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Bulletproof Soul

7.  Consonance


Admiral Pike closed his eyes and shook his head.  There was no limit as to how far a guilty conscience could lead a person.  Gabrielle and Thomas, two of his graduate students, informed him that there was no verbiage that precluded Captain Kirk’s romantic liaison with any of his subordinates, as long as it did not affect his command or promote bias.  The graduate students researched the previous four editions of Starfleet’s Employee Rights & Regulations 300-B series and found that neither edition specifically prohibited a captain or a commander from falling in love.

The regulations read:
Office of Federation Personnel Management            
Employee Rights & Regulations 300-B-201

OFPM General Guidelines as pertaining to all Starfleet personnel 
2359 Revised Fifth Edition

Regulation 201-A: All members of Starfleet have the right to engage in the course of natural life activities as they pertain to her/his/it traditional culture providing that:

(1) the proposed event/activity does not prohibit said member from completing a necessary function of their job or prevents her/him/it from performing duties as assigned. 

(2) the proposed event/activity is not detrimental to other employees (immediate or otherwise) or produces a hostile work environment.

Regulation 201-J: Employees in command positions such as starship captains or commanders have the right to engage in the course of natural life activities as they pertain to her/his/it’s traditional culture providing that:

(1)  the practice/activity does not prevent that individual from performing duties as assigned such as the  ability to command his/her/it’s assigned vessel.

(2)  the practice/activity is not detrimental to those under their command (immediate or otherwise) or produces a hostile work environment. 

(3)  the practice/activity does not prevent the individual from accomplishing the mission   statement or Prime Directive of Starfleet.

(4) the practice/activity does not impair the individual’s judgment in the implementation of Starfleet rules and regulations where appropriate.

Where on Earth had Captain Kirk gotten such a strange notion?  The man’s memory was phenomenal and Pike knew that Kirk reviewed updated editions of Starfleet regs as they were produced.  Maybe he never reviewed Regulation Manual 300-B-201 because he never thought it would ever apply to him.  Perhaps the idea of such a relationship in a closed environment was still taboo for him, even after 250 years of supposed forward progress.  Prejudice still existed among human and humanoid species and Pike knew it always would.  Some things never died and hate was one of them.

Maybe it was the mere fact of the relationship consisting of three rather than two.  Triads were not unheard of, but rare enough that they could still raise eyebrows in certain settings.  Pike knew the Enterprise’s department heads and most of the command crew.  He did not think for a moment that any of them would have a problem with the captain being romantically linked to another person on board the starship, and probably not even two. 

But Spock was eidetic and he knew regulation verbatim.  Perhaps the Vulcan also thought that Manual 300-B-201 would never apply to him. 

As long as Uhura and Spock weren’t skipping duty and behaving inappropriately, Starfleet wouldn’t have a problem with it either, according to regulations 201-A and 201-J.  Pike snorted, as he knew that wouldn’t be an issue with either the lieutenant or the commander.  Spock would put out his own eye before behaving inappropriately.  He didn’t know Lieutenant Uhura well enough to know that for sure, but it was safe to assume that she also would not exhibit incongruous behavior.

Thomas and Gabrielle, as thorough as doctoral students could be, also informed Admiral Pike that they exchanged referential documents with the law students at Starfleet’s legal offices and confirmed that Starfleet initiated the change in the regulations five editions ago and that it was perfectly legitimate for a starship captain or commander to be romantically involved with a subordinate.  Obviously, Federation officials once tried to impede human and humanoid natures and failed.  When people wanted to be together, no force in the galaxy could stop them.  Not even Starfleet.  Thus the change in the regulations, but they predated Kirk’s birth by two years.

Pike asked the grad students to maintain a file on the subject and update it as needed.  Then he considered whether to even continue his investigation.  After some thought, he decided have a chat with Kirk’s senior officers and select members of the bridge crew just to be sure there was no bias involved.  As far as reporting the matter to Starfleet, it wasn’t merited as no laws were broken. 

‘To hell with that,’ Pike thought.  ‘Kirk’s earned the right.’

