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Sexy Beast (7/20)


WARNING:  Dub-con/non-con/dominance/bondage/hardcore sex content.  Read at your own risk.

Uhura sat in the officers’ dining room, picking at her lunch.  After what happened the last time she took her meal in the mess hall, she wasn’t about to risk anyone else’s life.  In hindsight, it had been a very stupid thing to do, but she was so lonely for company that she didn’t consider the consequences.

She considered them now.  Uhura had no appetite and it was painful for her to sit.  She winced as she adjusted in her seat.  Working the bridge for a twelve-hour shift was a nightmare, and this time she had no choice but to work it.  She was so uncomfortable that tears sparked in her eyes every time she shifted.

Spock would be down on the planet for the next twenty-four hours and she was glad.  She winced again.  She was going to be sore for at least the next forty-eight hours.  What had possessed her?  She was normally a calm, rational woman.  She had been torn from her calm, rational world and thrown into a chaotic, crazy universe.  The last two weeks had tested her beyond reason and she didn’t know how to cope.  Righteous indignation felt good and anger was productive; however, both took their toll.  Uhura was exhausted, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Resisting Spock took everything out of her and last night, he made sure that she had nothing else to give.  He literally broke her down and she had no more fight left in her.  It felt so wrong to yield, to lose herself, but she had changed whether she liked it or not.  Her heart was hardening and she knew that soon, she would be no different than the other women on board this ship.

Last night, she got a taste of how brutal he could be.  Her ass hurt inside and out.  She sat as still as she could to avoid shifting, but she couldn’t sit up straight in the chair.  She winced again and sighed, wishing for a painkiller hypo.  He didn’t leave one on the nightstand this time.  The irony was not lost on her.

Uhura snapped out of her painful reverie when someone dropped a tray on the table across from her.  She looked up.  Marlena sat down in front of her.

“Hey,” she said.

“Hello,” Uhura replied, wary.

Marlena sat down and began to eat.  “So, how are you getting along?”

Uhura looked at her.  Marlena forked a cucumber slice and bit into it.  “Jim told me what happened.  Sorry for you,” she said.  Whether she was or not, Uhura couldn’t say.

She sighed.  “When did he tell you?”

“A couple of days after it happened.  Really, I’m sorry you got stuck here.”

“No sorrier than I am,” she said, pushing her vegetables around her plate.

“You’re lucky, though.” Marlena said.

“Excuse me?” Uhura stared at the dark-haired beauty.

“You’re lucky.  You’re Spock’s woman.”

“How does that make me lucky?  I’m a prisoner.”

“He doesn’t treat you like one.”

“You’re going to have to explain that,” Uhura said.  “Because I feel like one.”

Marlena shook her head.  “I forget that you’re from another universe.  Things are different here.  Your Captain Kirk is a man of honor.  I could tell that just from the short amount of time I spent with him.”  She leaned forward and whispered, “He’s nothing like the asshole that runs this ship.  I bet he takes good care of his woman.”

“Captain Kirk is a single man,” Uhura said.  He had a string of lovers, but the only woman he was attached to was the Enterprise and everyone knew it.

Marlena sat up and took a drink of water.  “I wish I could have gone with him.”

“What does that have to do with my situation, Marlena?  I’m horrified about being here.”

“But you’re Spock’s woman.  He is probably the most decent man on board this ship.”



Uhura stared at her.  “I’m sorry; please explain this.  He isn’t decent to me.”

Marlena shook her head.  “I’ve seen you two together.  Everyone has.  He actually prefers to be seen with you on his arm; he’s proud of it.  The only time Jim touches me is when we’re in his quarters; he treats me like I’m invisible everywhere else.  Spock brings you meals.  He escorts you wherever you need to go.  He comes to you; you don’t go to him.  He actually treats you like a woman.  He buys you things.  You are able to do what you want.  You have your own personal security. No one bothers you because no one wants Spock’s fury.  He is not someone you want to screw with.”

Uhura closed her eyes, thinking about last night and how different he had been.  “Security?”

“You’ve got two Vulcans watching over you just to make sure you’re protected.”

“What?”  That would explain a few things. 

