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Bad Habits (6/7)

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6:  Kyle & Bang

Max stood in front of the mirror, examining her bandaged forehead.  Kyle had art class in thirty minutes and she didn’t give a shit about anything other than getting him to class on time.  Her hair was massive and gorgeous and she normally wore it free on weekends.  But she was all about presentation and never left the house looking busted.  She removed the bandage and frowned at the knot.  Fucking Bane.  But at least it wasn’t hurting as bad as it was before.  The hydrocodone worked well, but all her drugs worked.  She could function.

Max twirled her hair into a French knot and pinned it with elaborate rhinestone combs.  She fluffed out her bangs to one side in order to hide the knot.  Then she put on a bit of makeup and her jewelry.  She sported jeans, boots and a black top that allowed the girls some display.  It felt good to get cute and catch eyes, but it couldn’t be done effectively with a big-ass lump on her forehead.  Not that any man would dare look her way with her baby’s father acting like a giant can of bug repellent.

She left Bane in the bedroom after his outlandish request, after acting as if she hadn’t heard his words or the tone of his voice.  He might actually still be sitting on the bed, but she didn’t care.  She adjusted her belt buckle and took a deep breath.  Kyle’s art class was two hours long.  She could return home and lie down for a little while before he had to be picked up.  She was going to focus on her child and do her best to ignore his father.  And she was already thinking of somewhere she and Kyle could relocate.  Damn it, she didn’t want to have to change Kyle’s name.  She didn’t want him to have to leave his school or his friends.  But her fears were well-founded.   Bane didn’t have a child to constantly think about, but she did.

When she exited the bathroom, he wasn’t there.  She sighed in relief and grabbed her bag.

“Kyle, let’s go,” she called as she walked down the stairs.  She took her time, as she didn’t need to have any issues with her head.  She had cuts on her feet from stepping on the broken glass in her lab, but they weren’t too bad.  Max had dealt with far worse.

“I’m ready, Mommy!”

To her utter horror, Kyle stood by the door with his backpack on and a giant smile on his face.  He was holding Bane’s hand. 

“Bang’s going with us.”

“The hell he is.”  Max didn’t even try to censor herself, she was so put out.  She couldn’t afford to make her headache return, though.

“He said that you can’t drive because of your head, and that he would drive instead.”  Then he looked at Bane and grinned.  “I made a rhyme, Bang!”

Max closed her eyes and Bane wiggled the keys.  He gave her a very even look, but there was a gleam in his eyes; one she recognized.  “I drove last night, so your suspension is fine.”

She rolled her eyes, thinking about him stealing her Ferrari.

“Come on, Mommy!”  Kyle pulled Bane towards the door.

Max followed her son, wondering exactly how long it took for her son to grow fond of Bane.  What had he said or done to command the loyalty of her little boy?  She bit her lip to keep her words in as they got in her car.  Kyle bundled himself in his booster seat and kept up a lively stream of four-year-old prattle as Bane drove Max’s car to Kyle’s art class. 

She was feeling understandably stank, so she hissed, “I see you don’t need to ask for directions.”

“I know where it is.  I know where everything is.”

“I will hate you for all eternity,” she murmured.  “You can forget about me smothering you with anything except a pillow.”

“So that means I’ll be in your bed then, correct?”

Max folded her arms and stared out the window.  Within a few short minutes, they were in front of the center where Kyle took his art class.  Max glared at Bane.  “Stay in the car.  I have to sign him in.”

Bane watched them go into the facility, his eyes on Max’s ass.  He liked infuriating her, liked keeping her in a state of indignation.  He meant it when he told her he wanted her to fight him for it, and poor Max was making it so easy for him to manipulate her.  She amused him, aroused him and he desired her far more than he had ever wanted anything else.  If a man like him could be figuratively brought to his knees, then anything was possible.  He was going to drive her back home.  Her housekeeper left shortly before they did, and they had about a hundred minutes to get up to, as she called it, some next-level fuckery. 

She came out of the facility, an expression of exasperation on her face.  Max got in the car and leaned back, rubbing her forehead.  “Take me home.  I’m going to sleep for an hour.  I’m tired and I really am so upset right now that I don’t know how to feel.  I won’t do anything to make my headache worse.”

He started the car.  “Considering that nothing has gone your way since I arrived, I’m sure.”

“Why should you get to disrupt my life and my son’s life whenever you get a chance?  You just don’t care at all, as long as you get your way.  You wanted your mask fixed; I fixed it.  You wanted to see your son, and in spite of everything I did to prevent it, you’ve spent time with him.  And since I failed to keep you apart, there’s nothing else for you here.  So when do you leave?”