*        *        *


Uhura sat at her console, using every ounce of her strength not to scream.  She was scanning subspace transmissions and both short and long-range frequencies, using all of her considerable skills to receive any form of communication from Kirk or Spock.

They arrived at Altair IV within a few days, and discovered the planet was experiencing powerful tectonic shifts.  A series of earthquakes, triggered by a destructive volcanic blast, was literally shaking the planet.  The Enterprise orbited the small, rocky K-class planet for a week until the earthquakes stopped and the aftershocks dissipated.  Then to be sure the heavy tectonic activity had subsided, they waited an additional twenty hours before beaming down.  Spock’s long-range sensors gave the all-clear.  Then Kirk led an away team consisting of Spock, McCoy, a science scout and two security officers to the planet’s surface to get more precise tricorder readings. The visit was expected to be brief, no more than thirty minutes.  However, fifteen minutes into the visit, Altair-IV suddenly decided to have another earthquake.  Indira, one of Spock’s geophysicists, reported that the magnitude was an 8.0 on the Richter scale and an 8.25 on the moment magnitude scale, equal to one gigaton of TNT.  Since the blast, they had not heard a word from any member of the away team.

Indira reported that the earthquake happened several hundred kilometers from where the away team landed, but it was devastating.  The planet was tearing itself apart.

Scotty was acting captain in Kirk and Spock’s absence.  He had every member of the science department working on trying to figure out what was happening to the planet.  He wanted to send another away team, but due to the aftershock vibrations, he did not want to risk it.  He didn’t have to tell Uhura to keep trying to reach the away team; she was already on it the moment the last earthquake hit.  He didn’t have to tell Sulu to try and locate them for a beam-up; the helmsman was already on it.  The smoke and ash from the volcano still permeated nearly two-thirds of Altair-IV’s atmosphere, which made location triangulations difficult.

They had breathing devices and safety packs with them, but it didn’t matter to Uhura.  All she knew was that her men were stuck on a planet in its death throes.  Just that morning, she awoke to Spock’s gorgeous chocolate eyes and his sweet lips on hers, with his fingers circling her nipple while Kirk slept with his arm around her waist.  She wouldn’t accept anything less than their safe return to the Enterprise.  She would not.

Indira’s reports indicated that Altair-IV’s self-destruction was affecting the surrounding gravitational fields, sending ripples throughout the planetary system.  Altair-VI, a planet inhabited by human and humanoid species, sent the distress call to Starfleet.  Uhura bit her lip and forced herself to think of ways to initiate contact.

Her hands were moving too fast to shake.


Kirk leaned against the rock wall, in agony.  McCoy gave him a hypo seconds before, but for whatever reason, it hadn’t kicked in yet.  Spock was tentatively exploring the cave they were trapped in, looking for any means to find a way out or at least send a transport signal.

They were investigating a series of caverns near a rocky precipice when the earthquake hit.  The tremors sent Spock flying into one of the caverns. McCoy ran in to help him.  Kirk fell and rolled inside just as the cavern opening caved in.  A large boulder landed on his leg, breaking it.  Spock and McCoy were able to roll the boulder off Kirk’s leg, but it was broken in four places and the surrounding tissue shredded.  McCoy could see his cracked tibia.  Spock found two weathered sapling branches and used them to help McCoy stabilize and bandage Kirk’s mangled leg.  It was rudimentary at best, but it would have to do.

McCoy was banged up from his fall. The air inside the cavern was warm, but breathable.  However, the planet suffered from violent aftershocks and the cavern was about as safe as the surface of the planet itself.  Spock had a deep cut over his left eye and a long gash on his back.  He also had several scrapes and a large lump on the head from where he fell.  McCoy gave Spock a quick scan and was concerned that he might have a concussion, but the stubborn Vulcan refused to sit still.  Spock was bleeding, but insisted that he was fine and it was up to him to find a way to get them out of the cave, as McCoy needed to stay with the captain.  Reluctantly, McCoy agreed, but hoped that Spock wouldn’t pass out 

McCoy removed a Plasti-Pak from his safety kit and opened it.  It contained a tightly-folded sterile blanket.  He covered Kirk with it and wiped his forehead with a damp cloth.  Kirk was in a daze.

