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Sexy Beast (13/20)


There was a three-week delay in the arrival of the Empire’s governing body for Dantouine II.  The senior officers rotated shifts while the ISS-E remained in orbit.  Captain Kirk was fine with the delay, as there was so much to like and enjoy on the planet.

Uhura was glad because Sulu was in the supervisory rotation and she didn’t have to be bothered with him on a regular basis.  The night they ran into him on the way back to their quarters, Spock told her that he was certain the security chief had malevolent intentions towards either or both of them.   It was only a matter of time before it came to pass.

“I’ll see to it that he’s down on the planet and away from you, Nyota,” Spock said.  “But I implore you to be vigilant when he is on board.”

“What about you, Spock?”

“I am able to take care of myself, Nyota.  Do not worry.  It is you that I am concerned for.  Mr. Sulu covets you.  He does not care that you are my woman.  In fact, I think it stimulates him because he feels that he can hurt me through you.  We are not fond of one another.  He has been idle in his actions towards you, which leads me to believe that he is planning something.  This is the main reason why I insist that you improve your hand-to-hand combat skills.  Turock and Shavik are good instructors.  Please do what they say.”

She nodded.  “All right.”  Then she looked down at his hands.  “You told me that you would kill anyone who touched me.  Would you do that to Sulu?  Were you serious?”  It bothered her that he was willing to take a life to protect her.  As far as she was concerned, her life was no less valuable than Sulu’s.  But she came from a different universe.

“Are you sure you want to hear the answer, Nyota?”

She looked into his eyes for a long moment.  “Spock, I don’t want anyone to die on my behalf.”

He did not reply, but met her gaze.  Uhura stared at him, remembering what happened the last time a man other than Spock got near her and the fallout because of it.  She heard that Michael was still alive but she never saw him again.

She knew the answer and it pained her.  “Then I don’t want to know about it,” she said.

“As long as he does not touch you, he shall live, Nyota.  That is all I will say on the subject.”

He helped her disrobe.  Uhura sat on the bed while he removed her boots.  Her hand was throbbing.  It was going to swell.

Spock unclipped her garter and rolled down her stockings, kissing her thighs as he did so.

“I need a bigger uniform, Spock.  I can’t wear this one anymore.  It was tight to begin with and I’ve gained weight.  I feel like my boobs are suffocating.”

“You are becoming more comfortable,” he said.  “Your appetite is a sign.  I shall provide you with appropriate attire.  I am pleased.”

“If I don’t stop eating the food in the officers’ dining room, you won’t be.”

“My desire for you is more than just physical, Nyota.”

She rolled her eyes.  “Your words say that but your words, they lie.”

“I do not lie.  And do not stop taking meals.  You must keep up your strength.”

Uhura merely nodded, holding her right hand.  Spock put her boots in the closet and got a cold pack for her hand.  She winced as he covered it.

“You have a good punch,” he said.

“A lot of good it’ll do me for the next few days,” she said.  “I don’t know how I’m going to handle my console or my training with a swollen hand.”

“You will be fine,” he said.


The next three weeks passed uneventfully.  Every night, Turock and Shavik spent ninety minutes helping Uhura better her combat skills.  They insisted that she take on both of them at once.  Uhura was fearful at first because she didn’t think she could handle that.  Turock told her that it was best she learn how to defend herself on both sides, because enemies attacked in packs.  Hearing that, she caught on quickly.  They were very patient and diligent.  Shavik started teaching her how to use the Vulcan nerve pinch.  She was making progress and the workouts, combined with her usual routine, were helping her combat her weight gain. 

One of the things Uhura did like about the Mirrorverse was the food.  She found it difficult to stop taking meals in the officers’ dining room; the food was just too good.  There was shrimp linguine in a lemon-butter sauce, lobster macaroni and cheese, pommes frites, filet mignon, yellowfin tuna, penne with grilled chicken and pesto…the combinations were endless because the chef was a genius.  That there was an actual chef for the officers instead of food replicators was a definite plus.  The crew, however, had no such luxury.

And then Spock’s vegetarian cuisine was also delicious; he had his own personal chef that catered to Vulcan palates and anyone else who did not consume meat.  As it was, Spock and his Vulcan counterparts were the only vegetarians; everyone else on board the ISS-E were diehard carnivores.  It made sense, considering the crew’s bloodlust.

Spock gave her the key to the redwood chest at the foot of the bed and told her to examine what she found inside.  Needless to say, Uhura was very intrigued by the box’s contents.  One of the items was a smaller box, encased in a dark red material.  Uhura wanted to open it, but didn’t want to break the seal.  But everything else was on display and the items were quite distinctive.  She remembered Spock telling her that he had particular appetites, and the redwood chest revealed exactly what they were.

