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Lovesick (8/?)


8: TNT

After breakfast, Victor found himself in Nedra’s super-girly mauve and cream bathroom.  She had a custom built tub, sizeable enough to comfortably contain her and her beau.  It was certainly big enough for the two of them, and it was under her giant bathroom window.  The morning sun streamed in and Victor was in his own private heaven; between her legs, head and beard covered in suds, eyes closed, lips parted in bliss as Nedra slowly scratched his scalp.  While she had her hands in his hair, she had her legs hooked over his and her feet around his dick, slowly giving him a footjob.  Sounds of pleasure escaped him; moans and groans, oohs and ahhs, yeses and more, deities, and most importantly…her name.

Nedra liked being in control like this.  She liked that she could bring a man like Victor von Doom to his knees, considering what she knew about him.  This had to remain their secret and she needed to make sure he understood that he could not engage her at work under any circumstances…no matter how hot it would be for him to sneak in and get some up against the wall between her file cabinets.

She would have done it with Jon, but that was a completely different animal.

“Nedra…mmmmmmmn,” he moaned as her soapy fingers gently scraped his cheeks.  “I love this,” he said.  “I love it.  It’s blissful.”

“Is it the moments like this that you crave, Victor?  Like when I feed you or groom you, or give you sex you like?  This kind of intimacy is what you want, right?  This is what you love.  Not me.  This.”

“It doesn’t work if you don’t do it,” he said.  “There’s a difference.  You care.  I felt it that first night when you gave me a bath and I went someplace I’d never been before. No woman has ever really touched me like that and now I can’t get enough…it’s like a thirst.”

“Have you had another woman do this to you?”

He had asked Chloe to do it and she side-eyed him as if to say that wasn’t the agreement between them; his job was to dick her down and nothing more.

Nedra ran her flexible toes gently up and down.  “Well shit…when was the last time you were with a woman with some merit???”


“And what happened?”

“She wasn’t…interesting enough.”


Victor’s head was between her breasts and he fondled a nipple.  “I was younger than she was and had one dissertation under my belt and was working on the second.  She was useful for release, but we didn’t share anything other than maybe some books we liked to read and we were gamers.  She was working on her bachelor’s degree and wanted to be an English teacher.  We were on and off, I guess…but never really a couple.   We didn’t do stuff like this; I was 17 and needed something warm and wet to sink it in.  No clue about the other side of the game.”

“Omnibus prodigy,” Nedra said.  “The other side of the coin would be emotional instability because you take in too much and your brain’s not mature enough to handle it all.”

“It wasn’t that.  She wasn’t interesting enough. She couldn’t keep up.  Yeah, she read cool books and could game pretty good for a g—”

Nedra yanked his head back.  “Say it and you will be edgeless, Victor von Doom.”

“Just not enough in common.  Susan went to MIT and she’s brilliant and can hold a conversation.  I thought that would go my way.”

Nedra eased up on his head.  “There’s your problem, sweet thing.”


“It’s all about you and what you want.  Did you ever stop to think if Sue wanted you?  Did you ever wonder how she saw you?  Did you ever ask yourself if you were appealing to her?  Why would Sue want you?  What about you would attract a woman like her?  You’re sexy as hell, but you’re a fucking asshole…and maybe assholes ain’t her thing.  Ever think about that?”

Victor craned his neck to look at Nedra and she tugged his hair.  “Well, Victor?”

He grew quiet.  Nedra continued scratching his head because his hair felt good between her fingers and she enjoyed playing with the planes of his face.  “Like with me.  You want to be with me regardless of the fact that I am not available to you in that way.  You knew that up front and yet you pursued me—or tried to—as if I was going to be okay with it all.  My man was my problem, you said, when he was never a problem at all.  What he wasn’t was your business, no matter what I’ve done or am doing with you.  Correct me if I’m wrong, but have you ever asked me what I wanted?  And not sexually, I mean.  Did you ever want to know how I felt about certain things?  Do you think it would have mattered if you bothered to ask me about how things are with Jon and me?  If it even would be safe for you to ask about anything else after that question got asked?  You don’t know how that conversation could have gone down because you didn’t ask.  You didn’t care.  It’s all about Victor; sweet sweet Victor.  Fuck what the rest of us wants.”

