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Playing Pool With Planets (3)

III: A Tad Bit Mad

A couple of hours later, Victor was awake and occupied.  Nedra was fast asleep next to him and when he woke to relieve himself, he saw the perfect opportunity to entertain himself without her getting in his way.  Nedra’s perfect titties were saluting him and those splendid nipples were all the way erect.

He wanted to lick her all over.  He trembled thinking about it.

Victor caught a nipple in between his teeth and pulled on it gently before absorbing it into the warm cavern of his mouth.  He cupped his hand around the other one and thumbed the nipple before getting deeper into the act.

Nedra moaned and arched her back, still in the throes of sleep.

He moved to the other breast and blew on the nipple and watched it spring to life before licking it.  He sucked softly at first, but then applied a little more pressure as Nedra shifted again, squeezing her thighs together.

“Mmmmn,” she moaned.  “Harder.”

Who was he to deny a lady’s request?  Victor got greedy then, pushing her breasts together and alternatingly sucking them.  They were exquisite, divine.  Then, keeping a breast in either hand, he ran his beard down her belly and stuck his tongue in her navel, swirling it around and around before kissing it and licking the scar next to it.

She was getting aroused.  He could smell it.

“Nedra, fuck…!” he said.  Even her scent drove him nuts.

Victor saw where her thighs were squeezed tight and he carefully parted them, receiving the full blast of her fragrance and he found himself swallowing and wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.  He smelled her, closing his eyes, savoring the scent.  All of this, all of her, all of this night was a giant deposit in the spank bank…but if he had anything to say about it, it would not be the only one. 

He leaned forward and kissed her lips.  Not satisfied with the access, he bent one of her legs and spread her wider.  Once again, her clitoris popped out from between her lips and he smiled.  “Hello, gorgeous.”

Then he couldn’t help himself.  She tasted like cherries.  He closed his eyes and buried his face between her thighs.  She tasted so good, so sweet, so addicting.

The vixen had been right after all.

Nedra moaned again, her eyes rolling.  “Jon,” she whispered.

Victor paused, hearing the name.  Even though he was perfectly aware of the reality of this thing, he did not like hearing another man’s name on Nedra’s lips.  This moment in time belonged to him and him alone and he wasn’t about to share the few hours that were left with anybody.  He resumed the task with a passionate vengeance.  Another man’s name on her lips pushed him beyond just a tad bit mad.

Nedra woke up quick, on the verge of a powerful orgasm.  The bedsheets were knotted in her fists, a moan on her lips, and her hips were bucking in time to Victor’s superlative head game.

“Oh shit!  Victor! Goddamn it!”

“Come all over my face, Marine,” he demanded.

“Wh-what?  What?”

“You heard me, Nedra.  Squirt.  Baptize me.  Me.  Victor von Motherfucking Doom.  That’s an order, Marine.”

“Oh would you stop calling me th—aiyeeeeeeeeeeee!”  She threw her head back and groaned as he slurped—slurped—up her goodness.  Her legs trembled and she fell back on the bed as he greedily ate her up.

She wasn’t ready when he widened her thighs and slipped inside of her.  He was rock hard and she was slippery wet.  He leaned close to her ear and said, “Your pussy curves to my dick; have you realized that yet?”  He thrusted, hard.  “Do you feel that?  How well we fit together?  Like a hand in a glove.”  Another thrust.  “Do you feel that, Nedra?”

Nedra stared at him, her scent all over him, hands splayed on the mattress because he was fucking her and she needed to keep her balance.  Victor was commanding her, saying things that hadn’t quite made it through the sleep-fog filter in her brain.  He gripped one of her thighs, bringing up her leg, making the fit tighter.

Uhhmm,” she responded, as that was all she could do.

“You said men get addicted to you, to this, and you weren’t lying, were you? I want this every day; I have to have it and you want me to have it.  Do you feel that?”  Another thrust.  Then another.  “Do you feel it, Marine?  The way I fit inside of you?  It’s perfect.  You may have to be fucked every day, but you don’t get fucked like this every day…but I bet you want to.  Do you feel that?”

“Victor!” she moaned.  “Victor, what the—!”

