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The Flip Side of Sin (6/8)

Six:  Sex Bomb (II)

A crazy thing happened while I was in the middle of seducing a young hard body on the dance floor.  Mr. Spock came up and grabbed me.   He caught my arm and, while not dragging, he was definitely escorting me with intensity.  I was stunned by the act because he never deliberately touched me.  I was also stunned because I was doing as I thought he wanted; assimilating into the culture of this ship.  For him to interrupt me while I was in the middle of dancing with that handsome, strapping young man was serious indeed.

I could not pull away from his grip as he dragged me out of the bar.  People were staring.  I tried my best to wrench out of his grasp and could not, so I slapped at his hands.

“Mr. Spock…what is your fucking problem?”

“I have asked that you not use such language, Miss Uhura.”  He would not look at me and I wondered where he was taking me. 

“And I have been doing my very best to agree to your wishes, but I do not understand…why…you…are…”  I did admit that a part of me found his behavior hot.  He was manhandling me and a woman like me appreciates a real man who knows how to manhandle.  Certainly none of the assholes in my universe knew how to do it.

Spock did not respond and stopped at a plain door.  He punched a code and entered, pulling me with him. 

“Stop yanking my arm!”  

Once inside, he released my arm in a rough way, nearly pushing me.  He closed the door.  The room we were in was small and full of supplies.  It was a storage closet.  I barely had time to register the fact when I found myself against the wall.  He was about a foot in front of me and the closet was immediately hot.

“What the hell?  What is wrong with you?”

“What are you doing, Miss Uhura?”

“Right now, I’m wondering what the fuck is wrong with you!”

He stared at me, tall, slim and impossibly handsome.  It was as if he was upset, but he didn’t look it.  His arms were folded and he stared at me hard enough that I could feel the weight of it.

“Do not be vulgar.  I will not warn you again.”

“I’m sorry, exactly what do you intend to do?  Here I am, doing what you asked me to; what we agreed to…and you just come up and drag me away without a word of explanation?  I thought you’d be happy to see me TRYING to learn my way around!  I thought you’d be happy for me to be out of your hair; that way you can get back to your fucking duties!”  I thought that I’d have fucked him by now, but the man was so disciplined and dutiful that he wouldn’t allow one silky black hair on that head of his out of place.  I couldn’t wait on his ass; I needed to get laid quickly.  I was right in the middle of arranging a hookup with that sweet sexy young tenderoni when he showed up.

“You should not be seen like this!”

“Seen like what?”

He looked me over; his eyes moved over me like hands.  I looked down at my garb and then back up into his eyes.  “I’m off duty!  I can wear what I please!”

“Nevertheless,” he said.  “You are…”

“Am what?  What??”  My outfit was cut to fit my fabulous body.  I was off duty; it was a Friday evening.  I was never going to forgive him for interrupting me while I was in total Venus-flytrap mode.  Unless, of course, he could give me what I went to the bar to find. 

Was he horny?  Was he jealous?  Did he not like me talking to another man?  Did he not like the fact that the captain allowed me to dress in my usual fashion?  I looked at him and bit my lip.  I decided to bait him.  I knew within a space of seconds that he was jealous and he wanted me all to himself.  He could not stand to see me looking so hot and demanding the attention of all those men.

“You’re jealous, Mr. Spock.  You’re jealous of me.”

“I do not understand what you mean, Miss Uhura.”

“You know exactly what I mean, Mr. Spock.  You’re Vulcan and you are aware of human emotions and behaviors.  You don’t like the fact that I am out from under your thumb.  You preferred it when I belonged only to you.”

“Miss Uhura—“ he said. 

“You want me, don’t you, Mr. Spock?” Sure he did.  How could he not?  Every man wants me and this sexy Vulcan was no different.  I couldn’t help my smugness; it was about damn time.  I’ve wanted to fuck him since I beamed into this universe and it was about time he felt the same. 

He was right in front of me, looking down at me.  I was going to go all in and bait him into fucking me.  I knew how to do it.  I put my hand on his chest and splayed my fingers.  My red nails looked fabulous against his blue tunic.  “You want me; you want me all to yourself.  Admit it.”

