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Sexy Beast (17/20)

Pretty Wings

Uhura was sitting up, eating.  She could manage reasonable portions now, but it wasn’t nearly enough as she was starving.  Apparently, the baby was going to make it, if her hunger was any indication.

She was eating and listening, wide-eyed, to Marlena, Trisha, and Sheila’s recollections.  They left Dantouine over a week ago; Starbase 238.2 was still another week away, but there was no hurry.  Things were very calm, to the point that Spock kept only one guard on Uhura’s door.  Not that he was concerned there might be backlash; he was still paranoid about her safety.  The attack on her and the baby really threw him for a loop.

She licked her fingers as the ladies recounted the events of ten days prior.  Spock was now the captain of the ISS-E; it had been reported to Starfleet and he was in the middle of completing all the necessary paperwork.  The ship was under SOP and needed repair and restocking, so unless an emergency took place, they would have no distractions on the way to the base.

Where, Uhura learned, some formal adjustments were taking place.  It was a time of change and she could not help but be impressed.

Sheila, after Spock reviewed all of her personnel records, was promoted to Acting Chief Medical Officer.  Sheila was a medical doctor in her own right, as well as a skilled surgeon, but McCoy wouldn’t allow her to assume any sort of role that would rival and perhaps supersede his own.  She would become the official CMO after the paperwork was filed.

Trisha, an antimatter physicist and nuclear engineer, was promoted to Acting Chief Engineer.  She was yet another suppression of the former regime.  Her resume was quite impressive and she knew as much about the Enterprise’s engines as Scotty did.  Having been his lover, perhaps even more.

Marlena, a chemist, was promoted to Chief Science Officer.  She would work on the bridge in Spock’s former capacity.

“So, who’s going to be the First Officer?” Uhura asked, eating baby carrots.

“My understanding is that he wants you to be,” Marlena said. 


“Why not?” Sheila said.  “You’ve got the ability.”

“Lest we forget that I’m pregnant,” Uhura said.  “I can’t possibly do anything as remotely dangerous as away missions.  He wouldn’t let me, and besides I’m not sure if I want the position.”

“Well, if you do, it’s yours,” Trisha said.  “Personally, I think it’s kind of hot.  You and your man commanding a crew of total badass babes.  Or badass babes and a handful of guys.  We’re going to need about eighty more crew members.  We can run this ship with 400 people.  Get rid of the dead weight.”

Uhura learned that the women banded together to get rid of all the predators on board the ship.  There were quite a few, but the women were very clever in setting their traps.  The men were stupid enough to fall for them and Marlena wiped them out of existence with the Tantalus field.  It had almost been too easy.  Apparently, none of the men knew about the object in Kirk’s quarters.

 ‘Spock’s quarters,’ she thought.  ‘Our quarters.’

Marlena told her that she was with Commander Kenner now, a mild-mannered security guy.  She moved out of the captain’s quarters the night after the uprising, and Spock moved in a few nights after that.  She understood that the captain’s quarters were larger and far more luxuriant than the First Officer’s quarters.

Spock wanted her to be First Officer.  Never in a million years had she thought she would ever attain that position.  She wasn’t even qualified.  Was she?

‘After your experience over in this place, why aren’t you qualified?  Why the hell not?  After all that you’ve been through?  You could run this ship better than anyone else.’

It was something to mull over.

‘Am I actually considering a future here?’

‘Well, it’s not quite the same place it was when you first arrived.’

She rubbed her eyes and took a long drink of water.  Marlena smiled at her.  “So, how’s the baby?”

“Fine, I think.  I guess it’s okay, because I haven’t had any pain and I’m starving.  Sheila’s readings show all is well.”

“She’s a trooper,” Sheila said.  “Which reminds me, Nyota.  You can be discharged today.  However, I want you on as much bed rest as possible.  You need to take it easy.  I’ll pop in to check on you regularly, as your husband expects me to.”


Trisha shrugged.  “He refers to you as his wife now.”


“Yes,” Sheila said.  “The night we bumrushed Kirk and the others in the transporter room, he said, ‘I thank you on behalf of my wife and the life of my child.’  I was like, that’s hot!  Maybe we can actually fall in love now instead of hooking up with a man just to be safe.”


“Well, aren’t you?” Trisha said.  “I mean, no ceremony or nothing like that, but…?”

