Oh shit,” she whimpered, remembering how she’d described the candy.  It was definitely time to go.  “I need to leave, Jim.  I need to go back to my quarters.  I’ll leave the dress in the bathroom.”

“No.  It’s yours.  I hope to see you in it again soon.”

“Are you trying to make me lose it?”

“Yes.   I want you to lose it.  I want you to tell me to lick you.  I want you to demand that I fuck you.  I want to hear my name on your lips when I make you come.  I want to make you come again…and again…and again.”  He moved towards her once more.  “I’ve already lost it and I want you to lose it too.”

“I need to go,” she said and darted into the bathroom to change clothes.  It took three tries to get the zipper on her uniform right.  She balled up the dress and exited the lavatory.  She picked up the shoes and turned to stare at him.  He stared back, sucking his fingers.  “Good night, Nyota.”

“Good night,” she said and left his suite.

*        *        *
Uhura lay in bed that night, a hand between her thighs, thinking of him and of Spock.  She completely underestimated them.   She could not handle this; handle them.  She feared that her resolve was going to crumble. It was no match for Spock’s sensuality and Kirk’s seduction.  She didn’t even know what was coming next, or if she could take it.  The appeal, attention and desire of both men were explosive. If she were like Irish or Gaila, she would have cheerfully screwed both men by now and continued to do so.  But she wasn’t her friends; she was Nyota Uhura, and she wanted more.  There was no denying her powerful attraction to both men.  All that was left was to choose which man she wanted.  It was time to choose or her body would choose for her. 

‘God help me,’ she thought.  Sleep never came.

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