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Playing Pool With Planets

Fandom: The Fantastic Four (2015)
Pairing: Victor/Female OC
Rating: NC-17
Timeframe: Just before Victor arrives at the Baxter Building
Disclaimer: Victor ain’t mine, but Nedra is.
Summary: When Johnny injures himself in a car accident, Dr. Storm sends his top scientist and former Marine Nedra Nix to recruit Victor von Doom in his place. Debauchery ensues.

Dedicated to:  All the Dilettantes who’ve been patiently waiting for a new smutfic or sleazy shortie from pinkelegance.  It’s been four years.  Hope you like it.

A/N:  This sexy story was inspired by the hotness that is Mr. Toby Kebbells.  Fan4stic didn’t do him justice.  Lord knows I certainly want to, and then some.

I: Manchild to the Promised Land

Franklin told her he was going to be tedious, which Nedra interpreted as dickish.  She was more familiar with Victor than he was with her.  She remembered when he was at the Baxter building working on the matter transporter; a project he’d devoted ten years of his life to.  He was unstable, but Nedra knew that was the other side of the genius coin.

She knew he wouldn’t remember her.  Nedra had a way of blending into the background at Baxter; women like her were never revered for their skill sets, but women like her were the reason everyone else was able to do the things that they did.  Franklin Storm trusted her completely.  He had tried many times to bring Victor back into the fold, in spite of his criminal act, but Victor showed no interest except to ask if Sue would be there.  Nedra knew this; knew Sue was Victor’s weak spot (not weak enough if he hadn’t bothered to leave the comfort of his shithole apartment to see her again) but she also knew something that Victor didn’t.

Dr. Nedra Nix
She adjusted her black USMC cap and looked up into the security cameras while ringing the bell.

“Dr. von Doom, it’s Nedra Nix from the Baxter Building.  I’m here on orders from Dr. Franklin Storm.  May I please speak with you?”

Franklin told her that Victor never bothered to let him in, so she expected the same treatment…especially since he didn’t really know her.  But to her surprise, she got a response.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Dr. Nedra Nix.  I’m a physical chemist and I work for Dr. Storm.  He sent me here to convince you to return to Baxter because there’s been a new development in your project.”

Dr. Victor von Doom

Maybe he was bored, or curious.  She heard the locks unlatch and the door opened.  Nedra walked in and took a flight of stairs, noticing how dusty everything was.  She frowned.  She hated filth and prepared herself to enter a dirty-ass apartment.  Franklin told her that Victor had been a shut-in for the past three years by choice when things went south at the facility.  After he set fire to Franklin’s data servers.  Victor should have gone to jail, but Franklin spared him.

The door at the top of the stairs opened and she walked into a dark, sparse room.  Darkness didn’t bother Nedra; it was comforting.  She did her best work at night, in low light.  Victor sat at the other end of the room, in front of a table that had at least five monitors sitting on it.  The room was dusty and there was an open box of Chinese food from Yang’s sitting on the tabletop.  Victor had his feet propped up on one end.  The door behind her closed and locked and she turned to look at it.  She was locked in with this nut, but that was ok.  She might have been in a fucked-up part of town, but that didn’t mean she was afraid.

“Dr. von Doom—“

“Call me Victor.  And I’ll call you—Nedra, is it?”

“It is.”

“What do you want?”

“I believe I was very clear before.”

“Why did Franklin send you?”

“Family issues.  He sent me because I get things done.  I’m here to convince you to come back.  There’s been a development.  Franklin found a young scientist who is the missing link in your research.  Apparently this kid was actually able to make the matter shuttle work.”

“Bullshit.  Did he steal my design?”

“You’d know that better than me, Victor.”

“Come closer.  I can barely see you.”

“Maybe if you turned on some lights…?”

Victor sat up and turned to face her.  His hair and beard were unkempt and he was wearing a tiny glass monitor over one eye.

“Playing video games, are we?”  Nedra asked as she walked towards him.  He looked like twice-baked shit.  The Victor she remembered had been a caustic cutie not afraid to flip off the higher-ups; a trait she secretly admired.

