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Folie a Trois (11/15)

Seduction, part 2

The next day, Kirk sat in the captain’s chair, discussing their impending visit to the planet of Amigosa V with his senior officers.  Uhura was at her console. 

Kirk sat with his hand constantly near his face.  Every now and then, he would suck the tip of his middle finger.  Uhura would catch him doing this from time to time and couldn’t help but blush.  Truth be told, she was still perky from last night.  She wondered what was coming next.  Spock was up.

“What’s your report, Lieutenant Uhura?  Were you able to discover if any other alien races have visited the planet?”

“From what my team has been able to discern, there has been very limited contact with any other races, sir.  However, I have found a sample of their linguistic patterns and determined a cipher to use in translation.  I will do that as soon as my shift here is done.”

“Mr. Spock, have you been able to determine anything about the culture?”

“Aye, Captain.  There is very little to go on, but I have discovered through intensive research that the Amigosians are a male-dominated warrior society with a very small population.  Males outnumber females in a 4:1 ratio.  All reports indicate them to be a relatively peaceful culture with a wish to join the UFP.”

Kirk looked thoughtful.  “There’s one female to every four males?”

Spock nodded.  “I cannot say for certain, but I can make some qualitative inferences as to the rationale for such a skewed ratio.  The data supports my hypothesis.”

“Enlighten me, Commander.”

“I suspect that the population diminished as a result of too many female offspring being produced more than three decades ago.  Male offspring are prized, so the females were slaughtered at birth.  As a consequence, there are not enough females now to ensure continuation of the species.   Female offspring are now considered prizes, as the Amigosians need to reproduce to guarantee their survival.  From my analysis, I have concluded that Amigosian males have fought to the death over a female.”

Kirk stared Spock in the eyes.  “Is that right?”

Spock stared back.  “My conclusions typically are, Captain.”

Sulu wondered aloud.  “Is that why we’re here, Captain?”

“To my understanding, Mr. Sulu, we are here to establish a relationship between the Federation and this culture.  I have not been informed of any other rationale for Pike sending us here instead of our original destination.  What is our estimated time of arrival?”

“We will enter the planetary system in less than 24 hours, Captain.  We will arrive at Amigosa V in 30 hours if we maintain course and speed.”

“When we arrive, we shall send a team of male scouts to check out the planet before we beam down.  I do not want any women down on the planet until I am certain that all is well.  Prepare a team of eight scouts, Mr. Spock.”

“Aye, Captain.”

Kirk spun in his chair, glancing at Lieutenant Uhura.  After she left him last night, he lay in bed masturbating to the feel of her sex in his palm and the way she had come all over his hand.  There was no other barrier to them making love next time and they were both aware of it.  He sucked the tip of his middle finger.

“I noticed that you keep inserting your finger into your mouth, Captain,” Spock said.  “May I inquire as to what is troubling you?”

“Nothing is troubling me, Commander.  I managed to stick my finger in something hot and it’s still…burning.”

Spock noticed out of the corner of his eye that Uhura blushed profusely.  “Perhaps you should have Dr. McCoy take a look at it.”

“That’s all right, Spock.  Dr. McCoy can’t fix this.  Now what were you saying, Mr. Sulu?”

Uhura got up from her console as her relief entered the bridge.  She looked at Kirk.  “Captain, I will be in the communications lab completing my analysis of the Amigosian language if you need me.”

He stared back.  “I’m sure I will, but I will contact you when I do.”  He ran his finger under his nose and inhaled.  She turned and left the bridge before she blushed again.  Spock noted the exchange.

*        *        *

His shift was over and he wanted to see her.   He had wanted to see her privately since their experience in the holodeck.  And Spock was quite aware that she had recently spent time with Captain Kirk.  Things had escalated.  He put a command into the computer to locate her.  Spock did not know what would happen when he found her, as his desire to see her was illogical and spontaneous.  But it was enough to be with her and that was really all he wanted.  He thought he would check on her progress.  The computer informed him that she was in the communications lab.

Spock stood at the doorway.  He put a command into the computer to lock the door and allowed his eyes to travel over her.  As always, Uhura was most efficient.  She was alone, deeply ensconced in several tasks.  She was translating particular aspects of a new language, messaging back and forth on her PADD, and listening to music on her ear clip.  She had her boots off, moving one bare foot to the beat.  Her ability to focus and complete several tasks at once was been one of the characteristics that initially caught his attention.  His eyes moved over her bare legs and feet, noticing her swinging foot.  Whenever she was on the bridge, she always moved her foot in some cadence only she could hear.  Spock deduced that this was her way of dissipating excess energy.  Certainly it drew the attention of the men aboard the bridge.  He himself was a moth to her flame. 