Marlena ate another bite of salad.  “I’ve got only one; he’s human, and he’s off doing whatever he wants half the time.  I have to put up with a lot of shit just because I’m the captain’s woman.  Sure, I know Jim’s got his little whores all over the ship, but I’m the one sharing his bed.  I shouldn’t have to be bothered with his side dishes, but my security isn’t worth a damn.  I know yours is top-notch.  Vulcans don’t play around.”

Uhura closed her eyes.  Spock had someone watching over her to protect her.  She thought it was because everyone knew them to be together.  But if there were actual sentinels…no wonder why she wasn’t bothered.  And that explained the young Vulcan who pulled that guy off her the second day she was here.

‘Oh my.’

Marlena continued.  “And Spock’s a one-woman man.  He doesn’t cheat.  He gets hassled for it, but he doesn’t do it.  At least he never did it before.  No other man on this ship would do what Spock does.  Sheila, Trisha and I are jealous, and I’m telling you this up front.  Jim talks about Spock behind his back; he thinks Spock’s pussywhipped because he’s so good to you.”


“If Spock would actually consider being captain, I’d become his woman.  I’d get your ass out of the way real quick.  You’re crazy if you think you’re his prisoner.  You actually have your own quarters and he doesn’t mind coming to you when he wants to spend the night with you.  You know how belittling it is for a woman like me to be seen leaving a man’s quarters at night?  I couldn’t take it anymore and nagged Jim until he let me move in with him.  I do have my pride.”

Uhura’s mouth was dry.  She took a sip of water and continued to listen.  She did not know how Marlena knew so much, but her face was beginning to get warm.

“And I’d be willing to bet my position as the captain’s woman that he’s great in bed.  He’s one of those still waters; one of those quiet ones you have to watch out for.  Jim’s a wham-bam and I’m lucky if I get it twice in one night and even luckier if I come at all.  He doesn’t try to please me anymore.  I stay with him because I like my status.  Sheila says Lenny has trouble getting it up and he hits her if she criticizes him. Trish says that Scotty’s a minute man and she would rather have a hot shower and a cup of tea than sleep with him, but she has no choice.  He sweats a lot, she says.  Trust me, you’ve got it good.”

That was one thing Uhura knew for sure.  The two or three times she had sex with Spock, he always made sure she enjoyed it and that she had at least two climaxes.  He had remarkable stamina.  He was attractive and fit.  He was always tender with her when it was warranted and sought her pleasure above all else.  At least he did until last night.

Dear Mary, had she committed a grievous error?  Had she made a serious mistake?  Had her righteous indignation cost her more than she realized?

“I didn’t realize,” she finally said.  “I’m not used to this place.  I don’t know how it is here; I’m still getting used to all the…savageness.”

“You don’t know savage.  Spock’s kept you from the real savage.  And if you’re going to stay here, and it looks like you are, then you’d better get over yourself and get used to it.  The only reason why I even bothered to come up to you is because I’m sick of Jim criticizing Spock’s lack of manhood in his dealings with you.  He says that Sulu’s right; Spock’s soft.”

“He’s not,” Uhura found herself saying.  “He’s not soft!”

“I don’t believe he is.  But you are making him come off that way and it is only a matter of time before you push him to show that he is just as ruthless and as hardcore as the other bastards on board this ship. You’re lucky if you haven’t done it already.  Everyone knows that he let Michael live when he shouldn’t have, and that he did it for you.”

Uhura closed her eyes.  He wanted her to know that he was capable of mercy and she slapped him for it.

“If you don’t want him,” Marlena said, finishing her meal, “then you’d better be prepared to get moved out of the way.  There’s at least five women who have been itching to become Spock’s girl and hate you enough to kill you for it.  You haven’t had to deal with them because they don’t want to incur Spock’s rage.  But you keep it up.  Keep it up and he won’t care.  I’ve said my piece.  The rest is up to you.”


Uhura walked back to her quarters, closing her eyes.  She put a hand on one buttock and groaned.  Last night, Spock tossed her on the bed, tore off her panties and spanked her until her ass stung and tears sparked her eyes.  She loathed herself because part of her enjoyed the pain.  She lay face down on the bed and refused to make a sound, even though she knew that was his objective.  Finally, she had to cry out for him to stop.  He did and she remained on the bed, hearing him move about.  She moaned and part of it was in pleasure.

