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Lovesick (6/?)

6:  Semtex

Victor arrived at Nedra’s apartment with a bottle of champagne and a half-dozen black calla lilies.  The lilies cost more than the champagne.  He wondered briefly if Nedra actually dressed for their date.  He wore a suit; black Kenneth Cole, white Brooks Brothers, open at the throat, showing just the tiniest bit of chest fuzz.  She told him to arrive at six, and he was literally at her door one minute before, ringing.  He was actually nervous.

Three weeks after their return from China, Victor got a random text from Nedra telling him when to show up at her house and where she lived, even though he already knew.  Victor stared at the out-of-nowhere message for a solid 30 seconds before he realized what it was.  And so he stood at her door and rang the bell, wondering what she’d be wearing.  If it were sweats, or shorts and a T-shirt, he’d be somewhat heartbroken because the message would be crystal clear.

She opened the door and all he could do was stare.  Her braids had been done up becomingly and she wore an ankle-length cream-colored wrap with a deep cleavage and the slit was up to her thigh.  Her fingernails and toenails were painted a silvery-pearl color and he saw a diamond anklet flash on her right leg.  She had diamonds in her ears and on her throat.  She looked like a queen and he caught a whiff of fragrance that made him close his eyes and think wicked thoughts.

This message was also crystal clear.

“You look…you look…you’re exquisite, Nedra.  I can’t find an adjective that accurately captures you at this moment, but damn…”

She smiled at him and motioned towards his gifts.  “Thank you. You look nice too.  Is that Kenneth Cole?”

“Is my tag showing?”

“Naah,” she said, moving to one side.  “I’m a fan.  Come in.”  She took the wine and flowers.  “I don’t know if I never said this to you before, but you really clean up nice.  What made you stop wearing the sweats and jeans and all that?”

“Who said I did?  I only dress like this when I see you.”

Nedra side-eyed him.  “Makes sense.  You wouldn’t want to be working at that computer or under the hood of that freaky machine dressed like that.  I’m honored you think enough of me to clean up.”

“That night you bathed me and shaved me…it changed a lot of things for me.  I’ve never had anyone do that but me since I’ve been old enough to shave.”

Nedra put the champagne on ice.  “We’ll have that later.  I’ve got a wonderful sweet red to go with our meal.”  Then she set about putting the lilies in a beautiful cut glass vase.  “Victor, you looked a hot ass mess that night and you are far too handsome to let yourself go like that.  I understand you were a hermit and all, but shit…you didn’t have anyone coming to visit?  Not even an escort, a woman to come and thrill you a few hours.”

“No.  I have many methods of self-amusement and can entertain myself for years.”

Nedra slit the stems of the lilies.  “Keria, the woman who let you in that night, calls you Count Cutie.  That’s what I was trying to tell you that night, but maybe you just weren’t interested in women.”

“Until you walked your sexy ass into my apartment.”

“You had to let me in first.”

Nedra carried the lilies into the living room and set them on her coffee table.  “They’re beautiful, Victor.  Thank you.  I don’t even like flowers, but these…these are so pretty.  They bring out the colors in here.”  Her living room had black and cream walls and a deep crimson carpet.  She had a glass and beige wood cabinet that housed a giant flat screen and stereo system.  There was music playing; something he was familiar with but couldn’t name.

“You’ve got a penthouse suite,” he said, walking over to the bank of windows that served as her far wall.  She had a balcony with a breakfast set off to one side.  Her view of the Manhattan skyline was amazing and he whistled.  “How’d you manage this?  It had to cost a fortune.

“What?  You mean my apartment?  I didn’t.  Jon did.”

Victor turned to look at her.  She was setting the dining room table; done in the same style and material as her entertainment cabinet.  Then he took a deep breath.  Whatever they were going to eat smelled good.

“What do you mean, Jon did?” 

Nedra shrugged, moving with ease.  “I wanted a nice apartment with a view of the skyline.  He found this place for me.”

Victor walked over to the kitchen.  It was big enough to have an island, which was covered with several aluminum foil-wrapped dishes.  “Really?”

Nedra looked Victor in the eye.  “He pays the rent.”

“Is that right?”  Victor could easily pay the rent…even purchase the building outright.”