“Bones…that hypo…hasn’t kicked in…yet.”

“It will.  You’re just in too much shock.”

“Hurts like a mad bastard…”

“I know, Jim.  Stop trying to talk.”

“Where’s…Spock?”  He bit his lip against the pain.

“Searching for a way out.  Stubborn fool won’t stop long enough to let me bandage his injuries.”

“What about…McMurphy, Dennis and Lewis…?”

“I don’t know, Jim.  It all happened so fast.  Stop talking…”

“Hurts,” he moaned.  “It…hurts…”  Then he took a deep breath and murmured, “Nyota…” before passing out.

McCoy checked his medical bag.  He had plenty of serums and painkillers, but Jim needed to get to sickbay as soon as possible.  His leg needed to be repaired and he needed to be treated for shock.  McCoy had it elevated on two medium-sized rocks, but it was swelling.  He tried several times to reach the Enterprise, but the walls of the cavern prevented transmission.  He hoped Spock would be able to find a place where the walls weren’t so thick.

The cavern trembled as another aftershock hit.  McCoy leaned over to cover the captain from falling pebbles.

Spock returned with dirt and blood all over his uniform.  “Doctor, I was unsuccessful in my attempts to locate an exit.  However, my tricorder readings identified a section of this cavern that is close to the surface.  I attempted to send a message to the Enterprise from there, but I did not receive any response.”

“Spock, please let me patch you up.  You’re still bleeding.”

“I assure you that I am quite well.  It is more important that we leave Altair-IV before the planet destroys itself.  My readings show that a catastrophic tectonic event is imminent.  It is imperative that we get the captain out of here.  He is in shock.”

“So why didn’t you stay there and wait for a response?”

“As I could not reach you on your communicator, I felt it was necessary to inform you of my actions.”  Then he looked at Kirk.  “Is he unconscious?”

“I hope like hell he is,” McCoy said.  “I gave him enough codeine to knock him out for a couple of hours.  He is in too much pain to be awake.”  McCoy knew that Spock returned just to check on Kirk.  Apparently satisfied, Spock informed him that he would return to the area and remain until he could get a signal.

McCoy would have smiled if the situation wasn’t so dire.  He hoped that Spock would get an indicator soon.

Another tremor hit, shaking the cave.  McCoy leaned over Kirk’s inert form, trying to shield him and his own head from the falling rocks.


Tears leaked from the corner of her eyes.  Uhura tried unsuccessfully for more than an hour to find some way to penetrate the dampening effect of the clouded atmosphere and the dense crust of Altair-IV.  The planet appeared to absorb her communication signals.  She tried every trick she knew to decrease the wavelengths so that they could penetrate the atmosphere.  It required more power than her console could hold.  Her hands were trembling and she did what she could to focus on trying to maximize the station’s efficiency.  Scotty was feeding her suggestions and so far, none of them panned out.  The aftershocks were increasing in strength.

“Lieutenant Uhura?”

She took a breath.  “Yes, Mr. Scott?”

“I’m going tae try an idea.  If I can divert enough power tae ye communications console, ye can crosslink the alpha and delta circuits to boost ye signal strength.”

“That will be tricky, sir, as an energy boost could short out my console.”

“But ‘tis might work.  Are ye willing tae try?  That planet’s nae gonna last much longer.”

“Of course, Mr. Scott.  I’ll try anything at this point. Give me a minute to get under the console.”  She got down on the floor and opened the equipment panel to get her tools.  Then she detached the counter panel and wiggled into the crawlspace.  Carefully, she removed the wires from the circuit board and used her needle-nose pliers to strip their colored casings to reveal the fine copper strands beneath.  She fused them with her soldering iron and secured them back into the circuit board.  Uhura backed out of the crawlspace and replaced the counter panel.

She sat back in her chair and adjusted the control panels.  “Ready, Mr. Scott.”

Scotty sent a message to Engineering to divert 1/100 impulse power to the bridge’s communication console.  Uhura’s fingers flew over the controls and she fine-tuned her earpiece.  “Enterprise to away team.  Enterprise to away team.  Please respond.”