“I shall admit to no such thing, Lieutenant,” he said.  But then he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him, kissing me hard.  I was surprised, but I caught on quickly and kissed him back.  And then it was like we were a pair of horny teenagers.  We were all over each other.  He lifted me against the wall and fumbled at the hem of my skirt.  His face was in my neck and I nibbled his earlobe, my arms around his neck.

“Yes,” I said.  I couldn’t help it.  “I want you too, Spock.  I’ve always wanted you.  From day one.”

He growled; it was low and sexy.  I felt him at my thighs and I encouraged him, using that raw, vulgar language that he claimed not to like…but definitely responded to.  He pulled my thong to one side; I heard a zipper and in two seconds, he was up in me and it felt good.  We had no lubricant, but it was fine.  I could handle this man and it wouldn’t matter because in a few moments; I’d be dripping all over him.  He held me easy, thighs apart, skirt around my waist, but his movements were uncoordinated and choppy. 

“Been a while, sugar?” I whispered in his ear.  That was great, because if it had, then that meant he had been saving all that Vulcan passion and I was about to be a lucky recipient.  Who needed a hard young human when I had this hard stud of a Vulcan?  I was so excited and I wanted him so much.

He did not speak, but started moving quickly.  I sucked my fingertip and slipped my hand down between my thighs as our eyes met.

Miss…Uhura…” he moaned.

Then the unthinkable happened.  Before I could get my finger to my clit, that sorry ass motherfucking Vulcan bastard came.


The water was as hot as I could stand.  I scrubbed with my new glycerin soap, trying to wash off the smell and feel of that wasted experience.  All I’ve ever heard was that Vulcans could fuck.  That they could get down and dirty in terms of sex because it was such a primal thing for them.  That a Vulcan male was capable of pleasuring a female for long periods of time.

It was all such utter and complete bullshit.

I tried to wash away my own lust but it was raging.  I was raging.  I’d never been so disappointed in my whole life.  I refused to claim sadness, however.  I was going to put on a new outfit, return to base and find me a man—or two or three—to fuck me senseless.  I didn’t even want to know their names.  My frustration was due to a number of things; not the least of which was his failure to see things through.  A thought—unfamiliar and from the depths of my psyche; a thought I’d never own up to—surfaced.  ‘Was it me?’

I closed my eyes and let the water beat against my face.  ‘No way in hell.  NO WAY!’

I stepped out of the shower and put on my new robe and snatched off my shower cap.  The anger was in my eyes and I took a couple of deep breaths.  The night was still salvageable.  I knew Charlene would have something to say about what happened, but we’d talk tomorrow.  I entered my bedroom and stopped cold.  He was standing there.  I stared at him; stupidly, I’ll admit.

Mr. Spock’s hands were in fists at his sides.  “Miss Uhura, I am sorry.  I…I apologize for…”

I didn’t give a damn anymore.  If he threw me in the brig, so be it.  False bravado, that, but I was too disappointed to be bothered.  I was more upset that I cared to admit.  “Fuck you, Mr. Spock.  Because you certainly can’t fuck me.  Do me a favor and find your way out of my quarters.” 

I turned away from him.  An unfamiliar feeling tingled my eyes.  Tears?  

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.  Anger was far more productive than tears and I absolutely refused to cry over this man.  I turned back around and opened my robe.  “I cannot believe you can’t handle this!  What, were you curious?  Was I just a little experiment?  A test?  Something you can analyze in that big stupid logical brain of yours?  You’re despicable, Mr. Spock!  You’re no different from any human male who’s ever wanted to fuck a woman, no matter how much you play the Vulcan superiority card!”

I don’t know how he got to me so fast.  All I do know is within moments of me uttering my last words, I was crushed against the wall and he was kissing me.  His fingers curled around my forearms like vise grips and I was marginally aware that my toes grazed the floor.  His kisses were intense and insistent and I was so stunned that he was behaving in such a fashion that I wasn’t aware he was biting my lip and growling.  It was sexy as hell.  I was completely caught off guard, but never let it be said that a woman like me couldn’t rebound.

But should I?  Was he setting me up for another disappointment?