“I’ve told you before that Jon takes care of me.  I want for nothing.  That BMW you were laid up against that night…he bought that.  He makes sure I have nice things.  He thought enough of the location of this place and that view to convince the owners to convert it into luxury apartments and lease one to him.” 

Victor met her gaze.  “This isn’t really a true apartment building.”

“Score one for the genius,” she said, pulling out three large glass serving dishes.  “The top two floors were eventually converted into luxury apartments, but it’s really an office tower.  So I don’t have noisy neighbors.”

“Do I even want to know how Mr. Wonderful managed that?”

“Don’t be an asshole, Victor.”

Victor stared at her.  She put on a striped apron and began to portion the food onto the serving dishes.  Victor took another deep breath.  “What are we eating?”

“Middle Eastern.  Ever had roast lamb or saffron rice cooked with lime and raisins?”


“Yeah that’s right,” she said, arranging the lamb skewers onto a rice-laden dish.  “You and Yang’s are bffs.”

“Don’t sleep on their dumplings,” he said.  “Or their noodles.”

“I can’t eat that crap,” she said.  “I’ve had authentic Chinese food and I prefer that.  You’ll like this.  The lamb’s been roasted over a spit and the bread soaks up the drippings.  There’s hummus, a green salad, and I picked up a fruit tray earlier today.  Have a seat in the dining room.”

“Can I help you carry anything?”

“You can grab the lamb rice platter and the salad bowl.”

He helped her bring the food to the table and she grabbed two of her wine stems and water glasses and put them on the table.  “If you’ll get the Perrier out of the fridge and the lemon slices…”

Nedra’s table seated six.  She told Victor to sit on the side and she sat next to him.

“It’s ridiculous for us to sit on the ends.  Dumbasses on TV do that shit,” she said, grabbing a plate to fix.  She sat it down in front of him while he stared at her, trying to keep up with the sensory overload.  Nedra fixed her own plate and asked him to open the wine while she poured Perrier over lemon.

“Let it breathe,” she said.

“I know,” he replied.

She removed her apron at some point in the kitchen, but made no pretense about covering her lap with a huge napkin and covering her chest with another.  Victor looked at her incredulously.

“You need a bib?”

“I don’t want any rice falling in my cleavage,” she said as she ate a forkful of it.  Soon their concentration was on the meal itself and Victor found he enjoyed it very much.

“This is good,” he said.  “Restaurant name?”

“El Habib’s,” she said.  “It’s listed with Sherpa’s.”

“I’ll be eating from there again,” he said.  He quickly realized that most of the food was not necessarily conducive to knives and forks.  The bread had to be torn and dipped and the lamb chunks were meant for fingers.  He took his cue from Nedra who ate gustily while carefully keeping her napkins in place.  He smiled at her and she looked at him after swallowing a chunk of lamb and bread. 


“You.  You’re wearing this knockout dress but eating with your fingers and sporting a bib.  I can’t reconcile the two.”

She reached over and ran her finger through his hummus and sucked it off slowly.  “You’re not supposed to.  You’re meant to enjoy the experience.”

Victor looked at her finger and ran his own through her hummus.  He offered it to her and Nedra waited the span of a heartbeat before opening her mouth.  Both of them closed their eyes as she sucked the hummus off his finger.  Then she turned her head back to her plate, which was mostly empty.

“You want some more?”

Victor eyed her carefully.  “Of what, are you asking?”

Nedra smiled sheepishly.  “Food.”

“No, I’m full.  That was delicious.”

She stood up, removed her napkins and poured them both a glass of wine.  She gave Victor his glass and sat back down, casually putting her foot on the edge of his chair.  Victor looked down at her bare foot, realizing that her leg was bare and so was her thigh, and she didn’t look the least bit fazed.  He took a long sip of wine.

“Really Victor, don’t be ridiculous.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’ve seen me naked, so don’t act all shocked and shaken to see my bare leg.  I’m not doing it to entice you; I always prop my foot up on a chair or something when I’m sitting down.  So let’s talk about why you wanted to have dinner with me here.”

He took a deep breath and said the words.  “I want to spend time with you and get to know you outside of that night.  I want to date you.  I want to be with you, Nedra.  You showed me something, something I didn’t realize I needed.”

“Which was?  And you bet not say love.”

