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First published:  March 2010
Summary:  Spock wants to get dirty.  Response to a fanfic challenge.

Vulcans don’t have dirty thoughts.  Every thought is rational, cool and detached.  Every thought is ordered and sequenced along a continuum of logic.  There was no room for the illogic of lust.

Humans have dirty thoughts.  He spent enough time around the captain, the chief engineer and the chief medical officer to know this without a doubt.  The captain wanted to fuck every woman within a ten-foot radius.  The chief engineer had a thing for tits, and the chief medical officer vulgarly fantasized about the mouth of one particular yeoman.

Vulcans don’t get dirty.  Cleanliness was right up there with logic.  Spotless attire was a testament to the discipline.  Perfectly coiffed hair was a sign of a calm spirit. 

Humans get dirty.  This he also knew from the conversations with the men.

Vulcans don’t talk dirty.  It was illogical.

Humans talk dirty.  He knew that from everyone on the ship.  As XO, he was aware of everything and overheard any number of inappropriate conversations.

The sea of dirty humanity was too much for a Vulcan.

Except he was half human and when it came to the stone-cold fox sitting a few feet away, that dirty human side had a way of coming out.

She didn’t know.  She had no idea.  It was because he chose not to reveal it, as it would smear their professional relationship.  He remained logical and cool, as unflappable as a calm sea.

He would not be dirty because Vulcans don’t get dirty.

Until one day that fa├žade was broken.

Sometimes he stood behind her chair, looking over at her console, just to get a peek down the front of her dress.  Her tits were magnificent.   Un-Vulcan.  All Human.


He sometimes stared at her ass when she moved around the bridge.  Not Vulcan.  Totally Human.


During a gray area of time, somewhere between the middle of the night and early in the morning; between twilight and dawn, a time when time stopped, he was commanding the bridge with a skeleton crew.  Some unlucky ensign manned the helm and she worked communications. 

He was feeling raw and dirty.  And he was hard, ready to blow with the slightest twitch.

She came to him to get him to sign off on a report.  Even though it was very late, or very early, she was, as always, perfectly groomed.  She wore a gold uniform instead of her standard red.  It matched her lips and makeup.  Her lips were full and he imagined them around his cock.

He signed off on the PADD and she smiled at him.  He felt dirty, felt like getting dirty.  Was the smile an invitation?

She went back to her console and stood by her chair, taking a moment to stretch.

He told the unfortunate ensign that she could take a half-hour break.  The ensign didn’t waste any time heading for the lift.

He turned.  She was bent over, hands on the console, arching her back in a catlike stretch.  Her skirt, if it could be called that, rose over her hips.  His breath caught ever so slightly.  Her ass was worthy of a monument to perfection.

And then all the dirty came out.

He got up and went over to where she was.  He was turgid, throbbing, and all he wanted was her face down and ass up, ready to fuck.  He grabbed her hips.  It was bold, brazen, and broke every regulation in Starfleet’s personnel management.   He didn’t give a shit. 

Her response surprised him.  She turned to look at him, and to his astonishment and delight, she had an equally dirty look in her eyes.

It said, “Fuck me.”

He didn’t waste time wondering why she looked at him that way, or how long she might have wanted to look at him that way, or how excited she appeared to be when he looked at her that way.

She wanted him to fuck her.  And he, being a dirty Vulcan, had to oblige.

She turned to give him another dirty look.  It said, “Fuck me now.”

She wore inconvenient tights…and to his surprise and delight, no panties.  He couldn’t take the time to wonder if it was deliberate.  In one point two seconds, they were down.  In another one point two seconds, he was free.

He liked to think of himself as hung like a stallion.   That he embarrassed his colleagues whenever they ran into one another at the latrine.  That it was big enough to feed a starving colony; that a harem didn’t have enough pussy to satisfy him.

He liked to think that she had enough and could handle all of him.  She looked as tight as a balled fist and as wet as the condensation on a cold glass of water.  As he stared, a clear drop of her juice escaped her cunt and ran down the inside of her leg. 

He swallowed.

She turned to look at him again.  It was clear.  “What the hell are you waiting for?”

He spit in his hand and slicked his cock.  He aimed for her tight little twat and hit it dead center.  She grunted.

 “Um,” she said, bending her head.  He held on to her hips and pushed his way in.  She was wet and hot and she gripped him like a baby grips a mother’s finger.  She wanted him too.

She wanted it dirty.

He wanted to do it right.  Lest she think he wasn’t worth a shit.

Her ass was heart-shaped, round and jiggly.  He fucked her, watching her juice coat his cock each time he thrusted.  He grunted like an animal while she breathed like a steam engine.

She felt so fucking good and she took every inch of him, took it all and demanded more.  She liked it.  She said very dirty things.  Things like, “Fuck the shit out of me!”

The sight of her was incredible; mouth open, nipples tight against her uniform, ass in the air, getting fucked by a Vulcan.  Well.

“Uhhm,” she said.  “Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me hard and…good!”

How could he not?  His balls slapped against her dripping cunt and he knew it was going to be another thirty-three seconds before he blew his wad all up in her.

“Mmn,” she groaned, making dirty sounds, heavy panting separating her words.  “Fuck me you green-blooded… pointy-eared…big-dicked motherfucker…”

She was so wonderfully dirty and it was so fantastically dirty.

She said something else, but he was tired of her talk, as it was a bit of a distraction.  He reached around and shoved two fingers in her mouth.

To his absolutely dirty delight, she started sucking them like she would suck a dick.  Full, pouty lips affixed around the index and middle; hot tongue swirling around; suction from her mouth as tight and hot as the pussy she so readily gave up.

Oh, so dirty!

She turned to look at him; eyes dark and hooded and sucked his fingers harder.  He matched the strokes of her tongue with the strokes of his cock.  His balls smacked her, banged against her lips and got covered with her come.

“Mmn,” she moaned.   “Mmn…mmn…”

He grabbed her leg and bent it against the console.  It made her arch a little deeper; made her ass rise a little higher and made her pussy draw him in tight.  The suction of their fucking was such a marvelously dirty sound.

She braced against the console, sucking and biting his fingers, moaning around them and she came hard, drenched his cock and clenched her buttocks.  She collapsed around his dick and trembled in her release.  The feel of her coming all around him triggered his climax and he exploded, growling like an animal.

He pulled out and slapped his cock against her warm brown ass, dripping semen onto her cheeks.  He removed his fingers and caressed her buttocks.  He was unsure of what to say or do next.  He didn’t even know how much time elapsed since he sent the unfortunate ensign on break.

She turned to look at him again.  “What in the hell took you so long to fuck me, Mr. Spock?  I’ve had this good pussy on a platter waiting just for you.”

He looked at her.

She grinned at him and he found himself stiffening.  “You think that I don’t know you want to fuck me?  You think I don’t know that you watch my ass like a hawk; that you adjust your dick when you think I don’t see you ogling my tits?  I do what I do just to fuck with you in hopes that you would lose it and fuck me.  About time you did.”

His mind was reasonably clear.  Reasonably, not completely.  “Miss Uhura, we are colleagues.  I did not want to cross professional boundaries.”

“How’d that work out for you?”  She pulled up her tights and turned to look at him.

“I must say, it did not.”  He pulled up his pants.  “But I could no longer control my dirty thoughts and they became dirty actions.”

She ran her hands over her ass and gave him another dirty look.  “Next time, don’t take so damned long.  Dirty’s the way I like it.”


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