He raised his eyebrow when he saw that she had something in her mouth.  After a few seconds, she removed a stick with a bright green bulb on one end.  Apparently, it was some form of sugary confection.  He was amused.  She absently licked the bulb with the tip of her tongue a few times before slipping it back into her mouth.  Then she slowly moved her head in rhythm with her foot.  All the while, her fingers flew over the touch-screen console as she sat translating the Amigosian language.  She was a virtuoso.

He noticed again that she removed the candy from her mouth, paused to adjust her music clip, and then slipped the candy between her lips, holding it in place with her teeth.  Spock took a deep breath.  Perhaps he should reconsider disapproving of her candy predilection.  He walked towards her, moving quietly.  She rose from her chair, stood on her toes and leaned forward to retrieve another PADD from the shelf.

Spock was never before affected by the dress length of the female Starfleet uniform.  It was merely another fact, not even a blip on his considerable radar.  This was the first time he realized how short the dress was, especially on a woman like Uhura, who had very long legs and shapely buttocks.  She lifted one leg to balance herself and unknowingly revealed them to Spock.  He did not deny that his temperature increased.

“Lt. Uhura,” he said quietly.  She, music in her ears and concentrating on reaching the PADD, did not hear him.

“Lt. Uhura,” he said again, louder.  Startled, she dropped the PADD, her lollipop, and nearly fell over on her console.

Spock helped her up.  She gasped and snatched the music clip out of her ear.  “Commander, I—“

He kneeled before her to retrieve her PADD and the candy.  He gazed at her feet; her nail polish was as black as her hair.  When he raised his head, he was eye to eye with her thighs and the hem of her skirt.  He inhaled her scent and suppressed a moan.  He had to admit, she was a sensory overload.  Even for a Vulcan.

Uhura stood perfectly still, not daring to move an inch.  He had caught her listening to her music and eating candy while on duty…not again!

“Sir,” she said.  “I didn’t hear you; I apologize.”

Spock rose to his feet and handed her the objects.  Uhura put the PADD on her console and put the Blow-Pop on the counter.  She would dispose of it later.  She turned back to Spock.

“Commander, I apologize, sir.”

“If I may ask, Lieutenant, why are you apologizing?  It was I who startled you.”

“I do not want to be derelict in my duty, sir.”

“If I observed correctly, you were being most efficient.  As you always are.  Have you completed your analysis?”

“Just about, sir.  The Amigosian language is very easy to decipher.  I will have no problem translating for the captain when we arrive.  It’s easier than some of the morphology conversions you used to assign back at the Academy.”

“Ah yes,” he said.  “Perhaps had I understood the depth of my attraction to you then, there would not be this conundrum and you would be with me.”

“I am fully aware of what is going on between you and the captain, sir.”

“I deduced as much.  A woman as clever as you are would have realized it soon enough.”

“I do not know if I can handle being attracted to both of you, and thus allowing such a…competition to occur.”

“Lt. Uhura, it would have happened whether you allowed it or not.  The captain is very headstrong and very determined that you shall choose him.”

“And you aren’t?”

He raised an eyebrow.  “In that regard, I am no different from him.”

“I am admittedly overwhelmed at your expressions of desire.  I never realized that I… What if I cannot decide between you?”

“Then I would venture to say that we will have to work harder at winning your affection.  I myself will not give up.  Because I will not, neither will the captain.  We are engaged in a prehistoric practice.  It is beyond you, dear Nyota.  And I apologize for that.  I would not want you to think that our rivalry is more about one-upmanship than it is about which of us will be your mate.  I would not be engaged thusly for any other reason but that.  Nor do I believe Captain Kirk would be as well.  It is you we want, not the satisfaction of besting each other.”

She closed her eyes and sighed.  Her body was traitorous.  “What would you do if you were me?”

“As I am not, it is difficult for me to say what you should do.  Most certainly, I would not be pursuing myself.   There is, however, something you must be very aware of.”

“What is that?”  Her eyes were luminous.  Spock was captivated by them.

“Vulcans mate for life.”

She closed her eyes.  “Are you saying that Captain Kirk’s feelings for me are short term?”

