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What You Owe Me (2)

2.  Details, details

Nyota awoke earlier than usual, snuggled in the arms of the men she loved.  She sat up slowly, disentangling herself from the entwined arms of her lovers.  She smiled as they adjusted to her movement and slid her fingers into each man’s hair, drawing comfort from the act. 

Two years ago, no one could have told her that she would know such deep contentment being involved in a committed threesome with two uniquely wonderful individuals.  She would have never believed that it was possible for her to be in love with two very different men and that they would adore beyond the point of reason.  Two years ago, Nyota would have never believed that she would be comfortable with her two men also being completely in love with each other.  She expected it as their relationship intensified and took pleasure in the fact that they loved each other as deeply as they loved her.  It felt right, despite what anyone else said to the contrary.   Jim and Spock made it all so easy for her to accept that sometimes it was easy to forget the truth of the situation. 

She was happy; happier than she ever thought she could be.  However, thanks to this child, reality was beginning to set in again.  She was petrified about how her parents would respond to the situation, especially now that she was pregnant by someone who didn’t have her mother’s preferred DNA profile for a future father of one of her grandchildren. 

Nyota closed her eyes as she continued stroking their hair.  She was pregnant.  She was still trying two wrap her mind around the concept.  Spock’s Pon Farr was a little over a month ago and she assumed that the child she now carried was his.  However, after thinking about it, it was possible that she might have been pregnant before then.  She put on weight prior to Madir, but she believed it was to accommodate Jim’s request for her to get ready for Spock’s Pon Farr.  Was it possible that she got pregnant beforehand?

Jim was vocal in his desire to have a child.  He made no secret of it.  They had a serious discussion about it just yesterday before her visit to McCoy.  All of them believed that it would happen later on and felt that it should.  Not one of them knew at the time how prophetic that conversation was.  Whatever they might have wanted before was no longer relevant.  About eight months from now, they were going to have a child together.  Nyota wondered whose baby it was genetically, but took great comfort in the fact that she knew it did not matter to either man.  They loved each other in a way that made offspring DNA irrelevant.  If such a thing were possible, she would be perfectly fine if the baby was both Spock and Kirk’s. 

She rubbed her stomach, smiling.  Oh well, they would adjust.  Whatever the consequences were, she knew they would handle them together in a logical, rational manner.   At least Spock would.  Nyota suspected that she would be an emotional basket case and she had a sneaking suspicion that Jim would be too.

Nyota hated to get out of her cocoon, but she had to go to the bathroom.  She sighed and got up.


When Nyota returned, she glanced at the chronometer.  It was still very early, and so she crawled back into bed with her lovers.  She mused over the fact that she hadn’t had any real morning sickness other than the occasional bout of nausea that she could easily blame on those moments when the ship wasn’t quite stable.  She also did not display any of the other common signs of pregnancy except a throbbing in her nipples.  She thought that was a residual effect from Spock’s hard sucking of her nipples during his Pon Farr.  Therefore, she ignored the sensation.

“Nyota?” Spock said quietly as he began to stir.


K’diwa,” he murmured, adjusting once more.  “You are up early.” He placed a sleepy kiss on her forehead as she curled in to his arms once more.  Nyota’s other lover was still completely unaware of the world around him, and yet he still protectively entwined his fingers with hers in his unconscious state.

She felt so damned safe with them. 

“I went to bed early.  Remember?” she said as she leaned back into his loving embrace.

“Are you okay, k’diwa?” he said as he ran his hands gently over her body.  He could barely register her dazed expression in the dimmed light of their quarters.

“Fine, I guess.  I’m still trying to absorb all this, Spock.  I mean, I just got back home and now I find out that I’m going to have your baby.” 

“The chances are equally likely that you may carry Jim’s baby, Nyota.  Regardless of genetics, this will be our child.” Spock moved a hand protectively over her abdomen.

“I was thinking about that.” There was a touch of apprehension in her voice.

Spock gazed at Nyota and placed his other hand lovingly on her stomach. “If there…if you were pregnant before…Madir…and I could have…I would…I could not bear it, Nyota.  Jim wants a child so badly and if I…my actions…” She never heard him sound so disjointed or petrified.  The fact that she could detect fear in his voice worried her.