“You’re goddamned right,” he said.  He grabbed her hands and pushed her down into the mattress and fucked her senseless.  Nedra wasn’t sure where this particular level of intensity came from; they’d both been asleep less than an hour ago.

He brought her hands up and locked her wrists together with one hand.  Then he grabbed her thigh again and just went sort of…slightly off kilter.  Nedra met him thrust for thrust, bucking her hips in time to his movements.  Dear God, had she ever been this wet?  Had she ever been handled like this?  What sent Victor into this maddening, delicious bout of sex??

“Say my name, Marine!”

Nedra’s heat was up.  “You say mine first!”  She was struggling trying to get her hands free.  He was far stronger than he looked. 

“You say my motherfucking name!  You’re the one lost in the Promised Land, so you tell me who it belongs to!”

“Nedra,” he moaned, and burst within her.  Victor collapsed on top of her and she took his weight, putting her arms around his neck. 

Some time later, she decided to take a shower.  He lay in bed, watching her as she ran the shower.  As if they were finished.  He snorted.

Nedra stepped in and stood under the head, closing her eyes.  She was going to be sore as hell for the next couple of days and Jon was going to be suspicious.  She closed her eyes and thought about how to handle it when she was suddenly not alone.


He had a small bottle of blue-green liquid in his hands.  “Thought I’d return the favor.”

“What favor?”

“I want to bathe you.”  The idea had occurred to him moments after she got in the shower.  He held up the bottle.  “I swiped this from a five-star Marriott some years back.  It’s still good, I hope.”

Nedra’s hair was soaked with water and it hung in her face.  She moved it back like curtains.  “Really?”

“If you want.”

“You’re full of surprises, Victor.  Who’d have thunk it?”

“There’s a lot people don’t know about me.”

“Because you don’t let them.”  She turned her back to him.  “Have at it, then.”

In moments, she was covered in a mountain of blue-green lather.  Victor remained mostly quiet as he gave Nedra’s body the attention she’d given his yesterday.  She leaned back into him, closing her eyes as his hands moved over her body slowly, deliriously.

“Mmmn,” she groaned.  He spent an inordinate amount of time caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples.  Nedra’s hands covered his and all of her previous thoughts swirled away just like water down the drain.  He had her turn in slow circles as he soaped her body, kneeling to lather her legs.  He put her foot on his knee and caressed her foot, calf and thigh, focused solely on the task.  That part done, he turned her to face him while he slid his soapy hands over her ass.

“Did you know you were an ass man before yesterday?” she asked?

“I didn’t know a lot of things about my preferences before yesterday.”  He could have bathed her for the rest of the day and not cared about anything else.  It was blissful.

“Fair enough,” she said, moving away from him to rinse off.  She pulled him towards her so he could do the same.  Nedra turned off the shower and wrung out her hair with her bare hands.  When she was finished, Victor turned her and lifted her by her waist.  With what seemed like either no effort or preternatural strength, he lifted Nedra up and pressed her against the wall, making sure her legs were over his shoulders.

“What the hell…” she squeaked, losing it at his display of strength.  God, but she loved strong men and Victor had proven to be a lot stronger than she thought.  “Victor, what are you doing?”

“What does it look like, Nedra?  I want to eat you out again.  Time is running out and I still want you.”

“How can you hold me like this?”  Her vagina was literally in his face and she sat on his shoulders, her back against the tiles.  “How can you keep your bal—ohhh!”

Nedra cradled his head, closing her eyes as he took his time pleasuring her.  Jon had never ever lifted her like this and she had to wipe the memory of it from her brain when it was over.  She couldn’t stop the noises she was making and the intensity of his kisses made her knees quiver and her hands shake.  Victor’s own enjoyment was muffled, as if he had shoved his face in as far as it could go.  Nedra couldn’t help grinding against him and she wasn’t sure if either of them could keep their balance once she came.

“It’s running down my chin,” he moaned.  “Damn it, woman…”

Nedra felt herself go; felt it rumble from deep within her.  Her stomach began to hurt and she couldn’t stop the tremors.  Victor held her fast and strong, unwavering in his desire to suck up as much as he could and Nedra’s climax was violent in its intensity.

She was still shaking when Victor laid her on the bed and pulled the covers over her.

“What did you do to me?” she asked.  There were actual tears in her eyes. 