“Nyota, do you love him?”  Marlena asked.


“Do you love him?  Are you in love with Spock?”

Uhura looked down at her plate.  “No,” she whispered.  “Not like he loves me.”

“Then don’t tell him,” Trisha said.

Uhura looked at her friends.  It didn’t matter; whenever Spock touched her, he knew how she felt.  She cared for him, oddly enough, but love?  She’d been in this universe for three months.  Love, in spite of everything between them, took a damn sight longer than that.  She would have to forgive him for taking her before she could allow herself to love him, and she hadn’t done it yet.

“If he’s able to send you back to your world, will you leave?”  Sheila asked.

“I don’t know,” Uhura said.  “So much has happened.  I’m not the same person I was when I got here.  I don’t know if I can ever be that woman again.  How could I face my colleagues if I beamed into the transporter room carrying Spock’s child?  What would that Spock think?  What would any of them think?”

“Fuck what they think,” Sheila said.  “They don’t know what’s happened over here.  But would you leave, Nyota?  If you could, would you?”

Trisha rubbed Uhura’s arm.  “Logistically speaking, it would be tricky, Nyota.  I mean, what, you’re about six weeks?  Theoretically, you could beam across and be fine.   But with the parameters Spock has to set up, the timing, a simulated ion storm, a wonky transporter circuit, and due to the fact that the transporters malfunction about 5% of the time, I don’t think you should risk it.  At least not until after you have the baby.  And don’t forget that your starship has to be in a particular alignment; otherwise you’ll be beamed right out into space or into a freaking bulkhead.  And you have to hope that your counterpart is within an acceptable range.”

“I know,” Uhura said.  It seemed like an impossible task.  But Spock told her this morning that he started doing the requisite math and she believed him.

“I don’t see Spock taking that risk with you carrying his child.”  Sheila said.

“And even if he did, there is no way he’s going to let you take his baby with you,” Marlena said. 

Uhura held her belly.  She’d been thinking about that.  She knew that Spock already loved the child.  He had taken to kissing her belly whenever he visited her.

“You could stay,” Trisha said.  “We’d love it if you did.”

“Don’t do that to me, Trisha,” Uhura said.  “Please, don’t.  Not now; I can’t handle that.  My emotions are already crazy.”

“I’m sorry,” Trisha said.  “I don’t mean to.  But with everything that’s happened and your part in it, I think it would be fabulous if we could help you raise this little one.  The symbol of our freedom.”

“I know I’d make a great Auntie,” Sheila said, smiling.

Uhura couldn’t help but smile.  They meant well.  But she had a lot to think about, not the least of which was her inner self, her newfound self.  Her needs abated somewhat due to the attack, but they were never far from the surface.  She thought it was weird and she couldn’t begin to explain it.  The web that drew her to Spock was still present, if not tighter than ever.  She remembered the illicit interlude in Engineering.

She still wanted him.  She might not love him, but she wanted him.  Pregnant or not.  She no longer tried to make it make sense.

Her cheeks flamed.  Sheila eyed her.  “What are you thinking about to make you blush like that?”

“Are you thinking about what you and Spock did to make that baby?” Trisha said.  “Bet it was good.”

“Oh, stop it, ladies!” Uhura said, blushing profusely.  “Stop!”  She couldn’t help but grin and couldn’t help but wonder when they had made the baby. 

“Yeah, she’s thinking about it,” Marlena said.  “I’m sure it was fantastic.”

“Speaking of,” Uhura said, diverting the conversation, “do either of you, other than Marlena, want to be with anyone else?  I mean, not right now, of course, but later?”

“Girl, please,” Sheila said.  “I’m not trying to be another man’s woman, but when we get to base, I intend to make some fine young stud my bitch.  I deserve that.  I plan on embracing my inner cougar.”

Uhura laughed, holding her belly.  Marlena and Trisha laughed right along with her.

Trisha smiled.  “I don’t want anybody right now, but I’ll get mine when I feel the need.  I’ve had enough of men.  A lot of the women have.  Except for Marlena, and that’s just because she’s gotta have it.”

“Damn right,” Marlena said.  “I do.”

Uhura laughed again and finished her meal.  “When can I leave, Sheila?”

“In a little while.  I want to check your bandage and give you another reading.  I need to tell Mr—Captain Spock and I’m sure he’ll want to come and get you himself.”