‘Not the daughter my mother raised…not anymore…’

Then she felt his weight on the bed, heard him unzip his pants and felt him come over her.  He said, “If you feel that you are my prisoner, that you are my captive, then I shall treat you as such.”

Fingers brushed her anus and too late she realized he spread some sort of lubricant over it.  He rudely inserted one finger, then two, and then forked them.  The blunt entry made her gasp in discomfort and surprise.  A second later, he took her virginity again and she screamed into the pillow.  She actually bucked against him and flailed her arms.  He pinned her to the bed.  She could not move and was overwhelmed at the way he filled her. 

“I do not intend for you to take any pleasure in this,” Spock breathed into her ear. 

She buried her face into her pillow as he moved within her. The room was quiet except for the slap-slap! his testicles made against her buttocks and the rhythmic sound of his breathing, in sync with his deep strokes.  She bit her lip and turned her head to one side so that she could breathe.  She wanted to cry out, to voice her displeasure, to express anger, outrage, anything to make him stop…but she couldn’t, for there was none and she didn’t want him to.  She couldn’t do anything except lay there and when she felt her body betray her again, she didn’t try to stop it.  It was a reality now.

Spock’s breathing quickened and his pulse increased.  She felt his heartbeat thrum against her back.  His hands were like steel cuffs, keeping her expertly pinned.  Held captive.  Held prisoner.  A shiver ran down her spine.  Coupled with the fact that he had just spanked her, she could not deny what was happening within.

“Unh!” she moaned.  Dear God, was she enjoying this?

Had her actions been somewhat deliberate?  Had she allowed that dark part of herself to gain more control over her conscious mind than she would care to admit?  Did she challenge Spock because she liked it when he turned her dirty?  She knew that she liked it when he took her in the shower that first time and that she liked it when he fucked her hard enough to make the bed hit the wall.  She liked it when he pulled her hair and pushed her face into the pillow.  She liked it when he clamped her hands and put them behind her and she really liked it when he disarmed her and shoved her against the wall. 

She liked all those nasty, dirty things.

She was a nasty girl…a dirty girl…a bad girl.

Bad girls got punished.  Chastised.

And he knew it.  He had always known it.  She was his bad girl, his dirty girl, his nasty girl.

“Mmn!” she groaned, allowing it to come out.  There was no point in pretending any longer.  “Unh!”

He slowed down and whispered in her ear.  “I warned you about playing games. You are not the woman you thought you were.  You are not the lady that you pretend to be.  You are all woman, my woman.  I made you mine when I took your virginity. You like being manhandled, being taken against your will, which is dubious at best.  You asked for this.  You want this.  You want to be fucked because you like being fucked.  You want me to break you.  And so I have.  You belong to me, Nyota.  You are mine no matter what happens between us.  You are mine no matter what I do to you.  You are mine no matter how I treat you.  I will have you in every way a man can have a woman.  You will accept it and you…will…like…it.”  He accentuated the last with rapid, hard thrusts.

“Yes,” she breathed. God help her, but she did.  The dark in her inundated her and she welcomed it.  All of it.

“Who do you belong to?”  Another thrust.

“Unh!  You.”

“You will say my name.”  Another thrust.

“Ooh! Spock.”

“Again.  Louder.”  Another thrust.

“Spock!  Oh…!”

“You will…not…come.”  Three more.

“Spock, please…!”

“There is no more please, Nyota.  You will not come until I say that you can.”

“Mmn!”  Uhura wanted to come; was in fact, ready to burst.  But he beat her to it.  He let go, deep within her, growling and rumbling his release into her ear.  His orgasm was thick and hot and it filled her in a way she found oddly satisfying.

But she hadn’t climaxed and the pressure of it was like a balloon crammed near to burst.  She whined into the pillow.  Spock pulled out of her and slapped his semi-hard cock against her ass, rubbing the rest of his semen into her skin.  Then he got up and she thought for a moment that he would turn her over and fuck her again or at least eat her so that she could achieve orgasm.  She was beyond desperate.

He did not.  She heard him zip up his pants.  Too sore to roll over, she lay there, feeling used.

