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Sexy Beast (5/20)


She was indeed intact, untouched.  It made him crazy.  She held on to him, her face in his shoulder, biting him and keening.  Spock wanted to roar in satisfaction the moment he broke her hymen.  Her legs were wrapped around his hips and he cupped her bottom, pushing her against the shower wall with each thrust.  At some point, he reached out and turned off the shower.  They were both soaked and he was still mostly clothed, shoes on and everything.  Her shower cap was askew and her hair was wet.  Spock lifted her, turned and walked out of the shower, moving with purpose.

Uhura held on to him.  There was nothing else she could do.  He tossed her on the bed.  She lay sprawled and her shower cap fell off.  She felt a void within her, a throbbing ache, and a sweet pain.  Her bottom lip stung from being bitten and she could do nothing but watch the sexy beast in front of her dispense of his sopping wet clothes and boots in a matter of seconds.  He had chest hair, dark and smooth.  It looked soft.  She wanted to touch it.

He was still hard and she stared, taking in the awesome sight.  Having fantasized about her Spock in the nude—the old Spock, that was; for this Spock was now her Spock—Uhura was very happy to discover that he did not have a small member.  Her love stories stressed the importance of men being well-endowed.  How big it was she could only guess because then he was over her, on her, in her.  He grabbed her arms and yanked them above her head, clamping her wrists.  She cried out again when he entered her; it felt like a thick, hot plug, filling her completely.  She liked it.

His thrusts were slow and long at first and then as his breathing quickened, so did they.  Spock stared into her eyes, greedily devouring the range of emotions he saw in them.  She was so tight, so hot!  It was all he could do not to turn into a jackhammer; even in his lust-driven state, he was aware that this was her first time and such rapid thrusts would hurt her.  There would be time for that.  Uhura’s bottom lip bled from where she bit it when he first entered her.  He pressed his lips to it and sucked the blood off.

She was out of her mind, overwhelmed with sensation.  Her hands became free as he braced himself on the bed and adjusted his angle of entry.  One of her legs was now over his shoulder and she felt as if she were wide open for the world to see.  Spock’s breath was hot against her face and she felt his lips on her forehead, her nose and her mouth.  He claimed it in torrid, thorough kisses.  His chest hair rubbed against her breasts, making her already tender nipples ache for his mouth.  He moved to her shoulder and she felt pressure, sucking, biting as another feral growl escaped him.  Uhura was aware of his testicles slapping against her, of the weight of his body against hers, of the cyclone within her.  There were no words to describe the way she felt.  He said dirty things to her in his native tongue.  They were words she understood; phrases that made her hornier than she already was.  She stared up at him.  His eyes were closed and he moved faster and faster and then he stiffened, arched his back and roared as he exploded within her.  Never before, not even with the slave girls of Bellatrix IX, had he experienced such a powerful, untamed orgasm.

He trembled and pressed his cheek against hers, whispering again in Vulcan.  She felt the warm jet of his orgasm and she shivered as he lowered her leg.  A moment passed and he pulled out of her, but did not move off of her.  Instead, Uhura closed her eyes as he claimed her mouth in a hot, tender kiss.

“Nyota,” he said.  His breath was ragged.  “You have reduced me to a primitive human male.  You have unmanned me.”

“I’m sorry,” she said.  She frowned, for she now felt the ache between her legs.

“Do not be.  I welcome the sensation.  But I must apologize; I was selfish just now and I did not please you.”

“It’s all right,” she said.

“It is not,” he replied.  “I told you that if you united with me, I would please you.  I did not.  I shall rectify it.”

“No,” she said.  “Not right now; I’m sore.”

“This was your first time.”


“Then I am doubly sorry I did not please you.  I would not have you question my prowess or think less of me, as I am aware that women do not tread lightly with men who cannot satisfy them.”

Uhura didn’t respond, but she knew from her ribald conversations with Christine Chapel and Janice Rand that it was true.  A one-minute man was blasphemy.   She knew that Spock wasn’t one of those.

Spock rolled off her.  Uhura shifted, closing her legs.  She was going to feel it tomorrow.

