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What You Owe Me (4)

4.  Blueprints for Happily Ever After

A/N:  Slash alert.

The Enterprise finally arrived at Starbase 112 a few days later.  Kirk and Spock spent that time working, studying, briefing, talking and preventing chaos from breaking out all over the ship.  There were too many plans to be made and circumstances to be considered to do anything non ship-related.

Kirk was in conference room three with Spock, having conversations with the soon-to-be parents.  He was checking them off on a PADD, noting specific accommodations he would have to make regarding each pair.  So far, he knew that he was going to have to officiate a wedding.  Lieutenants Dana Hannity and Parker Morrow were going to be married and wanted to do it before Dana started showing.  They were going to keep their child and were willing to sign the waiver to remain on the Enterprise.  His conversation with Parker reminded him of the very important issue of tandem—or joint—assignments.

This was what Kirk needed to talk about with Spock and Nyota.  Committed couples (or in their case, a triad) were not guaranteed to have the same assignments unless they were married.  It was easier for Starfleet if there was a legitimate formal relationship in place between two (or three) people to award tandem assignments.  In other words, if they wanted to stay together, they had to get married, bonded, or something official.  But the craziness of the Screaming Mommies and Shocked Daddies was overwhelming and he simply had not had the time to mention it. 

In Parker’s case, he wanted to ensure that he and Dana weren’t assigned to different starships during the next rotation.

Charlene and Scotty were going to keep their child and raise it together.  They weren’t going to get married.  They were nothing more than good friends.  Scotty insisted that Charlene be given his quarters because she would need the space.  Kirk shook his head and told them that he’d have them move into family quarters that were designed for such an arrangement.  He had a feeling that Charlene and Scotty would not be the only ones making such a decision.

Koko Yubari and Marcy Quinn were having abortions as soon as the starship docked at the base.  McCoy was overly paranoid about doing any non-essential medical procedures after discovering the computer error that caused the problem in the first place.  He wasn’t about to trust the equipment in Medical to that particular procedure.  Glynis Davis wasn’t sure if she wanted to have an abortion, but she had a few more weeks before she had to make a decision.   Janice Rand decided to keep hers and Sulu’s baby.  To the helmsman’s credit, he owned up to the responsibility to both Janice and Barbara Jean, even though it had yet to be determined if he was the father of Barbara Jean’s child.  The other potential father was vehemently denying paternity. 

Rumors began to spread that Barbara Jean wasn’t pregnant by either man; rather she too, got knocked up on shore leave by some random guy and was using her dalliance with Sulu and Lt. Timmons as cover.  Nyota told Kirk and Spock in private that she was sure Koko spread the rumor and that it might not be a rumor at all.  Koko was known for gossip based in solid truth, but Sulu neither confirmed nor denied the possibility.  The helmsman was not about to put himself out there to be ridiculed again.  The catfight in the conference room was already legendary.

Kirk had yet to see Barbara Jean or Tina McElroy for their meetings, as they were constantly being rescheduled.  He didn’t argue; he was not up for another vituperative verbal assault from Sgt. McElroy or the sneaky lackadaisical attitude of Ms. Thornton.  Right now, he had his hands full with his navigator and his pregnant girlfriend.  Iliya’s face was pink with rage, as she’d just heard from Chekov that he was not ready to get married.

“I am not ready,” was all he said.

“Pavel, we have a child on the way!”

“I understand, Iliya.”  The navigator looked terrified.  “I will be a father, but I am not ready to be a husband.  A marriage should not be based on such things.”

Iliya was on the verge of angry tears.  “My father will not accept that, Pavel!  I will not!  How can I tell him that I am pregnant yet unmarried?  He will kill you.”

Apparently Chekov already knew it.  He sighed.  “It will be fine, Iliya.  I am not leaving our child.”  He tried to put an arm around her, but she pushed him away. 

Kirk noticed the emphasis on ‘our’ and began to doubt that the teenagers would stay together beyond the end of the week.

“Then marry me!”

Kirk sighed.  Spock, as always, remained impassive.

Chekov turned to Kirk, clearly pleading for help.  Kirk shrugged in a ‘What do you want me to do?’ expression.

“Iliya, can we talk about this later?”