“Maybe.”  Victor hit a key on one of the keyboards and the room illuminated a little.  Nedra found herself under scrutiny.  She remained still, one hand casually covering the holster on her right side.

“I have seen you before,” he said.  He didn’t know her name, but he had seen her around Baxter.  Truthfully, she was hard not to see.

“Doubtful.  I’m good at staying out of the way of you good people.  But anyway, back to the topic at hand.  I’m here to get you back to Baxter.  Will you come with me?”

“What’s in it for me?”

“Don’t you want to see this kid’s take on your research?”

“Not particularly.”

“Franklin says it works.”

“Doubtful.  I spent ten years working on that project and you’re going to casually stroll in here and tell me some young upstart was able to do what I couldn’t?” He snorted.

“I just did.”  Nedra shifted slightly, her hand still covering her holster.  Victor stared at her.

“Are you carrying a gun?”

“You don’t live in the savory part of town, so yes.”

“I’m going to need you to divest yourself of your weapon.”

“Only if it means you’ll come with me.”

He got out of his chair and came around the table while tossing the game monocle on the table.  Nedra was about six feet from him and did not move a muscle.  She wasn’t afraid of him.  But damn, he looked like hell warmed over a dozen times.

“Are you saying that you won’t leave here without me?”

“I get things done.  Franklin sent me because that’s one of my many gifts.”

“Do tell.  What are some others?”

She sighed.  He wanted to play games.  "I'm a card shark and a pool hustler. I’m good with a knife and even better with a rifle.”

“Your attire suggests that you’re an ex-Marine.”

“Former Marine.  And don’t let this pretty face fool you.  I can fuck you up at least six different ways, so watch yourself.”

He looked amused.  “Is that right?”

Nedra didn’t smile back.  “It would be your good fortune never to find that out, Victor.  I’m an ace markswoman, a fierce chemist, and a bad-ass bitch with a blade.”

Victor looked her over carefully, stiffening.  “You say that like it’s supposed to scare me, but actually my dick’s getting hard.”

Nedra rolled her eyes.  “I doubt that.”

“You come on over and you can find out for yourself.”

When she didn’t take the bait, he said, “So Franklin sent you and you have to convince me to come with you back to a place I loathe with the exception of one person.”

“Sue.  Yeah.  You were totally wrong about her, though.”  He’d foolishly shown his hand and she was going to make him regret it.

That got his attention.  “Explain that.”

Nedra fingered the brim of her cap.  “You were into her.  She wasn’t into you.  You never had a good read on her; you saw what you wanted.  Sue’s like me; she’s about her business.  You saw…wife material, I guess, with your Simple Simon ass." Nedra rolled her eyes.  "She meant more to you than you did to her.”

Nedra was calm as she said this but her words had an effect.  Victor took two steps toward her—he was taller than she remembered—and she shook her head.  “You mean you couldn’t tell?  For fuck’s sake, you called her Susan when she preferred to be called Sue.  Like it didn’t matter what she wanted.  Dead ass wrong about her, Victor.  Dead ass wrong. ”

The look on his face was dangerous, but Nedra wasn’t scared.  She kept her hand on her Glock and didn’t move a muscle.  “You’re too smart to be dumb around women, Victor.  Sue Storm is a dead end.  So if she was your deal breaker, then deal with it so we can move on.  Can we get back to the business at hand?  You look like hell.  Clean yourself up before you come anywhere with me.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.  Fuck off.”

“That’d be a nah,” Nedra said, her hand steady.  If it came to it, she would shoot him in the leg and drag him to Baxter.

“Remove your weapon and maybe I’ll consider considering it.”

Nedra rolled her eyes again and unsnapped her holster.  She removed her gun, extricated the clip and popped the chamber, catching the bullet with one hand.  She slid the clip into her back pocket, the bullet into a front pocket and carefully put the Glock on the floor.  “Start considering because I don’t have all night.  I got other places I need to be.”

Victor’s dark eyes moved over Nedra; not in a slimy way, but more like he was collecting data.  She wore a motorcycle jacket and a snug black T-shirt that said “Semper Fi ‘Til I Die” and even more snug jeans held in place with a black belt and a USMC buckle.  Her black boots were comparatively stylish.  She wasn’t a bad looking woman; in fact, she was far more than that. 

