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Lovesick (3/?)

3: Jonathan

Jon was back and she was happy.  Nedra met him at the airport and they practically made out in Baggage Claim, oblivious to envious onlookers.  Jonathan Holland was six-three, broad-shouldered and 240 pounds of good old-fashioned Marine muscle.  He wore his dark hair short and he was so beautiful that men and women did double takes when they saw him.  Nedra loved it and loved him.

“Roxy,” he said, picking her up and kissing her, one large hand on her ass.  “I’m so glad to see you, baby.  Been too long.”

Nedra nuzzled his nose, giggling as he spun her around.  Then he put her down and kissed her in earnest.  She kissed him back, popping her ass out so he could grip it.  She pulled away reluctantly.  “You have no idea how much I’ve missed you, baby,” she said.  “But we may cause a scene that’ll have TSA on our asses if we don’t grab your bags and split.”

Jon pulled her in for another real kiss.  “Then let’s grab and go.”

Jonathan Holland, for your pleasure.

She let Jon drive the Bima and sat in the passenger seat, grinning at him.  “Rides nice, doesn’t it?  Good choice, baby.”

“Thank you.  I wanted to do something for you.  I know I’ve been gone far longer than expected but—”

“Baby,” she said, rubbing his arm, “don’t you dare explain yourself to me.  I’ve been just as busy.”

“I’ve missed you, Roxy.  The job’s been damn near 24/7, but there have been moments where all I wanted—needed—was you by my side.  Shit else don’t mean shit.”

“I know exactly what you mean, Jon.  It’s okay; we’re okay.  I love my new whip.  I love it,” she said.  “I’ve caught flak for it, but you know that’s par for the course.”

“Roxy, I know you’re unfazed by those jerks at your job, but I can’t stand that shady bullshit.  They really don’t believe you’re capable of greatness or deserving of accolades.”

She rubbed his arm.  “I know.  So we won’t discuss that anymore.”

A few minutes passed and Jon looked at her, his dark eyes taking her in.  “You know, you’re the best looking woman I’ve seen in weeks.  You got somebody, or are you just letting me ride this one time?”

Nedra grinned.  “I got somebody.”

“Really?  What’s he like?”

“Oh, you’d like him.  He’s tall, dark and handsome, strong, smart and secure.  Got an ass so tight you could bounce a quarter off one of his cheeks and his abs…a woman could scrub clothes against them.  He’s a goofy nerd and loves his mother.  Beyond that, he’s loyal, loveable, and I’m glad he’s my guy.”

“So there’s no way a mangy-ass mutt like me could sneak in?”

“That’d be a nah,” she said, giggling.

Jon grinned.  They played that game all the time, sometimes as a way to break tension.  He focused on the road, shifting gears.   “I know I don’t need to ask,” he said, rubbing one of her denim-clad thighs, “but did you get your funding?”

Nedra smiled.  She’d gotten the confirmation calls that morning from both parties.  “Sixty-two million for the next five years,” she said.  “I can make it last longer than five, but they don’t need to know that.”

“Sixty-two million dollars?”


“You didn’t tell me you were hustling for that much!”

“Well I wasn’t sure how much I’d get, but I want five brand new scanning electron microscopes, a Fourier transform mass spectrometer, seven micro-spectrometers, 20 new computers, five SGI modeling stations, and a bunch of other equipment that I need to complete my work that you don’t care about.  What I just ran off is at minimum ten million dollars worth of equipment.  I could use more space and my staff deserves a raise.”

“You lost me at Fourier transformations,” he said.  Jon knew his girlfriend was scarily brilliant and it wasn’t a level where he could always meet her, but he was extremely proud and not afraid to let her shine.  In fact, he encouraged it.  “Either way, I’m proud of you, Roxy.  When you set a goal, you meet it.  And this is on top on what you can get from Franklin?”

She beamed.  “With Franklin it’s funding and more…like, he knows Physical Chemistry needs more space, so he’s hustling the higher-ups to allow us to expand into the unused room across the way.  The girls will love it and Ariadne can have better wheelchair access.  I actually want to build a workspace that is all hers so she doesn’t have to try and fit her chair in those tight corners.”