He lay beside her.  “What I wanted to do.  What I like doing.  I love the way you taste.  I love eating you out.  I told you this already.  I enjoyed that enough to come without you even touching me.”


“Let’s talk, Nedra.  Woman to man, lover to lover.”

“We’re not lovers, Victor.  This is a job—”

“I know, I know.  Franklin sent you to get me by any means necessary and the means you chose to get me were…maybe not something he would be proud of, but it was effective as fuck, pun intended.  I’m going back to Baxter and see what this kid’s done that’s supposed to be a game changer.”

“He’s found another planet, Victor.  His transporter goes to another world.  What you were trying to do, he did.  I don’t know exactly what he did that was so different, but you need to see it.  You have to.”

“Yeah, later for all that.  I want to talk about us.  And we are lovers, whether you like it or not.  We’re compatible; it’s fire between us.  I feel it and I know you do.  This world may be a shitty place that deserves to die, but there are some things that are worth keeping, and this between us is worth it.  It’s real.  Realer than anything I've experienced in a long time.”

“Victor, it isn’t as real as you’d like to think.”

"So all this fucking we've been doing is what...imaginary?  You keep saying I’m going to forget about you once I’m back at work; that I’ll be so tied up in my research and the matter transporter that you’ll just vanish from my memory.  Are you fucking serious?  You must be out of your mind if you think that.  You’re using it as an excuse and you need to own up to that shit right the hell now.”

Nedra examined her fingernails and sighed.  “You want honesty?”

“I deserve it, don’t you think?  When you kiss me, I lose my senses. When you press that fierce body against mine, I lose the ability to be rational.  I’m not myself when I’m with you and I like it.  So yeah, tell the truth.”

Her legs had stopped trembling enough and she pulled them up and locked her hands underneath her knees.  She stared at her bright red toenails.  Did he deserve it?

“Earlier, when I couldn’t sleep, I was thinking about this.  You’re right; this is good.  It’s great.  It’s been some of the best sex I’ve had in a long time.  So good that it gives me pause.”


“As you well know, I have a man in my life.  We’ve been together for years and what we have is good.  He’s nothing like you; he’s a former Marine and we served together.  I love him.”

“He good in bed?”

“Of course.  We wouldn’t be together if he wasn’t.  But now there’s an unknown variable in the mix.”

“That would be me, I suppose.”

“You’re a variable in every sense of the word.  I will not deny how good it’s been between us and I won’t deny that I wish it could continue.  But it can’t.”

“Why not?”

Nedra side-eyed him.  “You’d be okay with being my side piece? You’d be good as my jump off?  My second string?  Somehow I think not.  Somehow, I think you will have a serious problem not being number one in my life.”

“You’re right on all counts.  Hell no I wouldn’t like that shit.  I don’t like to share.  Anything.  And I damn sure wouldn’t share you.”

“See the problem?”

“Your man is your problem, Nedra.  Yours.  He doesn’t have a thing to do with me.”

“And that’s why I never want to see you again.  You’ll insert yourself into parts of my life where you don’t belong and you’ll cause problems between Jon and me and I can’t have that.”

“You’re acting like a punk right now.”

“Why?  Because I want to preserve what I have with him instead of risking it for hot nasty sex with you?  All you can give me is hot nasty sex and that ain't enough.”

“What makes you think that’s all I can give you?”

“Well, what else can you offer?”

Victor stared at her, thinking of Sue; of the plans he’d had for her.  They all seemed so trivial now, paper-thin, weak…the delusions of another man.  Nedra called him a Simple Simon because he saw Sue as wife material...the kind of wife who wouldn't challenge him.  

What could he offer a woman like Nedra?  He had plenty of money, but Nedra wouldn’t be impressed by that.  She clearly had her own ends.

“Tell me about what he does for you.”

“We have a history.  We complement each other, balance one another, and comfort one another when the memories of our time in the Corps become too much for either of us to bear.  He makes me laugh; he’s a goofy nerd who seeks to rebuild what our government sent him to destroy.  He protects my heart and makes me feel safe.  I never, ever worry about him when he’s away from me because I trust him completely.  Jon is a man who sees through my faults and my ugly ways and loves me regardless.  That is what he does for me.  You don't stand a chance by comparison.  Sorry, but it's the truth.”