“I would like it if you did not report to duty tomorrow so that you might rest.  I have something that will reduce your soreness.”  Spock did not let on how utterly pleased he was to have taken her virginity.

It sounded like a grand idea, but Uhura never shirked her duty.  Not even when her periods were bad.  Then she gasped.

“What is it?”  He pulled her to him, turning so that she could rest her head against his chest.

“I am not on birth control,” she said.  “I never started the regimen because I am not—was not sexually active.  I wanted to wait until—” She broke off.  She still had old-fashioned sensibilities despite being a 23rd century woman.

“I shall take care of it,” he said.  “Tomorrow.  You will be protected.”

Uhura stroked his chest hair.  It was soft and smooth.  She rubbed her cheek against it, oddly satisfied.  “I will report to duty,” she said.  “I’ll be fine.”  She would probably walk slowly, but she could handle it.  She hoped, anyway.

“If you wish to.  The captain will not mind if you took a day to yourself.  You have been most efficient since you arrived.  He is very pleased with you.”

She rolled her eyes.  ‘I bet he is.’  Then she said, “You mean since you took me prisoner.”

“Do you feel like you are a captive?”

“Some days.”  Uhura doubted that the feeling would ever truly leave her.


“I don’t know how I feel right now.  I’m still processing.  But what I want to know is how did you get into my quarters?  What were you doing in my bedroom?”

“We arranged to spend tonight together, if you’ll remember.  When you did not answer your door, I became concerned.  I entered and discovered you were in the shower.  I heard you say my name.”

She closed her eyes.  Had he been watching her?  Her face flamed with color.  “You saw me?”

“I could not help myself.” he said.  “It pleases me to know that you are indeed affected by me, that you reciprocate.”

Uhura could not lie.  “I find you extremely attractive.“  She yawned.  “I’m tired.”

“Go to sleep,” he said.  He was pleased.


Uhura woke up in the middle of the night.  She was on her side, her back to Spock.  He was spooned against her, with an arm over her hip and his face between her shoulder blades.  She turned to look at him, wincing at her soreness.  She was careful, for she did not want to wake him.  He slept peacefully and she studied him, trying to resolve what happened.  He appeared into her bathroom out of nowhere.  He had been watching her, heard her and responded.  It happened so quickly that when he walked into the shower and picked her up, she didn’t realize what was occurring until he entered her.  She held on to him, disbelieving that it was actually taking place and it didn’t go down the way she thought it would or how it should.

All of the plans, the guidelines, and the rules they established for their sham relationship lasted mere days.  She didn’t know how she felt about it.  Uhura found the man in her bed intensely alluring on so many levels.  The darkness in him appealed to the darkness in her, a side she hadn’t been aware of until lately.  She didn’t know how to reconcile that part of her with the side that she showed to the world.

She wanted him even now.  Spock stirred, putting his arm around her once more and pulling her close.  How was it possible to desire a man with such a devious heart yet loathe him because of it?  Uhura meant it when she told him that she could not give her body or her heart to such a man, but she gave up her body without a fight.  It was a battle she couldn’t win anyway; his appeal was far stronger than her resistance.  Her body was traitorous.  It felt good to be with a man that desired her like he did.  It felt good to be had, to be taken like that.

What kind of woman was she?  Really?

Uhura thought about the Halkans, about the fight in sickbay where Spock effortlessly owned Kirk, McCoy and Scotty, and when he shoved her during the fight.  She thought about Kirk sparing his life only to betray him by keeping her there.

Spock wanted more out of their union.  He expected more.  Uhura had never been the type of woman to give a part of herself; she was dedicated and thorough in everything she did.  But she was adapting to life on board this horrific starship.  She could not love this Spock.  He was a beast.  A sexy beast, but a beast nonetheless.  She could desire him.  That was not hard, for he fulfilled needs she never knew she had until this night.  She didn’t quite understand them, but recognized they were there.  Uhura would allow herself to want him.  Wanting him was easy.  She already did.

She would give him her body.  She would not give him her heart.


