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First published:  April 2010
Summary:  Sequel to "Dirty."  Uhura & Spock continue their fling.

Gamma shift was over and she was glad.  Alpha shift personnel filtered onto the bridge, with the glazed expressions of those who had no choice but to go to work early.  Her relief signed in and she signed off.  She stood up, smoothing her gold uniform and glanced over at the command chair.  The captain was speaking with him and she smiled to herself as she remembered the events of a couple hours ago.  Spock finally, finally, finally decided to man up and fuck her.

Really, there was only so much a girl could put up with, and she’d done nearly everything except shove her pussy in his face and put a phaser to his head.  There were men on this ship she could bring to their knees at the mere promise of sampling the sweetness between her thighs, but that hardheaded (and, she thought, blessedly hard-dicked) Vulcan wanted to play hard-to-get.

But a real woman knows how to handle such foolishness.  A real woman knows how to be harder to resist.
He liked to stare at her legs and ogle her ass.  On the sly of course; the man wouldn’t put an earlobe out of line if he could help it.  She always made sure she turned in his direction to make it easy for him to stare.  When she stood, she made sure to turn so that his view of her ass was unfettered.

He stared.  Hell yes he did.  She was the baddest bitch on the Enterprise.  Motherfucker better look.

He watched her mouth when she spoke sometimes.  On those days she made sure to throw a bit of extra tongue in her pronunciations.  He tried to be all cool with it, but she knew it drove him crazy.  
She knew what he wanted her to do with her mouth.  ‘Give me a chance, big daddy,’ she thought.

Sometimes he stood behind her chair on the pretense of examining her console or output readings.  But he was really trying to peek down her top.  So she made sure to wear the bras that made her tits stand up and salute.  Bringing him to attention, as it were.  When he was at attention, he was at attention, praise be!

And never let it be said that she didn’t always look her best.  Even at three-o-clock in the damn morning.  One never knew when a certain Vulcan would decide to yield and fuck her brains out, so it paid to be prepared.

Tonight, or this morning, she got what she wanted.  He sent little Ensign Brooks on break and she knew the moment the child hit the turbo lift that Spock was going to make his move.  He had a boner already, for she’d peeked when he signed off on her PADD.  When he got up, she did a little seductive cat-stretch just to fuck with him a little more.

A real woman knows what she wants and how to get it.  A real woman uses what she has to get what she wants.  And boy, did she get it, and it was…good!  She couldn’t look at him again without thinking of the goody he had in his pants.  Damn thing needed its own chapter in the Inter-Species Kama Sutra.  Or a monument.  But never let it be said that she couldn’t handle a man with a big dick.

She looked at him now, speaking with the captain.  She ran her hands over her butt, discreetly scratching.  He came all over her ass and it dried into a crust that irritated the sensitive skin.  She would hit the shower the moment she got to her quarters.  Though it wouldn’t matter because she wanted him again.

But she had to look at him and remember him; remember the way he felt and sounded, how her pussy seemed to roll over and beg the moment she felt the tip of his amazing dick at her opening.  How long had she been waiting?  It felt like an eternity.

Damn it, it wouldn’t be an eternity again.  She hoped he understood that he kicked the door open and every room of the house was now available to him.

She smiled to herself.  It was such a dirty thought, a nasty thought.  But hell, she knew what she liked and what she wanted.  She wanted him again, but this time she wanted to fuck him.  To let him know just how good her shit was.  He might have been so fixated on busting a nut that he didn’t realize that he was deep inside the best pussy he would ever have, and she would have put money on it.

Uhura started walking to the turbolift.  She cast a glance at him and he met her eyes.  Then he wrapped up his conversation with the captain and joined her inside.  Watching her ass like a hawk.

Motherfucker better watch.

He pushed Deck 3.  Both their quarters were on Deck 3.  She put her hands on her hips and boldly stared him down.

“So, Mr. Spock…”

“Miss Uhura.”

“I trust you won’t take so long next time.”

“Now that I am aware, I will not.”

“Good,” she said.  “Meet me in my quarters in twenty minutes.  I’ve had an appetizer and now I want the main course.”

“I take it that you do not speak of food.  But so soon, Miss Uhura?”

“What, you’re gonna have trouble getting it up, Mr. Spock?”