“Always thinking of your staff.  What about you?  Are you going to give yourself a raise?”

“I don’t need a raise, baby.  I just got this sweet-ass ride.  I’m good, honey.  If there’s money left in the budget, I’ll treat myself to a little something.”  For her, that would be a couple of pairs of shoes or a fly outfit.

Jon said, “You should.  You deserve it.”  Nedra rarely ever splurged and she would have drove that 'Stang until the wheels feel off in spite of the fact he constantly had to work on it whenever he came home.  Nedra's failure to pay herself first was one of the reasons Jon bought her a new car.  She had money in the bank from her investments, but she rarely spent any of it on herself.  Instead, she made sure Jon's home was always clean and comfortable.  So he spent his money on her.

“I’ve been busting my ass so that I could have a couple of weeks off with you,” she said.  “When’s your next assignment?”

“Kosovo.  A month or so from now.”  Jon was a military contractor and he had security clearance and couldn’t talk about the details of his work to Nedra.  He was gone six or seven months out of a year, usually.

“I put in for two weeks, but I can squeeze three if need be.”  Franklin would give her anything she wanted.  After her sixty-two million dollar coup, he’d be more than happy to.  Nedra’s achievements made the Baxter look good and the higher-ups were walking around with water balloon chests at the moment.

“We’ll make it count,” he said.  “Do you want to go to Shanghai?”


“Why not?  We’ve never been.  We could do Tokyo, Seoul or Hong Kong if you prefer.”  Every year, whenever possible, they took an extravagant vacation on Jon’s dime.  He made plenty of money.

“I thought you wanted a weekend somewhere and I was assuming there would be a beach involved.”

“We can hit Hainan, Bali or Koh Samui on the way back if you want.  You remember Phuket.”

Nedra smiled, caressing his fingers.  They had a blast in Phuket.  “Bet your ass.  You really want to go to Shanghai?”

“Yeah,” he said, holding her hand.  “It’s a city I’ve heard a lot about.  And then we can do a beach stop in Hainan; maybe even do 48 hours in Hong Kong and Macau.  I want time away from this world with my lady.  You can pick the next location.”

Nedra covered his hand with hers.  “When do we leave?”

Jon smiled at her.  “I’m glad you agree…because I booked Shanghai and Hainan a couple of weeks ago.  Three days.”

She shrugged.  It was their way.  Jon was the trip planner.  She just had to make the plane.  “Which beach we hitting, then?”

Jon squeezed her thigh.  “Hainan Province has several beaches.  It’ll be easy for us to get there from Shanghai.  I want to explore Luobi Cave and the Yanoda Zipline.”

Nedra grinned.  “Guess I need to go shopping tomorrow; grab some new swimsuits.”

“You can skinny-dip for all I care,” he teased.  “I miss seeing you naked.  I got us a suite with a private beach.”

She fingered her hair.  “I’d better get this braided up.  I’m not about to fuck with this mess for three weeks while we’re traveling.  Three days, you say?”

“Yep.  Just enough time for me to get some rest.  I’ve been busting my ass for the past week trying to finish up just so I could come home to you as soon as possible.  You’ll stay with me tonight or do you want me to go to your apartment?”

“I’ll go home with you tonight, baby.  I have to make sure you have food to eat for the next couple of days.  But you’ll get as much rest as you need because I’m texting Keva now to get my hair braided tomorrow.”

“Get those long ones I like,” he said.  “They look fantastic when you’re dancing.  And you know I like yanking them when we fuck.”

“Bet your ass,” she said again as her fingers flew over the iPhone screen.

Jon was tired, but not too tired to see about his Roxy.  They took a shower together that ran long and he carried her out of the bathroom to their bed, preferring to air dry.  He fell asleep shortly after they finished making love and Nedra lay with her head on his chest, running a finger around his brick-like abdominals, thankful he was home safe yet again.  His breathing was even, his heartbeat steady.  She wasn’t sleepy yet, but it wouldn’t take long for her to follow him into dreamland.  Nedra always slept better when he was by her side.  They’d been through so much.