“I haven’t given it much thought.”

“I’m taking Kyle away.  The next time you decide to drop in for any reason whatsoever, we won’t be here.  I’m not doing this with you anymore, Bane.  I can't.”

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the muscles in his forearm tense as he operated the gearshift.  His voice was very low, but it seemed to resonate within the confines of her car.  “Do you truly believe that you will be able to hide from me, Max?”

“If I stay off the grid, and don’t think I don’t know how to do it, yes.”

There was a long moment of silence as he deftly maneuvered Max’s car down the narrow roads before pulling up in front of her villa.  Max didn’t wait for him to turn the car off before she was getting out and heading into the house.  She was angry with herself for blurting out her plans.  She knew deep in her gut that Bane would be able to find her and Kyle anywhere.  He had that level of access.  Fucking genius mercenary.

Max stared in her bedroom mirror, untucking her shirt from her jeans.  She had a momentary flash of inspiration.  Bane would find them unless they moved to Gotham City.  There was no way he would return to a place he almost destroyed.  But truth be told, she didn’t want to go there either.  The place was a shithole because of Bane’s actions and she didn’t want to raise her child in a shithole.

Then he was behind her, his hands on her waist, her stomach, her boobs.  He had his head on her shoulder, staring into the mirror as he felt her up.  He was hard, throbbing, and all he wanted was Max.  He pressed right up into her and she moaned.  She couldn’t even remotely begin to summon the strength to oppose him.  “I thought you wanted me to fight for it.”

“We did, in the lab.  I don’t want to waste any more time when we have to pick up our son in about ninety minutes.  I want you to smother me in sex.  I want you to drown me.  I want to have you one more time.  I want you, Max.  I need you.  I don’t normally need anybody and I need you.  I came here because I knew you would make my pain go away.  Don’t run from me.”  His pain wasn’t all physical.

His hands were strong and warm and soothing.  She watched as they slid up to her collar.  He spanned his fingers across her chest and used the tips to massage the bottom of her neck.  Then, in what had to be the most finesse move he’d ever demonstrated, Bane actually pressed his mask into her shoulder and moved it over her skin, carefully blowing cool air out of his faceplate.

“Oh shit,” she moaned, startled.  That had actually felt good.  Then she focused.  “Bane, I can’t do this with you again.  What, you disappear for a couple of years and then come by for a few days to say hi to your kid and throw a fuck into his mother because you’re a jealous, selfish bastard?”

“Or you can come with me.”  He brushed the tubes against the back of her ear.  "You could.  I'll take care of you and my son."

Max turned her head away.  Bane’s hands moved over her breasts, his fingers slipping into her cleavage.  Each second was torture.  It was so easy to yield to her, but he understood her resistance.  Even though she was currently putting up very little.

“Yeah,” she said.  “I’m going to drag my kid all over this world running behind a terrorist who can’t support us.  We have needs you can’t fathom.  Like I said; you’re a selfish bastard.”

“You would be protected,” he said, moving his hands down to her belt buckle.  “If you’re worried about my enemies coming for you and Kyle, then the safest place to be is with me.  No one can find me unless I want to be found.”

“I should adjust your anesthesia because you’re talking crazy talk.  My baby deserves a normal life,” she said, watching his hands unbuckle her belt and unfasten her jeans.  “He won’t grow up to be like you.  And if…and if this is what it takes to keep you away, then…then…”

He unzipped her jeans and slid his hand in her panties.  Compared to the last time they were together, the man was being downright seductive.  Max moaned.  She was too tired to fight him; he had unbelievable power and really

“I don’t want it if you’re not willing, Max.  I don’t want you whoring yourself.  I want you fighting me every step of the way, like you’ve always done.”  He slid his hand further, finding warmth and moisture.  She was so wet and he hadn’t even done very much.

“Have you ever…have you ever been like this before?  I don’t recall…”

“No,” he said.  “I wouldn’t be an effective terrorist if every woman I encountered had your power, Max.”  No woman had her power.

“Where did you learn…” she gasped as she felt herself parted and stroked.  “When did you have time to take a class in finesse?”

“I watched you with your lover,” he said.  “It did not take long for me to understand his appeal.  He’s quite creative.”

“You’re a…a voyeur,” she said, spreading her legs.  “And a pervert; do you have any other proclivities I need to be aware of?”

“I pay attention,” he said.  “And you already know all of them.”

Max closed her eyes as he fondled her.  She locked her arms around his neck, her headache less of a bother than it was earlier.  His free hand went for the collar of her shirt.