There was static and then a faint squeal.  Uhura turned the dampening nod and increased the frequency range. 

Enterprise to away team.  Enterprise to away team.  Please respond.”

The squeal was louder this time. Scotty’s trick appeared to be working.

Enterprise to away team.  Enterprise to away team.  This is Lieutenant Uhura.  Can you hear me?  Please respond.”


Spock heard a squeal from his communicator and the sound of static breaking up. 

“…to away team…respond…”

He recognized her voice and detected the fear.  Spock adjusted the tuner to get a clearer reception.

Enterprise to away team.  Please respond.”

Spock pressed the ‘transmit’ button.  “This is Commander Spock.”

He could hear the relief in her voice.  “Where are you?”

“We are located in a cavern ten meters from the precipice, which is twenty-two meters from the beam down point.  I am exactly seven point eight meters away from Captain Kirk and Dr. McCoy.  Captain Kirk is severely injured.  Can you read his location?”

He heard Scotty’s voice.  “…give me that figure, Kyle!”  A pause.  Then, “Aye, Commander, we read ye an’ McCoy an’ the captain!”

“Can you locate the other crew members?  The aftershocks are increasing in magnitude.  My tricorder readings are off the charts. All indicators point to an impending calamitous seismic event.”

“We’re gettin’ a faint signal from a site outside of yer location, Commander.”

“Then there are four to beam up.  Please have a medical team on standby.”


She could not abandon her post.  But relief washed over her in waves when she heard that they beamed aboard safely.  Two of the away team members were lost in the aftershocks.  Kirk was rushed to sickbay with a broken leg.  McCoy ordered Spock to remain in sickbay for treatment and overnight observation due to his deep lacerations and the knot on his head.  McCoy was deeply concerned that the Vulcan had a concussion, in spite of Spock’s insistence that he did not.  He ended up having to give Spock a specialized sleep hypo to keep him from returning to the bridge to relieve Scotty of command. 

Uhura wanted to go to Kirk, to Spock, and feel for herself that they were safely aboard the ship.  But Scotty ordered Sulu to get away from Altair-IV at warp 5 to avoid being caught in the planet’s destructive gravitational pull.  Scotty told her to contact Admiral Pike to inform him of what happened.

Uhura intended to head to Medical Bay as soon as she could.


Kirk was in surgery.  Spock was secured to the bed, sleeping under observation. Uhura was sitting in his room, watching him, tears sliding down her cheeks.  She could not hold them back; her relief was so great.  Altair-IV broke up minutes after they were beamed up.  When she showed up in Medical Bay, McCoy was prepping for surgery.  He took one look at her and told her where Spock was and not to wake him.  Uhura nodded, blinking rapidly and headed for his room.  She had been there for almost two hours, not even questioning how McCoy knew the reason why she was in Medical Bay.

Uhura sat with her legs crossed and arms folded, allowing herself to cry.  Upon seeing Spock’s sleeping form, the tears rushed out of her.  She didn’t try to wipe her face.  She was merely glad that he was alive.

McCoy came in.  “Lieutenant.”

She stood up.  “Yes, sir?”

“I know why you’re here.  I just want to let you know that Jim is going to make a full recovery.  However, he will have to wear a cast on his leg for a minimum of four weeks.  His leg broke in four places.”

Kirk would not like that.  Uhura choked on her tears and coughed, unsure of what to respond to first.

“Spock has two deep lacerations and a concussion.  I had to restrain him because he insisted on reporting to the bridge after beaming up.  I had to put him to sleep so that I could stitch him up.  He’s a stubborn bastard.  But he, too, will make a full recovery.”

Gah,” she said, coughing again.  She rubbed her chest.

“Are you all right, Lieutenant?”

“I’m just…I’m just happy that they’re okay,” she said, wiping her eyes.  “But how did you even know that…?”

McCoy smiled at her, his eyes as bright as the bluebells of Scotty’s homeland.  “I’ve known since Kalamar.”

“Really?”  She stared at him.

“Let’s just say I walked in one morning to check on you and saw that you weren’t alone.  And leave it at that.”

“Are you going to tell?”