“Shh,” she said as she put a finger to his lips.  “I am fine, Spock, and so is the baby.  You did not hurt me.  Jim and I will reassure you forever if we must.” 

A moment passed and he was calm again.  Spock looked down at her stomach and began to rub again.  “You are not the only one who is pregnant, Nyota.”


“When Jim left us yesterday evening, he discovered that there are nine other women who also conceived around the same time as you.”

“What?  Spock, that’s impossible!”  Due to advancements in modern contraceptives, unplanned pregnancies were uncommon in the sixth decade of the 23rd century.  Ten happening at the same time on the same ship seemed incomprehensible.

“Ten women have been affected by McCoy’s negligence.” He said again driving the point home.

“Negligence is an understatement, Spock.  There are ten of us?  Is Medical even equipped to handle ten pregnant women simultaneously?  Is Jim?  This is a disaster!”  Nyota sighed in frustration as she sunk back down into the bed.

“Many things must be done in next few days.  The first is to notify Starfleet, the fathers, and Admiral Pike of the situation.  Then there are workplace accommodations that must be made in light of the circumstances.  We will need to report to the nearest star base for construction of a day care facility and family quarters.  We will also need to hire additional personnel to take care of the children and make the necessary modifications.  I am currently compiling a list of the tasks Jim and I must complete within the next few days.”

Nyota was absolutely sure Spock had the list compiled thirty seconds after Jim informed him of the gravity of the situation.  They both turned and gazed at their other lover, who lay on his back with his mouth slightly parted, snoring softly as he held onto her hand.

“He wants us to get married,” Spock said as he reached over to run a finger softly over Jim’s face.

Nyota looked at Spock and calmly said, “I think it’s a good idea.”

Spock stared back at her.  “It’s not necessary, Nyota.  I have no desire to be with anyone other than you and Jim.”

“We know that,” she said.  “However, we’re human, Spock.  It is necessary for us.  I don’t know how we’d pull it off, but if I know Jim at all, he’s researched it ten times over prior to bringing it up.”  Nyota wasn’t stupid; she’d seen him hunched over his computer at times when he thought her to be asleep.   He would never tell her when she confronted him about it, but she was certain he was investigating polygamy within Federation practices and regulations.  There were some things he just could not hide from her.  She was a communications expert.

Spock raised an eyebrow in slight frustration.  “Do you truly desire a formal commitment?”

Nyota stroked his cheek and then she brought Jim’s linked hand with hers over to her belly.  “Yes. I do.  We can talk about that later.  You and Jim have way too much to deal with in regards to the Enterprise right now.”

Spock linked his hands with hers and Jim’s.  “All right.”


They had breakfast ready by the time Kirk woke up.  Nyota fixed a plate for him as he padded from the bathroom over to the table.  He sat down and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. 

“Okay, Spock, because I know you’ve thought about this, what is the very first thing we need to do?”

Spock responded matter-of-factly.  “Research, Jim.  Before Starfleet is notified, we must know if a precedent has been set or if this is a unique situation. If there has been a similar situation before, what regulations apply to the situation?  We must be fully informed with all the pertinent facts, as well as, any information relating to how the mistake occurred.  We must also be ready with a detailed course of action in regards to the situation.  We should also have answers prepared for any and all questions from Admiral Pike or Starfleet officials have regarding the situation.  We must also determine what each woman wants to do.  Some may choose to carry the fetus to term where others may decide to terminate the pregnancy.  There may be some women who see adoption as of viable alternative to raising the child themselves.”

“Jim, who else is pregnant?”  Nyota asked as she sat next to him and stole a piece of whole wheat toast from his plate and an orange wedge from Spock’s.  They were used to her eating off their plates.  Kirk did it as well.

“You will be eating more than that, I hope,” Spock said as he gazed at her empty plate.

“Of course I will, dingus,” she teased, tracing his eyebrow with her thumb.

