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The Flip Side of Sin (5/8)

 Five:  Sex Bomb (I)

The captain was agreeable to authorizing my new clothes.  It was easy to convince him to sanction the store transaction.  I gave him my best smile and told him I was trying very hard to be a good girl.  I told him that my wardrobe was essential for me to function and I would do better at adapting to his environment if I was dressed for it.

“I will agree as long as you agree not to modify any more of your current uniforms,” he said.

I swallowed and thought of the sacrifice, but under no circumstances was I going back to the brig.   “Yes sir.”  My new wardrobe would more than make up for the uniform’s failure to flatter anything other than the caboose or my legs. 

“Is Mr. Spock an adequate facilitator?”

I smiled.  “He is.”  He could be better if he gave in and fucked me the way I needed.

The captain looked at me and there was a smile that danced over his lips.  Then it was replaced by a look of dismay.

“Lieutenant, if I may ask…”

I eyed him, wondering what he was about to say.  “Sir?”

“How do you think our Lt. Uhura is faring in your universe?”

I closed my eyes, wishing for a stick of gum.  “Honestly, Captain?”


“If she’s as I think she is, then she is not faring well.  Unless she is smart enough to align herself with a man.”

There was another look that flickered across his face.  “What do you mean?”

I sighed.  “Women who remain single get attacked.  Sometimes, they disappear.  They are prey.  The smart thing for a woman to do is to get with a man who can protect her.  For your sake, I hope she has.”

He paused again and I knew that he was afraid for his Lieutenant Uhura.  It showed on his face.

“I wish I could assure you that all is well, sir, but you were there.  It’s not a pretty place.”

“Were you aligned with a man, Lieutenant?”

“No.  I didn’t require it because no one fu—messed with me.  I can defend myself.”

He rubbed his chin.  “Yes, Mr. Spock told me.”  Then he turned away as the turbo lift doors opened.  No doubt he was wondering if his linguistic officer survived her first few days in my universe.  Personally, I didn’t think so.  Sulu would have gotten to her by now.  Or Thor.  Most likely the captain.  If she was vulnerable, then she had already been attacked.  It was just the way things were.

The Enterprise was currently docked at Starbase 422.8, undergoing repairs and routine maintenance.  After five days in this universe, I found that it was immeasurably better than the world from which I came.  For one, a woman could move about freely without getting attacked in the corridors.  They were treated with respect and courtesy.  The captain wasn’t a chauvinistic asshole.  I lowered my guard, but not completely.   Mr. Spock was a fairly entertaining guide.  He was dutiful and loyal and he ensured that I was never late to my bridge duty by escorting me to it.  I did not argue for I was determined to stay out of the brig.  He took meals with me when he was able and talked to me at length.  I told him everything he wanted to know about the Mirrorverse and he found my stories fascinating, as he told me.

He picked up on my discomfort around Sulu and Chekov and I asked again to have my knife back and he refused.  It was a point of contention between us, but he constantly reassured me that I had nothing to fear.  In spite of my increasing comfort in his world, I found it hard to believe him.  In my mind, Sulu was Sulu and I needed to be armed when dealing with him.  Other than that, I was behaving in as much as I could.  It was easy to do so, knowing that I wasn’t at risk.

Another thing that made the adjustment easier was Charlene Masters.  She approached me a day after my release from the brig and offered her friendship.  I was suspicious at first; I am wary of women because they’re usually jealous and resentful of my looks and abilities.  But Charlene was sincere.  It took me a little while to get used to it, but after she offered to help me get my clothes from the ship’s stores, I was comfortable that she was straightforward.  It was something about her easygoing manner.  Because of her, I found myself not needing Mr. Spock’s attention as much, and that was good.  Charlene helped me to get acclimated faster and I was surprised to find that it didn’t take very long.  This world was definitely not like the one I left.

I knew that the Mirrorverse wasn’t a place to which I wanted to return.   I wanted to stay here.

Charlene and I bonded quickly.  I asked her questions when we took meals together and she let me know which men were available and who she thought I would like.  I needed to have sex as soon as possible and truth be told; I really wanted to have it with Mr. Spock.  No matter how hard I tried, he didn’t take the bait.  He wouldn’t touch me unless it was my hand and he was escorting me to duty.   It irritated me that he could turn me down, but I wasn’t about to beg his ass.  I do have my pride.  Charlene and I made plans to go on a manhunt when the ship docked.  There were far too many honeys on this ship and on base for me to wallow in my horniness.

Once the ship docked, Charlene helped me to get my clothes from ship’s stores and discard my counterpart’s clothing.  She, too, did not like the muumuus, the cotton bras or the granny panties.