“If I were going to, Lieutenant, I would have done so.  But I don’t care.  It is nobody’s business who you are involved with.  It hasn’t affected your duties on the bridge or anywhere else.  Jim is different now that he has you.  He doesn’t gamble with his life like he used to.  And the last word on his lips before he passed out was your name.  He’s in love with you.  Spock is too.  Why on earth would I want to ruin that?”

“Thank you, Dr. McCoy.”

“You can see Jim, but only for a few minutes.  He’s unconscious. And then go get some sleep.  That’s an order.”

She nodded, making her ponytail swing.  “Okay.”

McCoy left after giving her an affectionate pat on the arm.  Uhura wiped her eyes again and went over to Spock.  She bent over and gently kissed his lips, whispering a promise to return in the morning.  Then she went into the recovery room.  Jim lay in bed, his left leg secured in a cast, sleeping.  She went over and took his hand, stroking his fingers.  He was pale.  She rubbed his forehead and kissed his lips.  Then she left and went to her quarters.

She took a quick sonic shower and put on one of Spock’s T-shirts, inhaling the faint scent of patchouli.  Uhura sat in her chair and brushed out her hair, allowing herself to calm down.  She got into bed and wrapped her arms around her pillow.  The past twelve hours were stressful enough to last her for years.  She could no longer conceive of a life without Spock or Kirk. It took a long time before she fell asleep.  They were all right.  That was enough for now.

*        *        *


Spock was released from Medical Bay with strict orders to return to his quarters for another twenty-four hours of rest.  His back and forehead were bandaged.  He had a mild concussion, which would have been considered severe if he were fully human.  Spock argued that he was fit for duty, but McCoy wasn’t hearing it.  The lump was going down, but it wasn’t gone yet.

“I’ll confine you to quarters, you stubborn jackass,” McCoy said.  “Or if you prefer, I’ll keep you here.  But I order you to spend another twenty-four hours in complete rest.  You still have a knot on your head.”

Spock sighed.  “I am capable of performing up to standards, Doctor.”

“Starfleet would disagree, especially after I present my medical report, Spock.  Scotty is perfectly able to command the Enterprise.”

Then McCoy stepped close to Spock to whisper, “I understand that you have an excellent nurse, Spock.”

Spock raised his eyebrow.  “I do not have a private nurse, Doctor.”

“Is that so, Spock?”  McCoy cocked his head and looked at him for a very long moment. 

Spock blinked and the tips of his ears flushed a pale green.  “I am curious as to how you discovered my secret.”

“She was with you for nearly three hours before I sent her away.  If not for yourself or for me, do it for her.  Now go.”

When he returned to his quarters, she was there, wearing one of his T-shirts.

“Nyota,” he said. 

She ran to him and threw her arms around him.  He embraced her, stroking her hair.

“I was so afraid,” she said.  “I was so scared that I lost you; that I lost Jim.  I was terrified.  I’m so glad that you’re okay.”

“I am quite well, Nyota,” he said.  “In fact, I disagree with Dr. McCoy.  I am well enough to resume my duty.”

“You have a concussion, Spock.  You need to be careful.”

“The scans showed no permanent damage, Nyota.”

“Spock, don’t be stubborn.  Scotty let me have the day off.  I’m going to take care of you.  And I won’t accept a word of argument from you.”  She let him go.  “Now, sit down.”

Spock raised his eyebrow and followed her orders.  She prepared a light meal for him and served him.  Uhura watched him eat, drinking in the sight of him as he sipped his tea, seasoned his food and ate it in small bites.

“You are staring,” he said.

“You should be used to it,” she said.  “I always watch you when you eat.  It’s sexy as hell.”

“Fascinating,” he said.  He finished his meal and she took his dishes away.  Then she returned and took his hand.

“Come and lie with me,” she said.  “I want to hold you and be held by you.  I was a nervous wreck yesterday and could barely sleep last night.  Please come and lie down with me.”

He stared up at her, her lovely eyes bright and earnest.  He had been fearful that he would never see her again, but never allowed the emotion to reveal itself.  Instead, he concentrated all of his considerable intelligence on finding a way to get them back on board the Enterprise, back to her.  Spock decided he could stomach twenty-four hours’ confinement in his quarters if she was going to take care of him.

