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Folie a Trois (12/15)

Amigosa; part 1

They arrived at Amigosa V and were awaiting the reports of the scouts.  Kirk Spock and said, “Prepare an away team.  Make sure we have medical and security officials included.  We will be ready to beam down as soon as we receive word from the scouts.”

“Yes, Captain.”

Spock went to his console.  Kirk went up to Uhura.  “Lt.  Uhura, please meet me in my ready room.  Mr. Spock, please join us.  Sulu, you have the conn.”

“Yes, sir.”

She got up and followed him.  Spock followed her.  Once inside, he sat behind his desk and eyed her calmly.  “I want you to remain on board.”

“What?  Why?  I don’t understand, sir!”

Spock looked at Kirk.  “That is illogical, Captain.  Lt. Uhura is the translator.  The Amigosians do not speak in any standard Federation idiom that I am aware of.  She has analyzed the language.  She must be on the away team to ensure that negotiations are smooth.”

“Objection duly noted,” Kirk said, not even looking at Spock.  He stared at Uhura, a light in his eyes.  “I will not order you—not yet—but I want you to consider remaining on board the Enterprise.”

“Sir, I—“

“I have a bad feeling about this,” he said.  “My gut tells me that you are safer on board the ship.”

“But that is illogical, Captain,” Spock said.  “None of the other linguists are even remotely prepared to translate for you.”

Uhura cleared her throat.  “Sir, may I speak freely?”


“I have logged many hours in the comm lab researching and translating this language in order to be an effective communicator for Starfleet and for you.  It is not fair for you to disregard that.  I can take care of myself!”

“I know that,” Kirk said.  “But I don’t want you in harm’s way.”

“Why do you think I will be in danger?”

“Yes,” Spock said.  “Why do you think that?  They requested our presence.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Kirk said, glaring at Spock.  “I guess the mere fact of women being outnumbered and considered as valuable strikes me as dangerous.  Maybe you haven’t noticed, Commander, but Lt. Uhura is a woman.  I don’t like the idea of my chief xenolinguist put in a situation like that.  I cannot say specifically why it bothers me; only that it does.  I don’t like the idea of any female in this crew in a situation like that.”

Spock countered.  “Captain, I am quite aware of Lieutenant Uhura’s gender.  If there are no facts to support your hypothesis, then I do not see why the lieutenant cannot be a part of the away team.  There will be other female officers on the away team.  I think that you are discriminating against the women of this crew.”

“Yes!” Uhura said.  “That’s quite sexist, Captain!”

“Lieutenant, watch your tone.”

“I apologize, Captain.”  She was furious, however.

Kirk glared at Spock.  “Have you ever had a hunch, Spock?”

Spock stared at him.  “Hunches are an emotional response; therefore they are illogical.”

Kirk looked at Uhura.  “It figures.”

Uhura glared at him, anger flashing in her eyes.  “Permission to speak freely, sir?”

“Yes.  Go ahead.”

“Jim, if you are doing this out of some form of misplaced machismo, then I think you are being foolish!”

Kirk’s expression towards Uhura softened.  “If my misplaced machismo keeps you safe, then I don’t care what you think.  I have a bad feeling about this.”  His voice lowered as he stared into her eyes.  “You know how I feel about you.  I don’t want anything to happen to you.  I want you to decide, but I will not order you.”

“What if what I want to do is to go?  I have earned it!”

Kirk turned to Spock.  “You have researched this culture fully?”

“I have to the extent that the records allow.  There are no instances to illustrate that the Amigosians have been a danger to any other race.  And the lieutenant will not be alone, Captain.  We will be with her, as well as Dr. McCoy and several other security officers.  I conclude that she will be quite safe in our presence.”

“All right, Commander.  I’m going to trust you on this.” Kirk said.  “You may be on the away team, Lieutenant.”

“Thank you, sir.”   Her anger cooled.

Kirk turned to Spock.  “If something should happen to her on this visit, I will hold you responsible and I will do everything in my power to stomp the living shit out of you.”

Spock raised an eyebrow and tilted his head.  “An interesting premise, as I do not think you will have that chance, Captain.  I would remind you that you are not the only male on this ship who has feelings for Lt. Uhura.  I too, want her safe.  You are not the only one who will defend her honor.  She will not be harmed.  She is a trained Starfleet officer.  You are being most unfair, and might I add, primitive—not to allow her to fulfill her duty.”