“I cannot say that with any reasonable certainty, Lt. Uhura.  I am only stating the truth about my culture.  If I am your choice, we will bond.  The bond is eternal.  I will never be with anyone else.”  He gazed at her, stroking her cheek.  “Nor would I want to be.”

She swallowed.  “So you would be loyal to me for life?”


“This is too much,” she said.  “I can’t handle this.”  She turned away from him.  “What if I decided to take the easy way out and choose…I don’t know…Sulu?”

“He would be grateful, as he is enamored of you as well.  You have quite an effect on the male officers on board the Enterprise.”  He tilted his head.  “However, Nyota, you have never been one to take the easy way out.  I would suggest that you choose the man that will give you what you need as well as what you want.  You should select the man that will love you and protect you with everything he has.  Only you know which of us will do that for you.”

“Thanks for clearing that up,” she said, her voice laced with sarcasm.  She sighed.

He stepped closer to her, closing his eyes and taking in her scent.  She smelled of wildflowers.  Spock raised one hand to touch her.  It was perhaps a dangerous thing to do, but he wanted to do it.  Their simulated Vulcan experience did nothing more but to exacerbate his desire to be intimate with her.  Her mouth was like ripe strawberries, her skin like silk.  He was overwhelmed.

“I wish I had the guts to make a choice I won’t regret,” she said.  “But you make me weak.  He makes me weak.  I don’t know what to do.”

A moment passed and she felt him behind her, pressing into her.  His lips were on her shoulder blades; he grasped her upper arms.  “Nyota, if it were up to me, you would already be mine…I am beside myself.  I lose my sense of reason and judgment when it comes to you.  I cannot control your affect on me nor my response to you.  I fear that the only logical conclusion is for you to bond with me.”  He buried his face in her neck and emitted a soft growl. 

“Spock,” she said, her breathing ragged. 

His hands came around her to pull her against him.  She moaned.  He cupped her breasts and ran his thumbs over her nipples, which sprang up like weeds after rain.  “I do not know when I lost myself over you, only that I did.  You are intoxicating.  I want you more than I want to breathe.  That is illogical, but it is.  I do not pretend to comprehend the depth of my desire for you.” He growled again and she whimpered; it was such a sexy sound coming from him.

Uhura sucked in her breath.  For him to grab her like that, press into her and reveal his complete arousal spoke volumes about his desire for her.  As if she didn’t know or reciprocate it.  Once again, the touch of his hands was electric.  “Spock,” she moaned.  “Please don’t do this to me…”  She uttered the same words to Kirk the night before.  Perhaps making things interesting also made them difficult.  Both men were so hot, they were like a binary star system and she was a mere planet caught between them.  If they succeeded in sucking her in, she would be ripped apart by their gravitational forces.  Like right now.

“Oh my goodness,” she moaned, sinking into him, loving the feel of him.  He was hot and strong, like a good cup of tea.  “Oh god, Spock…oh god…”

He continued to thumb her nipples and kiss her neck, growling softly.  Uhura tried so very hard to resist him, but her body betrayed her again.  Her resolve was almost gone.  “Spock, I do not want to sleep with you or with the captain without knowing which of you I will choose…and you are making it hard for me.  I’m human, for Pete’s sake.  How can I resist you?”

“It is already hard for me, Nyota, for I am half-human.  And I do not intend for you to resist me.  Not anymore.”

She inhaled sharply.  He was right.  Her nipples were tight and sensitive under his touch.  He turned her around and pressed his forehead against hers.  Again she was treated to a knee-weakening mental blast of a Vulcan in love.  He kissed her and lifted her onto the console.  She could do nothing but let him.  Uhura kissed him back, throwing her arms around him as he devoured her lips.  He did that tongue thing again and she actually felt the wetness seep down the inside of her thighs.

He let her up to take a breath.  There was a look in his eyes that she did not recognize.  She stared at him, breathing hard.  “That tongue thing…is unbelievable…!”  She nearly melted on the console.

Spock slid his arms around her, drawing her close and kissed her again.  His need was fierce, intense and unrestrained now.  He was outside of himself. 

‘Put aside logic.  Do what feels right.’  Doing this to her felt right.

A moment or two later, her back was against the console and she could not suppress her excitement.  Spock was tenderly biting her nipples through the fabric of her uniform and she felt it from her hair follicles down to her toenails.  He slid a hand under her skirt and pressed it against her damp panties.  One of his fingers brushed up against her swollen clitoris and she flinched so hard that she squeezed her thighs together, gripping him.  The growl that escaped him did nothing to cool her ardor.  His face was pressed into her stomach and she saw his pleading to let him experience her, to allow him to take her.  His fingers sent tremors through her body, begging her to let him consume her.  She gave in, much as she had last night.  Uhura was out of control.  This was out of control.  The whole thing was out of control.

