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Bulletproof Soul

9.  Trio

A/N:  Slash alert.  Read at your own risk.

Spock stood in the observation deck, watching the stars and meditating.  He ventured to the peaceful spot after a double shift on the bridge.  All was quiet, as it had been for the past four weeks.  They were in the process of completing the star-mapping of Theta Quadrant IV.  They discovered three class-Q, two class-P, and four class-R planets.  Among the older stars in that section of the galaxy, they were surprised to find a red giant and a blue giant.  Spock’s science department was swamped with analyzing the long-range data collected from the discoveries.  There was a lot to think about and once he got home, he didn’t want to spend any additional time thinking about it.

Home.  The Enterprise had always been his residence, but now it was home.  They made it a home.

Now that their relationship was out in the open, it was not necessary to sneak around.  In spite of that, Spock maintained his discretion.  He was well aware of scuttlebutt and understood that most of the crew was accepting of the relationship.  They found it fascinating that Spock could even be involved in such an affair and speculated as to his role in it.  There were those who disapproved, and Uhura had already told him about some of her confrontations with those crew members.  She was unflappable and didn’t let the cattiness bother her.  No one dared say anything to the captain.

Kirk was on crutches now, moving about his quarters and along the length of his corridor in a walking boot.  His leg was healing because he was remarkably well-behaved in terms of McCoy’s instructions.  Kirk endured the painful bone marrow injections and kept the leg immobile until McCoy instructed him that he could move about if he used his crutches.  Happy to get out of bed, Kirk was up and about as often as his leg would let him.

Spock knew that the reason behind Kirk’s desire to heal quickly was so that he could present during Pon Farr.  After their discussion, Spock understood why.  He didn’t want to discuss it again, but he understood.  Kirk’s emotional transference was staggering.  He was deeply concerned for Nyota’s safety as well as Spock’s state of mind, and was willing to risk his own to protect them.  It was a selfless act of love.  It spoke volumes about Kirk’s deeper feelings for Spock.

Spock was willing to do anything to make sure that Kirk’s affection wasn’t in vain or misplaced.  He had come to care for his captain in the same profound way; their bond was as strong as the one they shared with Uhura.  Their physical connection was growing and strengthening; he found himself caressing Kirk’s fingers or grasping his hand in much the same way as he did Uhura’s.  Kirk reciprocated the actions and Spock found that stroking Kirk’s fingers as electric as anything he experienced with Uhura.  It felt right that he and Kirk should move to a higher level of intimacy, the same as what they shared with their lady love.  Uhura was unaware of the growing passion they felt for one another, and Spock understood that was the reason for their hesitancy to be bold and move forward; Kirk’s especially.  Kirk thought that Uhura wouldn’t approve of their relationship becoming intimate.  Spock wasn’t sure why Kirk felt that way because Kirk didn’t know why he felt that way.

Uhura was changing.  She ate more often and consumed more calorie-laden foods.  He knew that she got protein injections from Dr. McCoy.  Since they returned to the star-mapping mission, she gained nearly six kilograms.  Spock was quite pleased at the increase because the extra mass showed up in her breasts and her buttocks.  She was fleshier and more beguiling as a result.  Uhura kept dancing (more often now because Kirk was bedridden) to maintain her shape, but the extra mass was quite becoming.  It appealed to Spock in a way he never considered; he always thought her beautiful, but now she was even more so.

He never asked her why she started eating more.  He knew that she wasn’t pregnant, as there had been no change in her cycle or her hormone production.  Making love to her was as thrilling as it always was, maybe even more so since she gained weight.  She was softer.  Her belly developed a supple convex curve and he found it fascinating to press his face into it and breathe in her natural fragrance.  He loved to smell her.  She always massaged his scalp and stroked his ears whenever he buried his face in her belly and it drove him nuts.