Kirk stepped closer to Spock.  Uhura wisely got between them and placed a hand on each man’s chest.  She swallowed.  The testosterone permeated Kirk’s office.  “I will be fine, gentlemen.  I know how to protect myself.  Thank you for your concern.”

They didn’t move.  Uhura could feel Kirk’s heart rate increase.  He was bristling.  Spock remained impassive.  She groaned.   “This is exactly what I was trying to prevent.  I don’t know what I was thinking!  Listen,” she said, pushing them.  “Listen to me!”

It took a minute to get both men to relax enough to step away from each other.  Kirk and Spock looked at her.

“I’m going to need to be left alone for the next few days.  I need to make a decision about this whole thing and I can’t, not when I am prone to losing my head around either of you, and you two engaged in a pissing contest.  Please understand.”

“That is logical,” Spock said.  “Though, Lieutenant, if you would clarify what you mean by a pissing contest?”

She looked at Spock.  “Commander, this whole rivalry with you and the captain over who’s going to be the first one to sleep with me is a pissing contest.  That prehistoric competition you were describing for me.”

“I beg to differ, Lt. Uhura.  I assure you I am not engaged in any such opposition for the objective of simply mating with you.  I believe I have been quite clear in what I want from you.”

“I have as well,” Kirk said.  “But if that is what you think, allow me to convince you otherwise.”

She put up a hand.  “I know what you want.  However, we have a mission to accomplish.  And I ask that the both of you leave me alone.  I need time to think.”

“That is logical, Nyota,” Spock said.

“Fine,” Kirk said.  “When we leave this place, you can be by yourself for as long as you need to be.  Until then, you will not be.  I hope that I’ve made myself clear.”

“Certainly, Captain.  I understand.”

*                 *                 *

Uhura was in her quarters, getting ready for the away team.  She didn’t know whether to be irritated with her captain or touched by his concern for her protection.  She couldn’t be mad that he wanted her safe.  Spock had said that she should choose the one who would love her and protect her.  But Spock was likely to do the same thing.  She did not think for one second that he would want her in any danger.  That didn’t make her choice any easier.

She reached into her drawer and pulled out a Velcro garter.  When she first spoke of joining Starfleet, her father insisted that she learn basic survival tactics.  He told her that he would not be able to sleep if he did not properly prepare his daughter for a career where there was unknown danger.  He taught her how to use a knife, a staff and trained her in rudimentary martial arts.  She improved her skills after getting accepted into the Academy. 

She fastened the garter around her upper thigh and inserted a four-inch blade into the casing.  Even though she would be armed with a phaser and a communicator, the hidden knife was another security measure.  It was good to be prepared.  She seldom had to worry about strapping up for away team missions, but Kirk’s apprehension for her safety made her reconsider.  As an afterthought, she slipped her music clip into the band of the garter.  If they remained on the planet for the evening, she was going to entertain herself with music and not with thoughts of really great sex with her captain or her commander.  Bad enough she did that on a nightly basis.  She was, however, regretting that she had not been able to dance in over a week.  She was stiff and tense.

Her door chime sounded.  She turned to see the captain entering her quarters.  Vaguely, she wondered if anyone else had seen him coming to her rooms.

“Lt. Uhura?”

“I’ll be out in a moment, sir.”  She smoothed her skirt, making sure the garter was hidden, then walked out of the room.  He had one of her newly-delivered pink roses in his hand.

“Yes sir?”

He stroked the rose petals.  “I want you to know that I do care what you think; what you think does matter, and I didn’t mean to be so callous.  However, there are times when I’m going to need you not to question my decisions.  I understand that you have worked tirelessly in preparing for this mission and my request caught you off guard.”

Kirk stepped closer to her until they were inches apart.  “But I will not explain nor justify my desire that you remain unharmed.  I have a bad feeling about the Amigosians.  As you know, my instincts have never led me astray and there is no reason for me not to trust them now.  You cannot be upset that I want to protect you.”

“I understand, Captain.  And I thank you for your concern.”

He cupped her face.  “You don’t have to be so distant, Nyota.  Are you still angry with me?”

“No sir.  It’s just that…you exasperate me so.  I want to do my job.”

“I know that, and I acknowledge that you do it better than anyone else in Starfleet.  But let’s make sure we are on the same page.  I don’t know what will occur once we beam down.  I want you by my side at all times.  I know you can take care of yourself, but I need to take care of you myself.”