“I’ve missed you so much,” she whispered, kissing one of his nipples.  The reality of her big, beautiful man pushed everything else out of sight and out of mind.  She had planned to go to work tomorrow to wrap up odds and ends, but would delegate the task to Keria.  It would take half the day to get her hair braided, and then she would go shopping for some new clothes and start packing.  She was going to Shanghai, China…a city that was almost 8000 miles away from the Baxter Building and Victor von Doom.


She hadn’t seen or heard from him since early last week, when he showed up at her office late at night and asked for her kiss.  Or rather, kisses.  His definition of the word ‘kiss’ had broadened over the course of a few weeks.  There was something different about him in addition to his appearance.  It was something she couldn’t quite name, but definitely responded to.  Physically, he was far more attractive now that he’d cleaned himself up and definitely had swag.  He wore a sweater and a nice pair of slacks, he had that beard snatched within an inch of its life, and his hair was about two or three inches long and it looked like it refused to behave no matter what he did to tame it.  It was soft and sleek, and she liked having her hands in it.  Victor gained a few pounds and he looked fantastic.  That mouth of his was even better than she remembered.  Infinitely so and she refused to think about anything beyond that.

Which mean it made no sense for him to be single.  Victor was out of the hole, back in the world, doing his research, interacting with real live people, and he was far too sexy not to have gotten snagged.  Even though Keria was bisexual and tended mostly towards women, she found him very good-looking and even though she had reservations, Nedra knew Keria would have given Victor some, push come to shove.  And she was just one woman.  There were too many women in that place who thought Victor had been cute before that should have nailed his ass to the floor by now.

Then Nedra wondered why she cared so much about who he was or was not fucking.  She had her man here, live and warm in bed. 

Still, Victor should be fucking somebody.  It would take his attention off her, and she really needed that to happen.  Now that he knew her weakness, he would exploit it.  She briefly recalled how easy it was for him to manipulate her…and how she allowed it.  Nedra was never going to let him have the upper hand again.

But really, she didn’t have any worries.  About nine days had passed since that night in her office.  Victor had her number, but Nedra was glad that she hadn’t gotten even so much as a text from the man.  In his presence, she could not behave like she wanted to; like a woman who didn’t want to be bothered with her ex.  Except Victor wasn’t an ex.  He was…he was…what he wasn’t was an ex and it frustrated her.

Nedra regretted agreeing to have sex with him that night Franklin sent her to him.  She should have told him to fuck off and gone back to Baxter and let Franklin know that she failed; that Victor was a disagreeable asshole and they were better off.  But her pride; her need to be in full command of everything; the resident queen of completing all jobs handed to her and problems solved, her 100% success rate; her desire never to fail was her downfall in this instance.

Nedra flinched, hard enough that Jon’s arm tightened around her.  She didn’t want to wake him and she didn’t want to leave the comfort of his warmth and their bed.  She lifted her leg over his and his free hand began to slide comfortably up and down her thigh.  She wasn’t going to entertain any more thoughts of Victor.  Nedra was a woman of discipline.  She was going to put all of her attention into Jonathan Holland until he boarded the plane to Kosovo a month or so from now…and then back into her research.

In time, she was asleep; her breathing matching that of his.


Jon got them an opulent suite at the Waldorf-Astoria on the Bund and they spent the first two days getting over jet lag.  Then they spent their time touring the city, seeing everything Shanghai had to offer, including bad pollution days.  They ate street food, ate at nice restaurants and Nedra found herself at the South Bund Fabric Market, having clothes made.  The tailors were efficient, gifted and cheap…and could make anything.  They took the hi-speed train to Beijing and hiked the Great Wall; saw the Summer Palace and Tiananmen Square.  They took a side trip to Shaanxi Province to see the Terracotta Warriors and then returned to Shanghai.

One night, Nedra found a club for them to go to near French Concession.  It was a primo spot for expats; on certain nights the DJ had throwback celebrations for all the old heads. The drink menu slayed, and the reviews were mostly positive.  Jon was always down for a good club hop.  They both liked to dance, and Nedra was feeling perfectly sleazy that evening.  She wore a short, tight two-piece purple dress that left nothing to the imagination, purple seamed stockings with a matching garter belt, and black velvet stilettos.  Jon loved it when she dressed that way; it wasn’t something she did often and he loved watching all the attention she got from others. 