She couldn’t help but get excited.


Kirk beamed aboard one evening to spend time with Marlena.  Before leaving the bridge, he asked Uhura to perform a task that required her to go down to the long-range sensor lab.  She was down there when Spock beamed aboard not long after Kirk did.

He was down on the planet for much of the time, but he made sure to return to her every third night so that he could be with her.  It was during these nights that they discussed the parameters of their relationship and Uhura queried about the items she found in his redwood chest.  His answers appeared to delight her, but he insisted that she take her time in engaging the consummation of their deeper connection.   In addition to the discussions, they made love.  Uhura asked him if it was common practice for a Vulcan to have as much sex as they were having, and he replied, “Once a mate is selected, yes.  Here it is considered appropriate behavior. Do you want me to cease my affection?”

“I didn’t say that,” she said.

Tonight, Spock’s presence wasn’t required down on the planet, as Sulu was currently supervising.  They were avoiding each other, but the confrontation would come soon enough.  He knew it.  It might pain Nyota to understand or accept it, but Spock would destroy Sulu if he crossed the line.  The only reason he hadn’t done it already was because Sulu was a most excellent security chief and helmsman and there was no one presently in line who adequately matched both skill sets.  Spock currently had an ensign in training just for the position, unbeknownst to Sulu, but the young man was nowhere near ready to take on the job.  Spock knew that Kirk had a bet going on with Scotty and McCoy on who would be the first to strike.  Sulu had the over-under.

But he didn’t want to waste energy thinking about Sulu.  He wanted Uhura; wanted her badly, needed her desperately.  An incident between Scotty and one of the lovely women of Dantaiie aroused him and he wanted to get back to Uhura.  No one recognized it for what it was; he left Sulu in charge and beamed aboard shortly after Kirk.  His need was strong, unrelenting.

She wasn’t on the bridge and she wasn’t in their quarters.  Wherever she was, Shavik and Turock were close by, but he was used to her being in their quarters by a certain hour.  Irritated, he asked the computer to locate her. 

Some moments later, he found her in the long-range sensor lab.  She was at one of the consoles, earpiece in, deeply ensconced in her work.  He walked up behind her.

“Nyota,” he said, putting a hand on her shoulder.  Startled, she turned.

“Spock!  I thought you were going to be down on the planet tonight.”

“I decided that I wanted to spend the night with you,” he said.

Uhura looked up at him.  Spock was with her the night before last.  Not that she was upset by his presence, but she was used to his schedule.  She recognized the look in his eyes; the unrelenting wild flash that was present whenever he was horny.  It was different this time, but no less powerful.  However, the captain demanded that her task be completed immediately.

“All right,” she said.  “Go and relax; I’ll be there as soon as I’m finished here.  The captain wants this done ASAP.”

Spock stared at her.  He didn’t give a damn what the captain wanted.  “Now, Nyota.”

“I can’t, Spock.  You of all people should know that when Captain Kirk wants something, he wanted it two hours ago.  Go on, I’ll be there in a little while.  Take a shower and get in bed.  I won’t be long.”

He blinked slowly and stepped back.  She smiled at him.  “Go on.  I promise.  I’ve missed you too and there are some things I want to talk to you about.”

He took a deep breath, trying to get himself under control.  “We can talk later.”

“All right,” she said, turning away from him.  “Just let me get this done.”

Spock went and stood against the wall near the door and folded his arms.  “I shall wait here.”

“Okay,” she said, and turned back to her console.  Obviously, he wanted sex, but he had never acted the way he was acting now.  Something must have happened down on the planet to make him so hot, and she did not deny that she found it exciting.  She increased her speed and tried to engage him to take the edge off.  “How are things going down on the planet?”

“Logically.”  He was terse.

Uhura rolled her eyes.  So much for conversation.  She wasn’t about to annoy him.  Instead she focused on her task, but became increasingly aware of the tension in the room.  Something happened.  Did some girl make a pass at him?  Did Sulu do something stupid?

Spock stared at her, taking in the sight of her.  He could temper his fervor for her when duty warranted it.  He could keep it together for long periods of time if it was necessary.  But things were different now that they were truly united.  She was the conduit for his passion; the canvas of his expression and it oozed from every pore.  He could not deny that she made him crazy.  Especially now.

She was pregnant.

Spock was certain she was not aware of it.  She reported none of the standard symptoms. He knew that she was very, very early in her pregnancy, probably no more than three or four weeks, but his Vulcan senses could detect the slightest differences in her body chemistry.  He picked up on it one night when he accidentally brushed against one of Uhura’s nipples and became cognizant of their mild changes and the alteration in her scent.  She had been asleep and nearly kicked him out of bed in response. 