He ran his thumb over her lips.  “Lest we forget that I’m trying to win your heart.”

She closed her eyes as he traced her lips, which parted of their own accord.  “How could I forget?”

“I know things have been really intense on both ends,” he said.  “It can’t be helped; Spock and I are both strong-willed individuals, but I want you to know, to believe me when I tell you that even though nothing would please me more than to be intimate with you, sex isn’t all I want from you.  I’ve not touched another woman since I first put my heart out there for you.  When this mission is done, Spock and I will give you all the time you need.”  Breathing heavily, he continued rubbing her lips.  Uhura opened her mouth—why, she did not know—and he slipped the tip of his thumb inside.  She closed her eyes—and her mouth—around his thumb.

Kirk closed his eyes and groaned.  “Nyota, you unman me.  I don’t know how I can get anything done when you’re around.  Don’t do this to me now, not when I can’t do anything about it.”

She pulled away, kissing the tip.  “I don’t even know why I did that, but you manage well enough, Captain.” It was becoming increasingly hard to focus whenever he was around her.  How either of them managed to do so was a credit to their Starfleet training.

He kissed her and abruptly put one hand on her ass and pressed her into him.  She squeaked, slipped her arms around him and returned the kiss.  She was not about to lie or deny; the man could kiss and it felt good to be pressed against him like that.  He was fire.  The kiss was slow and intense.  He took his time with her mouth, sampling it with his tongue, releasing her lips with a soft plop!  She looked at him.  He looked at her.

A moment later, she pulled away and stepped away from him. 

“No,” he moaned.  “No, don’t…”

“I must, Captain.  It’s time to go.  I will meet you on the transporter pad in five minutes, sir.”

He sighed.  “All right, Lieutenant.”

*        *        *

The nine members of the away team beamed to the surface of Amigosa.  It included Uhura, the captain, the commander, Dr. McCoy, nurse Brenda, a medical assistant named Didi, and three security officials: Cupcake, a six foot five inch Klingon named Tiny, and a Bajoran named Dez.  Once they landed on the planet, in a clearing overlooking a bubbling stream, Uhura gasped.  Spock informed them that the planet was lush and green, but she hadn’t realized how beautiful it would be.  It was twilight when they arrived, and two of Amigosa’s three moons were bright and luminous.  She could hear the rush of water and was in awe over the azure sky.

Didi and Brenda nodded their heads.  “Nice,” Didi said.  “If you’re looking for a romantic spot, boys, you found it.”  Uhura agreed, nodding back at Didi and Brenda.  It was certainly that. 

“The reports from the scouts said that the planet was quite safe and the initial contact with the Amigosians were amicable, Captain,” Spock said.  “They are waiting for us a few meters ahead.”

“At any rate, set phasers to stun,” Kirk ordered.

The away team began following the path.  The security officials took their places behind the rest of the officers.  Uhura stood next to Brenda.  When Uhura saw the Amigosians for the first time, it took her breath away.  She heard either Didi or Dez gasp.  It was probably Didi, as ship scuttlebutt claimed that Dez preferred women, specifically Betazoids.

Brenda whispered to her, “Pinch me.  Tell me this isn’t real.”

Uhura pinched her but said, “This is very real.”

The Amigosians were tall beings with striking hair and skin, broad shouldered and well-defined muscles.  They were clad in loincloth and animal skins.  They were beautiful and quite fine.  Gaila and Irish would have lost their minds.

Didi sighed, “They are gorgeous.”

Brenda sighed.  “Those are trees I don’t mind climbing.”

Kirk heard Uhura’s soft moan, “Oh my goodness…”

Uhura blinked.  There were four of them.  She got her bearings and went to stand by the captain.

The apparent leader stepped forward and bowed from the waist.  He was deeply tanned with silky sable-colored hair tied back with a leather strap.  His eyes were the same color as his hair.  He looked at Uhura and spoke in an unfamiliar tongue laced with strong sibilants, glottal stops and alveolar approximants. 

Uhura translated easily.  “You are from the Federation.  Greetings.  I am Ishtar.  Welcome to our world.”

Kirk and the others bowed in return.  “Greet him on our behalf, please.”

She did so.  Then Ishtar focused his attention on Uhura.  “Si’lak thow amun do si’lah.”

She blushed.  Kirk looked at her.  “What did he say?”

“He asked me if I was a goddess.”