“You will not pleasure yourself.  You are not allowed to touch yourself to achieve release unless I say that you can.  You are, as you say, a captive.  I did not wish this upon you, but you brought it on yourself.  So you shall accept the consequences, Nyota.  I warned you.”

And then he left her there.  Too late the tears started and she knew that tomorrow she would regret and try to pretend that she hadn’t enjoyed what he did to her.


When she got to her quarters, she found a young Vulcan blocking her door.  She figured he was one of her guards.  It was not the same one that saved her; she guessed he was somewhere behind her, making sure she made it safely to her rooms.

“What is your name?”


“Excuse me, Shavik.”

“These quarters are no longer yours, Miss Uhura.” Shavik said. 

Turock came up behind her.  “Miss Uhura.”

She turned.  “What is your name?”


“Turock.  Shavik, what do you mean these are no longer my quarters?”

“Your residence has been moved to the commander’s suite.”


“You now live with him.”


“Your things have already been moved.  Come along.”  Turock turned to go and Shavik stepped close enough to her that she had no choice but to back away.

“I didn’t authorize—”

“The commander authorized it.  Your things were moved while you were on duty.  Please come, Miss Uhura.  Do not make us use the nerve pinch.”

“You would pinch me?  Spock will kill you if you touch me!”

“It is the commander who ordered us to do so if you resist.”

Uhura closed her eyes.  She sighed.  She remembered Marlena’s words:  “He is the only decent man on this ship…You’re crazy if you think you’re his prisoner.  You actually have your own quarters and he doesn’t mind coming to you when he wants to spend the night with you…”  

She heard Spock’s voice in her head.  “You shall accept the consequences…you will accept it and you will like it.”


When she got to her new quarters, Turock gave her the access code.  She entered and they remained outside. 

To his credit, her presence was obvious.  Her things had been incorporated into his suite.  Uhura walked into the bedroom.  It was done in dark hues; the rich red-orange-browns of Vulcan and there were homages to his ancestry in various locations.  Her personal effects were placed about as well.  Her vanity sat against one wall and all her items were upon it, in the exact positions where she left them this morning.  She flicked the switch that rotated the dresser to the closet.  Her uniforms hung next to his and her shoes sat by his.  She rotated back to the dresser.  Her items filled the two top drawers and his filled the bottom two.  Her knives were gone. 

Uhura riffled through her drawers.  They were filled with her lingerie and T-shirts.  The sweats were gone.  The nightgown was gone.  The robe was gone.  Anything that might have covered her completely was gone.

She went into the bathroom.  Her toothbrush and toothpaste were sitting on the sink by his.  Her bath gels and soaps were in the basket by the shower, as they had been back in her quarters.  It looked like the bathroom of a married couple.

Uhura went back into the bedroom and looked around.  Spock did not try to hide or reduce her presence in his quarters.  She remembered something else Marlena said:  “He actually prefers to be seen with you on his arm; he’s proud of it.”

She closed her eyes.  She made a grave miscalculation and she knew that she would regret it.


She was asleep; stretched over the foot of his bed when he entered.  Spock stared at her.  She had showered; he could smell her soap, and she lay on the bed in a T-shirt but wore no panties.  He knew that she was sore, and knew it when he adjusted her shift from eight hours to twelve.  He intended for her to have a hard time sitting down.  She needed to understand the reality he kept from her.

Negotiations were still going on; the Dantouines were showing some resistance.  Tired, Kirk decided that the away team would head back to the ship earlier than planned, consult with Starfleet and decide on the next course of action.  She hadn’t expected him to return tonight, but it did not matter.

“Nyota,” he said. 

She was deeply asleep; her hair tied flat with a bright pink scarf, head resting on her folded hands.  She would not wear that scarf to bed.  He went to her and gently ran one finger over her buttock, recalling how it  felt to have her from behind last night.

She winced in her sleep.  He moved his finger over the graceful curve of her back, up to her neck.  He tugged off the scarf and threw it behind him.  She stirred.

“Wake up.”

She blinked, looking around.  For a moment, she did not recognize where she was.  Then she looked up.

“Spock!  What are you doing here?  I thought that you were going to be—”

“As you can see, you are mistaken.  Get up.”