Uhura adapted to accommodate Kirk’s injured leg and the captain was very happy to be having sex again.  She was quite creative.  While pleasuring her, they allowed themselves the chance to caress and stroke each other outside of her awareness.  It was intensely satisfying, but there was a great need for more.  Their triumvirate was beautiful and so Spock was not bothered by any negative gossip he happened to overhear.  Not that very many crewmates would utter a word about it in his vicinity.   Uhura received the brunt of the comments and deflected them with ease.

Spock walked to the end of the corridor and turned left.  Captain Kirk’s quarters were isolated here in the uppermost back hall of the saucer section.  Turning right would have led to his suite.  He entered the room.  Kirk was in his recliner, his leg propped up on an ottoman.  Uhura was bent over Kirk, kneading it.  She did this every night before going to bed.  Kirk was starting physical therapy in two days and ten hours, and McCoy said that it was okay for her to massage his leg to loosen the muscles.

She wore one of her form-fitting tops and a pair of lacy red underpants.  Spock stared at her ass and then at them, allowing the familiar warmth to envelop him.  He did not deny that he enjoyed the pleasure of coming home to Kirk and Uhura every night; to know that someone was waiting for you was sublime satisfaction.  It was something he had not experienced in a very, very long time.  Not since he was a child.

Uhura walked over and put her arms around his neck.  She gave him an Eskimo kiss and whispered, “Hi,” before giving him a real one.  Unable to help himself, Spock slid his arms around her and returned the kiss, giving her his specialized Vulcan tongue.  She melted against him and he smelled her arousal.

“Nyota,” he said.  He had picked up another one of Kirk’s fetishes and taken to gripping Uhura’s buttocks whenever he hugged her.  He liked the way they felt in his hands.  While they were watching her dance one night, Kirk told him that she had the best ass he’d ever felt on a woman.  Spock merely nodded in agreement.

“Spock,” she said and released him, taking his hand and leading him over to where Kirk sat.

“Spock,” Kirk said.


“How goes it?” he asked.

“You ask me that every two hours, Jim, and each time I give you the same response.  Everything is under control.  We should be done with this star-mapping assignment within the next two weeks.”

“Thank goodness,” Kirk said.  “It’s dreadful.”

Uhura was concentrating on rubbing Kirk’s thigh muscle.   “It’s positively appalling.  There’s nothing going on way out here.”

Kirk eyed her ass as she bent over.  “Those panties are hot,” he said.  “Why don’t you put on those red heels when you’re done?  You know, the ones I bought in Kalamar.”

“And do what?”

“Spock and I will find something for you to do.  Won’t we,” he said, looking up at Spock.

“I am certain that there is an applicable task for you to complete, Nyota.”  Spock grazed Kirk’s bicep with his fingers, appreciating the hard muscle underneath the surprisingly soft skin.  Sensation; it was all about the unique and wonderful differences in their textures.  Kirk was firm, yet pliable.  Uhura was soft and supple.  Both sensations were appealing.  Spock ran his hand over Kirk’s forearm, pushing the hair against its natural direction. 

Kirk inhaled sharply as Spock’s elegant fingers slid over his hand, coming to rest in the ‘V’ between his middle and ring fingers.  Spock massaged the soft pad of skin and Kirk closed his eyes.  He was making an overt move in front of Uhura; perhaps the Vulcan was tired of trying to hide what was a very natural thing.  They never spoke of it because it was instinctual. After having been in this relationship for over six months, it was inevitable.   Kirk was still unsure about it, though.

Uhura turned back to see what caused Kirk to gasp.  She flicked her eyes in Spock’s direction.  Spock was surprised to see her smile and turn back to what she was doing.  He raised his eyebrow, startled.  They had never discussed it, and yet both men were acutely aware of Uhura’s reaction if she discovered their growing intimacy.  Spock knew that Kirk thought she wouldn’t like it; that she, being their center, didn’t want to lose their devotion.  He did not think that was the case, yet he found himself unable to give Kirk a reasonable answer as to why it shouldn’t be kept secret.  It was illogical because it was she that brought them together.

