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Folie a Trois. (7/15)


She did not get the chance to give Kirk his answer because the Enterprise was sent to investigate an anomaly that trumped the visit to Ferengi space.  The bridge was abuzz with excitement and everyone was busy.  Working to solve the mystery of the anomaly kept the officers distracted, and when it was solved, the starship resumed its original course and speed to Ferengi.  Kirk hoped that another serious mission would arise, as he did not want to deal with the Ferengi, but it was a peacekeeping mission handed down by Admiral Pike.

Several days later, Spock was on the obs deck, watching Uhura dance. It was mesmerizing to see her move, She was so graceful and so gorgeous that watching her quickly rose to the short list of Spock’s favorite things.
The first time she danced knowing that he was there, she was hesitant at first.  She kept stopping and starting over.  She was uncomfortable.  He remained hidden in his corner, knowing that she would adjust.  She moved to the floor to do leg work and it calmed her down enough that when she finally got to her feet, she was no longer anxious.  After that, she was no longer nervous.  He asked her to play her music aloud so that he could time her movements to the beat.  She complied.  He was unfamiliar with the songs she danced to, but it didn’t matter because she flowed with the music as smooth as a duck landing in water.
Spock watched her hands caress her body and he was again compelled to wonder how she would feel.  He had acknowledged his attraction to her through contact.   He felt her shiver from his touch and knew that she reciprocated the attraction.  That pleased him.  There was no need to speak of it if they were both aware it existed; all that mattered was moving forward.  They were both professional enough that it wouldn’t inhibit their duties.  Of course, there was the dancing.  How it evoked all of his repressed feelings for her.  It was as if the dam broke that Friday night at the bar and his passion for her came surging forth like a raging rapid.
She was back on the floor, her legs in the air, doing lifts.  She had lovely long caramel-colored legs, beautifully shaped feet, and she wore a crimson color on her toenails.  The color matched what she wore on her fingernails.  Sensual, seductive, alluring…Spock thought there weren’t nearly enough positive adjectives to describe Uhura.
He noticed that her body was in better shape than it had been when the Enterprise first left space dock.  She had always been slender, but now her arms and legs were toned.  Mr. Sulu actually made a comment about it to Ensign Chekov one morning when she left the bridge for a moment.  His exact words had been, “Is she lifting weights?”  Mr. Chekov replied, “I do not know.”
Spock did not bother to correct or explain the real reason for Lt. Uhura’s physical change.  But then Mr. Sulu said, “If I thought I had a chance, I’d ask her out.  She’s so freaking hot.”
Mr. Chekov and Dr. McCoy agreed.  Captain Kirk, one who never failed to acknowledge a beautiful woman, said nothing.  This was surprising in and of itself because he never missed an opportunity to comment on or to Lt. Uhura.  However, a look passed over his face so fast that Spock could not read his expression.
Sulu looked directly at Spock and asked him, “Don’t you think so, Commander?”
“I am sorry, Mr. Sulu; I was ensconced in my work.  To what do you refer?”
Sulu smiled.  “It figures.  I asked you if you thought Lt. Uhura was hot, sir.”
“I was not aware that her temperature had increased.  Perhaps you had better check on her, Doctor.”
Dr. McCoy merely looked at Spock and rolled his eyes.  “He wouldn’t know a hot woman if one dropped into his lap.”
Again, that dark look crossed Kirk’s face.  “Let’s get back on task, people.”  Mr. Sulu turned around and Dr. McCoy looked at the captain and got up to leave the bridge. 

Spock mused as he watched her.  Vulcan or not, he knew beauty when he saw it.  He took the opportunity to appreciate her figure and felt that warm sensation again.  Emotions were illogical, as were these sensations.  But they would not be denied.  He could control his emotions, but the ones he had for her got past the barrier.  It would not take away from the essence of him if he allowed himself an extravagance.  Nyota Uhura was it.
He noticed a shape move silently from the far side and stand behind a partition.  It was a man.   Spock raised a brow.  From his silhouette, he deduced that it was none other than the captain of the Enterprise.  Watching her.
She did not notice that she had another observer.  Indeed, she was lost in whatever paradise her dancing took her to.  He was pulled back to looking at her, but was very aware that he was not alone in his appreciation of her elegance and magnificence.
How did he know she would be here?  And how long had he been an observer?  From the way he crept up to the partition unnoticed, it was clear to Spock that Kirk had been here before.  But for how long, he could not venture to guess.  Had Kirk been there all along?  Had Spock, caught up in the splendor of Uhura, failed to notice that his commanding officer was also caught up as well? 
That would explain the odd moments on the bridge.  Kirk was always baiting her, trying to get a response out of her.  For the most part, she would not, but there were a few times when he managed to visibly upset her.  One day, he riled her enough to cause her to hiss at him, “Leave me alone, Skippy!”  Spock had been the only one to hear her say such an inappropriate and illogical thing.  He made a note to ask her what the reference was for ‘Skippy.’
And then there was the fact that the captain openly stared at her sometimes. Spock could not glean anything from his expression, other than it appeared like he was thinking.  Of her?  Could it be possible that Captain Kirk was attracted to Lieutenant Uhura? If that was the case, Spock knew that there would be problems.  Even though wanting her was a violation of multiple Starfleet regulations and wholly inappropriate, it was the fact that they were both determined men and prone to getting their way that was problematic.  Kirk was just more obvious about his.