The kiss broke and he pressed his forehead against mine.  He was breathing deeply and his eyes were closed.  I decided to save myself another fit of anger.

“So what…is this gonna be the same as last time?  Cause if it is, then please spare me all this—“

He claimed my mouth again.  This time the kiss was hard and his tongue stabbed the inside of my mouth. I couldn’t help it; I was aroused again.  I wanted this man as much as I’ve ever wanted anything else, but I didn’t want to be disappointed again.  But I couldn’t free myself from him and I didn’t want to.

‘Roll with it, Ny.  If he does it again, you are well within your rights to cuss him out and kick him out.  And if he’s a man, he will never ever bother you again and you’ll be free to fuck any other man you want.’

I raised my hips and wrapped my legs around him.  I pulled him to me and he relaxed his grip on my arms.  In moments, I was in his and we were kissing…really, really kissing.  His hands were under my robe, gripping my ass.  We were grinding and it was so…oh so good.  He was so hot; hotter than I thought he would be and it was wonderful.  His kisses went to my neck and I slid my fingers into his hair and bit his earlobe.

However calm and sedate he was normally was the complete opposite of the way he was now and I liked it.  I liked that I could make him behave in such a raw, uncivilized manner.  If he could stay hard long enough—please, oh please!—then I was about to get the fuck of my life.  I bit his earlobe again and he lifted one of my legs higher and then I felt long, strong fingers at the core of me, gliding and sliding through my lips.  I put my foot down to balance myself.


He pulled back to look at me.  I stared at him, my bottom lip between my teeth and my breathing ragged.  Spock’s fingers were entwined with my labia and he was manipulating them in a way no other man had done before.  My hands were braced on his shoulders and he held me easy as he stroked me.

“So full,” he murmured, just loud enough for me to hear and go crazy.  I wanted to close my eyes because I felt my body going out of control as he kneaded my pussy lips and thumbed my clit.  He would not get close for me to kiss or be kissed and I understood that he wanted to make me come and watch me do it.  I couldn’t help it; his fingers felt soooo good!  I closed my eyes and bit my lip again.  I was close.  My hands twitched on his shoulders.

“Look at me, Miss Uhura.  Do not close your eyes.  Keep your hands on my shoulders.”

At his command, I opened my eyes and I ground against his hand.  I could not resist the inward pull or the outward pleasure and closed my eyes again.  I was about to come and he had not even touched my aching nipples or my navel.


“It stimulates me to see you like this, Miss Uhura.  It pleases me that you are so responsive to me.  Do not close your eyes.”

The current in his voice was different; deeper and commanding and I had to obey him.  I didn’t mind it.  I kept my eyes open, focused deep inside of his as I climaxed.  It was tremulous; I vibrated like a lyre string and my legs quivered as if they were made of jelly.  I came all over his hand and my peak left me on a long, low moan.  He kept stroking me; he had a way of gently pulling my lips and stimulating my clit that was absolutely marvelous.  No man had ever made me come like this.  Ever.

Guess that’s what happens when a woman like me deals with younger men.

He released me and I lowered my leg, still staring at him.  Spock held up his fingers and we both stared at them.   A moment passed and he spread them in a Vulcan salute.

You made me do that,” I said, half out of breath.

“I think we are even now, Miss Uhura.”

I licked my lips.  If he thought that, then he didn’t know me at all.  “I don’t think so, Mr. Spock.”


After that orgasm, I could think straight.  We needed to talk, among other things.  I let my robe fall to the floor so he could revel in the utter fabulousness of my body.  He stared at me, doing just that.  I wanted to preen, but there were more important issues at hand.

“We need to talk, Mr. Spock.  There are some things I need to understand.  And then we can finish this.”

“What is it that you care to discuss, Miss Uhura?”

“Call me Nyota, Spock.  I think that’s appropriate now.  Don’t you?”

“It is improper for me to use your given name as your superior.”

“But it’s okay for you to drag me out of a club and fuck me?”

He did not respond.

“Take off your clothes, Spock.”

“Pardon me?”

“We need to level the playing field.  I’m not getting dressed, so you need to undress.”

“I see no purpose in disrobing, Miss Uhura.”

“You really think that nothing else is going to happen between us tonight?”