Kirk bristled, but whispered.  “He can say what he likes, as long as he doesn’t touch you.”

“You’re so possessive all of a sudden, Captain.”

“I told you that I have a hunch.  His comments to you only make me suspect him further.”

Ishtar then stared at the other women, bowing deeply.  “M’yn sh’ki.”

Uhura laughed.  “He said we were all attractive.  Meaning us girls.”

Brenda, behind her, whispered, “So is he.  They don’t make them like this at Starfleet.  God, why?”

Ishtar and the others began to walk and the away team followed.  Spock and McCoy had their tricorders out, examining the foliage as they traveled behind the giant beings.  Uhura was staring at the buttocks of two of the Amigosians: one chocolate brown and the other caramel.  She couldn’t help it.  They were curved, high and hard.  In her mind, she could hear Irish and Gaila swooning.  She knew that Brenda was staring as well.

Kirk watched Uhura watch the humanoid, amused.  “See something you like, Lieutenant?” he whispered.

“Leave me alone, Skippy!” she hissed.

He leaned down to whisper in her ear.  “I’d love for you to call me that when I have your legs in the air and you in my mouth.  It would be such a turn-on.”

She blushed in spite of herself as the image formed in her mind.  She recalled the memory of riding Kirk’s hand, climaxing in under a minute.  Then she sighed as she recalled the memory of Spock having just that way less than twenty-four hours ago.  The two of them had turned her into such a whore.  Secretly, she didn’t mind.

“You can be such a prick,” she whispered back, surreptitiously glad they were having a snappy exchange.

“I want to be your prick,” he teased. 

She suppressed a groan, hoping no one heard him.  “I hate you.  I really really hate you.”

“Sure you do,” he whispered.  “I know you do.  But I remember the other night.”

Uhura rolled her eyes and sighed.  “Please, don’t remind me.”

Kirk chuckled.  “I don’t have to.  I know you remember it too.”

Uhura sighed again, feeling her face go hot.

The Amigosians led them to their settlement.  Kirk took a good look around and surmised that there were about a hundred individuals, all of them male.  He wondered what the females look like, and if they would be as attractive as the males.

Kirk and the away team were led to a dwelling made of logs.  Inside, there was a spread of food—fruits and vegetables, meats and flatbreads.  He heard McCoy groan.  Likely the doctor did not want to partake of the food, which looked pretty tasty.  Bones could be a spoilsport at times.

“I don’t know why you’re groaning, Bones.  The scouts reported that everything was fine.”

“Still, Captain.  I prefer to check these things myself.”

Kirk sighed.  “Uhura, please inform Ishtar that it is our custom to check foreign foods before we eat.”

She did so.  Ishtar nodded and bowed, sweeping his arm over the table.  “M’yim alack sh’teen a loh agah.  Di’ souh ma’lak a tho!”

“Do as your custom requires, Captain.  You are welcome here.  Eat and enjoy.”

Spock and McCoy went to analyze the food.  Ishtar bowed again in Uhura’s direction, took her hand and rubbed her fingers.  “Amun do si’lah, ech’tow sh’mi do’laih.”

Brenda whispered in her ear.  “Is he flirting with you?”

Uhura smiled at the Amigosian leader.  “N’roem mah.”  She shook her head.  Then Ishtar turned and asked Brenda the same thing.  Brenda beamed, but shook her head.

Spock turned away from the food and stared at the sight.  Kirk glared.  “What did he say, Lieutenant?”

“Perhaps you might choose to remain among us?”

“And I trust your answer was no,” Spock said.

“Of course,” she said.  “I’ve got all I can handle on the Enterprise.”

McCoy snorted.

Kirk stepped closer to Uhura.  “If he hits on you one more time, I’m sending you back to the ship.”

“That’s ridiculous, sir.  You need me here.”

“I already told you about this, Lieutenant.”

Spock came over.  “The analysis of the food reveals there are neither contaminants nor additives that could harm us.  McCoy’s water sample analysis is the same as mine.  We can safely partake of the meal.”

“Di’ souh ma’lak a tho!”  Ishtar bowed again and swept his arm.  “I deo l’igh s’jut ai’min l’ah so’ure di michim el la’teine.”

Uhura looked at her captain.  “Eat and enjoy.  We will show you to your quarters when you are done.  Negotiations can begin tomorrow.”

“We’re staying down here tonight, Captain?”  Cupcake asked.