Victor closed his eyes.  “You gave me a bath.  You touched me with a certain level of tenderness and care and then you washed my hair with gobs of shampoo and scratched my beard and scalp in a way that gave me an emotional release.  You cared for me like you cared about me.  You didn’t have to do all that, but you did.  And then you cut my hair and shaved me with that same level of sensitivity.”

She looked at his face.  His eyes were still closed, likely remembering.  “And?”

“You wanted to kiss me.  Even in my—what did you call it—hot ass mess of a state, you wanted to kiss me.”

“You couldn’t recall the last time you’d been kissed, which is a shame.”

“Which is why your kisses meant so much.  You took care of me, Nedra.  You nurtured me; made me feel like I was wanted and desirable.”

“You are, sweet thing.  And what I did for you is what I do for Jon.  It wasn’t unnatural for me to do what I did.  I guess I got that nurturing streak in me.”

“And I want it.  I need it.  From you.”

“There are other women who are capable of that, Victor.  You need to give one a chance.”

“I want you, Nedra Roxanne Nix.  I want that with you—need that from you.”  He remembered the feeds where Jon would lay with his head on her stomach—something he did a lot—and her scratching his head and stroking his ears.  Sometimes they held each other for long periods of time without speaking and she would run her hands up and down his back and caress his neck while kissing the top of his head.

He watched them kiss, slowly, tenderly, and sweetly, lying with one another naked, fingers laced, staring into each others’ eyes, wordless conversations taking place.  The young college student who placed the cameras had a real talent for putting the equipment in optimal locations.  Victor watched them make love; watched Nedra give her body to Jon without preamble, argument or discussion.  He never had to ask and she was always ready.  He watched Jon worship Nedra’s body, kiss her scars, bury his face in her belly, give her endless massages, kiss her feet.  He watched them dance, watched them play and play-fight.  He watched and watched and watched those few days’ worth of film almost every night, extremely jealous of the recipient of Nedra’s love.  It fueled him.

Victor’s next words were very quiet.  “I want you to love me like you love him, but in the way that works for us.”

Nedra took the weight of his words with the seriousness they required.  It was some time before she could speak.  She chose her words carefully because she needed to be firm and truthful with Victor, but she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

“So you expect the same level of affection I give a man I served in the Marine Corps with, fought with, shared secrets with, nearly lost my life with…a man who, after I was honorably discharged, came looking for me because he decided he couldn’t live without me.  You want that and we’ve known each other less than six months and shared nothing but a night of great, great sex.  Think about what you’re asking for, Victor.  You want the reward of my heart but you haven’t done anything to deserve it.”

He sipped his water slowly.  “I know it sounds crazy, but you told him I was.”

“Victor, you have shown signs of instability in the past.  You are irrational at times and you know it.  You engaged in behavior that should have gotten you arrested. So yes, you've driven past Crazy Town a couple of times, even if you don't want to claim residency."

“That may be, but what I’m feeling and what I want aren’t.  I want you, Nedra.  It’s that simple.  It always has been for me.”

She poured a glass of wine.  “So I guess you’re applying for the position of jump off?”

He looked at her and made a face.  “Fuck no!”

Nedra took a long satisfying drink.  “That’s all there is for you, sweet thing.”

“I don’t accept that.  Tell me how to compete with Jon.”

“You can’t.  I know you don’t like hearing that, Victor, but you can’t.  All you can do is be you, do you and come at me in a way I like that’s all you and only you…knowing that you’re entitled to me only when I say so.”

He glared at her.  Something was off.  This wasn’t the Nedra of a few weeks ago.  “You’re right.  I don’t like hearing those words.”

“So that takes care of that.  Let’s just enjoy the evening, then  Feel like dancing with me?  Can you dance?”  She stood up and held out her hand.  “Come on, dance with me.”  Nedra grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet.

“I don’t dance,” he said, still trying to process the conversation, even as she led him into her living room.  She grabbed the remote and turned up the volume.  Madonna’s “Justify My Love” was playing.

“With the way you can move those hips, you can dance a lot better than you think.  Relax.  I just laid everything out for you and you turned me down.  You don’t want it.  You don’t want me.  So that’s done then.  Now we can relax and enjoy ourselves, maybe actually become friends.”  She put her arms around his neck and stepped close so that her body pressed against his.  Victor stood with his arms at his sides, staring at Nedra as if he’d been hit over the head with a 2X4. 