“Let’s face it.  I have no interest in returning to that place and I don’t give a fuck that some little snotnose wunderkind supposedly beat me at my own game.  I highly doubt it, in fact.  You’re going home empty-handed, Marine.”

Nedra rolled her eyes once more.  He had not noticed the other weapon on her left hip.  She wondered about using that pile of hair on his head as target practice.  “I’m not leaving here without you, Victor.  Franklin trusts me and I will not have that trust misplaced.  Don’t you want to get out of this shithole?  Look at this place!  You’ve been out of the game for the better part of three years.”

“I’m perfectly happy in my shithole.  You came to me, and you’re not doing a good job of convincing me that I should come with you.”

Nedra changed tactics.  “I do my job; I get things done.  Franklin wants you back, so you’re coming back.  One way or another.”

“Is that a threat?”

“I don’t make threats.  But I can and will drag your scummy ass out of this building if that’s what it takes.  I told you; don’t let this pretty face fool you.”

Victor smiled to himself.  He had absolutely nothing to lose and this woman basically just walked into his house making demands.  He decided to go for broke.  He had not left his house in three years, and it was interesting engaging in banter with a real live person and not some internet troll.  Especially when it was a woman like Nedra.  Those jeans left little to the imagination.  She was the best looking woman he’d seen in years and he was hard up.

“You’re locked in here with me, so you’re not dragging my scummy ass anywhere…though it would be delightful to see you try.  Is that another gun?”

Nedra rolled her eyes again and waved her hand as if what he said was inconsequential.  “Locked doors aren’t a problem for me, Victor.  Come on, let’s make this easy for both of us.  You don’t have to stay, but you do have to go.”

“Answer the question, Marine.  Is that another gun?”

“Nedra is my name.  Or Dr. Nix if you prefer.  And no, it is not a gun.” She casually pulled her Bowie knife from its sheath and tossed it into the air, catching it by the handle.  “It’s a blade.  I never go anyplace like this unstrapped.”  Then she stuck it back in the sheath and gave him a sultry ‘come hither’ look.

Victor didn’t realize until this very second that he had a serious thing for women who were armed.  A gun, a knife…what other weapon did she have hidden among her person?  He wanted to disarm her, in more ways than one.

“What are you willing to do to make me come with you?”

Nedra looked at him evenly.  “Whatever’s required.”

“For Franklin.”

“For Franklin.  Semper Fi, motherfucker.  Do you understand it?”

“Quite well, in fact.  So you’ll do whatever it takes to stay in Franklin’s good graces and get a pat on the head and a cookie for delivering me unto him.”

“Whatever floats your boat, sweet thing.  Can we move it along?”  She had a date later on that night and she was starting to get a little pressed with Victor.  He could sense it and decided to up the ante.

“So a fuck isn’t out of the question, then?”

Nedra looked at him and cocked her head to the side as if she didn’t understand.  “What did you say?”

“Oh I think you heard me, Marine,” he replied.

“Did you just ask me to fuck?”

“You said you’d do whatever’s required to get me out of my shithole.  I’ve been in here—quite willingly—for three years.  Porn gets old quick.  I’m bored with virtual women.  I could go for some fresh pussy right now.  You said that you could fuck me up six different ways, so why don’t you just fuck me six different ways?  You give me some of that,” he pointed his chin in her direction, “and I’ll follow your fine ass anywhere.  Including the Baxter.”

Nedra had heard far cruder propositions, but this one caught her from the left.  “You want to fuck me?  You’re serious? ”

“Aren’t you?  About your job; getting things done…being loyal to Franklin?  And hell yes, I want to fuck you.  I’m not blind.”

Nedra looked to the left, then to the right.  She’d call his bluff.  There was no way he was serious.  This was just a game.  Like pool, her favorite.  He was bluffing but she was far better at it.  “Not that you can handle this particular flavor of pussy, Victor, but sure…whatever.  One condition.”

“What?”  That she was even considering it was surprising.  For him it was a shot in the dark, but it apparently hit its target.

“You look like shit.  You probably smell like it.  I’m not fucking you until you take a shower.”