He kept playing with her nipples blissfully as she caressed his dick with her feet.  “Why am I here then?”

“Because I want you to be.  Because I like you and am attracted to you.  You’re complicated in a way I find appealing and there is something about you that draws me to you, but only in a certain way.  You’re only really concerned about what you want and how things affect you and how I respond to you and all that shit.  Fine.  I can get down with that because my heart isn’t yours to have, but my body is yours to lease.  We are good together and I’m perfectly content to explore this connection.  I admit that I was shocked that you actually set about trying to find me instead of getting lost in the work like I expected you to.  It made me feel good.”

“How can you be like this and be in love with another man?”

“Your self-centered tiny little mind can’t fathom a woman not being with you completely or understand how I can do this with you and not with the man I love?  And what makes you think we don’t?”

“Most men’s minds work that way.”  He elected to ignore the second question.

“Not all.  There are layers to any relationship; trust, understanding, awareness, acceptance, and truth.  The truth is I’m in love with Jon.  I have shared things, experienced things, had things, lost things, and gone through things with him by my side.  War is hell; it changes you and when it comes down to the realness, it’s just you and the men and women you served with.  We were all we had, even when we had nothing.  And when I decided that I’d given enough to the cause, I wanted to go down a different path and explore my academic gifts.  I had no interest in being in a relationship with anyone.  I just wanted to go to school.  Men came at me; tried to date me, but I didn’t have it anymore…or so I thought.  Jon found me about three years into my program in Cal Tech, and I’m still not 100% on how he knew where I was, and rode out to Pasadena one rainy weekend while I was working on my comprehensive exams and said, ‘I can’t do this without you, Nedra. I don’t want to do this without you.  I love you.  I’m sorry.  Please.’  He never calls me Nedra unless he’s 1000% serious.  I told him I’d think about it and would call him in two weeks’ time once my comps were over.  And the rest is history.”

“What happened over there?”

“Nothing you need to know about, and please don’t ask again.  I’m going to rinse your hair and beard now.”  She pulled up the sprayer and tested the water before rinsing Victor’s head and face.  “All you need to understand from this conversation is that everything isn’t all about you and if you want to have the intimacy you crave, you better start asking yourself ‘What can I do for HER?’ ‘How can I make HER happy?’”

He turned in the tub suddenly, splashing water and faced her, coming up between her legs, kissing her quickly on the lips.  “Nedra Nix, how do I make you happy?”

“In the context of this relationship?  I want you to give me the kind of sex I want, need, and crave.  Are you up to the task?  Can you stay in the boundaries I set?  Can you behave and do what I ask?  I promise you if you can, you will get as much pleasure from this as I will because I think you got something in you that matches what’s in me.”

“What are we talking about?”

“I want to explore my limits with you.  I want to test myself, how much I can take.  I have an appreciation for certain…kinks…and I want to know where they’ll take me.”

“And you think I can do that for you?”

With me.  You’re a quirky bastard too with some hidden gems, I just know it.”

Victor raised a sardonic eyebrow and moved in such a way to splash water on Nedra’s chest.  “I knew you were kinky.  You let some things slip that night and I was all over it.”

“Still want to be?  Now or never, honey.  I need to get out of this tub.  The water’s cooled off.”

“Yes,” he said, leaning forward to kiss her lips.  Nedra cupped his damp face and kissed him back.  This wasn’t hard for her and she hoped he wouldn’t be stupid enough to make it hard for them both.