She kissed his nose.  “You couldn’t keep your hands off my ass before tonight, so what gives?  Did you not like what I said?  Don’t be a spoiled brat, Dr. von Doom.  You should be grateful.”


“That I’m even willing to entertain you being my side dish.”

“You are?”

Nedra kissed his nose again.  “You are absolutely right in that there is something between us.  It’s electric, it’s fire, it’s nuclear.  I am very attracted to you, as you well know, and let’s be honest…you weren’t lying when you said that Jon’s gone too much….and I really do need to have it regularly.  That night in my car brought it all into sharp focus.  You also said that we shouldn’t stop having sex after that night because we’re so good at it.  After a fashion, I agree with you.  Come on and grab my ass.  Hard.  You know you want to.  I like certain things hard, if you’ll recall.  You wanted to explore what that means.  I want to explore it with you.”

Victor couldn’t move.  He just kept looking at Nedra as if he’d been tased.  A wicked, devilish, sexy smile crossed those luscious lips and all he could do was look at her.  He had basically bared his soul and all she wanted was his body.

“Silence from a man who’s made it known that he would give me what I wanted if I asked for it.  What’s going on, Victor?”

“I should go,” he said.  This night wasn’t going as planned.

Nedra stepped back and looked at him.  “Really?  So you hear something you don’t like and now you want to pick up your toys and run home?”

He looked at her.  He didn’t know what to think or what to say.  He couldn’t even come up with a snarky clapback.  Nedra met his gaze and put her hands on her hips as Madonna’s voice spun out between them seemingly in slow motion.

What are you gonna do?  Talk to me.

Tell me your dreams.  Am I in them?

Tell me your fears.  Are you scared?

Tell me your stories.

I’m not afraid of who you are.

We can fly.

Poor is the man whose pleasure depends on the permission of another.

Love me.  That’s right.  Love me.

I want to be your baby.


“Oh well,” Nedra said.  “You know where the door is.”  She went into the dining room and began to clear the table.  It was a gamble baiting him like that; knowing he was a can or two short of a six-pack, but she was tired of him acting like Jon was a non-factor, especially after that stunt he pulled in China.  She was the boss of this business, the queen on this chessboard, and she was going to protect her king.  Jon was her king.  Victor was her bishop.  And yes, she wanted Victor; she wasn’t going to lie about it or deny herself of the unquestionable pleasure he could give her.  She told him back in his apartment that she would have been proud to be his bad girl…as long as he was cool being her jump-off.  At the time, she didn’t think it would actually happen, so then they were just words.

Victor’s perceptiveness brought a truth to the forefront: Nedra’s love for Jon and her love of sex were dissonant.  While she was usually able to keep her shit together during his long absences, that illicit night with Victor stood out in stark relief; a reminder of her raw need…even though Jon had been in the city at the time.  After the amount of time she spent masturbating after Victor rolled up on her in the garage, and after the night he ate her out…her need eclipsed her ability to keep it together.  During their trip to China, Nedra was all over Jon as much as their schedule allowed, and though he never turned her away, she always put him to sleep way before she was completely satisfied.  Victor offered a solution.  She would have to figure out how to make the situation work in a way that Jon would understand and accept.  And she knew if her argument and logic were sound, he would.  She and Jon had been through a lot.  He wouldn’t deny her anything she needed, so long as her heart was true.

Victor didn’t move.  He was trying to process everything still, but he couldn’t take his eyes off Nedra as she stacked dishes and took them into the kitchen.  After two trips, she refilled her wineglass and turned to see him still standing there.

“Make up your mind, Victor.  Do you want me or not?”

“What about Jon?”

“Oh, so now you’re concerned about him?”

“You’re going to cheat on a man you’ve been with for 18 years?”

“Technically, I already have, but as I’ve told you…he’s none of your business.”

Victor felt like he had a lump in his throat. “Whathappened?” he finally choked out, completely disrupted.  “What happened, Nedra???  For months, you wouldn’t give me so much as an eye roll—”

“Not true.  We kissed and I allowed you to eat my pussy that night in my office.”