Kirk groaned as she massaged his thigh, which was stiff and sore from atrophy.

“Sorry baby,” she said.  “But we’ve got to get you up and moving.”

“I know,” he said, his voice strained as her hands squeezed and relaxed.

“Spock,” she said, “why don’t you come over here and help me with this?  Jim could use another pair of hands, stronger hands.”

He raised his eyebrow.  Kirk opened his eyes.  Uhura had a secret, satisfied smile on her face.

“Why are you smiling like that, you vixen?” Kirk asked.  He knew that look.  She was up to no good.

She stood up, tossing her hair over her shoulder.  Her nipples were hard and poked up her top.  Kirk swallowed, wanting to eat them.  “Because you do.  I shouldn’t have to handle you all by myself.”  There was a saucy flash in her eyes.  Kirk was reminded of her absolutely disreputable, fantastic, multiple-orgasm inducing behavior their second time in Kalamar.  It drove him crazy when she chose to be a bad girl.

“Come on, Spock.  Come help me with him.”  Uhura put a pillow on the floor and got down on her knees.

Spock raised his eyebrow again.  But, like always, he did whatever she told him to do.  He came around the other side and knelt before Kirk.  Uhura splattered warm sandalwood oil on Spock’s fingers.

“Knead,” she said.  “Like this.”

Kirk stared at the pair of dark heads before him, watching and feeling four warm hands revive his dead leg.  His breathing constricted; the contrast of her soft hands with his firm ones was erotic as hell.  He couldn’t help it.  He got hard.  He hated that he couldn’t do anything about it.

They could.  He wondered if Uhura knew that he and Spock’s comfort level around each other skyrocketed since their Pon Farr discussion, when he had once again laid his heart on the line when he told Spock that he trusted him with his life.  That it was more than just comfort, it was the same as what he had with her.  Would she mind?  Did she care?

“Oh shit,” he said, leaning his head back on the pillow Uhura placed for him.  He couldn’t help it.  “Oh damn…”

Spock did not say a word.  He focused his attention on Kirk’s leg and Uhura’s erect nipples.  She slid her warm, slick fingers over the inside of Kirk’s thigh, pressing the resisting muscle and enjoying his response.  Uhura flicked her eyes at Spock; his head was down and he was completely focused on his task.  The tips of his ears were green.  She couldn’t help but find it adorable.

“You know,” she said, concentrating on loosening the stiff muscle.  “I’ve been waiting for this for a while now,” she said.

“For what?” Kirk said, his voice strained.

“For you two to realize that this is a real triad.”

“Pardon?” Spock said.

“Huh?” Kirk said.

“I know you probably think that I wouldn’t like the idea of you two getting it on.  That I wouldn’t like losing my place in your lives when you two finally realized that you’re in love with each other as well as with me.”

“Nyota,” Spock said.  He had no more words. She was definitely more perceptive than he realized.  Her communication skills were unparalleled.

“Nyota?” Kirk said, his eyes wide with surprise.

She continued to rub.  “I love the idea of that,” she said, meeting Kirk’s eyes and then Spock’s.  “I love that you two love each other and I want to watch you show it.  I’m confident that the both of you are still in love with me and that it won’t change.  But this thing between us is just that: between us, the three of us. We’re a triangle, not an arrow.  It’s about time you two figured that out.  And the both of you are supposed to be so damned smart,” she teased, lowering her head to press her lips against Kirk’s hard-on.  “Guess I’m the genius in this group.”

“Dammit, Nyota…how in the hell did you…what the fuck?” Kirk didn’t even know what he wanted to say.

“Fascinating,” Spock said.

“You don’t need my permission,” she continued.  “And I’m not blind.  I watch you just as closely as you watch me.  I know what I see.  Or maybe you two just didn’t recognize it for what it was.  That doesn’t matter.  You know now.”

“Jeez,” Kirk said, feeling like he was going to explode.  “Nyota, I didn’t want you to think that—”

“Do you really think I’m that selfish?” she said.  “I’m hurt.  You don’t know me at all, Jim.”