“They’re unflattering.  I don’t know why Ny insisted on wearing this stuff; she’s got a fantastic shape.”

“Absolutely,” I said, slapping the caboose.  I could appreciate that Charlene was a babe in her own right; not the least bit jealous or insecure around a dime like me.  It was indeed refreshing.  I’d never had a girlfriend like her before.  The closest I’d come in my world was McCoy’s woman, Sheila Stephens.  But McCoy didn’t like her associating with me and I know he beat her if she did.  A secret part of me hoped that Sheila would get mad enough to kill his sadistic ass one day.

The day after the Enterprise docked at the starbase, I was in my quarters getting dressed.  Charlene and I were going down to the base to look for men.  We didn’t bullshit each other about our intentions; we knew what we were going to do and intended to dress appropriately.  I selected an outfit from my new wardrobe and took my time getting ready.  When Charlene and I picked up my clothes, I found a jewelry store and purchased a navel ring, a belly chain, a large amethyst ring and a snake arm band.  The jewelry complimented my outfit and I was glad to have it back.

I stood in my full-length mirror and admired myself.  Fabulous, baby, fabulous!  I wore a black midriff and skirt, with fishnet hose and thigh-high boots.  I had no qualms about showing off my stomach and abs; those five hundred crunches every morning absolutely paid off.  I was thrilled to have a decent pair of boots, ones that fit me.  I double-checked my appearance, turning this way and that, approving my new ensemble and smacked the caboose.  The power of a black woman’s ass is legendary and my own could testify to it.  Some lucky man would have the grand chance to squeeze it later on.  Maybe more than one.  I was hard-up for some good sex and it was going to take more than one man to please me.  Satisfied that I looked as marvelous as I could, I strolled out of my quarters to meet Charlene in the transporter room.  Naturally, I turned heads. 

The captain and Mr. Spock were walking down the hall when I passed them.  The captain stared at me for a moment, definitely eyeballing the goods.  I paused and posed, making the twins pop and smiled at him.

“Shore leave, Lieutenant?”

“Yes sir,” I said.  “As ordered.”

He smiled at me and tried not to ogle my body and almost succeeded.  “You behave yourself now.”

I smiled back.  Like hell I would.  Some fortunate man was getting under this skirt tonight.  I was going to get laid as soon as I could.  I’d never gone this long without sex and it was killing me.  I felt as if I was stewing.  “Aye, sir.”

Mr. Spock said nothing, but stared at me with an eyebrow raised.  “Lieutenant, I shall escort you down to the starbase.  It is my responsibility as your liaison.”

Kirk looked at him.

“Oh, that’s all right,” I said.  “Charlene Masters is going with me.  I don’t need an escort.  But thank you, Mr. Spock.”

Spock was, as usual, unflappable.  However, I sensed that he was not happy about the situation.

Kirk smiled.  “Lt. Masters is an excellent officer.  I think Lt. Uhura’s in good hands, Mr. Spock.  I find it a good sign indeed that she has been able to make an acquaintance.”

“That is not what was proscribed, Captain.  Lt. Uhura and I had an agreement, as she expressed certain fears about being on this ship unarmed.”

I put my hands on my hips and glared at Spock.  He wasn’t about to go there, was he?  Was he?

“What were they, Spock?” Kirk looked at me and then at him.

“She does not trust everyone, sir.  Especially the men.”

Kirk looked thoughtful.  “I understand that, Spock.  She has reason to.  But the fact that she is willingly attempting to move about without your guidance shows that she is getting used to the fact that she has nothing to fear in this universe.  I would also suspect that she finds it preferable to her own.”

I didn’t respond; I wasn’t about to give them that advantage over me.  I have to play things close to the vest.  One never knows in strange lands…

Spock stared at the captain.  “Captain, I do not think it is wise for her to be unescorted.  I am concerned about the safety of others.  You are aware that she has already injured five crew members so far.”

I narrowed my eyes.  That pointy-eared motherfucker!  I glared at Spock before looking at Kirk. 

“Captain, if you’ll excuse me.  Mr. Spock.”  I rolled my eyes at the Vulcan and walked away, cognizant of the fact that both men were watching, and so I threw a little extra oomph! into my gait.  Motherfuckers better look.

When I saw Charlene, I knew we were going to have a good time.  She wore a strapless red dress and a pair of dynamite shoes I wish I’d purchased.  No matter; I’d get a pair tomorrow.  She looked at me and smiled.  I joined her on the pad and we both turned and eyed the transporter clerk.  He gaped; obviously shocked to know that there were two bad-ass women less than twenty feet from him and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about.  Not that he could; he wasn’t even remotely cute and my standards ran towards the tall and handsome.