She turned and sat on the bed, wincing as she did so.  She ran her hands over her hair, looking for her scarf.

“Where’s my scarf?”

“You will not wear that garish item again.  I require you to be physically appealing at all times, unless I do things that make you unable to be so.  I have kept the items I wish for you to wear when you are in here.”

She opened her mouth to protest, but he raised his eyebrow and stared at her.  Uhura wisely closed her mouth.  After a moment, she reached out and tried to take his hand.  “Spock, I’m sorry.  I had no idea…I’m sorry.”

He moved his hand.  “Not yet.  You will be.”  He grabbed her wrist and pulled her up.  At the foot of his bed was a redwood chest.  He opened it and took out a slim white box.  Spock opened the box and turned to her. 

“You will wear this at all times, Nyota.  I did not wish it, but you pushed me.  Turn around.”

He opened the box.  Uhura stood in anticipation, wondering what was in it.  Then she felt something snug around her throat and heard a snap.  She reached for it.  It was a collar and there was a gold O-ring hanging from it.

“Spock!” she gasped, turning around to look at him.  “A collar?  You’re making me wear a collar?”

“It is mandated wear for anyone who is my captive. My prisoner. My slave.”

“I thought you said…”

“What I said before does not matter now.  You pushed.  You chose to resist me, to fight me, to embarrass me.  You chose this life rather than the one I would have provided.  So now I push back.  You will wear this and it will let everyone know what you are to me now.”

She couldn’t help it.  Tears sprang to her eyes and rolled freely down her cheeks.  “Spock, please!  Please!  I’m sorry.  I’m so sorry.  I didn’t understand; I didn’t realize what I did to you; what I…please forgive me.  Please give me another chance.  I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I won’t fight you anymore.”

“I know that,” he said.

“Please give me another chance,” she said.  “I’ll do whatever you want.”

“That you will,” he said.

She nodded.  “Please?  Please reconsider.”

He blinked slowly, staring at her mouth.  “Depending on how well you obey me and please me, I may be encouraged to consider contemplating reconsidering.”

She lowered her head.  He touched her chin.  “You will meet my eyes when you address me.”

“Yes,” she said.  She was mortified.

“Remove my sash.”

She did.

“Remove my jacket and my shirt.”

She did.  He did not move a muscle to help her when it was time to take off the jacket and the T-shirt, so it kept her busy for several minutes.  When she was done, he told her to hang up his uniform.  She did so.  While she was in the closet, he removed his boots.

Uhura returned and stood in front of him.  Spock sat down in his chair.  “Grab a pillow off my bed.”

Wordlessly, she did.

“Place it on the floor between my feet.”

She did.


She did.  She closed her eyes, embarrassment flaming her cheeks.

“Unfasten my slacks.”

Her trembling fingers found his fly and she unbuckled and unzipped his pants.  She concentrated on her hands, unable to meet his eyes.  He watched the color rise in her face.  “You must realize that you are no longer in your world; you are in mine.  You will never embarrass me again, Nyota.”

“I won’t,” she said, her voice small.  “I promise.”

“Remove my penis.  And be careful.”

She reached in and removed his cock, which was semi-erect.  He stared at her.  “Look at me.”

She turned her eyes up to meet his.  She had never held him in her hands before and she felt a twinge of pleasure when he started to get hard.

“You will satisfy me with your mouth.”

“I don’t know how to do that, Spock.”

“You open your mouth, take me into it and apply the proper suction until I achieve release.  You must figure out how to suck me until you find the method that pleases me most, for I will not tell you.”

“What if I gag?”

“For your sake, you’d better not.  Now, if you please?”

She looked at his erection, estimating its size.  It didn’t really matter; it was large enough.  She closed her eyes, leaned forward and licked the tip.  He twitched.

“I said open your mouth and take me inside of it…”

“I’m scared it won’t fit,” she said.

“If it fits inside of your vagina and if it fits inside your anus, it will fit into your mouth.  Now begin.  And do not close your eyes.  You keep your eyes on me.”