“I know that you’re not selfish, but…I don’t know what I thought.  I just know what’s happened, how it’s changed, what it’s come to…you know I’m crazy about you, Nyota.  I didn’t want you to think that…”

“I don’t think it,” she said, slipping her hand down inside his shorts and removing his penis.  “Do you hear me, Spock?  I don’t think it.  I never have.  Our relationship has evolved and, logically, it should do so if we intend to stay together.”

 “I do wish for us to remain as one,” Spock said.   “You are a remarkable woman, Nyota.”

“And I know this,” she said, taking Kirk in hand.  “The both of you should be down on your knees thanking some divine being that you’ve got me.”  She took Kirk in her mouth and began to stroke his testicles. 

“Thank God…” he moaned, sliding down in the chair.  “Thank Buddha, thank Zeus, thank Ra, thank whoever…”

Spock watched her hungrily, amazed at how quickly he had gone from calm to raging within the past sixty seconds.  His eyes zoomed in on her pretty red lips, moving up and down on Kirk.  Kirk’s hands were in her hair, knotted, the knuckles white.  Spock closed his eyes and sighed, wanting to know how he felt.  Uhura opened her eyes and looked at Spock.  Then she ceased sucking and kissed the tip of Kirk’s penis.  She pressed her lips against his navel and snake-licked it, just the way he did her sometimes.  Kirk groaned again, keeping his grip on her hair.  “What the hell are you doing to me, Nyota?”

“I’m…we’re giving you what you want, baby.”

Spock stared, losing what was left of his tenuous control.  His hand moved of its own accord towards Kirk’s erection, wet and slick from Uhura’s mouth.  He touched it with a fingertip, closing his eyes and then slid his fingers around it, instantly loving how it felt in his hand.  It seemed so very natural to stroke him, so very easy to caress him.  Why had he waited for Uhura to give him permission to do it?

“Jim,” he said.  He was overwhelmed.  He couldn’t say any more.

“Underneath the head is his most sensitive spot,” Uhura instructed.  “Use your pinky.  Or the underside of your tongue, if you’re so inclined.”

“Fuck,” Kirk said as Spock followed Uhura’s instructions.  She knew his dick so well and he was so glad she did.

She was caressing his chest, massaging his abs while nibbling on his pecs.  Uhura was not about to deny how utterly aroused she was to take the lead in bringing her lovers together.  She felt ten times as powerful as she did back in Kalamar.  They were completely helpless under her control; putty in her masterful hands.  She loved it and she loved them.  They were a triangle, but she was definitely the apex.

“Doesn’t he taste marvelous?”  She paused in her sucking to look at Spock’s dark head ascend and descend.  “He’s salty; just the perfect contrast to your sweetness.”

“Nyota,” Kirk said, grabbing her hair with one hand.  He grabbed Spock’s with the other.  “Spock!”  He was out of his mind with desire.

She cupped his face, turning it to meet hers and kissed him.  He hungrily kissed her back, his mind a blaze of white heat.  Spock would caress him for a moment, as if memorizing the way he felt in his hands, and then he would affix his mouth over the head and do something with his tongue that…was…unbelievable!  Kirk would nearly come, but then Spock would hold him again, curling two fingers around the base of his shaft to keep him from climaxing.   Prolonging the pleasure.  Damn the man.  Thank heaven for him.

Uhura pushed her chest in Kirk’s face.  “Come on, baby…don’t act like you don’t want them…” she teased, lifting her top.  Instinctively, he found a nipple and took it into the hot cavern of his mouth, doing his damndest to suck it off her chest and not come from Spock’s incredible tongue.  He couldn’t do the one, so he did the other.

Uhura pulled away from him and knelt over him.  Spock was licking his fingers, his eyebrow raised as he tasted Kirk.  “Fascinating,” he said.  “He is salty.  Pleasantly so, not overwhelming at all.”