He took her hand and followed her.  She helped him remove his tunic and slacks, taking care to avoid his bandages and the lump on his head.  They lay together, her head buried in his neck.  He slid his hands up and down her back, breathing in her fragrance, rubbing his cheek against her hair.

“Why did Commander Scott give you the day off?”

“He gave all of us bridge crew the day off.  I spent the last sixteen hours at my console.  I was not about to leave it while you and Jim were stuck on Altair-IV.”

“Because you’re a dedicated officer.”

“Also because my expertise was required and I must be where I’m needed.  And let’s not forget that my heart was involved.”

“I heard the fear in your voice.”

“Had the two of you died on that planet, my only recourse would have been to follow.”

“Unnecessary,” he said, moving his hands up and down the silky warm skin of her back.  She still wore his T-shirt. 

“Jim will have to wear a cast for four weeks, at least.  He’s not going to be happy.”

“It will be required to ensure that his bones heal properly.  There was a break in four separate places.  I am aware that he is still in traction, and that he will be released within the next forty-eight hours, but he, too, will be confined to his quarters.  Dr. McCoy is using deep injections of a rosehip-calcium matrix to stimulate bone fusion.  It speeds up the healing process, but Jim’s leg must be stationary for proper healing to occur.”

“We won’t be able to keep him off the bridge that long, Spock.”

Spock slid his hands up and around.  “I am sure Dr. McCoy will find a way.  I will be back on duty tomorrow and of course, I will keep in constant contact to ensure that all Jim’s orders are obeyed.”

She closed her eyes as he slid his fingers around her breasts.  “He will hate it.”

“He will hate it more if he does not allow his leg to heal correctly.”

“I will do what I can to care for him.”

“I am sure Dr. McCoy will assign a nurse to his care as well.”

“Do you know that he knows about us, Spock?”

“I learned that this morning.”

“He told me that he saw us together in Kalamar.  He said that he came in to check on me and saw us in bed together.”

“He said that?”

“Well, he said he saw that I was not alone.  It would have had to been the morning after we first made love, as I was released from his care later that day.”

“So that means he has known all this time?”

“It would appear so.”


“He doesn’t care, Spock.  He said that I have made a difference in Jim and he wasn’t about to ruin that.”

“You have, Nyota.  Jim is not as reckless as he once was.  He does not willingly engage in hand-to-hand combat like he used to.  He has a concrete reason to maintain his safety and you are it.”

“It’s amazing how he was so willing to put his heart out there for me.  I still find it unbelievable at times, especially when I know how desirable he is to others.”

“His life prior to Starfleet was an unstable one.  Becoming an officer stabilized him and falling in love with you secured him.  My perception is that his life truly began the day he met you in that bar.  He has not looked back.”

Uhura kissed Spock’s earlobe.  Jim never talked about his past or his mother.  She never pressed him for details, as she was sure that he would tell her everything when he was ready.

“Nyota, I want you.”

“Spock, you should be resting now.  You’ve got a knot on your head.  Your back has a seven-inch long, inch-and-a-half wide gash and I know that you are sore.  We can make love when you’re up to it.”

He thrust his hips up and she gasped.  “I am up to it.”

“But I don’t want you to hurt yours—”

“Nyota my love,” he said, moving to sit up against the pillows and bring her astride him, “do not say anything else unless it is to tell me where to place my lips.”  He lifted her shirt and closed said appendages around her breast.  She cradled his head, rubbing her cheeks against his hair.

Her nipples were perfectly round chocolate truffles with diameters of two centimeters.  When they were erect, they protruded point five centimeters from her areolae. Said areolae were equally round and dark, providing a perfect contrast to her caramel-colored skin.  He could spend an eternity at her breasts, gladly accepting the comfort and security they provided and he needed.  Her nipples responded to his tongue and his teeth, awakening under the warmth of his mouth.  As always, she responded, giving him everything she had.  He pushed her breasts together, burying his face in her cleavage, rubbing her nipples with his thumbs.