“Must you wear such tight clothes?”

“My clothes…aren’t tight.  They fit.  And you’d better not tear my shirt.  I swear, this won’t go your way at all if you ruin any more of my clothes.”

“Take them off then.”

“No,” she said.  “I don’t recall us ever doing anything in under ninety minutes, and I won’t be late picking up my son…oh that, that’s niiice…do that again…”

He veed his fingers and moved slowly, brushing his thumb over her clit.  His hands were rough and callused, but they felt so right.  His free hand moved inside her shirt, curving over her breast.  Bane had indeed spent two weekends watching Max with her lovers and found it interesting that she got something different out of each encounter.  Saturday was blunt, hard, fast; similar to their encounters with the exception of the fast part.  She always made sure she got off and then she would leave, regardless as to whether her partner finished. But Friday nights were romantic and there was always a hunger in Bane’s eyes when he saw the things Tammaro did to Max and what she did in return.  The food thing was beyond him, but his hands were adaptable.

“Oh yes, do that again…that right there…again…”

Max started humping his hand because she couldn’t help herself.  He shifted once more and his two middle fingers slipped inside.  He groaned; she was hot and her body seemed to melt around his fingers.  “Max,” he murmured, his breathing becoming short.

“Yes, yes…” she said.  “Yes…oh yes…oh, I’ve missed you…” she moaned.

“Max,” he said, squeezing her breast.  He had missed her too. 

In a few moments, she was coming, squeezing her thighs around his fingers.  He held her until she was calm and then removed his hand from her panties.  Max looked at her jeans.  “I guess I should have gotten naked.”

Bane rubbed his faceplate against the back of her neck.  He found their whole dynamic with the mask as appealing as she did.  “You don’t listen.”

“See how it feels?” she said, turning to face him.  “When someone doesn’t do what you ask them to can be quite frustrating at times.”  She caressed his head and moved her fingers over his face, smoothing his eyebrows with her thumbs.  Then she stroked his cheeks and he leaned forward so that she could kiss his forehead.  Her kisses made him weak.  He wanted to take the mask off so he could enjoy the taste of her mouth and the touch of her lips.

Max put her hands on the back of his neck and kneaded the muscles as she gazed into his eyes.  “I’ve never been this way with another man,” she said before kissing the tubes on the faceplate.  She ran her tongue on the breathing perforations and she could have sworn that Bane trembled.  He stared at her and put his hands on her waist.  Max tongued the breath port again and Bane grabbed her ass hard with both hands.

Max squeaked.  “Oh shit,” she said.  He had never done that before.  “Oh fuck, do that shit again.  Grab my ass again, Bane.  Grab it.  Oooomigod…”   He grabbed her ass like he knew what to do with it.

He did.

Soon the jeans were off and her legs were crossed around his back and it was business as usual.  Four years and she felt even better than before.   As did he.  Neither Damiano nor Tammaro packed the same kind of heat Kyle’s father did, and while she enjoyed both of them, it was never like it was with Bane.  She knew he wasn’t going to find another woman like her, and she knew that there was never going to be another him.  Some things a woman just had to learn to accept.


Kyle couldn’t stop talking about the project he was doing in art class.  Max half –listened, interjecting his monologue with appropriate phrases such as “Yes baby,” “Really?” and “That’s good, honey.”  But her mind was a million miles away.  Putting up a fight was simply no good when it came to the man driving her car.  He would be gone soon and she had to decide if she was going to uproot her child and relocate.  If she didn’t, she knew exactly how her future—and therefore Kyle’s—would play out.  Bane would come back periodically because he couldn’t stay away from her or their child.  She supposed that was fair, but still.  Who he was, what he was, couldn’t be glossed over.

She didn’t know what to do.

When they entered the house, Max went into the kitchen to fix Kyle’s snack and see what Rosa left for dinner.  It was too late for him to take a nap, and she was curious to see what was going to happen because he was currently talking Bane’s ear off.  The mask did not deter him at all, not even a bit.  Bane sat on the couch, his eyes following Kyle around the room and likely taking in everything he said.  She brought his snack and set it on the table so he could munch while watching TV.  Max’s heart was warm as she looked at her little boy.  He was talking to what amounted to a stranger as if he’d known him all his life.  Bane didn’t interrupt or question, and every few minutes Kyle ran up to him to look at him and ask him something.  He always answered the boy.

“Baby, eat your snack.  And leave Bane alone; you’re killing him with all the chatter.”