“You’d better,” Kirk said.  “Just in case you are wondering, Spock and I intend to see to it that you take care of yourself.”  The love in his eyes was unmistakable and Nyota couldn’t help but smile at him.  He continued.  “To answer your question, Chekov’s girl, Lt. Hannity, Sgt. Yubari, the redhead in Anthropology; I think her name is Quinn, Lt. Masters, Sgt. Davis, Sgt. McElroy, Ms. Thornton and Yeoman Rand—“

Nyota looked at him as she cut him off midsentence.  “Jim?  I know all of those women!  Iliya, Dana, Koko, Marcy, Charlene, Glynis, Tina, Janice and…Barbara Jean?” She said this last in shock.  “Barbara Jean is pregnant?”  A smile played across her lips.

Kirk nodded as he ate his breakfast.  Spock poured him coffee.

“By who, Jim?  I truly need to know this.”

“Either Sulu or Timmons in Stellar Cartography.”

Nyota was so shocked at Kirk’s words that her fork fell out of her hand.  Fortunately, Spock reached out and caught it before it hit the floor and handed it to her.  “Sulu?  Sulu might be Barbara Jean’s baby’s father?  She was sleeping with two men?” She didn’t know whether to laugh or scream.  That evil hypocritical bitch!

Spock raised an eyebrow at her mysterious reaction.  “Do you find that interesting?”

Nyota smiled at him.  “Barbara Jean was the first one to insult me once it was known that I was involved with both of you.  She called me a tart, along with several other synonyms for prostitute on a regular basis.  I must admit, I do love the irony of the situation.  My grandmother always said, ‘What goes around comes around.’” 

“Really?”  Kirk said, wiping a few crumbs from his mouth.  He instantly regretted not letting Janice attack Barbara Jean.

“Fascinating,” Spock said raising one eyebrow slightly.

“Janice is pregnant too?”

“Yes,” Kirk said with an air of surprise.  “And she is positive it’s Sulu’s.”

“WHAT?  How did that happen?”

“I had to keep them from killing each other.  My yeoman is a spitfire.  She went for Barbara Jean like a pit bull in attack mode.” Kirk said this with a smile on his face.  Had he not been captain, it would have been damned amusing to see the ladies scrap.

“Sulu might have two kids, Jim?  Seriously?” Nyota was shocked.

“I found that surprising too,” Kirk said.  “I was under the impression he was gay.  I’ve only seen him with guys.”

“He’s bi,” Nyota said wondering how Jim could have missed Sulu flirting with half the women and men on the ship.  The handsome helmsman was a big hit with both sexes.  “So is Tina.  Who is she pregnant by?”


Spock raised an eyebrow again.  Nyota dropped her fork again and this time it hit the floor.

“Tina’s pregnant by McCoy?  Leonard McCoy?”  Nyota looked as if she’d been hit in the head.  “I must say that it is comforting to know that he, too, will be suffering along with everyone else due to his massive screw up.”

Kirk grinned.  He could take a little pleasure out of it now that he was out of harm’s way.  “The one and only.  She is furious.”

“What about Koko, Iliya, and Dana?  I used to play cards with them.  Wow, Jim…that means the entire command crew…”

“…is going to become parents.” Jim said finishing her thought.

Nyota piled more food on his plate.  “What are we going to do?”

Kirk continued eating.  “Just what Spock suggested.  If I have to face Pike and Starfleet, I need to be ready for it.  As soon as I check in with the bridge, he and I are going to the library.  I want you to send a communiqué to Admiral Pike.  We may as well get the ball rolling.”

“Yes, Jim,” she said, nibbling the toast. 

 “Nyota, is that all you’re going to eat?” Kirk asked.  There was no mistaking the look on his face.

“I’m a little nauseous, but I’m fine.  I’ll eat when my stomach settles,” she said, trying to alleviate his fears. 

Kirk stared at her, his blue eyes shining like diamonds.  “I want you to report to Medical Bay as soon as you’re done here, Nyota.”

“Jim, it’s just morning sickness and I’m not even throwing up yet.”

“Nyota,” Spock said, covering her hand. “You should have a physical.  Jim and I would like to know how long you have been pregnant.”

She nodded.  It was a fair question.  “No longer than two months, I should think.”