When she got dressed, he was sitting on the bed putting on his shoes.  She came out of the bathroom and posed.  “Baby?”

“Oh we’re doing it like that tonight, Roxy?”

“Bet your ass,” she said.  “Is it too much?  Should I wear a pashmina over it at the restaurant?”

“Yeah, you may want to.  But not at the club,” he said.  “I want you in all your purple glory.”

Nedra smiled as she adjusted the clip on her garter belt.  They would go to the club and tease the hell out of each other.  Then they would go back to the hotel and fuck.  She had a request for Jon.

The club was a hole in the wall, smoky, but packed with bodies on the dance floor.  The DJ was excellent; rolling off a string of classics one could do nothing except dance to.  As was their way, Nedra led Jon to the middle of the floor and they started dancing.  She put her arm around his neck; her stilettos made her six feet tall and it so easy to lock eyes with him and make the immediate world their own.  He put his hands on her ass and they moved as one to a funky-ass beat.

“The men in this place can’t stop staring at you, Roxy,” he said.  “Good choice, this purple slip of a dress.”

“You won’t have to work hard getting it off, promise you that.” she teased.

“Bet your ass,” he said, kissing her.  Then he released her and took a step back, grinning.  “Turn around Mama, put that ass on Big Daddy.”

Nedra gyrated her hips provocatively and smiled at Jon before turning around slowly and backing up against his groin.  She locked her arms around his neck and he put his hands on her waist.

“Move with me, Big Daddy,” she said.  “Talkin’ bout my hips, move your hips.”

He could and did.  People were starting to watch the attractive couple own the dance floor.  Jon had always been a great dancer and Nedra loved that he wasn’t shy about it.  He ran his hands up and down her body and then whispered something raunchy in her ear.  She whipped her braids to one side.

“Oh Daddy, they won’t be able to handle that…” she teased.

“Do it anyway.  I like seeing men stare at you.  I love it when they want what I got.” he said.

“Okay,” she said.  “When the song calls for it, be ready…”

He was.  When the tempo changed, Nedra bent completely over and twerked against her boyfriend and like he wanted, every man in the vicinity turned to stare at her helplessly.  Jon laughed and slapped her ass.

Nedra put an arch in her back, dipped lower, put her hands on her knees and made her ass pop and smiled as she heard Jon mutter an expletive.  Then she slowly gyrated her way back up, locking her arms back around his neck as he slid one hand down her side.

“That never fails to make me horny as fuck,” he said.  “Them too,” he said, pointing his chin into the crowd.  Dudes were straight ogling Nedra and all she could do was smile and bring Jon’s lips down for a sweet and sexy kiss.  He slid an arm across her body and they ground against each other.  When Nedra broke the kiss, she brought Jon’s hands up to cover her breasts.  Her nipples were practically rocks and he knew how to release just enough tension so they didn’t have to leave the club so soon.

Next thing she knew, the DJ went way back and threw on “Sex Shooter.”

“Oh hell naw,” she said, stepping away from him.  “No he didn’t!!”


“The DJ done fucked around and put on Sex Shooter!  You know that’s one of my faves!”

“What are you going to do, Roxy?” he asked, anticipating whatever sexy dance she might come up with.  He was down for whatever.

She grinned and started recreating Apollonia’s moves from Purple Rain.  “I need you to get me off…I’m your bomb, baby, ready to explode…” as she caressed her breasts.

Jon watched her, grinning.

“…be your slave, do anything I’m told…”

Nedra sang the words while feeling herself up and shaking her hips.  Jon danced around her in a tight circle and she turned with him to keep facing him.  All eyes were on them.

“Come on, kiss the gun,” she said.

“Bet your ass I will,” he said.  “Tell Daddy how you want it.”

Nedra held out her hands and he took them, pulling her in.  Nedra whipped her braids to one side and put her back up against him, still singing.