We beamed down.  Like all women do, Charlene and I hit the nearest ladies’ room to freshen lips and hair and check the merchandise.  I reminded her of my intentions, though I knew it was unnecessary.

“Charlene, I’m getting fucked tonight.  I haven’t gone this long without sex since I was eighteen and it’s about to kill me.”

“Oh, I am too.  Don’t worry.  There’s a reason I got this dress,” she said, adjusting her earrings.  “Most of the men on the Enterprise just don’t suit me.  There are some that I wouldn’t mind…but you know.  We’re on a starbase and there’s fresh fruit ripe for picking.  It is always good to sample the local cuisine.”

I grinned at her.  It was no wonder why we got along.  She was as ruthless as I could be when it came to men.  When we were certain we looked as good as possible, we headed for the nearest bar.

Apparently, every crew member who qualified for shore leave took it.  The bar was crowded with Starfleet officers and crew; some didn’t even bother to change clothes.  Charlene and I looked at one another and smiled as every male head turned in our direction.  It wasn’t long before we had a table and a round of drinks.  I could feel myself getting excited.  One way or another, some lucky man was going to relieve me of my sexual tension.


 First Officer’s Personal Log

Watching Lt. Uhura grow accustomed to our world is a pleasurable experience.  Ever since I released her from the brig, she has behaved appropriately.  I understood that the thought of being imprisoned in such a small space terrified her to the point that it was a most effective catalyst for her current conduct.  When my duty did not require me to be elsewhere, I found her company engaging and satisfying.  I learned of the horrors of her world and began to understand why she was the way she was.  I also learned that she liked music, which was not something she could indulge in before.

She was very uncomfortable around Mr. Sulu and Ensign Chekov.  She would not tell me why, but insisted yet again that she needed her knife.  I would not oblige her and understood that it would be a struggle between us.  That she might acquire another weapon and use it against the unsuspecting pilot or navigator was reason alone to stay in her presence.  I refused to acknowledge that it was because I desired her company.  I enjoyed the time we spent together and looked forward to arriving at Starbase 422.8 and escorting her around.  She had nothing to fear if I was with her.

I told myself that it was because I wanted to investigate my reactions to her; to collect enough data to truly understand why she appealed to me.  I told myself that it was a simple experiment and that once I discovered the source of the appeal, I would be satisfied to conclude my investigation.  By that time, Lt. Uhura would be fully acclimated and would not need my supervision.

I was not pleased to discover that she came to that conclusion before we reached the starbase.  She has become familiar with Lt. Masters of Engineering.  I have been busy with my duties and have not been able to spend much time with her over the past three days, so I was quite surprised to see her attired in off-duty clothing.  She walked past the captain and me and stopped so that he could speak to her.

She was transporting down to the base with Lt. Masters and she wore a most inappropriate outfit.  As she was off-duty, it was acceptable, but I still found myself responding in a manner I was unfamiliar with.  This response was not like before.  I did not want her going anywhere with anyone, which was unreasonable because Lt. Masters is someone Lt. Uhura could identify with.  It was acceptable for her to engage the companionship of Lt. Masters, but I still took exception to it. 

I was responding in a most illogical manner.

That Lt. Uhura is attractive is an understatement.  She had the undeniable ability to draw male attention at any time and anywhere.   I knew that as soon as she arrived on base that she would be inundated with enamored males.  Did she have intentions to seek out male companionship?  She has been trying to engage me, but I did not believe she would actually seek it from another source.  There is much about this Lt. Uhura that is so very different from the Uhura of our world.  She is a sexual being; a woman confident in her considerable charm and ability to manipulate men.  She has positively influenced the captain, and if she could do that, she could do it to anyone else.  Perhaps she was trying to do the same to me.  Either way, I was not pleased that she was adjusting to our way of life without me.

After we left her in the corridor, Captain Kirk and I were in Conference Room Two, discussing our impending mission.  While I gave him my full attention; I was intrigued as to what was taking place on the starbase.  I thought of Lt. Uhura and deduced that it would not take her long to engage the attention of a willing male.  I would not allow myself to consider what might happen beyond that.  I found myself asking the captain if we could take a short respite and beam down to the base.  He looked at me oddly.

“Why, Mr. Spock?”

“Lieutenant Uhura is proficient with edged weapons.”

“As you have stated, Commander.  You have also stated that you fear for the safety of our crewmen.  Are you concerned for her safety or theirs, Mr. Spock?”

“I understand why she behaves the way she does, Captain.”

“She has made a friend, Spock.  Surely you do not deny her that.  I am pleased with her progress.  She is adjusting well.  Chapel’s not happy, but I can live with that.  What are you afraid of?”