“Told you,” Uhura said, coming over to lick the tip.  “The two of you together are like Snickers and popcorn.”

“Holy shit,” Kirk said when he was able to get his breath.  “Jeez-zus!”

“Spock,” Spock said, blinking slowly and then coming to his feet.  “That was pleasurable.”  It was more than that.  He was hard.  He wanted to fuck Uhura.  Once Kirk was able to move about freely, he was going to fuck him too.  Such a need was distinctly illogical, but Spock had long since given up questioning the logicality of their relationship.  It was wonderful to feel so strongly about two people and it was decidedly self-indulgent.  Never having participated in hedonistic behavior, Spock welcomed the rush.

“You’re telling me,” Kirk said.

“That was so sexy,” Uhura said.  She was horny as hell now.  One of them needed to take care of her.

“You’re telling me,” Kirk said. He was spent.

“Nyota,” Spock said.  “Go and put on your shoes.”

She smiled.  “Yes sir.”

Kirk lay back in his chair, his eyes closed in bliss.  “You’re going to have to handle that, Spock.  I’m just not worth a damn right now.”  He wanted to be; he wanted to fuck her senseless and suck Spock dry.  Damn his injured leg.  He would do it the moment he was able.

“I want you with us while I do so, Jim.  Do not move.”

Spock bent and slipped an arm around Kirk’s back and pulled him up.  He put Kirk’s arm around his shoulders and helped him hobble to the bedroom.  He sat Kirk on the bed and helped him lift his leg.  Uhura had his pillows ready and Kirk sank into them, his expression blissful.

Spock cupped his cheek and ran his thumb over his lips.  He bent over and kissed him.  Kirk opened his eyes at the feel of his lips, soft and pliant.  Then he just went with it, allowing him access.  Spock could kiss.  Uhura said that he could, but it was better to experience it for himself.  This was too unreal for words; he could not believe that it was happening, that it had happened and that not only she wanted it to happen but also liked it happening.  He was doubly blessed.  It more than made up for his shitty childhood.

*          *          *

Uhura stood at the foot of the bed in her red leather stilettos, one of her hands inside her panties as she watched her lovers kiss.  It was a damn shame that it took Kirk and Spock this long to see what she saw in them five months ago.  She groaned as she fingered herself.  She fantasized about what it would be like when they finally discovered what she already knew, and so far they didn’t disappoint.  They were so damned hot together that it was amazing that the Enterprise didn’t burst into flames.

Kirk gasped when Spock let him go.  “What the hell, Spock…what is that thing you do?”

“It’s fantastic, isn’t it?” Uhura said.  Spock turned to her, his eyes hooded as he stared at her moving fingers.

“You’re telling me,” Kirk said again.  He was incapable of little else other than watching Spock fuck Uhura.  And he knew from the way Spock was looking at her that that was what he intended to do.

“I’ll tell you something else,” Uhura said as Spock came towards her.  She knew that look in his eyes.

“Computer,” he said, “Release.  Authorization: Spock-214-Epsilon-Tau.”

Uhura’s silver pole emerged from its place in the ceiling and locked itself in place against the floor.  Spock backed her up against it.  She looked at her Vulcan darling.  There was that wildness in his eyes, that same mesmeric darkness that always made her so hot.

He stared at her, even more aroused than he was earlier.  In the shoes, she was eye-level with him.  He found it appealing.  Spock loved her, revered her and appreciated her understanding of what he wanted; that he wanted them both.  Her nipples beckoned to him, drawing him in her web.  He was pulled in by the smell of her sex, and he stared at the wet spot at the crotch of her panties.  Spock wanted to devour her, head to foot.

Kirk watched, enthralled.  Spock pushed her up against the pole and kissed her, grabbing her thighs and wedging between them.  He slipped his tongue deep into her mouth and wiggled it.  She squirmed against him.  He kissed her throat and Kirk groaned as he bit her.  She groaned and held on to him, sliding her fingers through his hair.  Spock lifted her, putting his eyes level with her chest.  He bit her nipples through the fabric of her top and started sucking one as he pressed into her.