“Yes,” Kirk said.  “It will help negotiations if we show a measure of trust.”

Kirk nodded and then bowed at Ishtar.  Spock did the same.  Ishtar and his fellow comrades left them in the longhouse. 

Kirk immediately started piling food onto a plate and the security and medical staff followed.  Spock carefully selected some fruits and vegetables and bread for Uhura to eat, and then prepared his own plate.  She smiled at him and sat down.  Then Kirk plopped a plate down in front of her.

“I already have a plate, sir.  Commander Spock was kind enough to see to it.”

“Just in case you want more, Lieutenant.”  Then, so not to show favoritism, he plopped another large plate in front of Didi, Dez and Brenda.

Uhura had to smile.  It was so strange how different Kirk and Spock were, to the point that they had singular ways of showing her the same thing.  Maybe it wasn’t strange, just opposite ends of the sexy man spectrum.

She took a breath.  ‘On a mission; can’t think about men or sex or anything like that…not now!’

Brenda sat next to McCoy, across from Didi and next to Dez. Uhura got up and sat next to Didi.  She spent enough time around men and she wanted a chance to catch up with the ladies.  Brenda and Didi started gushing about the inhabitants of the planets as only females could.  Dez made random comments and Uhura laughed at the commentary.

Spock brought her a goblet of water.  Then he sat with the men.

Kirk said, “So what do you think, Commander?”

“So far, they have been hospitable.  I see no reason for concern.”

“Apparently, you haven’t seen how that jerk has been falling all over Lt. Uhura.”

“I do not see why he should not, Captain.  She is an appealing woman; desirable to any male species.  And if my observations are correct, he has also been attentive to the other females in the away team.”

McCoy snorted again.  “Funny that I haven’t seen any of their women, unless they look like the men.”

“That makes me nervous,” Kirk said.  “Lt. Uhura, could you come here for a moment, please?”

“Yes sir.”  She got up and went over to sit beside him.

“I reiterate my earlier orders.  You are to remain at my side at all times.  If a situation arises where that cannot be the case, you are ordered to stay with Commander Spock or Dr. McCoy.  The security team will be wherever you are.”

“You’re a caveman,” McCoy said.

“Whatever,” Kirk retorted, biting into a luscious green apple.

Ishtar did not return to escort them to their quarters.  Instead, another Amigosian, this one blond and gold, walked them over to a series of small huts.  He introduced himself as Lan’dhar, and he too, made a pass at Lt. Uhura.  Then he made one at Didi.

McCoy raised his eyebrows.  “They aren’t shy, are they?  How many times has she been hit on?”

“I don’t care what they say, just as long as they don’t do anything.”  Kirk said.

Uhura shook her head.  Either Kirk was putting up a front or he really was jealous.  She made a note to ask him about it.  Lan’dhar stopped in front of two adjacent huts.  “Elek t’hem a qui’ha tor se lah.”  He swept his arm in the direction of the huts.

Uhura translated.  “This is where you will reside for the night.  They are very comfortable.”

Kirk nodded and bowed again.  “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Uhura nodded.  “S’lem hak tow.”

Lan’dhar bowed deeply, and then reached for her hand.  He touched her fingers to his lips.  “M’yam selak ur’hun me dai.”

Uhura smiled and shook her head.  “N’roem mah.”   

Lan’dhar bowed deeply and left them.

Spock looked intently at the lieutenant.  “What did he say to you?”

Uhura sighed.  “He asked me to remain behind as his woman when this is over.”

Brenda whispered, “Lucky heifer.”

Kirk clenched.  He did not like this at all.  She was getting hit on too many times.  He was irritated.  McCoy, ever the realist, looked at the huts.  “I guess we’re to split up?”

“It would appear so,” Spock replied.

Kirk looked at his away team.  Spock leaned over.  “Under normal circumstances, I would suggest that all the females share one hut.”

“Except that you’ve got a hunch about that, too.”

“I apologize, Captain.  I do not have hunches.  I am merely stating that it would be safer if we split up the females.  If I take your…hunch…into account, it is preferable that the women are not together as to provide an easy target.  Not that I do not trust the skill of our female security.”

“I don’t care how you split them, Spock.  I want Uhura with me.  I know she’s safe if she’s with me.”

Spock raised an eyebrow.  Kirk glared at him.  “Do we understand each other?”
“Certainly, Captain.”