“…because you were so concerned about ruining your relationship with him.  Now all of a sudden, you don’t care about that?”

“Oh sweetie,” she said, taking a long drink of wine, “…there’s nothing that we as fuck buddies can do that will ruin Jon’s and my relationship.  I love him.  I like you.”

Victor glared at her, anger stirring deep inside.  “What the fuck changed?”

“That bullshit-ass stunt you pulled at that cantina in Hainan.  I told you to go home.  I told you to leave Shanghai.  I told you not to follow us; that I wouldn’t tolerate your creepy behavior and what did you do?  The exact damn opposite!  What did you think that was going to accomplish?”

Certainly not what he thought.  Victor looked at Nedra, standing about five feet from him, looking simultaneously like his salvation and damnation. 

“My first thought was to go over and shut that shit down.  But I waited. I held back. I watched you with him just like you watched him with me.  And when you finally left, I sat down and pretended like nothing had happened even though I could tell something was off with Jon.  But I didn’t worry because I knew he would talk to me soon enough.  We ate our dinner and went for our nighttime beach stroll and he told me all about it.  Wanna know what he said?”

Victor was getting angry.  He felt foolish.

“’He’s got a crush on you, Roxy.’” Nedra took anther sip.  “You know, like a high school crush…the girl that you follow around school, fantasizing about what it would be like to hold her hand and kiss her lips?  That kind of crush.  Juvenile.  Jon thinks it’s cute.” Nedra took another sip.

That was a brutal blow.  “Does he know we fucked?”

“What do you think?” She put her hands on her hips.  “That it matters?”

“Then why were you so…uncomfortable…at the prospect of me wanting to be with you?”

“Because I forgot who I was.  I gave you control of this situation because I do like you and am attracted to you.  I do think about you when I get myself off and you can fuck.  I like fucking you.  I liked everything we did in your apartment.  It had an aura of dirty cheapness that appeals to my basic slutty nature; like if we met up at a discount off-brand motel drug dealers and crackheads frequent and fuck like rabbits in a room with ugly curtains and a hideous bedspread, loud in our passion and fucking up the bedsheets with our combined orgasms.  I got weak because I gave you all the power.  I wanted to stay away from you because I was scared of doing exactly what I did.  But after you acted like a damn stunt queen, I remembered.  I’m Nedra Roxanne Nix and I run my motherfucking life.  And yeah, my desire for you sidetracked the shit out of me because you’re you, you snarky asshole…but in the end, I decide if, when, and how we will interact.  And I’ve decided that I want you to be my jump-off.”

Victor put his hands in his pockets and closed his eyes.  He was furious and felt like he’d been played.  “Do you have to call it that?”

“Side dude, then.  Or item.  Or dish.  Or piece.  Call it whatever the hell you want, but know that’s what you are.  I told you in the garage that your downfall would be that you don’t listen to what I say.  You didn’t listen and you refused to stay in your lane.  Did you think I was going to let that slide?  I invited you to dinner for three reasons: one, because you asked for it, two, because I wanted to spend time with you, and the most important reason, number three…to let you know exactly where you stand.  Now you can do whatever you like with this information.  I see two options: you get offended and leave and we never see each other again, or you come over here, rip my clothes off and fuck my brains out.  Or I meet you at your apartment, or we choose Option C: the shitty motel.  And agree to do it regularly as long as Jon’s not here.”

Victor stared at her.  She was impossibly beautiful and in spite of her sharp tone, she didn’t look the least bit angry.  In fact, Nedra looked perfectly unbothered and Victor really didn’t know how to take her.

“Since we’re being truthful and all…”

Nedra swung a leg and the anklet glinted.  “May as well be, sweet thing.”

“I don’t want to share you.  I told you that.  I want you all to myself.  I got a real problem being at your beck and call and not being around you when he’s here, especially when I want you the way I do.”

“But you said you would be. You said you’d do whatever I want.  You said you had it bad for me.”

He did.  In spite of everything, he did.  Nedra’s power could not be denied, but damn it…he didn’t want to share her with anyone!  He wanted to be the man in her life; the one she danced with, laughed at, made a home for…

Nedra sighed.  “You’re being petulant when you could be letting me kiss your lips or suck your dick.  What are we doing here, Victor, when we could be doing that?”  She started removing the hairpins that secured her braids.  He was so sexy standing there in that bad-ass Kenneth Cole with his pretty lips poked out, looking like somebody kicked his dog or talked bad about his mother.