“Yesssss…” was all she could manage.  He sat in her chair and lifted her skirt.  A second or so later, she heard him say “…fascinating…”  Then he said no more.  She quickly learned that he had a fantastically long tongue and he liked to nibble.  The sensation of that was sublime.  This time, she did melt on the console, and just the same as last night, it happened in barely a minute.  She vaguely wondered if her station was going to short-circuit.  She already had.

The sounds that escaped her were nothing but fuel for his own desire and encouragement to taste her as intensely as he could.  She hissed and arched her back when he hit her spot, sliding down the console and allowing him to burrow between her thighs.  He pulled her legs over his shoulders and arched an arm around her thigh so he could part her labia and go deep.

She started keening, unable to keep silent.  She was nothing but a quivering mass of nerves and his mouth was on the synapse.  He played her like an instrument.  Uhura was outside of time, outside of space, barely comprehending that Spock was enjoying this as much as she was.  “Aaaarrrrrgh!” she screamed, nearly erupting into spasms when she climaxed again.  Was that the second?  The third?  She lost count.

“Nyota,” he murmured, but knew she could not hear him.  Kirk had been absolutely right; Spock had been craving to know what she tasted like and all he wanted was more.  He wanted everything she had and he would take it if she offered it.  He found that he was avaricious. Kirk would do well to get out of his way.  Their amicable rivalry was over.  It was time to lay claim to Uhura.  He was going to do it if she couldn’t.  He definitely intended to do it before Kirk did.

He remained seated, caressing her thighs as she came down from her peak.  Uhura trembled, blinking, coming back to reality, trying to get her bearings.  She could only imagine how she looked, back on the console, Spock’s head between her legs, her knees in the air and her legs over his shoulders.  She looked down to see him still there, kissing the insides of her thighs, licking up the last few drops.  He moved his head back and forth, as if he were covering himself with her scent and her taste.  She tried to lower her legs.  To her surprise, he pushed her dress up to kiss her stomach and her navel.  He gently scratched her belly and slipped his fingers underneath her bra, finding her nipples and pinching them.  She gasped again.  How absolutely freaking erotic!  There were certainly a lot of delights hidden under his stoic exterior.  The man’s tongue should be on display in a museum or have its own chapter in the Kama Sutra.

“Spock...”  Why she did not scream his name was beyond her.

Her dress was methodically moving up.  Her panties were already gone.  She didn’t even know when he removed them.  If he got her dress off, it was only a matter of time before he got everything else.  She would give it freely if he got that far.  She had to stop him because he was determined to get that far.

“Spock, please…not here.  Stop.”  She grabbed his wrist.  “Please, we have to stop.”

He raised his head from her belly, staring at her.  There was an uninhibited wildness in his eyes.  His nostrils were flaring and his cheeks were wet.  Her smell was all over him.  Uhura wasn’t sure if she should have stopped him.  He didn’t look happy about it.

“We can’t—I can’t…I shouldn’t have let it get this far.  I’m sorry.  I want…oh god…I need to get my head right.  Please, please let me get up.”

He stood up and straightened her clothes, then helped her off the console.  Uhura smoothed her hair and took several deep breaths.  Spock went to a side cabinet and retrieved a cloth and a sprayer.  He cleaned and wiped down Uhura’s console to remove the evidence of their episode, then disposed of the cloth.  She put her boots on, put away her items, threw the sucker in the trash and shut down the program she had been working on.  She was going to her room.  She was not fit for anything else, and was relieved that her time in the comm lab had been her time.  Was he going to follow her?  If he was, she wasn’t going to resist him.  She was going to let him have her.  Uhura vaguely wondered what happened to her panties, but could not muster enough bravery to ask him about them.  She didn’t see them on the console or the floor.

She stood in front of him.  He unlocked the door.  She looked at him.  “I’m sorry.”

“I do not understand why are you apologizing, Lieutenant.”

“For letting things get out of hand like that.”

He raised an eyebrow.  “Fascinating.  I was under the distinct impression that you were giving me control.”

She blushed.  “I know.  I was.  I won’t do that again.”

