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I don't own anything Star Wars, Star Trek, The Dark Knight Rises, The Fantastic Four, or Ninja Assassin. Characters you don't recognize belong exclusively to me. I tend to pair male protagonists with women of color, specifically black women. If this poses a problem with your ability to suspend disbelief, then this fanfic blog isn't for you. Otherwise, do enjoy.


Why This Blog Exists

Ankhesen is always on me about continuously writing fanfiction to grow my fanbase.  I find it difficult to argue with her because she has not yet been wrong about such things.  I'm currently not writing any new fanfics, but I will be reposting my existing fics on this blog.  If I can find my older works, I'll put them here as well.  

My fanfics are for mature (18+) audiences due to sex, language, and adult situations.  You've been warned.  Anything related to Sheila & K'avir can be found on the Shorties blog.  You can find the link to the left.

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