Spock awoke, finding her curled against him, her head on his chest, snoring softly.  Her hair was a dark tangle but he still found her beautiful and invigorating.  He moved carefully, positioning himself so that he could kiss her.  He had not pleased Uhura.  He did not induce a climax and he intended to rectify the matter.  He had not been able to taste her breasts or devour the honey between her legs.  He had not experienced the cushion of her lovely derriere or the taste of her skin or any part of her body.  Watching her stimulate herself to climax, and then hearing her name on his lips at the moment of orgasm drove him insane.  He had been hard, harder than he’d ever been, moving his hand over his aching cock as he watched her hand move between her thighs.  But he didn’t come; once he realized that he was the stimulus for her actions, all that mattered was coming inside of her.  Taking her, having her, and being sheathed within her.  Knowing her.  He had not enjoyed the delights of her magnificent body.  Spock intended to set things right.

She shifted ever so slightly and he wanted her to remain asleep until he wanted her awake.  He leaned and caught her swollen lower lip between his and ran his tongue over it before kissing her.  She moaned softly.  He kissed her chin and her throat, sucking the area over her larynx.  Uhura shifted again.  There was a bruise between her neck and left shoulder; a deliberate mark.  He kissed it and she hissed in her sleep.  Spock pressed his lips in the hollow beneath the blotch and licked her skin, savoring the taste.  Uhura moaned again, moving her hands instinctively.

He kissed her cleavage, pressing his mouth against her flesh while inhaling her scent.  He cupped her breasts and pushed them together, covering his ears and burrowing his face between them.  He moaned, thumbing her nipples.  Uhura groaned and shifted once more, bending one leg.  The movement brought Spock’s erection flush against her sex.

She would be awake soon enough.  He moved his lips over the swell of one breast, enjoying the fleshy softness.  Spock ran his goatee over her nipple, making it pop up.

Uhura groaned and bucked against him.  He groaned in response and gently took the nub between his teeth before sucking it into the hot cavern of his mouth.  He closed his eyes and delighted in how it filled his mouth.  So soft, so warm…

She was awake and moaning.  Uhura looked at him; he was practically swallowing her breast.  The suction was at once painful and pleasurable and she couldn’t help grinding against him.  Then he scraped that unbelievable beard down and over and up to the other breast to give it equal attention.  He turned his eyes to hers as he suckled her.  Uhura couldn’t look away.

And then he was kissing her again; slow, smooth, undemanding.  She welcomed it, welcomed his warmth, his strength, his ability to turn her into a bundle of hot raw nerves.

“Spock,” she murmured against his mouth, taking his tongue and giving him hers.  She gasped as she felt his cock graze her tender, swollen lower lips.

He stopped and stared into her eyes.  “You are mine, Nyota.”  There was no hard edge, but a determined undercurrent.  “My woman.  Mine.  You belong to me.”

She nodded, cradling his head as he licked his way down between her breasts to her navel.  “Um,” she breathed as she felt the warm moist tip of his tongue trace around and in her belly button.  He flicked it back and forth, enjoying the way her hips bucked and brought their sexes into close contact.  Her labia were hot and plump and he could not wait to have them in his mouth, but he was not going to rush this.  He was going to make her come at least twice before the night was over.  At least.  He owed her that.

Spock moved back and forth over the planes of her belly, licking the indentations of her abdominals, making Uhura shiver.  “Oh,” she murmured as she realized that he found a new erogenous zone.  “Oh my.”

He scraped his beard over her torso and her breathing quickened.  He held her by the hips, sliding his fingers back and forth before moving his hands underneath to grab her ass.  Spock kissed her hairline, giving it tender licks.  Her arousal flooded his nose and he groaned, feeling himself get harder.  She would be the death of him, but it would be a most pleasant demise.

He was delighted to see that her pubic hair was perfectly trimmed.  Spock looked at her again and ran one finger down the center of her sex.  Uhura bucked again.  He had marvelous fingers.

“This pleases me,” he said.

“Wh—what…pleases you?”

He held up his hand in a Vulcan salute and used the spread to trace both sides of her pelvic bone, where there was no pubic hair.  “This,” he said.