“I need an exact time,” Spock said, closing his eyes.  Nyota knew he was already performing calculations in his mind.  He probably had her calendar all planned out.

“All right,” she said, looking at him and then at Kirk.  “I’ll go.  But isn’t it too early for a paternity test?”

“We’re not going to worry McCoy about that right now,” Kirk said.  “He’s got his hands quite full with planning for ten pregnancies.”

Nyota picked at the orange wedge.  “Fascinating.  I knew he and Tina were messing around, but I didn’t see this coming.  And Charlene?  Little Iliya?  Koko?  This is…this is going to establish a precedent, Jim.  I don’t think there are preexisting regulations that address something of this magnitude.”

“There are regulations that address issues of family,” Spock said in a calm voice.  “What we are faced with is a quandary.  Starfleet cannot impose any kind of reprimand on these women, as the error is Starfleet’s to begin with.  Unfortunately, this starship is a galaxy-class combat vessel.  It was not designed for families.”

“Jim, you were born on a starship, so there is precedent there.  Was the Kelvin a combat vessel?”

“Not in the same manner as the Enterprise.”  Kirk rubbed his head in obvious frustration.

Nyota frowned in irritation.  “It’s not fair for these women to lose their places on board this ship because of McCoy’s fuck-up.  We all trusted him to take care of us.”

Spock stroked Kirk’s hand with a finger as he said, “Jim, it is imperative that Dr. McCoy run computer diagnostics on the equipment that synthesizes the hormone.  I am not of the belief that he is incompetent enough to make such a detrimental mistake.  Perhaps the error is in the computer.”

“If I know Bones, he’s been up all night trying to figure it out.  He will tell me what he finds.  That does not change anything.  As soon as I hear from Pike, I know we are going to be grounded at a star base until this situation is resolved.”  Part of him was relieved at the prospect.  He did not want Nyota within a breath of harm’s way.

Nyota fiddled with her toast.  “What are we going to do, Jim?  Spock?  We have a kid on the way.  What are we going to do?”

“We will do the logical thing, Nyota.  We are going to raise our child,” Spock said reassuring her.

“Right,” Kirk said.  “Is that in dispute?”  He looked at her.

“No, but I have to tell my family.  I have to tell my mother.  This is going to change everything.”  She sighed as she pushed back her plate.

“We will all have to tell our families,” Kirk said, looking at Spock and then at Nyota.  “Not that it matters what they think, right?”  He didn’t give a shit about what his mother would have to say, but he did feel like he owed her the courtesy of telling her she was going to be a grandmother.  Whatever she had to say about that did not concern him.

“My father will be…curious.” Spock said as he looked down at the table without making eye contact.

Nyota sighed.  “It doesn’t.  I love you, Jim.  I love you, Spock.  I love that you love each other; that what we have is real and flows in every direction.  I am not ashamed of it and I won’t hide it.  But this is my mother.  Even though she is prejudiced, I love her too and I admit that I do seek her approval.  This is going…this is going to be devastating.  She may never speak to me again.”

She began to cry, looked away and put down her toast.  Without a word, Spock got up, as did Kirk.  Spock gently pulled her to her feet and they embraced in their usual fashion.  Thin tears streamed out of her eyes as their arms came around her in the way she preferred, the way that made her feel protected and revered.

“I don’t mean to cry,” Nyota said, swallowing the pain.  “It’s just that, for the first time, I really understand what this may cost me.  Momma’s bigotry is going to keep her from accepting my lifestyle and our baby.  I will not be anywhere where you two are not welcome.  I will not have our child berated or insulted by anyone including the people who supposedly love me,” she said with a resolved look on her face as she tried to stem the flow of tears.

Spock rubbed her stomach, his face in her hair.  Kirk wiped her tears with his thumb.  “No one would dare,” he said.

“You’re perceived as White, Jim. I see her hating you over that fact alone.  I can hear her saying it. ‘Nyota Uhura, you brought a White boy into my house?’  It is going to be worse with Spock because he is not fully human and he is also perceived as White.  That alone might kill her.  Then there is the baby.  ‘Nyota, what kind of mixed breed child are you trying to bring into this family?’  My mom’s bigotry when it comes to interracial children of purely human ancestry is no secret.  I hate to see what she would say in regards to a grandchild that is not only biracial but also part Vulcan.”