Uhura found herself sharing at hut with Brenda, Kirk and Spock.  Didi, Dez, McCoy, Tiny and Cupcake took the other hut.  Not long after they split up, McCoy poked his head into their cabin to announce that he was going to examine the surrounding foliage. Kirk agreed, as it made sense to catalogue what resources lay on this lush green planet.  He instructed Cupcake to go with McCoy.

Inside the hut, there was a small fire pit in the middle of the room, and there was a fire going.  There was a vent in the ceiling.  In one corner of the hut, there was a pile of animal skins.  In another corner was a small table laden with fruit and water.  It was actually rather cozy.

“One gets the impression that they prepared well for our particular visit,” Spock said. 

Brenda, Kirk and Spock entered and closed the door.  Uhura suddenly realized who she was rooming with.  She looked at them.  “Maybe it’s best that I swap with Didi.”

“Why?” Brenda asked.  “I was hoping we could chat; I haven’t talked to you in a dog’s age.”

“You’ll do no such thing.”  Kirk said.  He did not look at Brenda.

“I agree, Lieutenant.  As the official translator, you are to remain with the captain.”

She sighed and walked over to the fruit table.  Brenda gave Kirk a heated look, and then smiled.  Spock observed her and raised an eyebrow in Kirk’s direction.  Kirk pretended not to notice Brenda’s open invitation.  He had not been with her in months.

Spock went to examine the animal skins.  “I hereby object to using these skins for my comfort.”

“Objection noted,” Kirk said.  “You can sleep on the floor.”

Spock raised an eyebrow.  “I shall meditate instead.  At any rate, I do not think there are enough skins for each of you to have your own.  You will need one to provide sufficient cushion and one for covering.  You shall have to share.”

Brenda smiled seductively at Kirk, who didn’t acknowledge her.  “Then that settles it.  Brenda, you and Uhura will take one side of the room and Spock and I will take the other.”  He maintained a stoic expression, but he was annoyed.  Brenda was practically initiating sex with him and he wasn’t interested.  He would have rather slept with Uhura, but…oh well.

“Captain, may I speak with you outside for a moment,” Brenda said.  Kirk nodded, then got up and followed her out.  Spock watched them go, raising the eyebrow again.

He began to arrange the skins.  Uhura took a long drink of water and a piece of fruit.  It was what it was.  She bit into the fruit, liking the way it burst in her mouth.  It had the consistency and taste of mango, but it contained small apple-like seeds.  The juice ran down her cheeks and chin, and she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.  She then sat on one of the animal skins, taking up one side and removed her boots.  She removed her hair elastic and lay down, munching.

Uhura finished the fruit and tossed the seeds into the fire.  She closed her eyes for a moment, and then felt something cool and wet against her face.  She opened her eyes.  Spock was tenderly wiping the juice from around her mouth with a piece of cloth.

“Was it delicious?” he asked.

“It was,” she said.  “Like mango, except for the seeds and the skin.  The skin is the same as that of a Terran peach.  You should try it; I think you’ll like it.”

“Perhaps I will tomorrow.”  Spock stared into her eyes, dabbing her lips with the damp cloth longer than was necessary.  Uhura gazed back at him, getting lost in the darkness of his eyes, the shape of his brows, and the curve of his lips.  He really was a beautiful man; two cultures fused together at their finest.  Spock continued rubbing her lips even after her face was clean.  Uhura allowed him this, while vaguely wondering what Brenda and Kirk were talking about.


They were about ten feet from the hut, standing near a copse of trees.  Brenda put her arms around him.

“No,” he said.  “Not now, Brenda.”

“You haven’t been with me in months, Jim.  Come on, we’ve got time, space, a nice atmosphere, and I’m horny for you…why not?”

“Brenda, have you wondered why you haven’t seen me in so long?”

“I know you’ve been busy, but you’ve always had needs.”  Brazenly, she went for his fly.  He grabbed her hand. 

“I’ll say this once: I won’t be sleeping with you anymore.  Let it go.”

“You’re fucking someone else, then?”

“If I am or am not is none of your business, and may I remind you that I’m the captain?”

“You were the captain when I was sucking you off; what makes now so different?  Who is it, Jim?”

“No one, Brenda.  Please leave me alone and go back to the cabin.”  He didn’t need this now.