She trembled uncontrollably.  Apparently, her fastidiousness regarding her body paid off.

He kissed down one side of her vagina, getting intoxicated by the overwhelming smell of her arousal.  Then up the other side.  The skin was hot and perfectly smooth.

“Please,” she moaned.  There was no panty barrier now and she wanted his mouth on her.  She bucked her hips.

“Please, Spock…!” One flit of his tongue or the crush of his goatee and she would come.

“Patience,” he said.  “I want to look at you.”

“Oh,” she said, trembling.  Spock used his ring finger to trace the swell of her outer lips, fascinated.
Whenever she trembled, they would quiver and her clitoris would vibrate.  Using the Vulcan salute, he spread them and focused on the coloring of her inner lips and clit.  Spock shifted so that he could use both hands.  With the pinky of the other, he fingered her folds and tweaked her.  Lovely.  He was pleased.

“Spock…!” she moaned. 

He gently pulled back the tiny bit of skin that shielded the pink bundle of nerve endings and ran the back of his tongue over it.  She trembled again and he paused, fascinated yet again as drops of her come leaked out.

“Nyota,” he said.

“I can’t…I can’t help it,” she breathed.  “Please, Spock.  Please.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I want…I want you to…to do what you did the other night.”

“I told you,” he said.  “You must not be ambiguous when you give me instructions.  I did several things the other night.”

Bastard.  Uhura gripped the sheets, taut like a bowstring.  He  knew full well what she wanted.

Spock tweaked her labia again, drawing his ring finger up and down, down and up and then rubbed his pinky over her engorged clit.  She would have to take the next day off.  Uhura trembled again.  She was close.

“Tell me,” he ordered.  “Tell me what you want, Miss Uhura.”

“I want you to put your mouth on me.  Please, Mr.  Spock.  I’m so close…I need to…”

“Yes,” he said.  He slipped his middle finger inside her and pressed it against her G-spot.  He licked her clit with the tip of his tongue once more and she came, spilling out over the sheet.

“Oh god,” she breathed.  “Oh my god…!”  She spasmed uncontrollably.

Watching her climax, he stroked himself.  And then, as her legs stopped vacillating, he did what she wanted.  He was gentle with her sex, laving her lips in pointed strokes.  She tasted so good.  Her essence was at once sweet and tangy.  He liked it.  He was pleased.  The smell of her, the feel of her…he sucked her clitoris and inner lips like a starving man.

Uhura was up again, not even having a chance to get right after her last orgasm.  His beard brushed gratifyingly against her.  She sat up, bracing herself so that she could watch him pleasure her.

“Mmmm,” she murmured through her clenched teeth.   “Mmn, oh…oh!”

He put his hands underneath her hips to lift her so that he could get into it.  Uhura bit her sore bottom lip again.  He was not silent in his enjoyment and she dripped like a wet mop.  She watched his head move back and forth as he covered his beard and cheeks with her juice.  He sucked loud, groaned louder and she couldn’t help but thrust against his face.

“Yes,” she screamed.  “Yes, Spock…yes, like that!”

“No,” he said, stopping.  Like lightning, he rolled her over and pushed her to her knees.  He kneeled and smacked her buttocks with both hands, making her wince.  “Like this.”  He spread her cheeks and smiled at the sight of her upturned ass and her oozing wet sex.  He was pleased.

“Put your face in the pillow, Miss Uhura.” 

Spock leaned forward and pushed his face in it, licking and sucking until she was quivering again.  Out of his mind, he sucked all of her sex into his mouth and worked his lower jaw to increase the suction and she screamed again.  The pillow muffled some of her cries, but it didn’t matter as she was sure her neighbor could hear.  He stuck his tongue inside her and wiggled it, spreading her cheeks as wide as he could.  She came again, drenching his face.  She didn’t know whether to be annoyed or delighted that she was so easy.

Uhura tried to lower her hips but he wouldn’t let her.  He positioned himself behind her and brought both hands down on her inverted ass, pleased by the way it jiggled.  Spock smacked her again and his eyes hooded.  He was going to love spanking her.  And everything else.