It was as if her nipples were wired directly to her sex.  Uhura arched when he bit the tender skin of her cleavage and moved over to bless her other breast with equal attention.  She took deep breaths to stretch out her pleasure, to allow herself to move in time with him, for he was never in a hurry and had remarkable stamina. 

“Plant your knees on either side of my chest and spread for me,” he said.  He moved his hands down to her waist to hold her up as he moved down.  Spock kissed the undersides of her breasts, running the tip of his nose along the creases, bringing his mouth to her sternum.

“Nyota,” he breathed against her, pushing her up while moving down, trailing soft warm kisses in his wake.  “Tell me where you want my mouth,” he said.  “Tell me where you want me to go.”

She grabbed the headboard to balance herself, as she was fully aware of where he was headed and he knew that was what she wanted.  But he took his time, sweeping his mouth across her torso.  Uhura moaned, deciding to play the game with him.  Spock knew perfectly well where to go.

He slid down even further, finding her navel, licking it in rapid little strokes.  Uhura moaned again, as her navel was extraordinarily sensitive, which is why he and Kirk always played with it when they lay together.  He felt her sex press against his chest and her liquid heat dribble down over one of his pecs.  He rubbed his face into her belly and growled.  He loved it when she couldn’t control herself.

“Spock,” she said, curling her fists into his headboard.  “Please.”  She couldn’t play the game.  Not now.

“Tell me where you want my mouth,” he said.  “That is an order.”

He had definitely picked up some of Kirk’s proclivities. 

“Spock, don’t torture me,” she begged.  “You know where I want it.”

“I gave you a direct order, Lieutenant Uhura,” he said, moving his kisses over to her hip where her triangle tattoo lay.  He started to suck on it.  “Do not…make me…repeat myself…”

“I want your mouth on me, Spock…” 

“It already is,” he said, sliding down even more.  “I order you to be specific.”  He could be a devil at times.

“Between my legs,” she gasped.  “Between my lips.”

“That is not specific enough, Lieutenant.  Put your finger on the exact spot.  I need accuracy in my reports.”

“Spock, please,” she begged.  She could have exploded, she was so ready.

“I will balance you,” he said.  “Tell me where to put my lips and show me.”

She swallowed.  “On my clitoris,” she said, and slid her hand down to press it.  “Right here.”

“Excellent work, Lieutenant.  Don’t move your hand.  Spread for me.”

In moments, she was arched back so far that her hair touched his stomach.  He held her like that, tasting her until her thighs vibrated against his head.  She kept her fingers veed; she knew good and well he would tell her when to remove her hand.  Spock didn’t like to miss anything.  He was just that thorough.

She was his Vulcan honey pot, his reward, and his indulgence.  He kissed her lips, kissed her clit, and then sucked her wet fingers.  If she were wine, he would be happily inebriated.  Spock loved to taste her.  She was sweeter than the candy she loved to eat.

Spock…!” she screamed at her climax. 

He acknowledged by sucking her as hard as he could and then she was on her back and he was between her legs, pressing into her.  She received him, and her reception was easy, hot and slick.  He held one of her long legs and went as deep as he could.  Uhura’s head slid over the bed edge and she held on to him with one arm; the fingers of her free hand curling into the bed.  He was so hot, so hard and felt so unbelievably good.  She didn’t spare a moment’s concern for the bandages on his back, as he clearly didn’t give a shit about them.

She was sliding against the covers and he paused for a moment, grabbed her by the hips and yanked her back.  Then he was back inside, thrusting, demanding that she kiss him and taste herself on his lips.  She obeyed—she always obeyed either man when they were in alpha mode—because it was the wise thing to do.

Uhura spared a wild, random thought; if Spock was even remotely this intense during Pon Farr, then Jim had no reason to worry, as she could handle this.

Then she was coming again, and this time he came with her, trembling inside of her, loving her with everything he had.  After some time, she was able to say, “I thought I was here to take care of you…”

*        *        *


“Ensign Chekov, have you noticed any strange behavior between the captain and the commander, the captain and the communications officer, or the commander and the communications officer?”

“No sir.  I have not.”