He didn’t reply, but he continued to look at me. 

I smiled.  “I thought so.  Notice that you haven’t left.  Do you want me to help you?”

Again, nothing.  I took that as a yes and went over to Spock.  Without a word, I grabbed the hem of his tunic and pulled it up.  He didn’t help me but he didn’t try to stop me either.  Looking into his eyes, I pulled it over his head and threw it behind us.  The regulation black t-shirt worn under the tunic was form fitting and his pecs flexed invitingly.  Mmmn, luscious.  I ran my hands over his chest and met his eyes, not hiding the heat. 

“You’re not stopping me, Spock.  So let’s continue this, what do you say?”  It didn’t matter what he said, for his actions spoke volumes.

“What would you like for me to do, Miss Uhura?”

I grasped his T-shirt and pushed it up.  He had glorious, smooth chest hair and I didn’t hesitate to place a soft kiss over each pec.  There was no mistaking the soft rumble that escaped him.

“I want you to tell me why you came to get me tonight.”  I pulled off his T-shirt and moved my hands to the waistband of his pants.

He didn’t respond.  I looked into his eyes as I slipped my hand down inside his pants.  As expected, he was hard.  I decided to be wicked.

“I want this in my mouth,” I said, staring at him as I ran my fingers over his dick.  “I want to taste you and feel you and you want the same of me, don’t you?”

“Miss Uhura—”

“Nyota,” I said.  “Or Ny.  In private, you can call me by my name.  If I’m going to have your dick in my mouth, I think it’s far more appropriate.”  I unzipped his fly and began to push his pants down over his hips.  A few tugs and his dick sprang free.  A quick glance let me know it was between nine and ten inches.  I could forgive him for his little slip-up if he used that thing the way it was meant to be used.  “Call me by my name, Mr. Spock.”

“Nyota,” he said, watching me as I pulled down his pants.  When I got them to his ankles, I stood up and brushed my tits against his cock.  I heard that rumble again and thought it was damned sexy.

“You can do the rest.”  I stepped back and waited.  After a moment, he removed his boots and pants and I grabbed them before he could pick them up and threw them against one wall.  I put my hands on his chest. 

“Why did you come and get me?”

“I hardly think it—“

“You did it for a reason,” I said.  I stepped closer so that my breasts grazed his chest.  He was so warm, so inviting.  One of the things I hoped he would do is put his arms around me.  I wanted to share in his heat.  “Something made you drag me out of that place, Spock.  In front of everybody, Enterprise crew included.  Do you actually think no one noticed?”

“I was concerned for—“

“Me?  I was perfectly fine, Spock.”  I wrapped my fingers around his dick and began to stroke it.  He closed his eyes.  “I didn’t need your help, protection or concern.  I was looking for what I couldn’t get from you.”


“Vulcans don’t lie, Spock.  But you motherfuckers will skirt the truth when it suits you.  You best be ready to deal with the consequences of your actions, including this one.  You talk to me so we can get on with this.”  I could feel myself getting wet at the heat and weight of him in my hands.  I wanted to suck him into oblivion.

“I do not care to see you dress in such a manner.  It displeases me.”

“Oh?”  I grabbed a pillow from my bed and put it between us.  He stared down at me.

“You should not be seen in such a fashion, Miss—Nyota.  It is inappropriate.”

I got down on my knees and caressed his big, beautiful dick.  Already there was a bead of pale liquid oozing from the tip.  I touched it and stuck my finger in my mouth.  Again, he rumbled and I thought if I could get him to do that when he had that delicious cock of his shoved up in me, it would more than make up for everything he put me through.

“No one is about to police my attire, Spock.  The captain allows me to wear what I am used to as long as I wear your standard bullshit uniforms.  Say what you mean because I really want to gobble the hell out of you right now.”  I spit in my hand and began to stroke him.  He closed his eyes and moaned.

“I would prefer if you did not…dress in that manner.”

I licked the head of his dick.  “You want to tell me why?”

“You are a lady,” he said.