“You can talk about this at your leisure,” Kirk interrupted.  He was tired and wanted the kids out of his conference room as soon as possible.  Spock’s presence was the only thing that kept him calm.   “I know what I need to know at this point.  You are having the baby and you will both have new assignments in family quarters when it is complete.”

“Aye, Captain,” Chekov said.

“Yes sir,” Iliya murmured.  Kirk sighed again.  The nineteen-year-old girl looked like she was ready to burst into tears.

“Dismissed,” Kirk said, putting his head in his hands.

The teenagers left.  Kirk sighed and then looked at Spock.  “What do you think?”

“I think that Ensign Vadasconovich is very upset.”

Kirk rolled his eyes.  “You think?”

“This is a complex predicament, Jim.  The women are behaving in a completely illogical manner.”

“Spock,” Kirk said, reaching to place a hand on his thigh, “these women are pregnant.  You are going to find that logic has very little to do with what’s about to take place on board this ship.  Their hormones are off-kilter and they are angry.  Most of them are, anyway.  Incidentally, we have to find time for me to marry Parker Morrow and Dana Hannity.”

Spock nodded.  “I understand.  Nyota will behave in a similar fashion.”

Kirk shrugged.  “I want her to have the easiest pregnancy possible, Spock.  I’m willing to give her whatever she wants.  I have a question for you, however.”

“What is it?”

“Do you want to get married?”

“It’s not necessary, Jim.  We are already bonded. I do not require legal recognition of our relationship. I said this to Nyota as well.”

“It’s necessary to us, Spock.”

“I was already made aware of that by Nyota.”

Kirk scooted closer to him.  “Will you do it for us?”

Spock looked at Kirk and covered his hand in a Vulcan kiss.  “I am agreeable to anything that pleases you and Nyota, Jim.  If that is what both of you want, then we will do it.”

Kirk smiled, relief in his blue eyes.  He leaned forward to kiss Spock, but the chime on the conference room door sounded and in walked McCoy and Tina, already yelling at each other.  Kirk quickly turned away from his lover and turned his attention to the ship’s physician and personnel officer, wishing he was back in his quarters with Spock and Nyota and out of this whole mess.


Nyota was dancing, using her pole as a support.  She held on to it as she twirled, reveling in the quiet freedom of the captain’s quarters.  It was good for stretching and the movement relaxed her and helped her to think.  McCoy cleared her for light exercise.  After her shift, she spent twenty minutes exercising and deep breathing before curling up in Kirk’s chair to think about everything. 

She closed her eyes and smiled as she drifted around her pole, one hand protectively covering her abdomen.  As always, whenever she got off duty, she changed into either Kirk or Spock’s T-shirts.  In spite of everything that she knew she was going to have to face, she was happy to be pregnant.  It was too late to be anything else but.  The good thing was that she wasn’t going through it alone.  She was blessed with two wonderful men who were willing to do and give her anything she wanted and needed and be with her every step of the way.  Also, there were other women who were pregnant too.  She was friends with most of them and they would bond over their impending motherhood.  It was a comforting thought to know she wouldn’t be the only one taking frequent restroom breaks and indulging wonky cravings like French Silk ice cream with dill pickle potato chips while on the bridge.

She refused to think about when she had to tell her mother everything.  That would come soon enough.  Instead, she concentrated on her movements; lifting and stretching her legs, working the kinks out of her back, relaxing her body after a tedious day at the communications console.  So caught up was she in her exercises that she did not see her men enter the suite.

Kirk watched her move around the pole, using it as a support.  He cocked his head to one side, a sensuous smile dancing over his lips.  She wasn’t doing anything more than using her pole for balance, and that was good.  He knew Nyota was far too sensible to try one of her spins.  Though he missed her erotic dancing, he was not about to approve of anything that put their child at risk.  Spock stood next to him, equally enthralled.  He held a paper sack.  She had been home for a few days and it was refreshing to see her comfortable enough to dance again.  He and Kirk missed it.

“You know,” Kirk said, taking the bag from Spock as he eyed Nyota’s long legs, “that’s what got us into this mess.”

She stopped and turned, a smile breaking her face.  “Jim!  Spock!  When did you come in?”

“A minute or two ago,” Kirk said, smiling back.  “You were so caught up in what you were doing that we didn’t want to disturb you.  It’s nice watching you dance again.”