He clapped right back, faster than she expected.  “Take one with me.  So that I’m clean enough for your estimable standards.”

“Your bathroom isn’t clean enough for me to get in, if the rest of your apartment is any indication.”

“You won’t know unless you look.”  Victor waved his hand in the direction of a door off to one side.  “Lead.  I’ll follow.”

Nedra kept her hand over her knife as she walked past Victor, giving him a wide berth.  He followed her and shamelessly ate up the sight of her.  He was already hard.  It had been a long time since he’d used anything other than his hand to get off.  Then suddenly, a hot woman showed up at his door and agreed to have sex with him.  What heterosexual man wouldn’t be turgid?

Her ass was a monument to greatness and she walked like she knew what she carried between her thighs was the stuff of legend.  If this thing actually happened, Victor planned to have his hands all over the one and his face all up in the other…at minimum.

“What was your rank in the Corps?” he asked, to distract himself from his lust.  It didn’t work.  Nedra was a stunner.  How had a woman as fine as she was remained hidden in the mostly-male dominated Baxter building?  Some man had her on lockdown. 
Briefly he wondered if it was Franklin, but immediately discarded the thought.  No way Franklin Storm was fucking the woman in front of him.  No way in hell could he handle a nuke like Nedra.  No way he was her dude.  Not that Victor gave a damn about those insignificant details.  He didn’t care who Nedra else was fucking, but tonight it was going to be him.

“Master Sergeant.”  She grabbed the doorknob and hesitated.  “This your bathroom?”

“Bedroom.  You may as well check it out too, since that’s where I’m going to have my way with you.  Also my bathroom’s in there.”

She paused and looked up in the air.  “I’m not fucking you while you’re dirty OR in a dirty ass bed.  You should have considered that.  I’m not lowering my standards that much.  And you talk a lot of shit.”

“And you talk too much.  Open the fucking door.”

Nedra opened the door and was surprised to see a sparse, neat bedroom.  The bed, a king, looked expensive.  There was a giant TV on the wall across from it, a dresser, a table, and a recliner.  That was it.

“Bathroom’s in the corner, Marine,” Victor ordered, nudging her a little bit.

“Stop calling me that, Criminal,” she sassed.  “You should be in jail with that stunt you pulled.”

“Ah, we’ve regressed to name calling.  How utterly prosaic.  But you can call me anything you like once you’ve got those legs around my head and that ass in my face.”

Nedra strolled across the bedroom quickly and closed her eyes as she turned the bathroom door handle.  “You ever been with a black woman before, Victor?”

“You ever been with a white man before, Nedra?”

“Yes, and he had a little dick and couldn’t fuck.  I don’t expect the trend to change.”  She opened the bathroom door and found it clean and neater than the bedroom.  She stopped short in the doorway, actually surprised.

“What?” he said, as he tried to think of a clapback to her last dig.

“How is it that your bedroom and bathroom are clean, but that room out there looks like it hasn’t seen the business end of a vacuum in a decade?  You look like a millennial rendition of Grizzly Fucking Adams.  Your hair looks like a dirty-ass mop and your beard is a scuzzy-ass mess but you’ve got a barber kit next to the sink?  What gives?”

“The internet doesn’t give a shit how I look.”  He carefully took her by the elbow and turned her sideways so he could slide through.  Victor brushed against her, looking down into her eyes and wondering if what he saw in hers matched what she saw in his.  The brush-against was deliberate; she was soft yet firm and he wasn’t going to bother hiding his desire.  She was so fucking hot.

“Pity,” she said, wondering when she’d call his bluff…or when he’d call hers.  She casually ignored his obvious erection when he passed by her other than to note that it didn’t feel little.

Victor turned on the shower.  “How do you like your water?”

“Just shy of boiling.  You?”

“Tepid.  I’ll find a happy medium so that we’re both satisfied. What do you say, Marine?

“My name is Nedra, if you don’t mind.”

Victor ran his hand back and forth under the water.  He had one of those rainfall fixtures, something Nedra desperately wanted in her own bathroom and she couldn’t help but bite her lip and swallow as the water fell.  As she was lusting after the showerhead, Victor leaned against his sink and raised one eyebrow.