She was so aroused that Kirk could smell her too.  The scent was mesmerizing, hypnotic, magnetic.  If that was what Spock sniffed while he was in his blood fever, then it was no wonder why he would hunt her down and kill to get to her.  Kirk was willing to get up on his bad leg just to get to Uhura.

Spock’s face was in her belly and he was kissing her navel, rubbing his face against her skin.  Uhura’s hands were above her head, holding the pole for support.  Spock had her off the floor; he was on his knees, sniffing and kissing between her legs.  He was growling and Kirk wondered if he would growl like that when they were together.  It was a sexy sound emanating from his throat.

Uhura was moaning, her back arching against the pole.  The whole scene was scorching hot, sexy erotic and Kirk didn’t know why the room wasn’t filling up with steam or why the dresser mirror hadn’t fogged up.

GahSpock…!” she cried, grinding against his face, her thighs pressed against his cheeks. 

He pulled back.  “Give it to me, Nyota…don’t keep this from me…”  With one hand, he abruptly tore the crotch out of her panties and buried his face there again.  Now her thighs were over his shoulders and Kirk could barely see his head.  Uhura’s red shoes bumped rhythmically against the blue of Spock’s uniform.  He saw Spock’s hands, rubbing and pressing her ass, pushing her into his mouth.  He knew when she climaxed; her face took on an expression that he could never describe, but was intimately familiar with.  She keened as she rode his magnificent tongue.

Kirk had had enough.  He wanted in.  “Spock, bring her over here.”

Spock didn’t stop immediately; Kirk could hear him sucking on her and then, like lightning, he was coming towards the bed with her carelessly thrown over his shoulder.  He tossed her on the bed by Kirk and began to undress.  Uhura got on her knees and bent down to kiss Kirk, who grabbed her head and kissed back as hard as he could.  He wanted to have her so bad, to be inside her at that moment.  Then Spock got on the bed and bent her over, making her hair fall across Kirk’s lap, covering his erection in soft silk.

Uhura grunted as he pushed inside her.  She loved it from the back and never hesitated to tell them so.  She braced herself against Kirk’s good leg and Spock managed two thrusts before she was keening again.  Kirk put his hand in her hair and pushed her face down in his lap, watching her shoes slide back and forth over Spock’s ankles.

“There’s a good girl,” he said.  “Eat your meat and you’ll get your dessert.”  His eyes rolled back in his head as she fellated him, her breasts bumping his hip every time Spock made her jerk.  He reached over her back and rubbed her ass as Spock banged against her.  Her wet heat ran out of her and all over his cock.  She felt so good, too good, better than ever.  He was out of his mind with untold desire for her and for Kirk.  He watched her head bob in Kirk’s lap and remembered the flavor of him.  He wanted to have both in his mouth, to compare and contrast their taste.

Kirk kept Uhura’s head down, keeping her mouth on him as he watched Spock fuck her.  The sight was unbelievable; his pale skin a wonderful contrast to her caramel complexion.  His elegant long fingers were curled around one hip and one buttock, digging into her skin hard enough to leave bruises.  Kirk liked it when Spock was rough with her; it just made him want to be the same.  He reached down between the nightstand and the bed and flipped the switch that revealed the mirror over his bed.  Kirk looked up and watched them together; the spectacle of them united in such a fashion was enough to make him explode in Uhura’s mouth.  Then Spock sagged against her, his breathing erratic and shallow.  She lowered herself to the bed, mindful of Kirk’s bad leg, her breasts flattened against his good one.

Spock rested his head against her back, caressing her ass with one hand.  “Nyota,” he moaned.  He reached for Kirk’s hand with the other.  “Jim,” he said.

*          *          *

Kirk lay flat on the bed, pillows supporting his leg.  Spock lay beside him, their fingers interlaced.  Uhura sat between them, tracing their fingers with hers.