“Oh no, that’s all right,” Uhura said.  “I can find my way back to our quarters.  Turock can take me.”

Sheila glared at her.  “Sorry, Nyota, but I’m not about to get on Spock’s bad side.  I heard Sulu  and Michael got fucked up.”

Trisha and Marlena nodded.  “I heard it was nasty.  He was furious in the way only a Vulcan can be.”

Uhura rubbed her belly.  Spock told her that he would honor her request to never tell her what he intended to do to Sulu, but she couldn’t help but be curious.  After all, it was Sulu’s fault that she was in sickbay for two weeks.

“So anyway, we’ll leave you be.  I’ll be back later.  You can go ahead and get dressed.”

Trisha smiled, rubbing her stomach.  “I hear that Spock’s going to allow us to get new uniforms, real uniforms.”

“What?”  Uhura said.

“Yes.   He said that he sent a request to Starbase 238.2 to have some Starfleet tailors design some unis for us.  I like him already.”

“I heard that,” Marlena said.  “It’s hard to feel legitimate when you look like a hooker.  These uniforms were Kirk’s idea.  Spock will at least allow us to look like officers.  I’m getting pants.”

“I hope we can keep the boots,” Sheila said, remembering how she smashed Rex’s face in with hers, and she hadn’t been alone.  “But anyway, ladies, let’s wrap up the visit.  See you later, Nyota.  It seems that you’ve got some thinking to do.”

“I know,” she said.


She was impressed with their new quarters.  Spock had them painted in colors he knew she would like.  They now had a sitting room and a larger bedroom and bathroom.  Spock had a desk, a computer console, and a safe.  She had her own closet and dresser.  The bed was bigger and the headboard ornately curved.  There was a hook directly above it.  She stared at it for a long moment, wondering in part, knowing in part, what it was for. 

She felt his arms come around her and rub her belly.  He kissed her neck and ear and pressed into her. 

“Nyota,” he breathed.  “I have missed you.”

She let him hold her.  She felt so safe in his arms.  “I hear you’ve had your hands full.”

“Mutiny is not an easy task, my love.”

Uhura turned and looked up at him.  “Thank you, Spock.”

He cupped her face and stared into her eyes.  “For what?”

“You did all that to protect me?  You’ve changed everything; it’s what Captain Kirk asked you to do.”

“I told you that I would do anything to protect you, including what I had to do.  I am sometimes, as you so often call me, a beast.  But you are mine and I meant what I said.  Your being pregnant simply escalates the way I feel.  I was quite disturbed to find that Mr. Sulu stabbed you and threatened the life of our child.”

He kissed her lips and she closed her eyes.  It had been a while since he kissed her like that.  She felt him stirring and pulled away.  “You have to calm down,” she said.  “No sex.  Not until Sheila says it’s okay.”

“I am aware of that,” he said.  “I would do nothing to risk my child, but I cannot help but respond to you.  Do you want to lie down or sit in your chair?  You have your own personal chair and I have taken the liberty to have it fitted with pillows for your comfort and an ottoman so that you may raise your feet.”

The walk from sickbay to their new suite was actually quite tiring, since she hadn’t been on her feet much.  She felt it.  Spock wanted to carry her but she told him that it was ridiculous and they weren’t newlyweds.  “I want to have a hot shower and lie down.  Would you bring me something to eat?  I’m starving.”  It was as if she couldn’t get enough to eat.

He kissed her forehead.  “As you wish.  Do be careful.”

Uhura took a hot shower, hot as she could stand it, and basked in the freedom of being drenched in warm water.  She was sick of sponge baths.  When she got out and dried herself, she stared at the three-inch suture underneath her navel.  It was going to scar.  She would forever be reminded of what occurred to put it there, whether she went home or not.

She and Spock had to talk.

Uhura dried her belly carefully and tried to bandage it.  But it was starting to curve and she couldn’t get the bandage flat.  She heard Spock setting the table and called his name.  He came into the bathroom.  He didn’t have his jacket on and she took a girl moment to appreciate the planes of his chest.

“What is it?”

“Would you help me put this bandage on?”

“Absolutely,” he said.  “But you will need to come and lie down for it to be properly affixed.”

She nodded and put on his dark red robe.  “All right.”