I looked up at him and an evil grin split my lips.  “You’ll come to find that I am no lady, Mr. Spock.  A lady, as you think of her, wouldn’t dream of doing what I’m about to do to you now.  Or enjoy it as I’m going to.  Tell you what, after I make you bust the biggest nut you’ve ever had, why don’t you tell me why you really came for me?  Also, tell me why it matters to you what I wear.”

I seized his testicles and took him into my mouth.  I took my time because I wanted him to understand that I could handle him and wanted to.  I closed my eyes at the pleasant way he filled my mouth and at the taste of his hot, hard skin.  I pulled back, releasing him with an audible ‘POP!’ and began to suck his head as I caressed his balls.  They were large, round and pliant and the weight felt good in my hand.  I held on to his cock with my other hand and teased the head with the underside of my tongue.  I saw his fists clench and heard his moan, but he wasn’t where I wanted him.  Not yet.

“Mmmn,” I said, adjusting my angle.  I grabbed his hips and smiled up at him as I took him in once more and began deep-throating him.  That deep rumbling noise he made earlier was louder this time and his clenched fists were now holding the back of my head.  I would have smiled had my mouth not been full of succulent hard Vulcan dick.  He was close; I could feel the veins erupting on the surface, but he wasn’t where I wanted him to be.  Not yet.  I increased my suction and let him fuck my mouth.  A few more thrusts and I released his cock.  It bobbed upon slipping out of my mouth and I stared at it hungrily as pre-ejaculate leaked from the head.

“Nyota…” he moaned. 

I looked up at him.  “Talk to me, Spock.  Talk to me or you can leave here like this.”

His hands were still in my hair and there was no denying the look on his face.  “I do not wish…I would like for you to continue.”

“I bet you would, you sexy bastard.  Tell me why you want me to continue.”

“It is pleasurable…”  The grip on my hair tightened.  “I must insist you continue.”

“I’m sure you do,” I said.  “And I want to.   But not until you tell me why you dragged me out of that bar.  Not until you own your actions when it comes to me, Spock.  I’ve been more than forthright with my feelings.”  I grabbed his hands and removed them from my hair and made to get off my knees.

“No,” he said suddenly.  “Please…”

“I’m waiting for you, Spock,” I said, staring up at him.

His fists clenched and unclenched.  “Your manner of dress is inappropriate.”

“As you’ve said.  But that’s not the reason you took me away.”  I reached and tweaked his cock.  He closed his eyes and parted his lips.

“You draw attention to yourself.”

I caressed his balls.  “I don’t have draw anything, baby.  I’m fabulous.  All eyes are on me, always.   Can you be more specific?”

He groaned.  “I do not care for some of the attention you get.”

‘Now we’re getting to it.’  I continued to caress his balls.  “You mean you don’t like men looking at me?”

“My opinions regarding your manner of attire are…illogical.”

I leaned forward and kissed the tip of his dick and swiped my tongue over the head.  “Spock, did I look good to you tonight?  Did you find me attractive?”

“You are aesthetically pleasing and your manner of dress stimulates me.”

I smiled and rewarded him by closing my mouth around his cock and sucking him again.  Immediately, his hands worked their way into my hair and I allowed it for a moment, and then released him once more.  He emitted a small groan of disappointment and his dick quivered when it left my mouth.  I was such a tease, but then again, so was he.

“Spock, when you saw me in the bar with Charlene, why did you respond like that?  I was on leave, as was everyone else.  It was appropriate behavior and yet you caused a scene when you grabbed my arm and dragged me out of there.  I need to know.  Stop fucking around with me so we can fuck.”

He closed his eyes.  I knew he liked it when I talked dirty.  I don’t care what he says about my vulgarity; he likes it.  We both knew it.

“Don’t you want to fuck me?  I mean, for real this time.  Not that bullshit you did earlier.  You still owe me.”

“Miss Uhu—“

I squeezed his balls and licked the head of his cock again, savoring his taste.  “Can you please call me by my name when I’ve got your dick in my mouth?”