“She would say such things?”  Spock said, increasing the pressure.

Kirk looked him in the eyes.  Spock met his gaze and they knew, they understood.  Their connection would have the most detrimental effect on Nyota’s relationship with her family.  Even more reason to love her and protect her and their baby.

“She would,” Nyota continued.  “I love my mother, but I know her.  She is a cold-hearted bigot who tries to excuse her behavior by falling back on the atrocities that occurred during colonial times.  When I tell her that I’m in love with both of you, everything will fall apart.  I wish I didn’t have to tell her anything, but she’s my mom and I owe her that.  If the situation was reversed, I wouldn’t want my daughter to keep such a secret from me.”

A long moment passed.  Kirk pulled them tighter into his embrace.  “We should get married.”

Nyota looked up at him.  “Spock told me and I think it’s a good idea.  We have way too much to deal with at this time, Jim.  We can do it later.”

“Baby,” he said, caressing her cheek.  “I would much rather you tell your mother that you are pregnant with your husband’s child.”

Nyota had a feeling that would not temper the situation at all, considering she would have two husbands that were both perceived as White.  She laughed, leaning into Spock.  

Spock looked at Kirk.  “There is still the issue as to which husband fathered the child, Jim.”

“Details, details,” he said, smiling.  “It’s the wording that makes a difference.  It shouldn’t, not in 2261, but it does.  A mother would rather hear that her daughter is pregnant by her husband than pregnant by her boyfriend.  Now in this delightful instance, said daughter has two husbands, and aforementioned husbands are also deeply in love with each other.  It won’t matter one bit who the father is; once Mrs. Uhura hears that, she will not hear anything else Nyota has to say.” There was a twinge of sadness in his voice.

“I understand,” Spock said.  “But Nyota is right.  We have far too much to do right now.  We can address this at a later date.”

“Can you hold off telling your mom for a few weeks, baby?”  Kirk asked, cupping Nyota’s chin.

“I’ll wait as long as possible,” she said.  She was dreading that conversation.

Spock rubbed her shoulders.  “Do not fear k’diwa.  Jim and I are with you, as we always are, as we will always be.”

“I know.  Knowing that makes everything easier.  Come now, let’s get dressed.  Do you want me to report to sickbay first?”

“Yes,” Kirk said, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead.

“Then I will.  I love you, Jim.”  She put her arms around his neck and kissed him.  He held her easy, sighing as she released him and turned to Spock.  Spock embraced her as much as he had and they shared a kiss.  “I love you,” she said.  He pressed his forehead against hers.  Then she stepped back and began gathering the breakfast trays.  Kirk went to Spock and took his hand, kissing the fingers before kissing his lips.  He smiled at his Vulcan lover before going into the bathroom to wash up.  Spock helped Nyota collect the trays and straighten up the area.

“You should go to Medical Bay now, Nyota.  It is early enough that you may get in to see McCoy without having to wait very long.”  Spock, of course, was already attired and ready to report to duty.

“I will,” she said.

Spock stacked the trays on the cart.  A crew member would come for them later.  Then he went into the bathroom, where Kirk was brushing his teeth.  Spock caressed the back of his neck and told him he was going to the bridge.  Kirk nodded through a mouthful of toothpaste foam and Spock turned and left.

Nyota sat on the commode.  “I am not going to enjoy having to pee every five minutes.”

Kirk rinsed and spat.  “Hannity said something similar to me.  She made a lot of points that I, as a man, would have never considered.  I’m going to have to get all you ladies together so that I can find out what kinds of adjustments you need me to make.  If we know how to handle everything before reporting to Starfleet, it will make things slightly easier to handle.”

She got up to wash her hands.  “I will do whatever you want me to, Jim.”

“I want you to be my wife and Spock’s wife.  I want Spock to be your husband and my husband.  That is what I want, Nyota.  I want my family.  I want you, I want him and I want our child.  I will do what I have to do.  As will Spock.”

“As will I,” she said as she reassured him.

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