She walked over to them and they hugged in their usual fashion.  She leaned back into Spock as Kirk kissed her eyebrow.  “Everything go all right?”

“Fairly well,” Kirk said.  “Chekov and Iliya…they’re gonna need major couples counseling.”

“Iliya is young,” Nyota said as she turned to receive Spock’s kiss.

“Delusional is more like it,” Kirk said, releasing her and shaking the bag.  Nyota looked at it.

“What’s that?”

“Jim insisted we stop by the commissary,” Spock said by way of explanation.

“Candy?” Nyota’s eyes lit up like a small child’s at Christmastime.

“Andorian jujubees,” he said, his blue eyes shining.  He loved the fact that Nyota had a candy fetish.  “And Ferengi Fire Puffs and Betazoid Butter Toffees.  Also, I found those Arcadian Choco-Pops you like.”

“Jim!” she shrieked, jumping into his arms.  “The commissary’s been out of the jujubees and choco-pops for weeks!”

“Well, they have restocked since we’ve been at the base.  I made sure to tell the store manager to order triple the amount of candy that she normally purchases.  I’ve got to keep my future wife and baby happy,” Kirk said, smiling as he held her.

“I love you,” Nyota said, kissing the side of his face.  “I love you, Jim!”

Spock stepped close enough to massage the small of her back.  “I do not approve of Jim purchasing all of those sugary confections for you, Nyota.  It is not part of an appropriate diet for you now.”

That comment got him an irritated glance and a wry twist of her lips.  “Spock…don’t even think about taking this candy from me.”

Kirk looked at Spock.  “I wouldn’t, Spock.  Let that go.”

“I do not understand.  That is too much sugar for her and the child.”  Spock raised an eyebrow.  Kirk smiled, knowing that he was overprotective of Nyota and the baby.

Nyota popped a couple of jujubees and relished the feel of the candy exploding in her mouth.  Kirk ate a couple and enjoyed the sugar rush.  He offered the bag to Spock, who eyed it suspiciously.

“You’re no fun now that we’re about to become fathers, you dingus.” Kirk said.  He offered Spock a fruity jujubee kiss.

Spock accepted both sweets and then said, “I am concerned for our child, Jim.  Gestational diabetes can occur if Nyota is not careful.”

“I will be careful, Spock.  Come on, give me some credit.  Now,” she said, leading them by the hands toward the bed, “tell me what else happened today.”

Kirk sat on the bed and removed his boots.  Spock sat next to him.  “Dr. McCoy sincerely hopes that Sgt. McElroy decides to keep their baby.”

Nyota shook her head as she knelt behind Spock and began to rub his shoulders.  “Tina’s really upset by all of this.”

“I don’t know what to do about those two yet,” Kirk said, removing his tunic.  “They can’t agree on anything.  Rather, Sgt. McElroy doesn’t know what she wants to do.  Bones wants the baby.  I suspect that he wants Sgt. McElroy as well.  She can barely stand to look at him because she’s so angry.”

Nyota pressed her breasts into Spock’s back.  “That’s because her girlfriend left her when she learned Tina was pregnant.”

Kirk shook his head.  “I’m glad we do not have those issues.”

“So do I,” Nyota said, removing Spock’s tunic so she could enjoy the warmth of his body.  “What about Barbara Jean?”

Spock let Nyota remove his tunic and he put a hand on Jim’s thigh, gripping it in an inviting fashion.  “Ms. Thornton has yet to decide what she wants to do.  She is becoming quite tedious in this matter.”

Kirk nodded.  “Sulu was there with her for emotional support.  The other guy, Don Timmons, claims the kid isn’t his.”

Spock removed his shoes.  Kirk watched him, desire filling him.  After the week he’d had, all he wanted was the intimate comfort of his lovers.  He wanted Spock and he dearly wanted Nyota. It had been over six weeks since Madir, and he hadn’t made love to her in nearly two months.  Was she ready to be intimate with them again?  Spock’s Pon Farr had been very hard on her.

“I told you,” Nyota said as she continued to help her men undress, “everyone believes that Barbara Jean got pregnant by some guy in Madir.  McCoy needs to do a paternity test on her real quick.  As usual, Koko’s ready to place bets.” 