“I need you to pull my trigger baby; I can’t do it alone…”

“That’s my girl,” Jon said.  He wondered how long they’d be at the club.  He moved his hands up and down Nedra’s hips, matching her gyration for gyration.

“No girl’s body can compete with mine…”

“Nope, not a single one,” he said, caressing her.

Nedra grinned as Jon felt her up and down.  She rarely got to cut up like this, but took full advantage whenever she could.  Nobody over here knew them, and even if they did, she didn’t give a shit.  She was grown, her man was grown, and grown folks did grown things.  She and her boyfriend were a couple of proud flag-flying freaks.  She stared into the crowd, and then past the crowd to the bar, and to her utter amazement, Victor was sitting at the bar, his eyes on her, a drink in his hands.  Nedra stopped moving, startled.

“What’s wrong, Roxy?” Jon asked.  He was good and hard, but he could keep it together for as long as she wanted.  That was the point.  But they were fucking in the taxi; he knew that much.  He could keep it together but he knew Nedra wouldn’t be able to.

Nedra turned around abruptly.  “Nothing, baby.  Just want to look at you for a little bit.”

“You just want these horny motherfuckers to look at that ass, is all.”

“Whatever you say, Big Daddy,” she teased, planting a fat one on his lips.  “They can look.  Just let me hold on to you for a moment.”  She knew without a doubt Victor was looking at her ass.

Jon stared at her, smiling as they moved as one, changing places as the beat dictated.  Nedra rested her cheek against his, secure in his arms until she opened her eyes and saw Victor staring at her again.  He hadn’t moved from his seat, and he was sipping on a drink, studying her—studying them.


What in the eternal hell was he doing here?  Here, of all places?  A hole-in-the-wall club somewhere on Taikang Lu near French Concession in Shanghai, China?  What was Victor doing there?

Did he follow her?

He ran a thumb over his lips and licked the pad as he held Nedra’s gaze.  Those brown eyes hinted at secrets, at mysteries, at enigmas…at things he knew that she did not.  He was sipping on a bright green drink in a martini glass and raised it to her.

“Let’s go,” Nedra said in Jon’s ear.

“You sure, baby? We’ve only been here a half-hour.  Another club you want to hit?”

She caressed the back of his head.  “My pussy’s wet.  I want to go back to the hotel.”

“We may not make it,” he said.

“We don’t have to,” she said.  “I’m up for a multi-round bout.  Let’s go.”


Jon called for an Uber and a driver was waiting by the time they finished their drinks.  Fortunately, the car was a big Lexus with tinted windows and more than enough room in the back seat.  John tossed the driver a thousand yuan tip and told him in Mandarin not to worry about what happened in the back seat.  The driver nodded but that didn’t stop him from sneaking looks as he drove back to the hotel.  Nedra wasted no time mounting Jon once he closed the door.  Nedra’s dress was easily to manipulate and seconds later, she was riding him as they kissed passionately.  Jon held on to her ass.  They kept their sounds tight and contained, but any fool with a brain could look in the backseat of the ES 350 and know they were getting it, and getting it good too.  The driver took his sweet time getting back to the hotel.

When they got out of the car, Nedra smiled at him, straightening her dress before putting the pashmina back on.  “I got a suggestion for round two.”

“I’m game,” he agreed, and impulsively scooped her up.  Nedra’s heart began to race.  Even though she liked to be carried, it was something she never flat out told Jon it was something she liked.  Maybe it had to do with when and how they met, but she never told him how much it excited her.  Considering that Victor’s far less massive self was able to not only carry her but also hold her up in the most interesting of positions, Nedra felt that she needed to share it with Jon. Victor couldn’t have any advantage over him; not if she could help it.

Jon carried her to the elevator and continued to hold her while pushing the button.  Nedra lay her head on his shoulder.  “I like being in your arms like this.”

“Is that right, Roxy?” he asked.  He had been about to put her down.

“I never told you this before, but I like it…being carried this way, or tossed over your shoulder, or any kind of way.  It’s a…throwback…sensation; maybe my inner Neanderthal…” She closed her eyes.  “It makes me feel super-girly and super safe.”