Victor was quiet, thoughtful. 

“Believe me, Victor, I thought about ways I could have you and maintain my relationship with Jon.  It was why I tossed and turned earlier.  But all I saw was you demanding more of me and my time, getting in the way of Jon and me.”

“Are you wife material, Nedra?”

“No.  I don’t want to get married.  I’m not that kind of girl.  It’s why things are so good between Jon and me.  We just are.  It works for us.  You wouldn’t.”

“Tell me just what you think I’d do?”

“Show up when it’s time for me to be with my man.  I’d give you the time you require; I’d do every dirty, nasty thing you like.  I’d be your bad girl and proud to be so.  You’d have your own place in the Promised Land and I’d make sure Jon wouldn’t have access to it.  But that wouldn’t be enough for you.  You’d get jealous of the time I spend with Jon…which is more time than I would spend with you.  And you wouldn’t like that.  Would you?”

Victor recalled his reaction to hearing her say her boyfriend’s name while he was giving her head and his subsequent response.  “No I wouldn’t.  But I don’t give a shit about your man.  Fuck him.  I’m talking about you and me.  You gave me something that I liked and didn’t even know I needed and I’m simply not willing to let it go.”  He was thinking about her kisses and the way she’d taken care of him.

Nedra sighed.  “I’m going to leave now.  Franklin will be waiting for you tomorrow morning.  Have fun with your project and give Reed a chance.  Go to that other planet and find out what it can do.  You’re a fucking genius and you put more than a decade of your life into this thing, so you need to see it through.  And I really, really never want to see you again.”

“How serious is it with…him?”

“I told you.  I love him.”


“It may not have seemed like it to you, but he adores me.”

“Well, if the love is strong, then he won’t mind a little competition.”

“You aren’t serious.”

“I was serious when I asked you to fuck…and you see how that turned out.  I’m no less serious now.  I have no intention of forgetting about you or letting you forget about me.  And forget about hiding out at Baxter, because I will search that place top to bottom with high beams looking for you.  There are always possibilities.  You’re just upset because you can’t control me.”

“Exactly.  You don’t know how to stay in your lane.”  Nedra got up and went to get her clothes.  “I’m out, Victor.  I’m tired, my hair’s a mess, and I want to sit in my tub and soak for two hours.  And then I’m going to sleep for 12 hours.  Then I, too, must go back to work.”  She turned back and gave him that same sultry ‘come hither’ smile that got his attention earlier.  “But I had a damn good time.  You are a gifted, talented bastard and God bless you for it."

She went into the bathroom and stared at her wild mass of curls.  He had liked having his hands in it.  Nedra sighed and hunted for the elastic that held her bun in place.  She parted her hair into two sections, tied the elastic around one and cornrowed the other.  Then she repeated the act with the rest of her hair.  She slipped the elastic around her wrist.  Then she put back on her bra and T-shirt.  When she went for her panties, Victor was there to stop her.

“If you’re really leaving, then let me give you a goodbye present.”

Nedra side-eyed him and smirked.  “Nah, I think I’m okay.”

“No, I’m serious.  If you really want this to be the end, and you’re serious about never seeing me again, then the least you can do is let me give you a proper goodbye.”

“Aren’t you tired?”

“I’ve got three years to make up for.”

Nedra yawned.  “Seems to me like you did and then some.”

Victor took her hand.  “Come on, Marine.  First to fight.  The few, the proud…all that.  Don’t tell me you’re scared.”

Nedra smiled and let him lead her.  “This is it, Victor.  And then we part ways and you go back to work and so will I.”

“And never see each other again,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“I mean that.”

“I mean this.”  He picked her up and sat her on the edge of the dresser.  With a wicked, wicked grin, he grabbed her bare ankles and put them on his shoulders.  Nedra stared at him.  She was extremely flexible, so when he came closer, she braced herself against the dresser.

“What is this?” she asked as he adjusted her legs on his shoulders.

“Something we’re both going to enjoy…and make it damned hard for you to forget about me.”  When her legs were almost at 90 degrees, Victor slipped inside of her and she gasped at the insanely tight fit.  Then, with that same preternatural strength, he put his arms around her and lifted her off the dresser.  Nedra’s heart was already racing.