“That was unbelievable,” Kirk said, gazing in the mirror.  They were spent and very well looked it.

“It was,” she said.  “I feel reborn.”

Spock merely raised an eyebrow as he stared into the mirror.

“Did you really think I’d be jealous of you two hooking up?” she asked, looking at Kirk.

“I don’t know, Nyota.  This whole thing started out about you, being with you.  It was you who said we should be three, and then I just got used to Spock being around.  And then things started changing between us as we fell deeper in love with you.”

“I knew that,” she said.  “I watch you when you’re together; you have no idea how in sync you are.  How your differences set you apart yet bring you together.  Kirk, you can’t make a move without Spock beside you.  How many times do you go on an away team mission without him?”

Kirk looked thoughtful.  “He’s pretty damned useful, Nyota.  Why wouldn’t I take him with me?”

She smiled, tracing their locked fingers.  Spock loosened them to bring hers in.

“You’re beautiful together,” she said.  “I don’t mean just physically, either.  You know how you are when it’s just us.  It pleases me.”

“Well, you know that we intend to do that, Nyota,” Kirk said.  “Or die trying.”

“You don’t have to die,” she said.  Then she looked at Spock.  “Why so quiet?”

“I am reflecting.”

“May I inquire as to what?”

“The inimitability of us.  I need not bring up the obvious.  I choose to focus on how exceptional you are and how unique you have made Jim and me.  How a series of events culminated into this and how it makes me feel that I belong.  I am a child of two worlds and I never belonged to either.  I no longer feel that way.  You have connected me.”

 “Spock, you’ve always belonged to Starfleet.”  Kirk said.

“That is merely a career,” he said. 

“Well,” Uhura said, “you do belong.  To us.  You’re mine and you’re his.  We are yours.  This is right; it must be, it has to be because it feels too good to be wrong.  Inside and out.”

“Amen to that,” Kirk said.

She pushed her hair behind her shoulders, arching her back.  Spock watched her breasts bob, wanting to bury his face in her cleavage.


“Yes, Spock?”

“I have noticed that your body mass has increased.”

Kirk didn’t say anything.

“Yeah,” she said, looking at him.  “Are you okay with my weight gain?”  Neither she nor Kirk bothered to tell him why she was gaining weight.  She gained almost twelve pounds over the last five weeks and enjoyed every moment of it.  She knew she had to gain more if she was going to be able to endure Spock’s Pon Farr. However, she maintained her standard workout so the fat went to the right places.  There was a noticeable increase in the way Spock held her; he had become as fond of grabbing her ass as much as Kirk.  He had always been a breast man, but now since her boobs were a little bigger…well, she knew it made him happy.

“I find it stimulating,” Spock said.  “You are still so very beautiful to me.”

“Good,” she said.  “I want to keep you and Jim satisfied.”

“Well, that’s not a problem,” Kirk said.  “I’m quite content at the moment.”

“I’m not,” she said.  She crawled over Spock, moving between his legs and ran her fingers up and down his chest, against the smattering of hair that skimmed down his center.  Spock groaned and Kirk turned slightly to watch, clenching his fingers.  “I want to taste you,” she said.  “I want to watch Jim do it too.”

Spock made some sort of sound she didn’t recognize.  “Yes,” she said.  “Yes, my darling, yes…”  She lowered her mouth to his erection and began gently sucking the tip.  He hissed.  Kirk cupped his face and turned it to kiss his lips.  Soon, Spock had one hand gripping the back of Kirk’s head and the other holding Uhura’s hair in one clenched fist.  She kissed the base of his penis and licked the demarcation up to the head, wagging her tongue over the tip.  He hissed against Kirk’s mouth.

“Say something dirty in Vulcan,” she said.

Kirk turned to look at her.  She was rubbing one of her nipples against the tip of Spock’s penis.  Spock uttered something in Vulcan and he assumed it was very dirty because he got hard hearing it and watching Uhura.