He stared at her.  “That is not a problem.”

“Good.  Twenty minutes.  And don’t be late.”


Nineteen minutes and fifty-nine seconds later, he was entering her quarters.  She took a quick sonic shower, moisturized and brushed her hair.  A bit of gloss on the lips and a short pink robe and she was ready to get him in bed.  She was already perky at the thought of riding that stallion.

He was perfectly groomed and she smiled.  He’d freshened up too.  Good.  She didn’t want to lick a pair of musty balls.

He looked at her.  “I am unsure of what to do next, Miss Uhura.  I am unfamiliar with the protocols of this situation.”

“You can start by calling me Nyota.  Don’t worry, Spock.  I know what to do.  Strip.”


“Strip.  Get naked.  Take off your clothes.  I can’t fuck you properly fully dressed.”

The man’s ears turned green and she smiled.  Then he disrobed.

“Get on the bed and relax.  I let you have it before, but I got this now.  Trust me; you’ll be happier than a pig in shit when you leave here later on.”

“Amazing use of metaphor,” he said.

“You’ll be surprised at my amazing use of other things.”

He lay back on the bed and clasped his fingers together behind his head.  She gave him a moment to settle down.  To her delight, the beast between his knees was already stiffening.  She climbed over him, straddling, making sure that his lok rested between her ass cheeks.  He groaned.

“You know you like my ass, Spock.  Don’t even play around.  Close your eyes.”

He obeyed.  Thank goodness.  She leaned over and began to kiss him, starting at the forehead.  He was pleasantly hot and he smelled good.  She ran her tongue over his nose and he shivered.  Um, a zone.  She licked back up and he shivered again.

His lips were elegant, beautiful and soft.  She kissed him and found that he yielded instantly.  He opened his mouth and she claimed it, taking what she wanted.

“Mmn,” he murmured, as if he couldn’t help it.

She slid her fingers over his bent arms, relishing the feel of his skin.  She turned his head and licked his ear, pressing against him to suck the tip.

He liked that.  She felt his dick jump, further wedging itself between her cheeks.

“Miss Uhura!” he gasped.

“Mr. Spock,” she murmured, sticking the tip of her tongue in his ear.  She knew his ears had to be sensitive, and she felt him trembling all over.

She rose up, balancing on her hands and grazed her nipples over his chest, moving upward so that her breasts hung in his face.  Spock stared at the twin mounds of double chocolate goodness and moaned again.  He was beside himself.

“What are you waiting for?” she urged, bumping one nipple against the tip of his nose.  He obeyed, taking it into his mouth, moving his hands around to caress her beautiful boobs.  How many nights had he dreamed of this very moment; to have his head between Uhura’s breasts, sucking like a newborn.

She moaned, smiling.  He was a hard sucker but she liked it and she could take it.  She could handle him.  He released her nipple with an audible ‘POP’ and started sucking the other.

“Mmn,” she said, delighted.  “A breastfeed is the way I can get you to shut up.”  Not that he was verbose, but there were times when he tended to overanalyze. 

He growled.  It was sexy and it made her wet.  Plus, his dick was practically trying to lift her ass in the air and she wanted to taste him.

She moved away and he growled again when she pulled her nipple from his mouth.  “No,” he said, but she looked at him and started kissing his chest and fondling his nipples.  His chest hair was amazing, so manly, so sexy.  She found his navel and traced its folds; then began to suck at it.

“Miss Uh—“ he gasped.

His dick rested between her breasts and she smiled at the good, hard feel of it.  They didn’t make them like this anymore.  And this particular one was all hers, because she knew that he knew that no other woman would be able to fuck him the way she did.  He’d be begging for it, chasing her down the damn corridor.

If she ran from him, that was.

She loved being nasty.  A sister couldn’t be professional and demure all the time.  That bullshit was for the fucking birds.  She was all woman, with a woman’s needs.

Then she was at his groin.  How big it was, she could only guess.  Bigger than the ones she’d had before.  She hated it when men talked all that shit about how they were going to knock her pussy into next week, or fuck her so good that she would hear bells ring, and when it got down to the nitty gritty, their dicks were the size of cocktail weenies and could barely fit through her fist.  Sorry ass motherfuckers.

Not this one.  Thank goodness, not his.  She could get both fists around it and still have the head free.