She put her hands on her hips and shook her braids loose.  Victor turned and walked towards the front door, grabbing his jacket from the coat tree.  He grabbed the door handle and turned it, pulling it open an inch…a million thoughts racing through his mind the whole time.  This was the first time he’d ever had the tables turned on him.  This was the first time he’d ever been bested.  This was the first time he’d ever really been outsmarted; hoist by his own petard.  Victor had an objective, a plan of action…a methodology that would have gotten him what he wanted had it been allowed to play out as he willed it.  He had the game board set up, rigged in his favor…and what did that gorgeous, diabolical bitch do?  Turn over the goddamn table and change the motherfucking game.

He squeezed his eyes shut so he didn’t have to see the flaws in his thought process, but his heart beat hard and he took two deep breaths to steady his pulse.  He hadn’t moved from the door, but the handle was firm and hard in his hand and a different reality awaited him on the other side of the door.  A reality without Nedra. 

A reality he didn’t want.

When Victor opened his eyes, he was erect and his mind was full of vivid memories.

‘I’d give you the time you require; I’d do every dirty, nasty thing you like.  I’d be your bad girl and proud to be so.  You’d have your own place in the Promised Land and I’d make sure Jon wouldn’t have access to it.’  

Nedra stood in her living room, drinking her wine, waiting.  She untied the bow that held her drawstring dress closed and fiddled with the stereo controls.  She put the wineglass down and shook out her hair once more.

“Victor,” she said in a low, seductive voice.  “Don’t be difficult.  Close the door.”

He stood at the door a moment longer, head beginning to hurt with pounding truth and his dick grew harder with each second.

‘I’d do every dirty, nasty thing you like.’  

“Come here.” Her voice was husky and sexy.  “I want to make love to you.”

‘I’d be your bad girl and proud to be so.’


Victor closed the door and locked both deadbolts.  The clicks cut through the tense silence, locking him inside her world physically and metaphorically.  He couldn’t think of anywhere he wanted to be at the moment other than buried deep inside Nedra’s sweet, hot pussy. As if in agreement, his dick twitched.

‘You’d have your own place in the Promised Land and I’d make sure Jon wouldn’t have access to it.’

He dropped his jacket and turned around.  In the space of the three or so minutes in which he’d had his fit of pique before coming to his senses, Nedra modified her appearance.

He stared at her.  Fuck it all, she was stunning.  That cream silk dress was in stark contrast to her immaculate dark skin and her hair, her expression…Jesus, the look in her eyes.  Tonight, the Marine, the research chemist, was all predator.  An apex predator.  And he was her prey.

“Did you mean what you said?” he asked, walking towards her, drawn by her sheer feminine magnetism.

“I’ve said a lot of things to you.”  She didn’t move as he came closer.  His dark eyes swept up and down, over and around, through and through and he was so aroused it was starting to ache.

“That you’d be my bad girl and do every nasty thing I like?”  Closer still, maybe three or four steps away.

Nedra’s lips curved in a smile.  “I meant it.”

Even closer.  “I get my own place in the Promised Land…one he can’t get to?”

Nedra allowed her fingers to glide over one silk-covered breast and her nipple popped up.  She began to trace it while looking at Victor.  “Figure out the reaction mechanism to get you there, and that particular sweet spot is yours.  All yours.” 

Nedra still felt like dancing, so she picked up the remote and hit SHUFFLE and Tito & Tarantula’s “After Dark” came on.

“Then you win,” he said, stopping six inches in front of her.  His expression and body language was that of defeat, but he really didn’t have it in him to fight her…and what was the point?  She was giving him something…something good, something he wanted.

Watching her strolling in the night
So white
Wondering why its only after dark

Nedra closed the distance and put her arms around his neck.  “No.  We win.”  Then she kissed his lips.  “Now grab my ass and quit playing, boy.”

Victor grabbed her ass roughly and pushed her crotch into his erection.  Nedra pecked his lips, smiling as she began moving to the beat.  “Dance with me, sweet thing.”