He stood up and picked her up, stepping out of the tub with ease.   Nedra let him carry her to the bedroom, but asked him to snag a towel on the way out.  She was not one for air-drying.  So Victor dried her off, slowly, carefully, working his way around her body lovingly, enjoying how soft and firm she was.  As usual, far too much time was spent on her ass, but she was used to it.

“Feel like moisturizing?” she asked.  “I use a body oil as opposed to lotion.  Put the towel on the bed and I’ll get it.”

Victor obeyed.  He had no idea where this was going to go, but he was strapped in for the ride.  For the first time since his seclusion, he didn’t give a fuck about going to work or calling in.  Nedra came back with a label-less bottle full of light-colored oil.  She shook it vigorously and handed it to him.  “Just a little,” she said, lying down on the bed and swinging her braids over one shoulder.  “Doesn’t take much.”

Victor sat on her ass and drizzled oil on her back, thinking about what she said.  And once again, she had him backed into a corner.  He didn’t have an answer for any of her questions outside of his own needs.  He began to rub the oil into her skin and she folded her arms under her chin and said, “Harder, please,” and he obeyed.

“And all I have to do is be out of the way when Jon comes home?”

“Like you don’t exist.  You’re air.  This is the only way it will work.”

“Can I ask a question?”

“Within reason.”

“Why me…and not him…with this…aspect?”

Nedra murmured into her arms.  She expected this question back when they were in the tub.  “He is scared of hurting me and he…and that’s the end of that conversation.”

“I understand.”


Victor massaged her shoulders as Nedra reached on her nightstand and grabbed the remote.  Music filled the room and she sighed.  “I have every room wired for sound and linked to my iTunes.  Snagged this off YouTube.  Love his rendition.”

The song was Prince’s cover of Radiohead’s “Creep.”  Victor listened and moved his hands firmly over Nedra’s back and shoulders, losing himself in the music and her body.  She felt so good, so warm, so inviting.  But the lines “What are you doing here? You don’t belong here…” haunted him in so many ways.

Nedra felt his hands tense up.  “Feeling all right, Victor?”

“He changed the lyrics a little bit.”

“That’s Prince for you.  He murdered this track…but what I’m sensing is something else.  It’s the chorus, isn’t it?  Speaks to you?”

“How did you know?” 

“Because it spoke to me.  I don’t think you’re a creep or a weirdo, Victor…but I’m an anomaly.  You’ll find what you’re looking for eventually, but you have to take the focus off yourself.  For now, focus on me and my pleasure and watch you achieve your own.  Don’t you know how these relationships work?”

He lay down on top of her, cupped his hand around the back of her neck and squeezed.

“Are you interested in bdsm?” he whispered in her ear.

“Yes,” she said.  “Mild forms, see what my responses would be.  But I also want mutual exploration and mutual pleasure.  I’ve been interested for a long time, but the opportunity never really came up until we met and you had what I felt were the right sensibilities.  Even though this is a relationship built on trust.  Can I trust you?  Can you trust me?”

Victor slipped his erection between her ass cheeks like a hot dog in a bun and she muffled a moan.  So did he, closing his eyes while squeezing them together.  He moved back and forth and groaned again.  Nedra’s ass was hot and his mouth watered, thinking of possibilities.  As he moved, he said, “Do you remember me saying I trust what we shared that night?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she murmured.

“It still applies.  I’m here because I couldn’t let that tether go, wouldn’t you say?”

“Fair enough.”  Victor was so hard and so hot and she was tempted to suggest he grab the oil and use it.

“Tell me about the sleazy hotel thing,” he said.  “I’m intrigued.”

She giggled.  “I feel a kind a way sometimes.  I’m no lady and don’t claim it under any circumstances.  Sometimes I just want to be treated like a slut; have a guy take me to a diner and then to a 2-star motel and fuck my brains out.  Or I fuck his out.  Usually both.  And then we put our clothes on and go our separate ways.  Just something good, quick and dirty.  Or maybe not so quick, but equally good and dirty.”