He grabbed the bandages and followed her to the bedroom.  Uhura lay on the bed and lifted the robe.  He sat beside her on the bed and applied antiseptic before affixing the bandage.  His hands were strong and sure, but he was very gentle.

“I am still upset that he broke your skin.”

“It’s over, Spock.  I’m all right.  I’ll heal.”

“Nevertheless,” he said, smoothing the bandage in place.  Then his eyes dropped lower.  He ran a finger alongside her vagina.

“You have not had an opportunity to groom yourself,” he said.

“Um, yeah,” she said, not acknowledging the quiver his finger sent up her spine.  “I’ve been in sickbay, or haven’t you noticed.”

“I have noticed,” he said.  “I am not complaining; merely, I am acknowledging the opportunity to inform you of another one of my proclivities.”

She stared at him, unable to sit up.  “Huh?”

Spock trailed his finger over and around her pubis.  “I would like to groom you…here.”

“It is a fetish of mine, something that I want to do with you.”  It was something he’d experienced with one of the older ladies on Bellatrix IX, and it was something he found he liked.  He knew that he wasn’t the only man left on this ship with that kink.

“Wait,” she said.  “Wait, did you just say you wanted to shave my vaginal hair?  Am I hearing you correctly?  What in the name of sacred peanuts…”

“It is a fetish,” he said.  “I have several.  Some of them you are familiar with.  Others, you are not.”

The ship could have come to a dead stop and she would not have noticed.  “Come again?”

“I want to groom you.  I am quite capable with shaving implements.  I will not hurt you.  I find it stimulating.”

“You find the damndest things stimulating, Spock.  I mean, this is a first.”  She could not believe that such quirks existed.  But then their relationship was like that.

“You must not have read all of the books in my redwood chest,” he said.  “I gave you the key.”

“I haven’t had a chance to work through all of them, Spock.  You’ve got a nice little stash.”  The pictures themselves she found endlessly fascinating.

“I am a man who rarely indulges in my appetites, but I find it prudent to have as much knowledge as possible in order to be a proficient lover.”

He could say that again.  Uhura decided to change the subject.  “What did you bring me to eat?”

Spock appeared not to have heard her, as he was still stroking her inner leg.

“Spock, I’m hungry.  What’d you bring to eat?”

“I apologize,” he said.  “I was distracted.  I selected several options, as I am sure your palate has adjusted to accommodate the baby.  Will you allow me to cosset my idiosyncrasy?”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Of course.”

“Can I think about it?”  It was different, a very intimate act, but she was learning not to put anything past him.


“Good.   Help me up.”


She dined on one of Spock’s vegetarian meals, trying hard not to eat with her fingers.  He served her as he always did.  He made her some of his Vulcan tea, this time flavored with peach nectar.  It was decaffeinated, as he wouldn’t add anything that would adversely affect the baby.

“I am pleased that your appetite has returned.  It is a sign that our child is well.”  He sniffed.

“I guess,” she said.  Then she decided to go fishing.  “How is it coming along?”

Spock was a lot of things, but dumb wasn’t it.  “While the math itself is no problem—I find tensor calculus and quantum physics superb meditation techniques—the sequencing of certain events is problematic.  I shall continue working on it during my down time.  As I am able to do it all in my head and compartmentalize, it will not take away the time I want to spend with you.”

She nodded.  “You will give me updates, right?”

“As often as you would like.  However, Nyota, we must talk about this.  I want you.  I want my child.  I do not want you to leave me.  Things will be better now that I am in charge of this ship.  The ladies are most efficient; I find that there are less distractions and more cohesion.  Engineering has never been so uncomplicated.  Commander Baker is as adept with warp engines as Mr. Scott was.  Dr. Stephens’ rate of success rivals that of Dr. McCoy’s, and both ladies have been in charge for nine days, nineteen hours and thirty-seven minutes.  My understanding is that our new head of security, Commander Kenner, has weeded out the undesirables and formed a tighter, more efficient force.  And Commander Moreau is assimilating quite nicely as head of the science department.  Surely, you will find our universe more palatable now.”

“But Spock, this isn’t my home.”

“I am aware,” he said.  “I am trying very hard to make it that for you, but I know that you will always harbor resentment for my actions.  But I was correct in that I believed that you would bring balance to my life.  My feelings for you are more powerful than I can comprehend and I would do anything you ask, even send you home if I can.  However, I cannot allow you to take my child with you.”