Humiliated, Uhura leaned forward, took him in her hands and obeyed.  She was tentative at first, trying to learn the feel of him.  Then she sighed deeply, realizing that she had brought all this on herself with her foolish actions.  So it would be done.  If she was going to remain stuck in this hellhole, she would much rather do it as Spock’s lady rather than his whore.  He had already proven, though she had been too angry and too stupid to realize it, that he knew how to treat a lady in spite of his surroundings.  She wished Marlena had spoken to her before yesterday, but Uhura also knew that she would have ignored anything Marlena might have said at that time.  She’d made a big, fat, HUGE mistake.

In a matter of minutes, Spock gripped her hair with both hands and moved her head up and down.  She tried not to gag, but the tip bumped her uvula and she couldn’t help it.  He held her head still until the feeling passed.

“Caress my testicles,” he said.

She put her hands on them and moved her fingers over the tender flesh.  She closed her eyes; she couldn’t help herself.  He was hard and hot.  She didn’t know if he was pleased; he merely held double handfuls of her hair and fucked her mouth.  In time, he climaxed and made her swallow.  Tears filled her eyes but she would not let them fall.  She had never felt so disgraced in all her life.

“May I use the bathroom?”

He leaned back into the chair and nodded.  She turned and did her best not to run.  Once inside the bathroom, she closed the door and cried while she washed her face and rinsed her mouth.  She stayed in there for as long as she could, staring at her reflection.

“Nyota,” he called from the bedroom.  “Come.”

She dried her face, steeled her shoulders and went back out into the bedroom.  The ring bumped against her Adam’s apple.  He stared at her, at her sex.  She watched his face.

‘He can’t possibly want me again.  Not after that.’

“Get on the bed.”

She started to turn, but he grabbed her elbow.  “What?” she choked out.  He raised an eyebrow.

“I’m sorry,” she said.  “What would you like?”

“When I ask you to get on the bed, you would do well not to assume what position I would prefer you to be in.  For if you lie on your back, I will fuck your pussy.  If you lie on your front, I will fuck you up the ass.  Perhaps I will do both.  I have stressed to you the importance of being specific.”

“I’m sorry, Spock.  What position would you like for me to get in?”  She hated this but she would accept it.  She had to.

He turned his head to one side.  “Which do you prefer?”

She widened her eyes.  “I have a choice?”

“I am feeling magnanimous.”

Uhura looked at him, wondering if he was trying to trick her.  Best to assume that he was.  “I will get in whatever position you like, Spock.”

He nodded.  “You are learning.  I have decided that I want you on the floor.  Get down on your hands and knees.  Use the pillow to cushion yourself.”

Sighing, she obeyed.  He went over to the dresser and took out something from one of the drawers.  Then he removed his pants, put the other pillow down and knelt on it.  He pushed her T-shirt up over her ass.  He ran his hands over her, squeezing her buttocks.  She took a deep breath.  Spock slid his fingers between her legs and began to stimulate her.

“Do not make a sound,” he said.  She closed her eyes and recalled a time—not long ago—when he had buried his face between her thighs and licked her until she came so hard she saw stars.  That wasn’t likely to happen.  Not tonight.  She wondered if she would ever see stars like that again.

In moments, he was satisfied that she was wet enough.  He told her to turn her head to look at him and she did.

“Open your mouth.”

She did.  He pushed a scrap of fabric between her lips.  She widened her eyes and he stared at her.  “To ensure that you do not make any noise, I am gagging you with your panties.  Now turn back around and I will fuck you in both places.  Hard.  Because I know you like it that way; you want it that way.”

He slipped into her and held her hips as he did just that.  She closed her eyes and forced herself to keep silent.

‘You did this to yourself,’ she thought.  ‘You bought it and paid for it, so own it.  He won’t respect you if you don’t.’

Uhura couldn’t help but wonder if he did, or if he ever would again.  She wasn’t even sure if she could.

A/N:  Trust me.  This was not easy to write, so I’m sure it wasn’t easy to read.  But the Mirrorverse as I see it is just as dark, as harsh and as violent as what took place in this chapter; Nyota just didn’t see it because Spock kept her from having to see it.  Now the blinders are off and the best way to show it is the way I showed it.  If this chapter made you uncomfortable, believe me when I tell you that your discomfort is in no way comparable to mine.  All I can say is that I warned you.  --PinkElegance

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