“Has that happened before?”  He hand his hands on the back of her neck, moving his hips slowly between her cleft.

“Once.  I loved it.  I loved all of it.  Was satisfied as fuck in the car on the way home.”

He wondered if she’d done it with Jon.  “Is that something you’d ask me for?”

“I just did.  I’ve got a little bit of sleaze to me; I think most women do but won’t own it.  I own my sexuality; every bit of it.  I love to be made love to, I love to have sex, I love to fuck, and I love to be treated in whatever way I want to be treated.  And not all those parameters have been met yet, so I lack complete satisfaction.”

“And can I tell you what I want?”  He sat back up, adjusting so he could massage her ass.  Nedra missed the warmth and curve of his dick.
“This doesn’t work if we don’t communicate.  It’s for both of us, remember?”

“We need a safe word then,” he said, moving down to drizzle oil on her ass and thighs.  Nedra grinned; he’d be there for a smooth 30 minutes.  And it felt great.  He knew how to use the right amount of tension on her glutes.

“You pick,” she said, adjusting her arms. 

“Thermite,” he said, without batting an eye or changing his movements.

“Why that?”

“You told me I was thermite that night in the garage.”

Nedra moaned and stretched her arms.  “You haven’t proven me wrong yet.  But not at work.  Nowhere near work.  Keria and Natalie have already seen you…and that’s a no-no.  I don’t want them suspecting anything.  Not even in the garage.  There are cameras.”

“But I want to fuck you in your car,” he said.

“I didn’t say you couldn’t.  Tell you what; I race her on that abandoned runway outside of town; come with me and you can finger-fuck me as I run that speedometer up to the red.  Then after I’ve gotten my high, you can get it for real.”

Victor’s smile was megawatt as he imagined it: a hand inside her jeans, plucking her sweet clit like a guitar string while she wheeled that G13 over 150mph.  She would probably run like a faucet and then he’d bend her over the hood of that baby.

“What do you want?  Tell me one thing.”

“I wandered around your house this morning,” he said.  “I saw your workout room.”

“Ah,” she said.

Victor gripped her ass hard, mind already focused on what he wanted.  “I want to put you in a slutty latex outfit and bind you to your pole.  I want to blindfold you and gag you and do…whateverI…want…” He wanted to see her bound and at his mercy.  Then there were other things.

“You have potential,” she said.  “Make it count.  I’ll leave it up to you to choose the outfit. I don’t have to ask if you know my size.”

He lay back down on top of her after hotdogging his dick again, covering her arms and her legs with his own.  He began kissing the back of her neck.  “So when do we begin?”

A couple of weeks later, the matter transporter was up and running.  Word spread through Baxter that primate testing was about to take place.  While most of the researchers in the think tank focused on their own work, there were some who were curious about what Reed and Victor and the others were building.  The day the first primate test was about to begin, Franklin was standing on the upper levels of the lab with Dr. Allen, engaged in quiet discussion while watching preparations.  Franklin felt a hand on his shoulder and turned to see Nedra smiling at him.  Dr. Allen smiled at her too.  Franklin squeezed her hand and smiled back.  He hadn’t seen her since she got her grant money.

“What are you doing here, Nedra? What’s dragged you out of Physical Chemistry?”

“Just popped in to see this transporter test.  I’m curious.  Dr. Allen,” she said, nodding at him.

Dr. Allen was showing all his teeth.  “We’re still working on getting you the space you requested, Dr. Nix.”

Nedra coolly stared at him.  “What’s the holdup? It’s available and no one else is claiming it.  And I have put forth a quality proposal as to why I need it.”

Franklin intervened.  “Don’t worry, Nedra.  Now that you have your funding, we will make sure you get the all space that you need.”  He wasn’t about to let that money go unspent, but some people were assholes.  Franklin wanted to keep Nedra happy because he knew other think tanks and universities were actively recruiting her to be on their staff…and wherever she went, her money went with her.  Besides, he was the one who found her at Cal Tech; he wasn’t about to let his prodigy go.