“Put your arms around my neck and brace yourself, baby.”

After a few seconds, all that could be heard were screams of ecstasy and anyone listening wouldn’t be able to tell if they were female or male.

Victor was annoyed with Reed Richards from day one.  He was pleased to see Sue, but she wasn’t as alluring as he remembered.  In fact, after the liveliness of Nedra, Sue seemed boring.  Reed’s schematics of the matter transporter were elementary, rudimentary…basically the scribblings of a child, but the machine worked.  Nedra had been right about one thing; he was glad to be back at work, using his considerable mind for what it was meant to be used for.  It was easy for him, but Reed was such an arrogant prick…and then Franklin had the nerve to bring in his hothead asshole son Johnny to help with the fabrication.

When he took his breaks, he walked the many floors of the Baxter.  He was methodical; eliminating any floor that didn’t focus on chemistry.  He had no idea of the work she did and it would have been too much to simply ask Franklin or anyone else who might know.  He checked the directories, but her name wasn’t listed.  That didn’t make any sense.  He asked the front desk receptionist and she had no knowledge of Nedra Nix or anything of the sort.

A month after his return to Baxter, Victor was seriously considering grabbing a flashlight to search every nook and cranny of that building.  He was even considering asking Franklin where she was.  He no longer gave a shit about what Franklin would think; all he wanted was a glimpse of her.  Their last night together was a series of memories he didn’t want to forget.  He had made several withdrawals from the spank bank as a result.

One particularly annoying day, he started walking down the corridor towards the vending machines.  He needed coffee and he wanted some noodles and dumplings from Yang’s.  When he looked up, he saw a curvy beauty in a black dress and heels standing at the Coke machine.  Victor inhaled sharply and felt a twinge in his groin.  It was Nedra.  He started walking towards the vending machines in earnest to catch her before she left.

She looked elegant, regal.  Her hair was styled becomingly on top of her head and she wore diamonds in her ears and at her throat.  A quick glance at the absence of diamonds on her left hand was enough to note that her wack-ass boyfriend hadn’t wifed her up.

He snorted.  If Nedra was his woman, there was no way she would have roamed freely.  Simple Simon he might be in some respects, but there were some things that made sense even to the simplest of Simons.

She was standing at the machine, clearly trying to decide what to select.  The dress she wore clung and that ass…oh, that magnificent ass!  She needed to be worshipped.

Victor stopped about two feet from her.  Nedra turned and looked at him.  She blinked rapidly but calmed herself quickly.  “Victor?”

“Hello Nedra,” he said.

“How’s it going?”

“As expected.”

She smiled.  The curve of her lips reminded him how good they felt on his dick.  “You don’t like Reed, do you?”

“He’s a jerk.”

“He’s not so bad.  You’re just used to being the genius in residence and you can’t handle anyone stealing even a little bit of your shine.”

“You look amazing.  Why so snazzy?”

“Presentation to a bunch of bigwigs.”

“For money?”

“That, and access.  Once that transporter is up and running, my squadron of bad-ass chemists will be analyzing the samples you bring back.”

“Fine as you are, you’ll get it before you even open your mouth."  He paused.  "Nedra, nothing’s changed for me.”

She turned her attention to the Coke machine.  “Fanta, I think.”  She inserted some money and pushed the button, waiting impatiently for the drink to drop.  She remembered that last hour at Victor’s apartment.  His proper goodbye was a position out of the Kama Sutra; the Erotic V, and instead of using the dresser to support her weight, he held her in his arms and the sex was indescribable; beyond the usual good, the usual hot…his penetration of her was so mind-bogglingly deep that both of them were left with aftershocks after climax.  They couldn’t even make it to the bed.  When she was finally able to calm down enough to be able to walk, Nedra all but ran away from him.  He had watched her go, determined that he would see her again.  ‘No’ was not a word Victor was used to hearing.

Nedra fiddled with her fingers, actually nervous that he was so close by.  How had he found her??  Her body was responding to his nearness and she was trying to remain cool.  She had a presentation in an hour.

Victor stepped close to her, close enough to whisper in her ear.  “There’s nobody around.  I want to get down on my knees and lick your pussy.”

Nedra swallowed hard and immediately walked away from him without getting her soft drink. Victor watched her go, smiling.


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