“It’s my baby too, Spock.”

“I know,” he said.  “But why would you want a living, breathing reminder of a place you detest?  You do not love me.  Why would you want a reminder of that whenever you look at our child?”

She stared at him.  “You know?”

“I am no fool, but I do harbor some hope that you will forgive me for taking you away from your universe.  I am aware of your emotions.  You are conflicted sometimes because we are sexually compatible and you enjoy the way I make you feel.  However, it does not change my feelings for you.  I would rather raise my child than have you resent it because it looks like me.”

“I wouldn’t do that,” she said.  “But Spock, I don’t think I could just give up my baby.”

“Then you must make a decision, my love.  I must tell you that if I am successful, I am loathe to send you through a transporter in those conditions while you are pregnant.  There are no guarantees that the beam-across would work even if you weren’t pregnant.  You could easily end up out in space, in some internal superstructure, or in another parallel universe.  I do not wish that to be your fate and I most certainly do not want it to be the fate of my child.”

“I understand that,” she said.  “I will think about it, Spock.  You told me that after I aligned with you, that every other decision would be mine, and so it is.  You will accept whatever I decide?”

“I have no choice,” he said.  “I do not lie, but I must stress that I want to raise my child.  I could not accept another man—another Vulcan acting as father in my stead.”

She knew full well what he meant. 

Uhura sipped her tea.  “It’s my understanding that you want me as First Officer.”

“Ah.  Dr. Stephens must have told you.”  He sniffed.

“I’m stunned, frankly.  It wasn’t a career path that I intended, at least not now.”

“I can think of no one more qualified, Nyota.”

“You’re not being logical, Spock.  How can I be a proficient first officer when I’m pregnant?  I’m not showing now, but what about when I’m nine months?”

“I assumed, of course, that you would take on the position after our child is born.”

“And what happens if we’re both on an away mission and get caught in a big old mess.  What about the baby then?  Who’ll raise it?”

“We would plan accordingly, Nyota.  I want you by my side.  You cannot fault me for that.”

“Spock, I don’t know.  I mean, really, time will tell.  It won’t matter if you get me back home, so let’s just wait and see.”

“That is a reasonable approach,” he said.  “Until that time, Commanders Baker and Moreau and Dr. Stephens will assist me.”  He sniffed.

“You think they can handle it?”

“Absolutely.  They are amazing women.  Once they have been formally recognized as officers, then we can go about making the change as your captain suggested.”

“Really, Spock?  You’re actually going to do what Captain Kirk said?”

“I am in a position to do so, Nyota.  I told you, you have been the catalyst for many things.  As captain and with such individuals helping me run this ship, we can effect change from within.  Dantouine II is the last colony this ship will ever set up for the Empire.  I can no longer be ambivalent about my place in this universe.”

She stared at him.  “There are times when I can’t tell what’s going on in that head of yours, Spock.”  He was so multifaceted, so very deep.  Sometimes she didn’t know what to think.

He stared at her, allowing his desire to surge forth.  She could see it in his eyes and found herself very, very warm.

“We have not been together in sixteen days, twenty-one hours and thirteen minutes, my love.  Not since we made love that evening in Engineering.  When we are intimate, you know everything in my mind and heart.  I want to be with you.  I know that I cannot penetrate you, but there are other ways I can give you pleasure.  Allow me to do that.”  He sniffed again.

“Spock, Sheila has not—” She stopped mid-sentence.

“I will not do anything that might harm the baby, Nyota.  Please,” he said.  His need was all over his face, naked, exposed.  He was raw; he wanted her so much.  He knew that he was in a very precarious position, giving her his heart when he knew he didn’t have hers.  But Spock couldn’t help it, as it belonged to her from the beginning.  It was not the Vulcan way to, but he left those sensibilities behind when he took her for himself.

Consequences, consequences.

“All right,” she said.  She did not deny that she wanted him too.  Her desire for Spock would be her undoing.


She found herself on the bed, her back against the cool sheets.  The room was dim.  Uhura could not believe that she’d just gotten released from sickbay mere hours ago and Spock was about to make love to her.  She was more than aware that he had a considerable repertoire to accomplish the task and it made her quiver to wonder what he would do.