“No fair,” he said.  “You didn’t rub your tits against my dick.”

“So I’ll do it later,” she said, lowering her head.  “Kiss him,” she instructed.

“You’re so bossy,” Kirk said, but then did what she told him to.  He wished he could move enough to roll over on Spock, but there would be time for that.  Spock held him by the back of the head, gripping his scalp tight but not to the point it was uncomfortable.  His mouth was hot, his tongue soft fire.  Kirk kissed his cheek, the side of his face, his eyebrow.

“Jim…” he moaned.  He bent one leg and Uhura slipped her arm around his thigh, holding it the same way he held hers when he ate her out.  She deep-throated him, making him groan.  Then, when she knew he was close, she stopped and kissed the tip.

“Nyota…” he said, his voice strained, “why did you stop?”

“Because I’m being greedy,” she said.  “In a threesome, you share.  Now because of his leg, this can only work if Jim is sitting up.  You’re going to have to stand in front of him.”

Uhura smiled to herself as they did what she said.  She felt so powerful.  It made her hot.  And to think, they’d been at some form of this for a goodish part of the night.  She helped Kirk sit up.  Spock stood before him, fully erect and completely helpless.  She squatted behind Kirk and kissed his shoulder.  “You don’t need me to tell you what to do,” she whispered in his ear.

“Nyota, I love you,” Kirk choked out as he reached for Spock, finally closing his hands around his shaft.  Spock stepped closer and Kirk looked up at him, his blue eyes overflowing with emotion.  Spock met his gaze, curling his fingers into Kirk’s shoulders, watching silently as he lowered his head.

Uhura sighed, scratching Kirk’s head.  It took two seconds of Kirk giving Spock head for her to get wet.  She was absolutely no good watching them together.

Kirk was awestruck at the feel and the sensation of Spock, to the point that he was slow in his handling and movement.  He filled his mouth and he tasted just the way Uhura said.  It felt so good to have him like that.

She was feeding him instructions.  “Run your finger up the underside; he likes that.”  She pressed her hot sex against Kirk’s lower back and he groaned.

Spock gripped his shoulders, shivering as Kirk obeyed her.  Then he couldn’t help himself; he grabbed Kirk by the head and fucked his mouth.  Uhura groaned and fell on the bed, watching them with luminous eyes and masturbating.  Spock climaxed and Kirk tenderly sucked him dry.  Then after a moment, Spock helped him back onto the bed and Uhura came over him, licking the remnants of Spock’s orgasm from his lips. 

“Isn’t he sweet?” she asked.  “Like some exotic fruit.”

“Yeah,” he said, kissing her.  “Just like you.”

Spock got back in bed and pulled her against him.   “…love you,” he murmured against her hair.

“Wait,” Kirk said, his voice all dreamy.  “Don’t hog her, Spock.  Push her close.  Uhura, press your pussy against me.  I know you’re wet and I want to feel it.”

“Of course I’ll do what you want,” she said, as they pressed against each other.  “Next time, don’t wait for me to tell you what to do.”

Spock was already asleep, one arm around her.  Kirk curled an arm around her head and she lay against his chest.  He stroked her hair.  “I don’t know where I’d be without Spock and you, Nyota.”

“Fighting some crazy alien or chasing some skank,” she murmured against his chest.

“You have no idea how much I don’t want that,” he said, closing his eyes.

“You can have everything, Jim, as long as it includes Spock and me.”  She yawned.  “This is us, baby.  You, me and he.  We’ll give you anything you need, whatever you want.”

He was silent for a long time, feeling her breathing even out.  She was asleep.  Kirk kissed her widow’s peak.  He was overcome with passionate, interconnected thoughts and feelings.  He was so content, so pleased, so in a place he never thought he would be or was capable of being.  Kirk had never ever felt like this before and he wanted to share it.  He pressed his lips against her forehead.  “You make me want a baby,” he murmured.

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