He smiled at her.  “Woman, I will carry you anytime you want.  Why in the hell are you telling me this now?”

“I don’t know.”

The elevator opened and they got in.  Jon pressed their floor and the door was about to close when he heard, “Hold the elevator!”  He pushed the OPEN button and a man hopped on and pressed his floor.

“Good evening,” Jon said.

“How you doing?” the man replied.

Nedra’s eyes snapped open.  She knew that voice.  Victor was on the elevator with them.  Son of a bitch!!  But she had to remain cool and pretend not to know him.  So she closed her eyes again and murmured softly in Jon’s arms.  He held her easy.

Thoughts raced through her mind.  This motherfucker is actually in the elevator with me and my boo!  What is he doing here?  He DID follow me…not just me!  Me and Jon!!  What is he doing, what does he want…what is his goal?  Is he trying to break us up?  Is he trying to insinuate himself in our lives?  Is he going to tell Jon who he is?  Why is he here?  What do I do about this?  Damn it, he just won’t leave me alone!

Then she recalled how she had kissed him. 

Fuck a duck.  I should have never allowed him into my lab.  I should have never fucked him to begin with.  But how did he know we’d be here?  HOW DOES HE KNOW WHERE WE ARE?

If she ever got the chance to ask him, she’d choke it out of his ass.

What do I do?  What do I do?  Do I confront him?  Do I tell Jon?  How far is Victor going to go with this?  How do I stop him?  How do I make him understand that Jon is the love of my life; a man I absolutely will not give up…not for anyone?   How do I make him see the truth?

Her conscience provided the answer in vivid, living color.  He already has a truth in his mind and he is acting on it.  He wants me; he feels as though he has a connection—and therefore a chance—with me.  Because I wasn’t brave enough to tell him to fuck off that night in the garage.  I even kept the goddamn flower he gave me.

“She all right?” Victor asked.

“Yeah,” Jon said.  “We just came back from the club and her feet hurt.”

“With shoes like that, I see why.”

Jon looked at him.  “Yeah, but just ‘tween us guys, because she’s not listening, I love it when she wears them.  They transform her legs.  She doesn’t do this often, but when she does, it makes me a happy man.  This is a special occasion for us.”

Victor stared at Nedra carefully, thinking about how he’d held her that same way.  Sans heels, of course.  He’d been in such a hurry to get her in bed that he hadn’t savored what it was like to hold her.  Clearly her big oaf of a boyfriend took his time.

Noted.  “Anniversary?”

“Nah.  Just some private time together.  We don’t see each other much.”

Victor looked at him.  “You sure that’s wise?  From where I stand, she’s gorgeous.  I mean if my woman looked like that, I wouldn’t ever be more than ten feet away from her.  If you don’t mind my saying, she’s fine as hell.”  His gaze shifted to Nedra and he had no qualms about lustily staring her down in Jon’s arms.

Nedra’s performance at that shitty club was memorized; every gyration, every dip, every sway…every single movement was now a frame to a movie in his mind.  He knew he would beat off to it at some point, and he wasn’t the only one.  Every man in the club had been watching her dance.  There was going to be a lot of guys choking the chicken tonight.

Jon shrugged.  “That she is, but it doesn’t matter.  She’s loyal.  So am I.”

Victor could barely keep the sarcasm out of his tone.  “Ah, that’s nice.  You have trust.  What about other men coming on to her?”

“I expect for her to get hit on.  I expect for men to try it with her.  I expect men to fall down at her feet and declare their undying love.  I expect for men to be men because my Roxy’s an exceptional woman.  But it’s her I trust.”

This time Victor didn’t even try to hide the snark.  “Is that right?” he said, raising a caustic eyebrow, thinking about the sheer number of times he and Nedra had fucked in his apartment.  He trusted her, but clearly that trust was misplaced.  It was a question that had to be asked of Nedra and then clarified at a later date.  This needed further study.

Nedra had had enough of the chatter.  “Baby, is our floor coming up?  Elevator’s moving slow.”

“Yeah.  You want off or to stay up?”

She smiled at him.  “I’ll get off.  For now.” 