“I don’t want to deal with that anymore,” Kirk said, pulling her down between them.  “I want to deal with you and with Spock.  We have missed you, Nyota.”

“Indeed,” Spock said, rubbing her legs.  “It has been pleasurable to have you home, but Jim and I are incomplete without you.”

She sighed, caressing their hands.  “I know,” she said.  “I feel the same way.  But I’m still not ready for complete physical intimacy.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry, but I…”

Kirk nodded, the light in his eyes dimming somewhat.  “Don’t apologize.  I understand.  I do.  Doesn’t change how I feel, however.”

She cupped his chin.  “Jim...”

Spock didn’t speak.  He did not like to think about what happened in Madir and how difficult it had been for Nyota to handle him.  He would not push her and he would welcome her whenever she was ready.

“Nyota,” Kirk said, kissing her fingers.  “it’s okay.”

She smiled wickedly.  “I’m totally fine with watching you two, though.”

“You really like watching Spock and me get it on?”

Nyota stretched, smiling seductively.  “It’s really, really hot.  I didn’t think I’d like it at first, but I do.  I do.  It’s such a turn-on.”

“If you get hot enough, feel free to join in,” Kirk said, leaning back on the bed.  “And indulge me.  What do you like about it?”

Nyota found herself getting moist at the thought.  She leaned back, rubbing her belly.  “I like watching you kiss.  I like watching you touch each other.  It’s very sensual, because you do it in a way that I don’t.  Being men, you instinctively know specific things about one another that I have to figure out.  So it is sexy to see Spock know exactly how much pressure to apply, or to see you know exactly where to touch him…and watch your responses.  I find all of it very, very stimulating.  I learn additional ways about how to please you by watching you.  I like that.”

Hearing her words made Kirk hot.  Spock leaned over him, but kept his eyes on Nyota.  “I want you to be with us, Nyota.  When we three are together, there is nothing like it.”

“Soon,” she said.  “I promise.”

Nyota lay on the bed and watched them, instinctively understanding that they were about to give her a show of erotic epic proportions.  She also knew it was because they wanted her with them, and part of her yearned to roll over and get on Spock’s back as he rubbed against Kirk.  She did not deny that she missed the intimacy, but she also knew it was too soon for her to participate.  However, that did not stop her from stroking her breasts or belly while she gazed at her men as they pleasured one another.  Kirk allowed Spock to lead, as was his wont when his day was exceptionally stressful.  Lately, every day was demanding. 

She watched them kiss as they rubbed their penises together.  Kirk had his hands in Spock’s hair, mussing it in a way that Nyota liked; it was a private joke between the three of them.  Spock moved his kisses from Kirk’s lips to under his ear, instinctively finding a spot that made Kirk inhale sharply.  Kirk closed his eyes and sighed; Spock’s name leaving his breath on the exhale.  Nyota smiled, noting the spot for later when she was able to participate.

Spock gripped Kirk and caressed the head of his erection with his fingers veed in a Vulcan salute.  Kirk closed his eyes and melted into the bed.  “Spock,” he murmured, as his lover manipulated him in a way that never failed to make him climax.  Spock caught Kirk’s lower lip between his teeth—a trick he learned from Nyota—as he applied that special amount of pressure required to make his blue-eyed th’y’la come undone. 

Nyota inhaled sharply as Spock released Kirk and pressed his wrists into the mattress while nibbling on his pectorals.  That was yet another trick learned from his girlfriend.  Nyota had her own knowledge about their bodies that was equally stimulating and impressive.   The Vulcan’s body length served him well as he drifted down to take Kirk’s head between his lips while keeping his arms pinned to the bed via his shoulder blades.  Kirk didn’t even try to hold back the flood of dirty words that escaped him.  Nyota watched greedily.  It was obvious to her that Kirk would fall apart at any moment.   And indeed, he was not able to hold it together for very long…the past week was taxing and all he wanted was for Spock and Nyota to love him and hold him and help him forget about his day.  Spock tenderly licked him clean and kissed his way back up Kirk’s body, ending with his lips.  Spent, Kirk could do nothing but receive and caress Spock’s head again.

After some time, Nyota sighed.  “I need a cold shower.”


Chapter Theme:  “Lux Aeterna” by Chuck Mansell and “Morning, Noon & Night in Vienna” by Franz von Suppe

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