“I am not afraid, Captain.  I, too, am satisfied with Lt. Uhura’s progress.  But I also think it would serve you well to take a short break, sir.  We have been busy and you have not indulged in shore leave for quite some time.”

He looked thoughtful and I knew that he was considering it.  He smiled at me and I was discomfited.  “Why not?  I could use a drink.  Come on, Spock.  We’ll take a break and you can check on your charge.  Though I think you should acknowledge that you’re a wee bit jealous.”

“Jealous?  That is a human emotion, Captain.”

The captain turned his head to one side.  “You mean to tell me that you want to beam down to the base merely because I need a break?”

“I am concerned for your health, sir.”

“I am aware that it was not your first concern, Spock.”  Then he laughed.  “If you find Lt. Uhura attractive, you are not the only man on this ship who thinks so.  Admit it.  You’re jealous.”

“Don’t be insulting, sir.”

The captain looked at me for a long moment.  “All right.  Let’s take an hour’s break.”


Once we arrived, Base Commander Lederman requested to see the captain.  I accompanied him, but he stared at me with a smile on his face.

“You have my leave to go, Mr. Spock.”
“I do not require it, sir.”

He stared at me.  “Mr. Spock, you are ordered to go and take a break.  Your idea, remember?”


“Do not make me relieve you for insubordination, Spock.”  I was not sure whether he was serious or playful.  Humans are such complex creatures.  It was tedious having to live among them.

I paused and then nodded.  “Yes, Captain.”

I left the base commander’s office and began walking along the corridors of the starbase, trying to convince myself that I was not looking for the lieutenant.  But I managed to find the place where I was certain she was and it took a little time for me to find her and Lt. Masters. 

There was a table surrounded by males—six of them—and they hovered.  I saw a pair of female legs, elegantly crossed with one foot swinging and realized that it was Lt. Masters.  She was smiling and engaging some of her consorts, but it was not her I was looking for.  Sitting between two adoring males was Lt. Uhura.  She was smiling in her usual manner, her attention divided between the two men.  There were drinks in front of her and she was not shy in touching their faces.

I stared for ten minutes and eighteen point two seconds.  During this time span, a male—a Deltan—escorted Lt. Masters and a human male escorted Lt. Uhura to the large floor in the middle of the room.  They began to dance.

This was something she mentioned to me in one of our conversations.  She appreciated the physical arts, but it was not something she participated in or indulged in her world unless she was alone.  She moved with grace and sensuality and her partner could do little more than stare at her.  She turned and pressed her backside against him and undulated.  He put his hands on her waist and moved with her.  Then she did a most surprising thing.  She bent over at the waist and touched the floor with her fingertips before standing upright once more.  The male that she was with appeared to get very excited and they got closer.

I stared.  I could not accurately describe my response to what I was seeing.  Nor could I have anticipated my resultant actions.  I walked over and the man looked at me.  I recognized him as Sgt. Davidson from Security.  He looked at me.  “Commander Spock, sir…”

I acknowledged him, but my eyes were fixed on the Lieutenant.  “Miss Uhura, I would speak with you.”

Lt. Masters ceased her flirtatious behavior with her Deltan acquaintance and stared at us.  Lt. Uhura glared at me and there was a strange expression on her face.  Clearly, she was angry. 



“Sir, I’m off duty and occupied, as you can see.”

“I must speak with you, Miss Uhura.”

“Is it related to my duties and responsibilities on the Enterprise?”

“No,” I said.

She looked at Lt. Masters, who merely shrugged.

“Mr. Spock, you will forgive me if I decline, sir.  We had an agreement.”  Then she turned her attention back to Mr. Davidson, who looked as if he’d been poleaxed.  

“Justin,” she said, grabbing his arm.  “ Let’s dance.”

Sgt. Davidson gaped as if he could not believe she was ignoring my request.  As I had not ordered her, I found it logical that she would.  Except I was not completely governed by logic at the moment. 

“You are being insubordinate, Lieutenant.”

She turned back to me.  “You did not say it was a matter of duty, Mr. Spock, of which I’m off.  And you did not order me.”  Then her expression changed as she stared at me.  “Please…we had an agreement.  I have not caused any problems.”

I could not describe what happened within me.  I could not rationalize what made me react the way I did.  I never thought that I would be influenced this way and it was disrupting.  I grabbed Lt. Uhura’s arm and pulled her away from Sgt. Davidson.  She yelled at me and tried to wrench away, but I held on.  She fought me, slapping my hand and trying to get away from me.  I would not let go.  Without a word to her or her compatriots, I walked towards the exit, dragging the vulgar, attractive spitfire behind me.  I was completely aroused; something I have not been since my last period of illogical behavior.  I was nowhere near said event but my arousal was just as potent.  

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