She looked at him.  “What?”

He waved his hand in her direction.  “Take off your clothes. Ladies first.”  He was itching to see what she looked like naked.

Nedra cocked her head to the side and looked at Victor like he had kicked her dog.  “I don’t know you like that, boy! You get naked first!”

“What’s that slogan you Marines use?  First to Fight?  So be it.  You said whatever’s required and I require that you strip for me.”

Nedra realized at that moment that the opportunities for either of them to call one another’s bluff were shrinking and that she might very well end up fucking this dude.  This was seriously going to interfere with her real date…someone she knew could actually satisfy her sexually.

Fuck,’ she thought.  Then she eyed Victor carefully.  “Same time, then.  Same time.  I don’t know you, so same time.”

“Fair enough,” he said, and began removing his clothes.  Nedra did as well, taking care to fold her items and lay them on the toilet seat as she removed them.  Victor had no such habits; he merely tossed everything out into the bedroom as it came off.  He was slender.  Nedra sighed dramatically; he wasn’t going to be strong enough if that was the case.

She had to perch each foot on the side of the toilet to remove her leather boots and socks.  Then she shimmied out of her Levi’s, revealing plum-colored lingerie.  The last item she removed was the elastic that held her bun in place.  Her curly hair sprung loose and wild.  She looked at herself in the mirror, thinking that her hair wouldn’t be in too bad of a condition once the five minutes were up, because this quickie wouldn’t take longer than that.  She fluffed it out, oblivious to her captured audience.

Victor couldn’t stop staring at her.  The lingerie—real live lingerie on a real live woman—was a bonus.  It was lacy and sheer and did nothing to hide her areolae or the thatch of neatly shaved hair between her thighs.  She had a scar on her belly, one on one hip, and another on one arm.  He wondered if they were battle scars.  They did not detract from her beauty one iota.  His dick was harder than diamonds, adamantium, vibranium…

Jesus, her ass, her legs, her face…her entire body.  Victor was going to fuck the shit out of Nedra.  What a coup that she’d landed in his lap on today of all days!  The best thing he’d had planned before her untimely arrival was Call of Duty, Beethoven, and dumplings from Yang’s.

Nedra couldn’t resist another dig, even a lighthearted one.  She turned to face him and smiled  “See something you like, hermit?”

Victor’s tone was deadly serious.  “I see something I want, Marine.  And hurry up before the water gets cold.  Unless, of course, you’re giving me the pleasure of getting you out of those sexy-ass panties.”

Nedra rolled her eyes and unsnapped her bra, which blessedly was a front-snap.  She slid it off and put it on top of her folded clothes.  Then she carefully removed her panties and did the same.  Victor reached past her, grabbed them and put them to his face before inhaling deeply.  Nedra stared at him as her nipples tightened up.  This was the moment when they both realized that neither of them was going to call the other’s bluff.  There was no turning back.  They were actually going to fuck.

“Been a while, eh?” she queried.

He didn’t respond other than to look at her intently while sniffing her panties once more.  Nedra turned away from him with a quiet “Alrighty then,” and opened the shower door.  Steam billowed out as she stepped inside, avoiding the spray so her hair wouldn’t get wet.  Victor needed the bath, not her. 

He got in behind her and closed the door.  The shower was spacious and had a corner seat.  Nedra was sitting down on it, legs crossed, smiling at the man before her.  “So?”

“So what?”

“Why are we in here?  Take a bath.  Wash up.  You want a trip to the Promised Land; the price of admission is a clean dick.  A clean big dick, preferably.”

“Promised Land, eh?  What does it promise?”

Nedra smiled, thinking about something her past lovers used to say, and something that her current boyfriend consistently said, “That it’s the best you’re ever going to have and you’ll get addicted.”

Now it was time for Victor to roll his eyes.  “And you say I talk shit.”

“Oh baby, believe me…I can back it up.”  Exes still called sometimes, but they were exes for a reason.  “So go on.  Wash up.  Lather up real good and wash that skinny ass you got so we can move on in life.”

“Better idea.  Why don’t you give me a bath?  Just to make sure my dick’s clean enough for the journey to the Promised Land.  I don't want you reneging on me.”