She finished dancing and did some stretching.  Then she pulled on her sweatpants and sweatshirt, then her slippers.  She took a long drink of water, knotted up her hair and turned the lights off.  She turned to look in Spock’s direction for a moment and then left the observation deck.  Kirk did not move.  Neither did he.
When he was confident that she was gone, he emerged from the darkness, moving toward his captain.  Hearing his footsteps, Kirk turned.  The look on his face when he saw Spock was one of surprise.
“Captain,” he acknowledged.
“Spock!  What the hell are you doing here?”
“From what it appears, I am here for the same reason that brought you here.”
He looked startled.  “How long have you been watching her?”
“How long have you been watching her?”
“Don’t piss me off by answering my questions with questions, Spock.”
“It is not my intent to do so, Captain.  I am merely suggesting that we are here for the same reason, and I would venture to say that it is likely we have been doing it for the same amount of time.”
He sighed.  “Since we left space dock.  Actually, two days before.  I saw her at a local night spot.”
Spock’s eyebrow went up.  “Fascinating.  I did as well.  I found her movement to be quite intriguing.”
You were there?  I thought you hated clubs.”
“I was there as a favor to Admiral Pike.  I was there to retrieve cadets Johnson and Lewis.  May I inquire as to why you were there?”
“To get a beer.”
They stared at each other.  Spock was able to read Kirk’s expression, which he understood his captain wasn’t trying to hide.
“You stay away from her, Spock.”
“Is that a threat, Captain?”
Kirk met him head on.  “No.  It’s a promise.  You standing in the corner ogling her like a creepy Peeping Tom; you are not fooling me for a moment.  You’ve got the hots for her.  Leave her alone.”
“I suppose you think that this does not make you a voyeur.  She knows I am here.”
“Lt. Uhura knows that I am here.  She has given me permission to observe her.”
Kirk shook his head.  “She’s not a specimen, Spock.”
“I am fully aware of what she is and is not.”
“Stay away from her.”
“Please give me a reason why I should, Captain.”
“You’re not stupid, Spock.  You know why.”
“Ah.  You too are attracted to our lovely Miss Uhura.  So, like an antediluvian human, you feel the need to mark off your territory.”
“As if you aren’t doing the same. Vulcans weren’t always so refined.  You were once like us, and underneath, you still are.  You want her too.”
“I find the lieutenant endlessly fascinating, yes.”
“Well then.”  Kirk stared at Spock.  “For once, we have something in common.”
“It appears we share the same objective.  I trust you will not allow this issue to affect our working relationship?”
“I can take it if you can.”
Spock raised an eyebrow.  “For the record, Captain, I have no intention of staying away from her, as you so eloquently put it.”
“Neither do I.”  Kirk met his commander’s steely gaze head on.  “How do you feel about her, Spock?  Vulcans don’t love.”
“I will not answer that, as you are fully aware that we are capable of such.  If you are implying that you think my attraction to Lt. Uhura is based merely on the physical, you could not be more wrong.  I would say that of you, as I am well aware of your cavalier attitude towards women and mating.  She is deserving of far more than your maniacal libido.”
“If sex was all I wanted from her, I wouldn’t be here.  I can get laid anytime I want.”
Spock tented his fingers.  “So am I to understand that we are engaging in competition?”
Kirk folded his arms.  “Since we are both attracted to her, I guess we are.”
“Are there any boundaries?”
“Only the ones she sets.”
“Fair enough.  I do think that she should be informed of this.”
“She already knows how I feel, Spock.  You see, I can acknowledge my feelings.  What are you going to do?  She doesn’t read minds.”
“Lt. Uhura is fully aware of my attraction to her and she reciprocates it.”
Kirk glared at him.  “Same here.  Trust me on that.”
Spock raised an eyebrow.  “It is logical for human females to be attracted to more than one alpha male.”
“Except on board this ship, I’m the only alpha male.  And logic has nothing at all to do with this, Spock.  You’re going to lose if you think it does.” 
Spock raised an eyebrow.  Kirk eyed him and walked off.  Spock walked off in the other direction.  

It was on.

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