It would definitely change a few things.  They would have to hold off on some of the more interesting aspects of their relationship, but there were mild forms that were still possible.  They would have to discuss it.  He didn’t think that she would want to do anything that might harm the baby.

Spock wondered if she would tell him when she figured it out.  He also wondered if she would want his baby.   He knew how she felt about the Mirrorverse and knew that she wouldn’t be pleased to bring a child into this world.  He understood that, but it didn’t change the facts.  He also wondered why she’d gotten pregnant at all.  He was very careful to ensure that she’d gotten her injections shortly after they first made love.  It was a problem that merited considerable thought.  Spock decided to speak to McCoy to find out what happened.

But not at this moment.

Uhura removed her earpiece and grabbed her PADD.  “Okay,” she said.  “I’m done.  Just let me transmit this to the captain and then to Starfleet and I’ll—“

“Now, Nyota,” he said.  “I must be with you now.”  Just being in the same room with her was invigorating.

“What’s wrong?” she said.

“Nothing,” he said.  “I desire you.  I want you.  Come, let’s go to our quarters so that I may have you and you may have me.”

“Okay, Spock, but I have to do my duty.  Just a minute or two more and then you can have as much of me as you can stand.” That was a blank check, as Spock could stand an awful lot.  Uhura usually found herself having to push him away so that she could sleep.  Sheila would be jealous indeed.

He grabbed her arm.  She pulled it away and looked at him.  “We’re not doing this again,” she said.  “You can wait two minutes.”

Spock stepped away and folded his hands behind his back.  Uhura fed the codes into the computer that transmitted the task to Starfleet and a copy to the captain’s log.  Then she looked at him.  “All right.  Come on, let’s go.”

She walked towards the door.  The long-range sensor lab was on the same level as Engineering.  Uhura walked in front of Spock, rubbing the small of her back.  The sensor lab chairs were uncomfortable.  Lately, everything was.

The noise on this level from Engineering was deafening at times, but tonight it was a deep hum.  The overhead lights burned amber to conserve energy and the corridor was mostly deserted.  Uhura did not come down to the LRS lab often, as she had assistants who were normally stationed here to transmit data to her.  But Captain Kirk ordered shore leave for all off-duty personnel, and that included the LRS staff.  Uhura chose not to take shore leave, as she couldn’t stomach what was happening on Dantouine II.   But she acknowledged that she felt safer knowing that a third of the crew was gone at any one time.  However, she maintained her diligence whenever she was outside of her quarters.  Turock and Shavik were omnipresent.

Spock grabbed her arm and nudged her down the short corridor that led to an upper deck of Engineering.

“Spock, what’s your problem?  You can’t wait to get back to the suite?”

“No,” he said.

Uhura looked at him.  The wildness in his eyes was like a flame.  She recognized his normal states of arousal, but he had never been like this before.  “What is it, Spock?  Tell me.” 

They were on a catwalk that overlooked the water turbine system and she felt the thrum of the impulse engines all over, reverberating through her body like an alien heartbeat.  Lately, she found herself sensitive to a lot of things.

Uhura’s back was to one of the wall grates.  “Spock, please tell me what’s got you so aroused?”  That was putting it mildly.  Horny was definitely a better descriptor.

“I was not aware that I needed a reason to desire my woman.”  He backed her into a wall grate.

“I understand that, but you also are diligent in keeping to your schedule.  I didn’t expect to see you until tomorrow night.”

“Do you not wish to be intimate with me?”

Uhura tittered.  That wasn’t even remotely true.  “Spock, please.  Of course I want to be with you.  You’ve caught me off guard, that’s all.”

He stepped closer to her and she found herself gripping the grate.  He was such a seductive man, so very deliberate in his actions, so very methodical in his ways.  She found his cunning attractive on so many levels, which made his current actions strange because they deviated from the norm.  Spock never initiated intimacy outside of their quarters.  Other than holding her hand when he escorted her or kissing her fingers whenever he deposited her in her seat, he never did anything that hinted at their sex life.

“Then be with me,” he murmured, kissing her forehead.  “Now.”