“You mean to tell me you’ve been packing this weapon all this time?”

“I do…not understand…what you…refer to…” he choked out.  Her hands felt so good.  His dick was twitching of its own accord; it didn’t need him to respond to her.

“You wouldn’t,” she said.  “Mmn.” She lowered her head and began to suck.  She knew how to do it right, how to take in just enough without gagging, how to stroke his balls and massage the underside and how to use the back of her tongue to stimulate the opening.  She was a communications expert, by Jove, and damn it, she was going to make this fine motherfucker speak.  And in moments, he was, grabbing her by the head and making incoherent sounds.

“Miss Uhura…” he gasped.  He was out of his Vulcan mind.  She paused and gave him a dirty look.

“I would think,” she said, pausing to lick his tip, “that you could call my name…” another lick “… when I’ve got your dick…“and another lick “…in my mouth, Mr. Spock.”

She didn’t understand his reply, but she could read his expression well enough.  She licked her lips.  “You taste good.”

Now to make him scream.  She grabbed his dick with one hand and began to deep-throat him like a high-pro whore.  With the other, she massaged his balls.  The grip on her hair tightened, pulling her scalp, but that just made her know she was doing a mighty fine job.  He screamed much as a Vulcan might scream, but the yank on her head was sufficient.  He was enjoying it.

See him meditate after this.

“Nyota…” he growled, wanting to burst in her mouth, but the minx stopped short of making him explode.

She stared at him and licked her lips.  “You didn’t think it was going to be that easy, did you?  Silly rabbit.  Tricks are for kids.”

“I do not…comprehend…”

“You will in a moment.”  She crawled over him. 

He stared at her, watching her shiny dark cunt drip with juice.  He wasn’t going to be worth a damn for the rest of the day.  She grabbed his dick again—and he swore that she was more in command of it than he was—and slid down on him, taking all of him in her hot, tight little vortex.

She could handle all of him.  Thank Surak.

She moaned, enveloping him inside her body.  He slid up inside of her, groaning at the feel of her wet heat, at the look of her, at the incredulity of the moment.  Uhura met his gaze and smiled.  She began to move, slowly, to adjust to his size.  When she knew she was comfortable atop him, she rode him hard.  The beast between his legs demanded a vicious, strong ride and she was woman enough for the job.  He felt so damned good!  Her pussy squelched from the suction and he growled.  She felt so fucking good!  He grabbed her waist and moaned her name as she rocked back and forth, in total control.  She reached for his hands and interlocked their fingers as she rode him.  Her own breathing rapidly going out of control, she called his name.

“Spock!”  She was about to come all over him.

 Spock opened his eyes and met hers and the hellcat inside her surged forth.  “Come for me!” she commanded, squeezing her vaginal muscles and twitching them around his dick.  “Spock!  Come!” she said again and then it happened, he came and then she came and it was…unbelievable.

When the spots behind his eyes dissipated, he found himself underneath her warm, fleshy body, limp as a dead fish.  He did not require many hours of sleep, but after the events of today, he needed several.  She stirred and looked into his eyes.

“Mr. Spock.”

“Miss Uhura.”

“So, do we need to put this thing on a calendar?  Or do it as the spirit moves us?”

“Do you mean the events that have recently occurred between us?”

“Of course, you dolt.”

“Putting…it…on a calendar seems forced, wouldn’t you say?”

“My thoughts exactly,” she replied, snuggling against him.  “I was just trying to appease your Vulcan sense of time.”

“I believe that you have appeased far more than my Vulcan sense of time, which makes it understandable that I choose to overlook it.  I prefer that this…thing, as you call it, not fall on a schedule.  It is far more stimulating to take advantage of whatever opportunities befall us.”

“Good,” she said.  “So you’re not opposed to a quick fuck up against the wall in the turbo lift, or me giving you head during our next shared gamma shift?  I want to blow you in the captain’s chair.  And then I want to ride you.”  She really loved being nasty.

He ran a hand over the curve of her back.  “As long as you are not opposed to me taking you on the desk in the communications lab, or bending you over the arm of said captain’s chair, after which I shall want to stick my face between your thighs.  I would like to know how you taste.”

“You don’t have to wait for that, big boy.”  She rolled over and spread.  “I’ve got it hot and ready for you right now.”


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