Jon put her down and she smoothed her dress and looked up to see Victor staring at her.  “Hello,” she said, her face betraying nothing.

“Good evening,” he replied, making no pretense about the desire in his eyes as he looked at her.  Jon watched him gaze at Nedra and smirked.  The guy was a dick to be sure, but he couldn’t blame him for looking at her.

“This is our floor,” she said, straightening her dress.  “Good night,” she said to Victor before grabbing Jon’s hand.  “Come on, baby…round two’s ready!”  The doors opened and she led him out of the elevator.  Jon took that moment to pick her up again and sling her over his shoulder and her laughter rang out, echoing down the all.  Once again, they were in their own world, and so didn’t see Victor get out on the same floor a moment later.  He waited for them to enter and then went to his own suite…which was two doors down from theirs.  Soon, he was relaxed, poured himself a drink and decided to sit on the balcony and listen to the lively noise coming up from the Bund and contemplate his next move.  Shanghai was a lovely, lively city with the exception of the pollution.

Nedra and her wack-ass boyfriend were exhibitionists.  Maybe he wasn’t so wack.  Victor sat in the dark, thinking about the ramifications of this key piece of information.  He scrolled his phone; one of his contacts sent word that two of the tasks he wanted were complete and payment was expected.  Victor completed the transaction and sat back, deep in thought as he sipped on his drink.

To his surprise, he heard her voice.  He checked to make sure he was under cover of darkness and looked toward the direction of their room.  Nedra had backed out and she wore those two pieces of cloth that served as her attire, her stockings and those heels.  Her nipples were hard and it was obvious she didn’t have on any panties.  Her boyfriend followed her out, shirtless and shoeless.

They had Victor’s instant attention and he was also at attention.  They were talking.  Nedra made motions with her hands and then backed up against the railing.

Victor caught a bit of Jon’s dialogue, “…so a V-shape, you mean?”

She nodded eagerly.

“…only support is my arms and legs…”

“…scared?” she teased.

“… to motherfucking fight,” he said and removed his slacks and boxers.  Nedra lifted her top, gripped the railing, and spread her legs.

“…can take it, baby,” she said, beckoning to him.

Victor rolled his eyes.  She could take it.  Because of him.

Jon lifted his girlfriend’s legs, carefully placing them over his shoulder as she balanced on the rail.  He penetrated her, then put his big, strong arms around her and lifted her up.

“Jesus,” he said.  “It’s so…tight…”

“Yes…yes it is….” Nedra said dreamily, locking her arms around his neck and they began to fuck.  Victor watched the whole thing and masturbated while continuing to sip his drink.  She looked fucking amazing and sounded a lot like she had the night they did it.  Her breasts bounced beautifully and he wanted to suck her nipples so bad.  The scrap of cloth around her hips was now around her waist.

They were right there on the balcony, not giving a single damn if they were seen.  Victor was amused by it.  He was also crazy aroused at the way her legs looked in those stockings and shoes.  All these wonderful little sexy tidbits and alluring details he was learning during his reconnaissance.  Nothing like the no-nonsense Marine that came calling over two months ago with a gun on one and a knife on the other.

“Oh Nedra,” he moaned, closing his eyes as the speed of his hand matched their rhythm.  She had shared something that was between them with another man, and it wasn’t something Victor cared for.  He spit on his hand and continued jerking.  “Oh baby, come on now…so disappointed in you…”

When it was clear that they were finished, Jon put Nedra down and kissed her lips.  “…need to lie down, Roxy…”

“Go ahead,” she said, following him inside.  She knew how he felt.

Victor went into his suite to clean himself up and then returned to the balcony with the decanter.  He sat back down, picked up his phone and called her.

A/N: Lyrics to “Sex Shooter” belong to the one and only Prince Rogers Nelson, may he rest in perfect purple peace.

“Feels So Good”  -Xscape
“Whatta Man” Salt-N-Pepa/En Vogue
“Ain’t No Other Man” –Christina Aguilera
“All the Man that I Need” –Whitney Houston
“Freak Like Me” –Adina Howard
“Sex Shooter”-Apollonia 6


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