And then he was all over her, kissing her, touching her, pressing her against the grate.  Uhura held on to it as he lifted her, wrapping her legs around his hips.  It was so very intense, so very serious.  It didn’t take much for him to get her excited—sometimes she chastised herself for being so easy—and this time was no different.  She heard a zip, and some part of her recognized that they were still dressed.  She was grateful for the thigh-high stockings and the garter belt, because he would have probably torn a standard pair had she owned any.  Then he was inside her, pumping, pulsing, one hand gripping the grate above her head; the other holding her up.  She rocked against him, staring up at him, meeting his force, matching his desire.  She moaned, closing her eyes.  He was fucking her in public.  Anyone could look up from the main floor of Engineering and see them.  The anticipation of getting caught was thrilling.

“Jesus, Spock…” She bit her lip to keep from moaning.  “What if…someone…sees us?”

What in the world happened down there to send him back to her like this?  Whatever it was, she hoped that it would happen again.  This was too hot for words.  The girls would be out of their minds if she told them about it.  Sheila would have a fit.


Spock claimed her mouth to shut her up, shifting so that he held her with both hands.  She held on to the grate and kissed him back with as much fervor as he.  He could tell that she was completely turned on by the fact that they were doing it out in the open, and he could admit that he found pleasure in it as well.  He wasn’t concerned that someone might see; as this was far more important than anything else.  He wanted her here wanted her like this right now.  So what if they were seen?  No one could claim that they hadn’t seen such things before.

Uhura was biting her lip.  It was a turn-on whenever she did it, as she usually drew a bit of blood and he liked the taste of it.  A throwback to his ancestry, to be sure, but it was a part of him and he couldn’t deny it.  He couldn’t deny any of his actions whenever it came to her.  She was his weakness.  The mere fact that she also carried his child intensified it.

“Nyota,” he said.


Sulu was doing a recon on the ship.  He left supervision to Scotty for an hour, claiming that he had an issue on board the ship.  Scotty didn’t question it, and Sulu beamed aboard with the express intention of finding Uhura.   His plan was almost in place.  It took some time to put all the pieces together because Uhura was rarely out of her quarters when she wasn’t on duty.  Whenever she was, she was flanked by those two Vulcan bulldogs that had to be considered were he to try anything.

She was not on the bridge.  Chekov told him that she was completing an assignment in the LRS lab, but Sulu decided to ask the computer for her location and was amused to find that she was in Engineering.  For what purpose, he didn’t know, but if she was alone, then that was good.  Spock was somewhere down on the planet, doing some sort of science analysis or something, so Sulu wasn’t concerned that he would be bothered or interrupted.

He was on the main floor of Engineering.  After verifying that an attendant was on duty monitoring the impulse engines, he asked him if he’d seen Lt. Uhura.

“No sir,” was the reply.

“Have you seen her sentinels?”  Everyone was aware that Spock had two young Vulcans guarding her at all times, even when she was secured in their quarters.

“No, sir.  Everyone’s down on the planet.  It’s deserted tonight.”

Sulu nodded, left the engineering office and walked out, scanning the area.  The computer wasn’t able to lie about a crew member’s location, so she had to be here somewhere.  Then he heard a familiar sound from somewhere above him.

After years of serving aboard the ISS-E, very little surprised the helmsman.  The Imperial starship, like other starships, was a place of heat, hedonism, misogyny, mayhem, murder, and violence.  One was apt to see any number of events—both savory and non—taking place in the corridors or anywhere else.  Everyone was fair game and everyone participated.  Except for Commander Spock.  The Vulcan played things very close to the vest, in spite of the flak he caught from fellow officers for not indulging in the ship’s vicarious activities.  The only thing everyone knew he did outside of duty was his yearly excursion to Bellatrix IX to play with the slave girls.  But they all participated in that, so it was no big deal.

Sulu never thought that he would see what he was seeing now and he couldn’t help but get turned on by it.   It took him several moments to process the sight.  Spock was fucking Uhura in the upper right corridor near the water turbines.  She was bent over, holding onto the grate, with his fingers in her mouth.  Her skirt was tossed up over her wonderful ass and he was banging away.  The only sounds were of skin on skin and her muffled moans.

Sulu watched, hard as diamonds.  So that was how she liked it.  All that pretense of being Spock’s lady and she was really nothing more than his whore.  That made everything even better.  He could use his newfound knowledge to his advantage.


His climax was fiery and he pressed against her as he was spent.  She, having climaxed moments earlier, was breathing heavily as she let go of the grate.  Spock stood up and pulled down her skirt before tucking away and zipping up.  His index and middle fingers bore the evidence of her teeth.  She bit hard enough to break the skin, but not to bleed.

When Uhura turned to face him, he pulled her in and kissed her, holding her close.  She broke away after a moment.

“What on earth…” she said.  Then she saw his fingers.  “Oh no!”  She cupped them in her hand.

“I am fine,” he said.  “You did not hurt me.  In fact, I find it stimulating.”