In her eyes a distant fire light
Burns bright
Wondering why its only after dark

He fell into step with her and they moved around her living room, eyes locked, holding on to each other.  Nedra ran the back of her fingers over his beard, closing her eyes.  “Don’t deny me and I won’t deny you, okay?” 

I find myself in her room
Feel the fever of my doom
Falling falling through the floor
I'm knocking on the Devil's door

Nedra suddenly moved away from him and finished untying the knot that held her dress closed, opened it and began gyrating her hips as she came out of it.  Her braids swung back and forth to Victor’s silent, painfully erect delight.  Her lingerie was the same color as that glorious dress, but so sheer he could see right through it.  He thought he could come from the sight of her like that alone.  Goddess.  Sorceress.  Her Motherfucking Majesty.

Burning burning in the flame
Now I know her secret name
You can tear her temple down
But she'll be back and rule again

He closed the brief distance and gripped her ass hard enough that he hoped his fingers left bruises.  Nedra’s breath caught and she smiled.  That was where they were now, as far as he was concerned.  “Likewise.  I’m done asking for your kisses or anything else.  You’ll give me whatever I want.”

She put hands on his beard and kissed him.  “Of course.”  He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her back, hands in their usual position.  Nedra eyed him seductively and began to unbutton his shirt and unfasten his trousers.  She pushed his shirt over his shoulders and rubbed her cheek against his chest hair.  Victor threw his head back and groaned while coming out of the Brooks Brothers like a man possessed.  He needed to be naked and up against her ASAP.

Nedra unhooked her bra, freeing those dark and lovely beauties to rub against Victor’s chest.  He closed his eyes and squeezed her ass as she gyrated against him in time to the music.  She put her hands back on his cheeks and kissed him again.  He delighted in the taste of her lips…finally…and took his time savoring the fullness, the curve, the softness…everything he loved about her mouth.  Her tongue dipped around the back of his teeth, teasing his tongue even as her fingernails gently scratched his beard before winding into his hair.  As she slid her fingers through the soft, glossy strands, he pushed into her hard enough that she could feel the heat of his erection through his clothes.

In my heart a deep and dark
And lonely part wants her and
Waits for after dark
After dark, after dark, after dark

Nedra cradled his cheeks once more, kissed him again, then sank to her knees and unzipped his pants before moving them over his hips.  She was salivating at the thought of giving him head.  He might have been nuts about the honey between her legs, but she was equally crazy about his dick.  She was just cooler with her need than he was with his.  Victor shut his eyes as she closed her full, beautiful lips around the head. He was already leaking pre-ejaculate and the sight of her pink tongue darting out to capture the drops made him grab his own hair.  She attacked the frenulum with sweet baby licks and circled his head before kissing the tip and briefly taking him inside.

Nedra…” he moaned.  She hadn’t even gotten started and he felt like he wouldn’t last long at all, but he had to.  He had to have that mouth all over his dick.  Victor recalled the last time she sucked his dick and put his hands on top of her head so he could watch.  Nedra covered his head with more sweet kisses and baby licks, loosening her jaw.  It was her plan to deep-throat this sexy, sexy man and show him exactly some of what he could expect as her jump-off and his nasty bad girl.  As he slowly filled her mouth and the back of her throat, Nedra closed her eyes and adjusted her head to take more of him and it felt…sogood.

This thing could work.  If he acted like a man and accepted things on her terms, there was no reason they couldn’t enjoy one another and more than just sexually.  Even though it was cliché, she had needs.  All kinds of needs.  And he had needs.  There was no reason why their needs couldn’t be mutually satisfied…and none of it would come close to touching Jon.

Ummn,” she moaned before beginning to move her head.  Jon loved her head skills and she loved giving it.  Victor could be thusly blessed…if he acted right.

Victor’s fingers were spread wide over the back of her head and it was taking every ounce of control not to face-fuck Nedra but he held on, barely.  Mainly because to do so would have disrupted the marvelous tongue action she was putting down.  She deep-throated him and his knees were getting weaker and weaker and he didn’t know how much longer he could go without skeeting...and unless Nedra didn’t believe in being a quitter, she was about to get a mouthful of fresh warm semen.