“Thanks, Franklin.  Honestly though, I came up here to see if this thing actually works.”  She waved her hand at the matter transporter and leaned in to whisper in his ear, “We’ve got a betting pool going.”

“Is that right?” Franklin said, smiling.  “What are the odds?”

“2 to 1.  I personally don’t think it’s safe enough yet.”

“The kids have been working on it for months, Nedra.  Designing and modifying and redesigning.   They haven’t slept much.  Reed and Victor have been at it with the math and science; they’ve been arguing nonstop, but they’ve finally come to some sort of truce and I believe they’ve figured it all out.  It’s going to work.”

“You and your smarties,” she said, shaking her head.  She walked over to the rail and leaned over, scanning the transporter.  “Impressive,” she said.  “It’s bigger than I thought.”

Victor was on the floor with the others, sitting at their stations when he saw Johnny look up.  An expression crossed his face and he said, “Sue…who is that with Dad?”

Sue looked up.  “Oh, that’s Nedra.  She’s the head of Physical Chemistry; the one who scored that sixty-million-dollar grant a couple of months ago.  The one Dad was bragging about.  She’s one of his prodigies.”

Johnny wiped his mouth.  “She fine as hell.  I think Dad needs to make a personal introduction.”  He put his goggles on top of his head and licked his lips.  “How come I haven’t seen her around before?”

Sue, nonchalant as always, fiddled with a pencil.  “She is so far out of your league.”

Victor, hearing Nedra’s name, turned and looked up.  She was standing at the rail with Franklin and Dr. Allen and to his absolute surprise and delight, she was wearing a pretty blue dress that stopped just above the knee.  Her legs were curvy and beautiful.  She removed the braids at some point since he last saw her and her hair was back in its usual thick curls.  He shifted in his seat, thoughts flying through his mind as he adjusted his shirt to hide his stiffening dick.   The last time he saw her was a week ago at a Motel Spin near the interstate and during the vigorous, almost violent encounter, he pulled on her braids hard enough that some came off in his hand.  Nedra wasn’t upset about it, either.

To his surprise, Johnny was actually making his way towards the steps, and ever possessive of her, Victor stood up but realized it would look suspect if he tried to stop Johnny.  Besides, Nedra would shut him down.  He sat back down and looked up to watch the festivities.

Franklin handed Nedra a pair of goggles.  “We’re starting soon, and you’ll need these if you’re going to stay.  How’s Jonathan?”

“He’s great, Franklin.”  Nedra put the goggles on as Johnny walked up to her.  She smiled at him and lifted them over her head.  “You must be Johnny.”

“And you have the advantage,” he said, extending his hand. 

Nedra took it and gripped it hard, giving it one shake.  Johnny winced.  “I’m Nedra.  Nice to meet you, Johnny.  I’ve heard a lot about you.”  Then she turned back to his father, dismissing the younger Storm.  “Will the test be starting soon, Franklin?”

Johnny, ignoring the brush-off, said, “You sticking around for it?”

Nedra shrugged and looked back at him.  “Just want to see if it’s going to work or blow up.”

“She won’t.  She’s solid; she’ll work just fine.  I did most of the welding myself.  I can build anything.”

“That’s nice,” she said.

“So, what are you doing later?” he asked.   “When this test is over, what do you say we grab a bite to eat?  You know my father and sister; you should really get to know me.”

Nedra side-eyed him, incredulous.  “Johnny, really?”

“Why not?”

She laughed and shook her head.  “I don’t think so, baby.  I got toys older than you.  Go on, now.  Looks like you’re needed on the floor.”

Johnny, not easily deterred, smiled and smoothed his mustache.  “Age ain’t nothin’ but a number, pretty lady.  And I’m way more fun than a toy.”