She stepped back and looked at him.  “You have fucked half of the women on the Enterprise at least once, and everyone knows it.  We were doing it on a regular basis and you just stopped.  I haven’t heard a whiff about who else you’re laying the pipe to, so I gotta know if you’ve gone to bat for the other team.  Because I for damn sure know that you’re not celibate.”

“Why is it your concern if I am or not?  Answer that and then let that be the end of this.”

Brenda rolled her eyes towards the sky.  Kirk glared at her.  “I know you don’t have feelings for me.”

“Why wouldn’t I?  You’re a great guy.”

He shook his head.  “You mistook sex for love?  Are you really that naive?  All that was ever between us was sex.  I never promised you anything other than an orgasm, which I know you got.  Leave it alone, Brenda.  I’m ordering you to let this go.”  

She glared at him, two pink splotches on her face.  “Aye, Captain.”  She turned away. 

He walked away to give her a moment to cool off, then waved an arm.  “Come on.  It’s not safe for you to be out here alone.”

“I’m fine,” she snapped.

“Brenda?”  His tone was a warning.

She turned and walked stiffly towards the cabin.  Kirk sighed and followed her back in.  He had brought this on himself.


Uhura was lying on one of the animal skins.  Spock sat on the floor beside her.  They were engaged in deep conversation when Kirk and Brenda came back in.  She turned towards the door, not moving from her spot.  Spock remained where he was, but he observed the expression on Brenda’s face and the look of annoyance on Kirk’s.  

Whatever was said wasn’t pleasant.  Spock deduced that McCoy’s new chief nurse was one of the captain’s many little indiscretions, one which had obviously come to an end.

“Brenda, are you all right?” Uhura asked.  “Your face is red.”  She got up and went to get one of the cloths from the corner and wet it.  Then she handed it to Brenda, who took it and began to wipe her face.  Uhura shot a glare at Kirk, who shrugged.  She put her arm around Brenda.

“Spock,” he said.  “Come on, we’re bunking together.”

“If you would clarify, Captain?”

“You’re sharing this animal skin with me and leaving the ladies to that one.  Come on.”

“Captain, it does not appear that the ladies are ready to retire for the night.”

“They are,” he said. 

Spock raised an eyebrow and sat next to the reclining Kirk.  He looked at him.  


“What’s so fascinating about this?” Kirk said.  “You know you wanted to get her by yourself.”

“I wanted no such thing, Captain, as it would be inappropriate.  We are on a mission.”

Kirk sighed.  “Good night, Spock.”  He turned over and tried to go to sleep.  A few minutes later, Brenda got up and left the cabin.  Kirk sat up.

“Where is she going?”  Kirk asked, looking at Uhura.  A moment later, he heard the door to the other hut open and close.

Uhura glared at him.  “Didi is her best friend.  Whatever you said to her upset her to the point of tears.”

He sighed and lay back, resting his head in his hands.  “It was not my intent to make her cry.”

Uhura sighed.  She wasn’t stupid.  “I understand, Captain.  Good night.”

She lay down on her animal skin and tried to focus on the flames from the fire.  It was as clear as day that Kirk had been sleeping with Brenda; for how long, she could not have said, but she did know it was over.  Was it recent?  Or had the captain curtailed his extracurricular activities when he declared his feelings for her?

Uhura decided she didn’t want to deal with that tonight.  She reached for her ear clip, unknowingly revealing her garter to the two men across the way.

“Is that a knife garter on your thigh?” Kirk asked.

She sighed.  “Yes sir.”

Kirk couldn’t help it.  “Oh, I like that,” he murmured.  “That’s so hot! You never cease to amaze me.”

Spock said, “I was not aware that you carried a knife under your uniform, Lieutenant.”

“I don’t do it often, but since the captain expressed a desire that I be safe, I decided to wear it.  Just in case I lost my phaser.  Good night, Captain, Commander.”  She put her ear clip in place and turned on her music, then turned her back to them.  In a few moments, she heard them speaking and decided to turn off the music.


Kirk sighed, then sat up, moving so he could put his back against the wall.  

“Commander Spock, this is getting impossible.”

“I agree, Captain.  However, I have no suggestions as to how it should be handled.  I will say that things will be a lot easier if you just walk away.”

“You’re out of your Vulcan mind if you think I’m going to walk away from this, from her.  You walk away.”

“I will not.   So, are we to engage in a battle to the death over the lieutenant?”