She watched him undress.  He stood before her and removed his clothing, taking his time.  He stared at her as he disrobed and she found herself quite moist.

‘I am not worth a damn,’ she thought.  ‘I cannot believe this is happening…how can I want him like I do but not feel as he feels?  Wouldn’t it be better if I could return his sentiment?  What does it say about me that I can so easily give this man my body but not my heart?’

She recalled months ago vowing to do exactly that.  But things were different now, weren’t they?

Uhura ceased to think as he lay beside her.  It was best to indulge in the moment, to enjoy the now.  It was far more entertaining and certainly less stressful.  He claimed her lips and caressed her face, tasting her mouth as if for the first time.  She put her arms around him and he was careful to keep her on her side.  Soon, she had her leg up over his hip and his thigh was between hers and they were kissing as if it had been years instead of weeks.  She could not deny the heat between them, the passion that tied them together, much as his sash had that night.  Could that have been the night they created the baby that rested under her heart?

He was sucking on her neck, wanting to mark her again, wanting to bury himself so deep inside of her that she could never leave him.  It was an emotional response, as his logic evaded him whenever it came to her.  He risked much to take her, and he had no choice but to accept the consequences that came along with his action.  But if she did leave him, he could do nothing but follow.  Whatever disruption that would cause to both universes remained to be seen, as they could not interact with their counterparts in the same universe.  They were opposites and could not exist in the same place at the same time; it violated a fundamental law of physics.

He gently laid her on her back and moved his lips to her breasts, taking a nipple between his teeth.

“Spock,” she murmured, twanging like a lyre string.  The sensitivity of her nipples made his sucking painful but pleasurable.  Her body seemed to collapse with desire.  His moustache grazed against the tender skin of her areola and she bucked against him, feeling herself begin to ooze.  She grabbed the headboard, grateful that it was not a solid structure and arched into him, her hips connecting with his erection.

He kissed her breast, moving over, around and under, making sure to use his beard as another instrument of pleasure.  She was hypersensitive now, responding to the minutest of touches.  He caressed her breast with one hand and stroked between her legs with his other.

“Down,” he whispered.  “Back on the bed, my love.  I do not wish you to overexert yourself.”

“Spock, do you think…I can just lie here…and not respond to you?”  But she lay back down.  He knelt before her, spreading her legs while kissing the area above her navel.  He ran his hands over her stomach, which was beginning to curve the tiniest bit—he could not wait to make love to her while she was showing—and then kissed her belly slowly, taking his time while caressing her skin with his beard.

She knew absolutely that he used something on his goatee to drive her insane.  Whenever it touched her, it was as if fireworks went off deep inside her and the heat ran down her legs.  She was coming and she couldn’t help it.  Uhura shuddered uncontrollably and grabbed double handfuls of Spock’s hair.

‘Dear sweet mother baby Mary gherkins…’  Her thoughts were unintelligible, her words even less so.  “Sp—“

“Nyota,” he breathed.  Her scent was driving him mad; he’d been smelling her from the time he retrieved her from sickbay and over dinner, he just couldn’t take it anymore.  Her fragrance grabbed him by the nose and forced his head between her thighs, to the source.  She was glossy; the inside of her legs radiant with her come.  He licked her inner thighs, enjoying the combined sweetness of her honey and the saltiness of her skin.  She spread wider, trembling as she could feel everything, holding on to the headboard once more.

“Put your legs in the air,” he whispered.  She, outside of herself, did it without thinking.  So easy to yield to him.

He tasted her, parting her with both thumbs, moving one in circles over her clit, slipping the other just inside.  She was so much sweeter now, thicker in consistency, like Vulcan mead. 

“Nyota,” he said again, but his voice was muffled by her lips.  He sucked loud enough for her to hear; he knew she liked the sounds of their sex.  As always, he knew what she wanted even when she couldn’t voice it; he was so attuned to her needs that it was like cymbals in his brain.  Ever so gently, he caught her inner lips between his teeth and applied the barest amount of pressure.  She liked pain and she was so sensitive that he knew it would send her over the edge.  Like a waterfall, she came, drenching his face.

“HAVE MERCY!” she shouted loud enough to be heard down the hall.

She saw stars, blinking owlishly, legs trembling, feeling as if every nerve in her body was awake.  He rolled her on her side.