She bit down into the pillow.  She had read about this position; had heard tell of it by some of her girlfriends back in her world, but she could not believe he was going to do it.  She wondered if she would like it.  How would it feel?  She was about to find out.

“You’ll like it like this,” he said, easing his way inside.  She closed her eyes as he filled her once more.  He grabbed her waist and tried to take it slow, but she clenched around his cock and he knew he wouldn’t last long.  He channeled his Vulcan discipline and slowed, turning his thrusts into deep long strokes.  The movements made her ass jiggle and he was pleased.

She held on to the headboard, but it was a futile exercise.  It banged against the wall every time he thrusted and in her lusty, hazy daze, she did not feel it when two of her nails broke down to the quick.

“Nyota,” he said.  “Nyota…”  He grabbed her by her tangled hair and couldn’t help but pound into her.  Her breasts moved in circles and she was keening again, making those sounds that did nothing but excite him more.   He didn’t care that they might be heard; that the bed hit the wall every time he long-stroked her…she felt so good, so tight, and so hot…hotter than Vulcan.  He was pleased.

“Oh dear sweet Lord,” she cried as he pulled her hair.  He was fucking her.  This was what it felt like to be fucked.  She liked it.  She loved it.  She wanted it and found herself banging against him and they fell into a rhythm.

‘I’m such a dirty girl,’ she thought.  ‘I thought I was a lady, but I’m…a…bad…girl…’

She wasn’t entirely sure how she felt about it, but decided that it wasn’t such a bad thing to be.  She also decided to change her mind about taking the next day off.   She would likely not be able to walk.

Spock’s eyes were closed and they rolled beneath his eyelids.  “You feel so good, Miss Uhura.  You feel so good…”  He was close and this time would likely be more volatile than the last. 

“Mr. Spock,” she choked out.  She was about to come again.  Uhura lost count of how many times he made her climax.  And then she did, wailing into the pillow, unable to control herself.  She fell onto the bed, making him slip out, but he covered her once more and entered her again.  This time, he allowed himself to turn jackhammer.  She could take it.  He watched the wobble of her ass as he thrusted and felt his own climax deep within.  It was a rumble, a great pressure and it surged forth like the lava from one of Vulcan’s volcanoes.  He could not hold back and did not.  He exploded.  Spock collapsed on top of her and grunted his release, pulled out and came all over her ass.

He was pleased.


She didn’t know what time it was.  She told him that she indeed decided to take off work.  He told her that he thought it was best.  This was after they took another shower and he lathered her body himself this time, taking care to wash off the bit of blood between her legs and the semen on her ass.  She faced him as he lathered her buttocks, holding him, the heat in her eyes matching his own and she wondered if she could fall for him.  He did take care of her.

He helped her wash her hair, for it had been completely destroyed during the night.  She tied it down with a scarf as he changed the bed.  Uhura hissed as she bumped her fingers, finally realizing that two of her nails were broken.  Hearing her, Spock walked over.

“What is it?”

“I broke two fingernails.”

“They’re bleeding,” he said.  He got a cloth and dipped it in alcohol, and then daubed her fingers. 

She winced as she examined her hand.  “I don’t know how I did this.  Now I’ll have to cut them all.”

“Come to bed,” he said.  “I am fatigued and I know that you are as well.”

“Will you allow me to sleep this time?”

“Yes,” he said, holding out his hand.  He would sleep too.  He would be late for his shift, but he knew that Captain Kirk would understand.  And likely want details.

She took it and he led her to the bed.   Uhura did not deny herself the pleasure of sleeping with Spock and being held by him.  Or the contentment in laying her head on his chest and enjoying the feel of his hair against her cheek.

“You make me weak,” he said.

Uhura closed her eyes and purred in response.  She was lulled to sleep by the rapid beat of his heart.  For the first time since her capture, she was at ease.  She could get used to it.  She could get used to being Spock’s girl.  It wouldn’t be hard.  She found it quite easy to give her body to him.

But she would not love him.  She would not give him her heart.

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