“He’s fine,” Bane said.  “He’s not bothering me at all.  I’m just taking it all in.  I should, don’t you think?”

“I would have to agree.”  She sat next to him on the couch, with about two feet separating them.

Kyle grabbed an apple slice from his snack plate and dive-bombed the space between them.  “Tickle me, Mommy!”

Max laughed and started tickling him.  Bane watched them, a look in his eyes that was pure longing.  She looked so happy with their son, and Kyle was amazing.  The boy was clearly the best part of him.  He didn’t know what it meant to be a father, and he knew he would have to be content with adoring him from a distance because Max was right.  As if he had no control, his hand reached out and touched Kyle’s back.  The little boy was at once soft and solid, and suddenly, he was in Bane’s lap, completely catching him off guard.  The boy was heavy, but he felt wonderful.

“Tickle me, Bang!”

Max grabbed Kyle’s leg, horrified.  “Kyle!  Get off him!  Don’t do that; that’s rude!”

Kyle looked at his mother.  “But Mommy, Bang likes me.”  Then he looked at Bane, his large blue eyes clear and questioning.  “Don’t you, Bang?”

“I do, but I don’t know how to tickle.”


“Get off him, Kyle.  Mommy’ll tickle you.  Come on.”

Kyle jumped back in his mother’s lap, making her grunt.  “You’re such a big boy, Kyle.  You won’t be able to jump in Mommy’s lap pretty soon.”  She started tickling him again and the boy laughed until he was in tears.  Then Max just held him and stroked his head.  Kyle hugged his mother, burying his face in her breasts.  Bane did not blame him one iota because Max’s cleavage was the safest place he knew.

“I love you so much, honey.  You’re Mommy’s world, do you know that?”

“Love you, Mommy.”  Kyle’s voice was muffled as his mother rubbed his head.

“Do you want to take a nap?”

“No, but I want to watch my Spongebob DVD.”

“Well, go on then.  Take your snack with you.  In a little while, you’ll have dinner, take a bath and go to bed.”

“Will you read me a story?”

“Of course.”

“Will Bang have dinner with us?”

Max didn’t bat an eye.  “If he wants to.”

Kyle looked at his father.  “You should.  Mrs. Rosa knows how to cook good.  But Bang, my mommy doesn’t know how to cook.”

“Sure don’t,” Max said.  “Never made a secret of it.”

“I know that,” Bane said.  “Your mommy is very special.”

“Do you think so?”

“I do.”  He hadn’t taken his eyes off the boy.

Kyle kissed his mother’s cheek.  “Okay Mommy.  See you later, Bang.”

“Goodbye, Kyle.”

“Are you leaving?”

“Not yet.  Your mother said I could have dinner with you.”

“Are you going to show me how you eat?”

“Of course.”

“Cool.”  Then, out of nowhere as far as Max was concerned, Kyle jumped in his lap again and kissed his cheek.  Then he ran out of the room.

A long moment of silence passed.  Max looked at him.  “Feels good, doesn’t it?”

“I’ve never experienced anything like that before in my life.”

“Well, you didn’t grow up normal.  Prison, darkness, pain, ugliness, torture, hurt…how could you possibly know the innocent and sweet nature of a child?  At least to the extent which Kyle has demonstrated, because although you loved Talia, she wasn’t your child.  So there’s no way she could affect you in the way Kyle clearly has.”

“I’ll leave tonight after dinner.”

“You have to.  For some reason unknown to me, he’s bonded with you and he’s done it so fast that I have to wonder if I’ve done wrong by him by not giving him a father figure.  Which means I’ll have to work on that.”

“I don’t want you with anybody, Max.”

“Fuck that.  My son needs a father.  And since you’ve utterly destroyed my relationship with a decent man who could have been a contender, I’ll have to find someone else.  Don’t do this.  Don’t.  Kyle and I deserve a good man in our lives.  Because it won’t be you and we both know it.  You, my friend, will simply have to learn to deal like the rest of us do.”

He couldn’t refute anything she said.  Max touched his cheek.  “We don’t always get what we want in life, Bane.  You’re not an idiot and you understand me.  When you leave here, don’t ever come back again.  Ever.  Please.”


"Cry Little Sister" Gerald Mann
"Freek N You" Jodeci
"All Night Long"  The Mary Jane Girls
"Give Me What I'm Missing" Jade
"Toxic" Brittany Spears
"I Miss You (Come Back Home)"  Monifah
"I Never Loved A Man" Aretha Franklin
"Love Will Never Do Without You" Janet Jackson
"Leave Me Alone" Michael Jackson

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