“Kiss me, Nyota.  I want you to taste yourself on my lips.  I want you to experience the pleasure I get from having you in my mouth.”

She pulled him close and kissed him, sucking his lower lip, feeling his tongue inside her mouth.  The room was going to catch fire—it had to, for it was far too hot between them.

He growled against her lips.  “…how you taste…it is so very good…so very hot…makes me crazy…could never let…you…go…”

She had her leg over his hip again and felt him, hard and throbbing, against her sex.  She broke the kiss.  It was becoming far too dangerous; the slightest move and he would be buried within her.

“Spock, you can’t…” but she wished he could.  She wanted him inside of her; she needed it.  She was a raving madwoman, ruled by nothing except her desire for him.  If she could make herself not want him, then all would be well…if she could rid herself of her need for him, then she would be fine…

“I am aware,” he breathed against her mouth.  He held himself, carefully slipping the head between her labia, moving it over her throbbing clit, and then running his length along her, covering it in her juice.

“Nyota,” he breathed, “I want you from behind.”

She closed her eyes.  That would certainly eliminate the penetration issue and she yearned for him to be inside of her.  “But I can’t put any weight on my stomach,” she said.

“You do not have to,” he murmured, kissing the space beside her mouth.  “You can remain on your back and I can watch your face.”

“Really?” she said.

“Yes,” he replied.

“All right.” 

At this point, she wasn’t about to disagree with anything he requested.  She closed her eyes, feeling him move away and not liking the coolness that took his place.  Then she felt the bed move ever so slightly and then he whispered, “Lift your hips.”

He slid a pillow underneath her, raising her to the appropriate height.  He put a vial in her hands.  “Use this on me,” he said.  “I want you to do it.”

“Help me up,” she said.

He pulled her up and she stared into his eyes as she drizzled the warm oil over his erection.  He stared back, eyes rolling as she stroked him.  Getting into it, she caressed his testicles and ran her thumb over his tip, feeling him ooze ever so slightly over her fingers.

“Nyota,” he breathed.  “You’re going to make me come and I want to be inside you when I do.”

She didn’t let him go, liking the control.  It was so amazing how she could go back and forth between her dual natures, at once submitting and power tripping.  And that he let her vacillate was its own aphrodisiac.

“Nyota, please,” he said.  “Do not make me beg.”

She ran her hands up his chest and leaned forward to suck at one of his nipples.  She bit it and he trembled, gently pushing her back down on the bed.  In moments, she felt his fingers at her anus, warm and coated with the oil, probing.  It had been over two months since he was there last and she never forgot the deep, primal satisfaction of that experience.  This time was different, but she had no doubt that she would enjoy it just as much.  He knew her body, knew her so well.

He made his way inside, taking his time, adjusting so that her legs rested wide over his hips.  She gripped him tight, so taut, so tight, and so very, very hot.  She made another sound; this one unintelligible.  His name was garbled somewhere in it.  He began to move, holding her hips.  Her legs were over his shoulders.  He closed his eyes, losing himself in the moment, inside of her.

“Spock…” She couldn’t really get anything else out that made any sense.  “Spock…oh, Spock…it feels so good!”

He maintained his pace, drawing it out, wanting to pleasure her for as long as he could.  The scent of her vagina, still very wet, beckoned to him.  He inserted one finger and timed it with his thrusts.  And there, she clenched him too.

Uhura held on to the headboard, white light behind her eyes, a roaring in her ears, and a thumping in her chest.  If she died right now, she would die happy.  Period.  End of story.  She loved the way he loved her and showed it again as she climaxed once more.  Her come seeped down over her anus, over his lok, lubricating him further and he lost control.  As always, she turned him into his ancestors, turned him wild, turned him ferocious and he burst within her like a casaba melon dropped from a great height.  The strain of his climax showed on his face and beads of sweat popped out on his forehead.  His blood pounded in his ears and he trembled uncontrollably.

He was very careful, even in the aftermath of his climax.  He did not collapse on top of her, but was mindful to pull out slowly and move them both so that she was out of the damp spot in the bed.  He put his head on her belly.

“Nyota,” he moaned, splaying his hand by his face, feeling his child deep inside of her. 

She stroked his hair, her body still twitching in minute aftershocks.  “Spock,” she murmured.


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