He stared at her.  “I hope that is not the case, Lieutenant.  I found that quite stimulating and satisfying.  You are magnificent.”  He had his final answer to all five of his sensory questions and he merely wanted more.  Now he wanted to know how it felt to be sheathed within her, to have her legs wrapped around him, to experience the feel of her nipples in his mouth.  What it would feel like to have her underneath him, his face buried in her hair.

Uhura closed her eyes.  Spock opened the door.  She walked out ahead of him, concentrating solely on getting back to her quarters.  Spock remained behind a moment, taking in everything that just transpired.  She was so very sweet, so very warm, and so very soft.  Had she not stopped him, he could have easily taken her.  He could have spent more time pleasuring her.  It was gratifying to have her that way; it was an appeal to his deep Vulcan nature to mark her like that.  If she was not bonded to him by the time of his impending pon farr, Spock would not be able to leave her be.  Even if she was with Kirk, it wouldn’t matter.  She would be his. If the captain got in his way at that time, then so be it.

He left the lab and was headed towards his own quarters when he came upon Kirk.

“Commander, a word.”

Spock stopped in front of him.  “Yes, Captain?”

The captain sniffed, looked back at the door to the communications lab, and then back at Spock.  “When you report back to the bridge this evening, I want you to give me a thorough analysis of all of the inhabitants of this planet we will be visiting.  I am not sure about this particular assignment and I want to be thoroughly prepared.”

“Yes, sir.”  Spock’s face was impassive.  But he knew Kirk could smell Uhura all over him.  He put his hands behind his back and calmly met the captain’s intent look.

They stared at each other for several moments.  “Okay,” Kirk said, nodding his head.  “Okay.”

“I would inquire what you are referring to, sir.”

“I can smell her all over you.  That’s what I’m referring to.” 

Spock merely raised an eyebrow.  “There are no limits.”

 “You realize playtime is over, Spock?”

“I was unaware that I was involved in playtime.”

“Quit acting dumb.  I mean our shared interest.  I’m not playing around anymore.  I want her and she’s going to be my woman.”

“Ah,” he said, licking his lips. “I beg to differ, and may I say, Jim, that I was never playing.”

“Indeed,” Kirk said.  “Nor was I.  But things have escalated and I’m no longer interested in being fair.  Especially knowing that you aren’t.”

“That is quite hypocritical, sir.  I do believe you said to me that you inserted your finger into something hot.  I knew exactly what you were referring to.  You are not playing fair either.  You must realize, Captain, that this has been serious from the beginning.  Lieutenant Uhura is conflicted as to which of us she will choose.  I am merely going to make her choose me.”

“Bullshit you are.  I’ll be damned if you get that chance.”

Spock tilted his head and raised his eyebrow.  “What makes you think that I have not already done so?”

Kirk glared at him.  “That’s fine.  That’s okay.  You do what you have to do and so will I.  May the best man win.”

“Agreed, Captain.”

*        *        *
Uhura was in the shower and only water would do.  Sonic showers were insufficient in cooling her off.  She could not believe that she had allowed Spock to…that he had actually done that in the communications lab, right there on her console.  How close she had been to letting him make love to her?  If she had not stopped him, he would not have stopped.  The images, the memory, the feel of his heat against her…How would she ever be able to sit at her station again without thinking about that?  How could she even face Kirk after letting Spock have her like that?  Uhura would do well to resign her post and return to the bowels of the ship if she was going to try to keep away from Spock.  She had the feeling, however, that he would find her no matter where she went.

But she felt the same way last night after dinner with the captain.  She thought that she couldn’t look at Spock after she had allowed Kirk to get his hands under her dress and get her off like that.  How easy it would have been for the captain to pick her up, sit her on the table and devour her like he wanted to.  Like she had wanted him to.  She almost wished she had left it up to him.

Teasing them had been a very bad idea, but it had been her decision to do it.  She got out of the shower and wrapped herself in her robe.  Then she lay on her bed.  It was up to her what to do next and she knew what it had to be.  She was going to have to choose, and soon.  Otherwise, her mandate of not having sex with either man was out of the window and she was going to sleep with either of them or both of them.  If there was a next “date” with either man, and there was no reason to think it wouldn’t be, she knew she was going to let the wall come tumbling down.  It was all a matter of which man got to her first.  There was no way her defenses were strong enough to resist Spock or Kirk’s raw power and sensuality.  There was no way she was strong enough.  There was just no way.  But she couldn’t choose…it was too hard.  How would she survive this?

There was only one thing to do.

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