“Have you seen anything that resembles preferential treatment between any of the above parties?”

“No sir.  I have not.”

“Thank you, Mr. Chekov.”


“Lieutenant Hannity, have you noticed any strange behavior between the captain and the commander, the captain and the communications officer, or the commander and the communications officer?”

“No, Admiral.  I have not.”

“Have you seen anything that resembles preferential treatment between any of the above parties?”

“No sir.  I have not.  I have witnessed nothing more than the utmost professional behavior in regards to any of them.”

“Thank you, Lieutenant Hannity.”


“Mr. Sulu, have you noticed any strange behavior between the captain and the commander, the captain and the communications officer, or the commander and the communications officer?”

“I have seen no such behavior on the bridge, sir.”

“Well, have you seen it anywhere else?”

“No sir.  I have not seen anything strange anywhere else.”

“Have you seen anything that resembles preferential treatment between any of the above parties?”

“No sir.  I have not.”

“Thank you, Mr. Sulu.”


“Mr. Scott?”

“Aye, Admiral?”

“Have you noticed any strange behavior between the captain and the commander, the captain and the communications officer, or the commander and the communications officer?”

“Er, should I ‘ave, sir?”

“Just answer the question, Mr. Scott.”

“Cannae sae that I ‘ave, sir.”

 “Have you witnessed anything that resembles preferential treatment between any of the above parties?”

“Ye mean favoritism?  What’s this all about, Admiral?”

“Just answer the question, Mr. Scott.”

“Nae sir.  Cannae sae that I ‘ave. ‘Aven’t seen anythin’ other than t’ utmost professionalism.”

“Fine.  Thank you, Commander Scott.”


“Dr. McCoy?”

“Yes, Admiral Pike.  How are you feeling, sir?”

“I’m well, Doctor.  I need to ask you a couple of questions about your commanding officers.”


“Have you noticed any strange behavior between the captain and the commander, the captain and the communications officer, or the commander and the communications officer?”

“Strange how?”

“Preferential treatment or anything like that.”

“Of course not.”

“You sound defensive, Doctor.”

“Permission to speak freely, Admiral?”

“Of course.”

“Are you accusing Captain Kirk of inappropriate behavior, sir?”

“Did you hear me accuse him of anything?  I’m simply asking a question.  You must be aware of something, Doctor.  Your reaction is telling.”

McCoy folded his arms and stared at the viewscreen.  “All that I am aware of is that Captain Kirk has been nothing but an exemplary commanding officer with the utmost regard for professionalism.”

“Yes, but have you witnessed anything other than that between him and Commander Spock or Lieutenant Uhura?  May I remind you that you are obligated to tell the truth.”

“Yes sir.  I have.  When Captain Kirk and Commander Spock were injured on Altair-IV, she visited them in sickbay.”

Pike nodded.  McCoy continued.  “Sir, if you intend to fire Jim for this, you may as well accept my resignation too.”

Pike bit back a smile. McCoy was fiercely loyal to his best friend.  “That won’t be necessary, Dr. McCoy.  I have no intention of firing anyone.  I just needed confirmation.”

“Confirmation of what, sir?”

“That there has been no outward expression of preferential treatment or bias among the captain, commander and the chief communicator.”

“You mean that you already knew?”

“Captain Kirk told me himself.”

“And Starfleet is okay with this?”  McCoy couldn’t hide his surprise.

“Regulations don’t prohibit such a relationship; therefore they have violated no laws.  So yes, Starfleet is okay with this as long as there is no bias and it doesn’t negatively affect Kirk’s command of the Enterprise.”

“Good.  Because it would be a mistake.  Mr. Spock, Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura have been nothing short of professional since I have been working with them.”

“That’s what I thought,” Pike said.  “My other interviews have indicated the same.”

“Because it’s true, Admiral Pike.  No matter what other relationship they have, it has not affected their duty.  You can be assured of that.”

“Well, I thank you for your candor, Dr. McCoy.  Anything else you’d like to tell me?”

“Yes.  Jim’s happy.  He shouldn’t be punished for it.”

“He won’t be, Doctor.  I can assure you of that.”

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