Nedra looked at him, no longer smiling.  “You’re needed on the floor, Johnny.”  Then she turned away from him and went back over to his father.  Johnny watched her go, and in a split second, decided to go after her, but decided against it in another second.  His hand still throbbed from her handshake; best to leave well enough alone.

Victor watched the exchange and smiled.  He couldn’t stand Franklin’s hot-headed son and did not like that Johnny was so casual about going up to Nedra.  He didn’t even care for Franklin’s and Dr. Allen’s rapt attention to her conversation.  The only thing that made him happy was Nedra’s immediate dismissal of Johnny. 

That, and her pretty blue dress. 


It was after eleven p.m. and Nedra was the only one in the lab, securing a rack of test tubes filled with pale blue liquid into one of the fume hoods while listening to music.  To her surprise, the matter transporter primate test was actually successful.  She had to give it to Franklin’s kids; they knew their shit.  She hadn’t so much as glanced at Victor but knew he saw her.   The last time she saw him was a little over a week ago; he picked her up at a diner and took her to a raggedy-ass motel near the interstate where they proceeded to fuck the living shit out of each other.  Victor pulled out several of her braids and she promptly had them removed the next day, as the gaps could not be hidden.  He sent her a text the next day saying he understood her penchant for dirty sex in sleazy motels.

After she closed the fume hood, she looked up, scanning the lab.  As usual, she was alone.  All the workstations were neat and organized; she did not tolerate messiness, but fortunately for her, her fellow researchers were as anal as she was when it came to the lab.  Nedra noted the time and date on a nearby clipboard and was about to head to her office when she saw movement out of the corner of one eye.  Victor was standing at the doors of her lab.  She made a face and gestured for him to go away.  Instead, he punched in the lock code and the doors opened.  Nedra closed her eyes.  She should not have been surprised to know that he knew how to get into her lab.  Sneaky motherfucker.  Of course he knew her passcode.  Therefore it had to be changed.

Victor walked in with his usual swagger after making sure the doors were closed.  Nedra turned away from him and quickly walked up the stairs to her office and went inside, closing the door.  It took Victor less than twenty seconds to reach her office and enter it.  “You rang?” he asked.  He was definitely feeling a kind of way and it showed in his expression.

She smirked.  “I haven’t seen or talked to you since last week.  I didn’t call you.”

“Fuck if you didn’t,” he said.  “That dress is as good as a subpoena.”

Nedra rolled her eyes and backed away from him.  “What makes you say that?”

“Today you show up in our lab…wearing a dress.  Today of all days.  You hardly come to our side of the street and you never wear a dress.  So to clarify, one thing you rarely do; the second you never do, but today you felt the need to do both.  It’s okay.  I read you very well.”  He walked towards her, unfastening his belt.

Nedra folded her arms and rolled her eyes.  “You’re not supposed to be here.  I told you we wouldn’t do this at work.  This place is off limits.  Go home, Victor.”

“Sure baby, whatever you say,” he said, removing the belt from the loops.  “Johnny certainly noticed you.”

“I’ve never met Franklin’s son,” Nedra said, her eyes on Victor’s belt.  “He’s…cute.”

“He’s a dick,” Victor said, walking towards her, folding the belt in half.  “Did he ask you out?”

Nedra took two steps back and found her back against the wall and her heartbeat quickening.  “He tried to, bless his heart.  I’ve got vibrators older than him.”

“I don’t want any random-ass men talking to you,” he said, taking her arm roughly.  “One I can’t do shit about, but the rest…” Victor yanked Nedra forward and she landed across her desk, catching herself before her head hit her computer.  Victor lifted her dress and caressed her ass.  Her panties were blue silk, the same shade as her dress, and he pulled them down.  Nedra closed her eyes as the first two blows from his belt landed in rapid succession.  She bit her lip and held her breath, wondering how long he’d had this in mind.

“You wanted me to come here tonight...and here I am, baby.  You knew good and goddamn well what you were doing when you went over to our side of the street.”