Nedra looked at the bars of soap he had available; none to her liking.  Then she shrugged and stood up.  She wasn’t the one who needed a bath and grabbed the first one and began to lather her hands under the rain spray.  Victor noticed that she was careful not to get her hair wet and he smiled to himself.  In a little while it wouldn’t matter and she wouldn’t care, either.  She pushed Victor forward so that he was underneath the rainfall.  He stared at her as she placed her lathered her hands on his chest and began to bathe him.  He stood there, watching carefully as she soaped his torso and arms.  She did his hands separately, applying massage-style techniques to his palms and fingers.  Nedra noted that his nails were perfectly trimmed, which didn’t jibe with the whole hobo vibe he had going on in the front room.

Victor’s eyes were closed.  He was so aroused that he was leaking.  Nedra’s hands were instruments of intense pleasure and he didn’t object when she bypassed his groin to wash his legs and feet.  Nedra moved her fingers over his body slowly, carefully, deliberate in her movements.  He watched the top of her head as she moved down each leg and back up, barking out an order of her own: “Turn around.”

He did and was treated to a sublime pleasure of having his legs and thighs massaged in lather and the pressure did not decrease as she soaped his ass.

“Nice ass,” Nedra said.  It was, at any rate.  She moved closer to wash his back and couldn’t help feeling wicked about the whole thing.  No longer mindful of her hair, she ran her hands over the muscles of Victor’s back and shoulders before pressing against him and using her breasts to make slow circles over his skin.

Fuck,” he choked out.  “What the hell did you just do?  Do it again…”

Nedra upped the ante by putting her hands on his waist and moving her chest up and down and back and forth.  Her nipples grazed him in all directions and she heard his breathing quicken.

“Were those your tits?”  He sounded out of breath.  “Do that again, baby.  Fuck, do that shit again.”

Nedra came around and stared into his eyes as her hands closed around his erection.  She closed her eyes, gauging the size and thickness.  Victor did as well, knowing that in about ten seconds, he was going to come in her hand.  Nedra stroked him slowly, pressing her breasts against his chest and moved in such a way that her nipples scraped him as she caressed his dick.  Victor was so hard for her that the merest touch of her hand would make him skeet.

Victor’s head tipped back and he moaned.  When his head was clear, he was going to fuck the shit out of this woman.  All she’d done was take the edge off; handle the pesky situation of a quickie without it being such.  When he climaxed, a raw sound escaped his throat that neither of them could describe.

Nedra let the water rinse the foam off her hands and she reached behind him and grabbed the shampoo.  Without a word, she squirted a dollop in her hands and met his eyes, which were wild with need.

“Dip your head,” she said and he quietly obeyed as she washed his hair.  He closed his eyes as her fingernails gently scraped his scalp in slow, seductive sweeps.  Victor put his hands on Nedra’s breasts and blindly thumbed her nipples, wanting nothing more than for her to continue scratching his head as he latched on to one and sucked his way into that gentle goodnight.  He could have gone on like that for hours.

Nedra maneuvered him under the showerhead and water sluiced over him, rinsing him and washing the soap down the drain.  He tilted his head back to get the lather out of his hair and face, not seeing her drop to her knees.  She wanted to give him some head and his penis was almost perfect.  Almost.  Her boyfriend had a better one.  Her quip about dating a white man with a little dick was true, but it was a distant memory as she gazed at Victor’s erection.

‘Not the case here,’ she thought.  ‘Dear God, I hope he knows what to do with it.’  A grin split her face.  But I do.’

She took him in her mouth and closed her eyes. There was nothing, absolutely nothing like the feel of a hard dick.  She liked sucking dick; had been doing so since she was 15.  Her skills were considerable and it was as obvious as the erection between her lips that the man it belonged to appreciated said skills.  Victor grabbed handfuls of Nedra’s hair.  He moaned sharply, legs weakening, as he did not yet have it all the way in him to last longer than a minute.  Nedra bobbed her head and sucked slowly. 

“Nedra…damn it, Nedra….”

Nedra smiled around a mouthful of dick.  It wasn’t going to take long to wrap this up.