“Preferably not,” Kirk said, absently rubbing his throat.  “In spite of this, I value your presence on the Enterprise.  You are an excellent science officer and admittedly, a foil to my sometimes irrational behavior.  I do not want another officer as my second in command.”

Uhura could not believe this conversation was taking place.  They were actually being civil.

“Thank you, Captain.  I find it logical that we continue our working relationship.  As was suggested to me, I look forward to the accomplishments we will have and the friendship that will define us.”

Kirk nodded.  Spock Prime hinted at the same thing in their conversation.  He looked at the fire.  “Did your older self say anything about her place in that?”

“No,” Spock said.  “He told me to put aside logic and do what feels right.  That is the reason I came back to work on the Enterprise.”


“What also feels right, Captain, is my desire to be with Lieutenant Uhura.  I will not walk away from that.”

Kirk inhaled.  “I have loved that woman for four years.  It has taken this long to get her to even notice me, much less reciprocate it.  Do you actually think I’m going to give her up?”

Spock tented his fingers.  “I would be surprised if you did, Captain.  You have never given up on anything.  Even the Kobayashi Maru.”

Kirk actually blushed.

Spock looked him directly in the eyes.  “But, Captain, do you really love her?”

“Do you, Spock?”

“When a Vulcan bonds, it is for life.  I would not consider such an arrangement if I did not love her.  Love is not something a Vulcan enters into lightly.  Emotions run deep within our race, and it is our way to control them using logic.  I have learned that love is illogical, yet it is there.  I cannot refute or deny that I feel this way for Nyota.  I can only speak of my emotions now because my father finally acknowledged his love for my mother.  I ask you about your feelings because I am aware of your many intimate relationships with other females, both human and otherwise.  Case in point: your obvious imprudence with Nurse Lockhart.  In my research, the data suggests that alpha males with such capricious connections are not likely to form permanent relationships.  And since I believe that Nyota will accept nothing less than your best, I must know if you really do love her enough to give up that lifestyle.”

Kirk sighed.  “I told her that I would and I meant it.  I have not slept with Brenda in months; ever since I told Nyota that I wanted to be with her.  I’ve never met any woman that would make me want to give up my…extracurricular activities.  I would do it for Nyota.  What can I tell you, Spock?  I’m in love.”

Spock nodded.  “So what do we do, Captain?"

Kirk gazed into the fire.  “I don’t know, Commander.”


Uhura squeezed her eyes shut.  She could not believe what she just heard.  They were at an impasse, and had arrived there in a cool and logical manner, each acknowledging their feelings as well as each other’s.  That she was so highly regarded by two powerful men made her woozy.  How in the world would she be able to choose between them?  How could she be with one and leave the other bereft?  Uhura cared enough about both men that she didn’t want to hurt either one.

This was going to blow up in her face.

*        *        *
Sometime in the middle of the night, she stirred from her sleep.  To her surprise, she found herself lying between them.  Had she moved?  Or had they moved?  Uhura took a moment to gather herself and realized that they’d moved.  She didn’t know what to say.  She was very warm, and she was admittedly pleased that they went to sleep in such a manner. She felt warm and protected, and it was a marvelous sensation.  Uhura moved carefully and quietly, moving Kirk’s hand from her hair.  She reached for her boots and slipped them on.

“Where are you going?”  It was Spock.

“I need to relieve myself.  I’m going to step outside.”

“I will go with you.”

“I’m just going outside—”

“I am going with you, Nyota.  The captain has ordered—and I agree with him—that you are not to be left alone.  I will give you the privacy you need, but I will be there with you.”

 She stood up and he stood up.  “That cloth you had earlier,” she said.  “Where did you get it?”

He went over into the corner where the animal skins were and got another one.  Quietly, they went outside.  Uhura looked around; the compound was eerily quiet.  She walked towards a small copse of bushes with the cloth.

“I’m just going behind here, okay.  Don’t listen, Spock.  This is embarrassing enough.”

“I find that illogical, Lieutenant,” he said as she went behind the bushes.  “One must relieve oneself regularly to maintain homeostasis.  Every being requires it.  There is nothing to be ashamed of.”

“I’m a girl, Spock.  Typically, we girls maintain the illusion that…we never have to use the bathroom…”

“Fascinating,” he said.  “Why would a human female do that?”

She did not respond.  Spock turned towards the bushes.  “Nyota?”

No response.  He went around the bush and called her name again.  “Lieutenant Uhura?”

She was gone.

To be continued…

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