Which she did, after about thirty more seconds.  Victor fell to his knees, staring at Nedra as she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and licked her lips.  She stretched prettily and grinned at him.  “You taste almost as good as I do.” 

He fell back on the floor.  She stood up, completely not trying to hide the wet splotch in her panties.  Nedra walked over to the table and grabbed her wine, downing the rest of the red in one gulp.  She filled her glass once more, flipped SHUFFLE on the remote and smiled at the half-naked genius engineer on her living room floor.  Count Cutie indeed.

Nedra stood and drank her wine, grinning.  Victor was laid out in the middle of her living room looking like he’d been slain in the Holy Spirit.

“Please tell me that’s not all you have in you tonight,” she teased.  She raised the glass to him.  “Have some?  Can you hear me?  Are you able to function?  Please baby…the answer better be a yes.”

Victor opened his eyes and looked up at her.  She was standing over him, his glorious Amazon, deifying every known adjective for beauty, power and femininity.  Her obvious arousal wafted down into his nose and he just lay there, enjoying the view from the floor.  What a sight to behold! 

Had Jon ever seen her from this angle?

“You all right?” she asked, squatting over him.

A song was playing, one he was familiar with, but could not quite place.  “I need a minute,” he said.  “I didn’t think you’d do that.”

You let me outta my secret grave/you let your pretty world in

“Don’t tell me you’re one of those men who think sistahs don’t suck dick.”

“You know I don’t, considering that you’ve already given me a couple of awesome blowjobs…but that one was…I’m seriously going to need a moment, Nedra.”

She drank the last of the wine and put the glass on the floor beyond his head.  “I love giving head,” she said.  “I will suck a dick down anytime, anyplace.”  She smiled, thinking of how many times Jon randomly got got on their excursions…and never ever stopped her.  “I’ve been sucking dick since high school.  I love it; it makes me feel sexy and gets me so hot.  I love bringing men to their knees.”

Now you’re in my world/did you dream it’d be so small
My little box was perfect/until you destroyed it all

Victor stared at her, all kinds of wicked thoughts in mind as he gazed at her masterful mouth.  He was going to put that to the test.

“You don’t really want to turn all this down, do you?” she asked.  “You’re good with it, right?” She reached down and ran a finger over his lips and then gently scratched his beard. 

He captured her hand and kissed her finger.  “I would have to be out of my goddamned mind to give you up under any circumstances, Nedra.”  Not after that…and to hear how much she liked it?  Oh hell no.

“You feel that way about my cherry pie, don’t you?”

My sanctity of sorrow gone/forever in its place
The saccharine sweet of you/is all that’s left to taste

“Yes,” he said, thinking of the last taste of it he had.  “I will eat the fuck out of that pie every day and night if you let me…even come by and have some for lunch.”  He wasn’t about to stay away from her lab anymore; though he would wait for everyone to leave.  She was going to get fucked at work now, whether she liked the idea of it or not.  He was going to meet her at her car at night after work and enact those fantasies too.  Whenever she wanted to be treated like a cheap slut, there were plenty of shitty motels in the vicinity he could take her to. 

Suddenly the idea of being Nedra’s side dude didn’t seem so off-putting.  There was so much they could do…stuff he’d never thought of.

Feeling claustrophobic/now my world’s closing in
Subtle retribution/where I am where I’ve been

Nedra grabbed Victor’s pants and told him to lift his hips.  She pulled off his trousers and repeated the act with his shorts.  She wanted him naked and straddled him, putting her nose to his and nuzzled him while pressing her wet panties against his semi-turgid penis.

I’ll take you to a place/you never knew you could be
Curled up, in my little box

“Have you had your moment, sweet thing?  Because the Promised Land is waiting.”

A/N: Lyrics to “Justify My Love” belong to Ingrid Chavez and Lenny Kravitz.  Lyrics to "After Dark" belong to Tito Larriva and Steven Hufsteter.   Lyrics to "My Little Box" belong to Gabriel Mann & John Frizzell.  No infringement intended.

"Justify My Love" -Madonna
"After Dark" -Tito & Tarantula
"Shhh!" -Prince
"Baby, Come to Me" -Regina Bell
"Fool of Me" -Meshelle Ndegeocello
"Cherry Pie" -Warrant
"My Little Box" -Gabriel Mann & John Frizzell

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