Victor pulled her hair and she winced but didn’t stop until he came.  He slid down the shower wall, limp and exhausted.  He stared at her through the rain of warm water.  She was grinning at him while licking her lips.  Nedra had a talented, talented mouth and Victor was determined to make her use it again before she left.  Nedra smiled sweetly as she helped him to his feet and rinsed her mouth.  She turned off the shower, satisfied.  “I think we’re done here.”

Those words got Victor all the way together.

“Fuck if we are,” he said, turning the water back on.  “You said I could have a trip to the Promised Land and damn it if I don’t plan to go.  After that blowjob, I got my bags packed.”  He put his arms around her and lifted her easily.  He took two steps and pushed her up against the bench.

“Victor, really…” she began, but he grabbed one leg and perched it on the seat and moved one hand between her thighs and before she could utter another word, he slipped two fingers inside of her and simultaneously groaned and closed his eyes.  It had been a long, long time since he’d had his fingers in such a place.

Shit,” he whispered.  It was another moment before he could form a sentence.  I have to know what it feels like…”

It was another moment before she could respond, but it wasn’t words.  Somewhere during their snarky banter, she’d gotten ridiculously aroused and the fingers he inserted were nice and slick and coiled around her natural curve, pressing gently into her G while his thumb made slow circles around her C.  Nedra was outside of herself, startled that he found his way to the Promised Land so fast without her help that she didn’t hear him talking at first.

“She’s a pretty little pussycat, isn’t she?” he teased as he continued to finger her.  “She’s soft and warm and ummmm...”


Victor’s eyes were closed as he slid his fingers slowly back and forth.  “So soft, so hot…so wet…Nedra…”

She was staring down at this man, on his knees, fingers inside her, his attention completely on the task at hand.  Victor…”

He opened his eyes and looked up at her like a man possessed.  His fingers continued to slide and press gently, driving her slowly insane.  “Your clit pokes up between your lips, like she’s winking at me.  Inviting me in.  I’m going to enjoy kissing her.”

Nedra hadn’t expected this brash show of confidence and skill at all and put her hand over her mouth to mute her response.  He grabbed her hand and pressed it against the wall, linking her fingers.

“No, no, no,” he said, wiggling his fingers back and forth.  She was wetter than the water from the shower and he was suddenly greedy.  “I want it all, including the sounds.  Give me your finest efforts, Marine.  Scream for me, come for me,” he said in a low, seductive voice.

“Stop with that,” she tried to say but it all came out in a series of moans.  And to her chagrin, it didn’t take him long to figure her out.  She came all over his hand and squeezed her eyes shut as he chuckled.  “Am I not the only one for whom it’s been a while?”

“You’re a dick,” she was able to say after a few minutes. 

“And I’m going to use it on you,” he responded softly, shifting quickly so that she was now sitting on the seat.  He grabbed her thighs and put them over his shoulders.  “You feel so good.  I bet you taste even better.”

“You get down like that?” Nedra asked, side-eyeing him.

“I want to get down like that with you,” he replied.  Victor wanted to shove his face between her thighs and gobble her like a starving refugee.  His fingers were still wet from earlier and a quick suck on the middle one was enough to drive him just a tad past mad.  Licking her was now of the utmost importance.  Promised Land, indeed.

Nedra wanted to stop him; not because she didn’t want it but because she didn’t trust him to do it right.  There were some men out there who, for the record, liked giving head but didn’t know how to do it properly.  This was a topic of conversation whenever she got together with her girlfriends for a good old-fashioned sex gabfest.  Victor hadn’t been with a woman in at least three years and she didn’t think it was possible to be able to eat pussy without an actual pussy present.  If he had skills, he hadn’t been practicing them.  Either way, she didn’t trust him to handle her correctly…but that worry soon went the way of the dodo because in moments, her hands held double handfuls of his hair and she was grinding against his face, dripping, soaking wet.

Damn it,” she moaned.  Victor…”

He paused in his obvious enjoyment and said, “You have the fattest, glossiest lips I’ve ever seen and I’ve watched a metric ton of porn.  No comparison, Nedra. I’m going to rub my face all up in your pussy and you’re going to like it.  Help me out.  Part those pretty fat lips for me.”