No response from her, other than gripping the sides of the desk and taking shallow breaths.

Victor put one hand on her lower back and hit her again.  “No side chatter, no water cooler conversations.  Just….none of that.  I guess I have to put up with Franklin just because—” POP! POP! “—he’s your boss, but none of that shit with anyone else.”  He couldn’t help himself and smacked her again.

Nedra didn’t cry out; didn’t make a sound past a whimper when he hit her the second time.  Her nipples ached and she squeezed her thighs as tight as she could.  She had not expected something as prosaic as a spanking, but oh boy…!  Her fingers curled around the edge of the desk, wondering how far this was going to go.  She was already wet and throbbing.

Victor hit her three more times, waiting for her to cry out.  His voice was low and steady.  “You understand what I’m saying, Nedra?  Right?  You laid down your rules, so I’m laying down mine, and you’re mine.  Mine for my pleasure and my consumption.  Do you understand?” 

Two more pops to her ass and Nedra finally let out a gasp and a tiny little cry as her legs wobbled.  Her scent blasted Victor and he closed his eyes before squatting and sticking his face between her cheeks.  Nedra groaned as he licked her, but held on to the desk.  Her ass stung and she would have to remember to ask him why he decided to spank her.  It was certainly unexpected and just a tad bit unnerving.

“Um,” she said, unable to be coherent.

Victor stood up and unzipped his pants and in a matter of moments, was inside of her, hands on her waist, eyes closed at the sensation.  Nedra’s ass was warm from the spanking and she was nice and wet.  She arched her back and put her palms on the desk, pushing into him, fucking him back.  They didn’t speak; there was no shit-talking, no commands, nothing but the sounds of skin on skin and sex queefs.  Nedra grunted quietly as the force of their act bumped her against the desk.  Victor filled her completely, as he always did and this wasn’t a sweet, easy lay; it was a good rough fuck, something she needed.  Victor came before she did and slipped a hand underneath to stroke her clitoris. In another moment, her climax was running down the insides of her legs and Victor dropped to his knees to lick it up.

Some time later, they were straightening their clothes.  Nedra handed him a handful of wet wipes and used some to clean her legs and crotch.  After pulling up her panties, she stood still for a moment, processing what just happened.  Victor von Doom broke into her lab and spanked her with his belt for no reason she could see other than being jealous of Johnny talking to her.  The belt had actually hurt, but she wasn’t angry about it.  A little bit of discomfort was nothing when the end result was a strong O.

Nedra began packing up, deciding her workday was effectively over.  “Victor, I told you that you couldn’t engage me at work.” 

“Then why did you show up at our lab?” he asked, putting his belt back on.

“I wanted to see if the machine worked.  We had a betting pool; I lost.  I thought it was going to blow up.”  Subconsciously, she rubbed her ass.  It throbbed.  She was soaking in the tub tonight.

“Really?” he said.  She smelled great; some light fragrance…not flowery, not fruity, but it was fucking with his head, even after the sex.  “You have that little faith in me, Nedra?”

“Of course not…” she said.  “I believe in your abilities; your gifts.  But that thing you built is freaky…if it does what people say it’s supposed to do.”

“It does.  You saw it for yourself.”

Nedra finished packing up and turned to face him.  She reached down in her desk drawer and pulled out a can of Febreeze.  She sprayed three or four puffs and smiled at him.  “Take that condom with you,” she said, motioning towards the trash can.  “There’s Kleenex on my shelf.  Now get the hell out of here.”

Victor nodded, wrapping the condom and the wet wipes in a handful of Kleenex.  He was satisfied.  He looked at her, hoisting her backpack.  She was too.

So much for the no-work rule.

“Hot Thing” -Prince
“Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic” –The Police
“Just Can’t Stay Away” –En Vogue
“Creep” –Radiohead
“You Should Be Mine” –Brian McKnight
“Let’s Work” –Prince

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