I closed my eyes and used his leaking head like a tube of lipstick. With the tip of my tongue, I tapped his meatus twice and he trembled as hard as I had when he made me come earlier.  I really couldn’t resist this marvelous structure any longer.  I closed my eyes and began to suck him as hard as I could (and believe me, I know my way around a big dick).  I gripped his hips and slid my hands around to knead his buttocks, which clenched and unclenched in my hands.  Every few moments, I let him go with a ‘POP’ and smile seductively at him.  He held on to my hair and he met my eyes and there was no denying what was in them.  The cool, logical Vulcan science officer was gone and in his place was a man with deep Vulcan passions.  I liked this man.  I wanted this man.  I sucked my index finger and as I deep-throated him once more, I worked it between his buttocks and just inside his anus so that I could manipulate his prostrate. 

Two seconds later, he screamed my name as he exploded.  I, like a good bad girl, sucked him clean and supported him when he fell to his knees.


He lay on the floor, blinking hard as I mounted him.  There was plenty to be said about Vulcan males and the best thing was that they had very short refractory periods.  It took Spock about two minutes before he was hard again and I had to do no more than caress his balls.  I spit on his cock again and then eased down onto it.  He stared at me and I leaned forward to kiss him.  He responded and for a moment, he held my head as he devoured my mouth.

I cannot say enough how much I desired this man.

When he let me go, I adjusted and began to ride him while stimulating his adorable pectorals.  He felt so good inside me, just like I knew he would.  I grabbed his hands and put them against my throbbing breasts and he pinched my nipples while I pinched his.

“Nyota,” he said.  “Nyota…”

“Yes,” I panted, staring at him.  “Yes, Spock, yes…now you tell me the truth.  Tell me what you want.  Tell me what you desire.”

“Nyota,” he said again.

I couldn’t help it.  “That works for me, sugar.”

We laced fingers and I put my fierce abdominals to work, squeezing his delectable dick.  I leaned back and braced my hands against his knees and adjusted my feet so that I could really get into the ride.  He put his hands on my inner thighs and caressed them as I bounced up and down on his cock.

“Nyota,” he said once more.

“Oooh, I like hearing you say my name,” I said.  “I like it, Spock.  I like it when you talk to me while I fuck you.  You like it when I fuck you, right?  You’ve wanted me to fuck you from the first day I got here…tell me the truth.”

“Yes,” he said.  “Nyota…”

I squeezed and trembled, making sure I had him deep in the grip and heat of my sex.  He let go of one of my thighs and reached for my clitoris.  I could no more deny my response than I could deny my passion for him.  I threw my head back and moaned as I came and my pussy locked down on his dick and made him come too.


My brand new chair got finally used.  He put me in it and I held up my legs, veeing them as wide as the chair arms would let me.  Spock was on his hands and knees and he had his face between my thighs and he was licking my pussy the way a cat would lick milk.  He used his fine aquiline nose to stimulate my tender clitoris and every now and then, used the Vulcan salute to part my lips and suck my dripping, wet cunt.  He asked me for this not long after I rode him, and weak bitch that I am, I said yes.  He began to tongue-fuck me and I could have died from sheer delight if I hadn’t wanted more of him.  I came hard enough to squirt.  And like a good boy, he licked me clean.


He had me bent over the arm of my new chair and I was so pleased to have my face down in the seat cushion and my ass up in the air.  He was fucking me doggy style and it…was…out…fucking…standing!!!  The cushion blocked some of my noise, but not all of it.  Spock was stimulated by my vulgarity and I used it to full advantage.  He grabbed a handful of my totally ruined hair and yanked my head up as his balls slapped rhythmically against my wet pussy.  I lost track of the number of times he’d made me come and I’d made him do likewise.  His fingers dug into my skin hard enough to bruise, but I didn’t care.  The man I wanted; the man I’d openly desired and lusted after, the man I was crazy about, was fucking me.  Hard.  Just the way I wanted him to; the way I’d always dreamed he would.  I didn’t want any of that ladylike sexy time sex; I am a woman and I wanted and needed to be fucked and Spock was fucking me.  Which made my resultant orgasm so intense tears formed in the corner of my eyes.


Spock had my wrists pressed into the mattress as he stared into my eyes.  We were fucking again, this time on my bed.  He spoke these words:  “I will not share you.  You—this—“and when he said “this,” he long-stroked me and pushed into me hard enough that his pubic hair ticked my clit, “belongs to me.  I will not share you, Nyota.  You are mine.”

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