The way he said her name and what he commanded her to do! ‘What the actual fuck?’ flew through her mind as her fingers obeyed.

He looked up at her and said, “Lock your legs around my head.  I’m going to lick you first then stick my tongue in your hot little—”

Nedra interrupted. “Where and when in the hell did you learn how to do this?  You’ve been a fucking shut-in…how have you been able to keep up these skills?”  He hadn’t left the house in years, but for all she knew he could have paid escorts to come service him. 

“I’m a shut-in, not a corpse.  And what makes you think that my sex game was ever off?  Now do as I say or I’ll spank that pretty round ass.  I bet you’d like that.”

Nedra grabbed his hair again, veed her fingers and crossed her legs around his head, wondering if he would anyway.  This was turning out to be a delightful assignment, but Franklin could never know that she’d used her most lethal weapon on the volatile Victor—who had actually just licked the entire length of her vagina up and then down, using the back of his tongue for maximum effect before deliberately shoving his tongue in, just like he’d said he do.  She was a wet, juicy, liquidy mess.

He was tongue-fucking her and she couldn’t help it.  “Dear sweet black baby Jesus, Father Almighty, Ra, and the great Cthulhu…do that again!”

Victor’s cheeks and lips glistened with his efforts and he smiled.  “You like that shit, don’t you, Marine? I bet your boyfriend doesn’t eat you out like this.”  He couldn’t help teasing her.  He couldn’t stop licking her.

“You don’t follow orders well, do you, hermit? I said do it again!  Cause clearly, you like it too!”

“I do like it,” he said.

“Then finish it!!!”

He casually obeyed and this time quit fucking around with the banter.  Nedra’s head lolled to one side and she squeezed her thighs, crushing Victor’s head.  It clearly excited him and a muffled, “Fuck yes!” escaped him.

No, Franklin could not know that she had fucked the recruit and then all rational thought left her when he gently sucked on her clitoris and she climaxed.  She tugged his hair hard enough to make him say, “OW!” and her legs limply slid off his shoulders.  He pulled her to her feet and made a deliberate show of sucking his fingers and licking his lips.  “You taste like cherries.  I fucking love, love, love cherries…”

“Is that right,” Nedra said.  “Good to know.  My boyfriend thinks I taste like honeyed peaches.”

“Then he’s a weak-ass fuckboy who doesn’t know his fruit.”  Victor turned off the shower and got out, handing Nedra a towel.  He typically air-dried.

It hadn’t been his immediate intention to come at her the way he had once they got in the shower, but he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off her the moment she came out of those pretty panties.  Once he’d gotten a whiff of them, it became the most important thing in the universe to know (1) what she felt like and (2) what she tasted like.  He became a man possessed and she did not disappoint.  Cherries…sweet, sweet cherries that were so ripe that they burst in the mouth the moment they touched the tongue.  He didn’t think he would last ten seconds once he slipped inside of her and she was going to make sure he was good and embarrassed by it.

Victor wasn’t going to allow her to leave without eating her out again.  He wasn’t going to allow her to leave until he had her in every way he wanted to have her.  He wasn’t going to let her leave until she had enjoyed him in every way that was pleasurable to her.  He wasn’t going to allow her to leave until they were both completely sated.  That much he did know.  Nedra had willingly come to him, refused to leave, and agreed to have sex with him and he was going to take full advantage of that fact.  He bet it was something she’d never tell her beloved Franklin about.  Or her wack-ass boyfriend.

Nedra made an attempt to towel-dry her hair and gave up after a minute.  She dried her body and looked over at Victor, smiling.  “That was nice.  But seriously, we’re done here.”

Victor stared at her as if he’d been hit with a cattle prod.  “Fuck if we are,” he said.  “You said you were willing to do whatever’s required to get me back to a place I don’t want to go to, correct, Marine?”

She sighed.  “Yes.  And use my name, please.”

“Then you have not accomplished your task, Nedra.  I still have no interest in going to the Baxter building, so we’re not done here.  Not even close.  Where I want to go is to the Promised Land.  And if I recall correctly, you said six.  That was one, and you still owe me five.  Five trips.  I hope your sexy ass is up for the journey.”

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