“You find almost everything stimulating,” she teased.  “But now, we need to get back to our quarters quickly because I need to take a shower.”

“As you wish,” he said, taking her hand.  He could think straight now, but he was certain that the shower would have to wait.


Spock left her in bed, sleeping soundly, to go to Medical Bay.  His own personal guard, K’avir, was posted outside of his door at his request.

McCoy was up and about, doing any number of random activities.

“Doctor,” Spock said.  McCoy turned and looked at him.

“Mr. Spock.  What brings you here?”

“I have a query.”


“You will recall the injection I got from you shortly after Lt. Uhura’s arrival?”

McCoy smiled.  “Yeah, I remember.  The one you got after you finally fucked her.  You never did say, Spock…was it good?  Was she tight?  Is she hot?  Bet it was good.  What does she sound like when she comes?  I mean, you didn’t give us a chance to sniff her out, you old sly coot.”

“I doubt very much if Lt. Stephens would appreciate this line of conversation, Dr. McCoy.”

“Sheila’s not here, Spock.  Anyway, what can I do for you?”

“I think that Lt. Uhura may be with child.  I am not positive of this, however.”

A look came over McCoy’s face.  “Is that right?”

“I am not certain, for she has not said anything.  I do not think she suspects, for it is very early.  But I see changes in her and I must discover why, as I gave her the requisite injections she needed.  She should not be able to conceive, yet I am almost confident that she has.  Why is that, Doctor?”  He raised an eyebrow.

McCoy laughed.  “Oh, that’s easy, Spock.  I tampered with the injection.  We’ve never had a situation like this and I wanted to see what would happen.”

Spock stared at McCoy.  “Your action was deliberate?”

McCoy smiled.  “Money buys a lot of things, Spock.”

“I must ask, why would you do such a thing?  Have you no sense of propriety, Doctor?  Is the Hippocratic Oath now the Hypocritical Oath?”

“Are you actually upset, Mr. Spock?  Never thought I’d see the day.”

“What you did is morally reprehensible, Doctor.”

McCoy snorted.  “Whatever.  Besides, it’s no big deal.  We can get rid of it, if the price is right.”

“I would not consider such a thing, Doctor.”

“Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite, Spock?”

“This is the life of an innocent child, Dr. McCoy.  Who paid you to do this?”

McCoy glared at him.  “I’ve been well-compensated to keep that information secret.  Let’s just say that whoever my benefactor is feels that their interests are best served if you are out of the way by any means necessary.  And that includes leaving Starfleet to raise a kid.  You’re Vulcan.  Nothing’s sacred or off limits, Spock. You know how we do things here, or has that hot little communications babe scrambled that Vulcan brain of yours?”

“I warn you, Doctor, you are walking a very thin line.” 

“Whatever, Spock.  If you were going to do something, you would have done it already.  Don’t sweat it.  For the right price, I can give you a hypo that’ll take care of the problem with very little mess if you’re so disturbed by the idea of being a father.  ‘Course, you know that Jim will bounce her off this ship real quick if he learns she’s knocked up.”

Spock left McCoy without another word.  His anger was bubbling slowly.  Soon it would erupt and there would be hell to pay.  Already he was thinking about appropriate measures of recompense.  Uhura could never know.


Before returning to Dantouine, Spock assigned K’avir to Uhura as well. Were it not his turn at supervising the takeover, he would not have left the ISS-E.  McCoy’s admission was completely unexpected, and Spock’s analysis of his enemies led him to three individuals who were the most likely culprits, Sulu being only one.  But Sulu craved Uhura; the last thing he wanted was for her to be pregnant with Spock’s child.

That left Chekov and Scotty.  Scotty was after Sulu in the order and Chekov was ruthless enough to try anything on anybody to get ahead.  There were limits to what Spock was willing to do as first officer.  No one knew what they were, but he had them nonetheless.  It took a Machiavellian heart to use an innocent child in such machinations, but McCoy was right; there was nothing sacred amongst the crew of the ISS-E.  Captain Kirk hated kids and that was the reason why there were no children on board.  Any woman that got pregnant was sent away immediately, and the father along with her if he decided to protest.  McCoy’s benefactor planned it just right because there was no way Spock would let Uhura be sent anywhere without him.

Spock fumed, but he would keep his knowledge to himself.  He was not going to say anything about the baby.  But if Uhura discovered that she was pregnant, they would deal with it at that time.  For now, he used his wiles and his resources to ensure her protection.  But he knew that it wouldn’t be enough. The attacks were coming from all directions and in all forms.

This, too, was another consequence he would have to own.


A/N:  The scene in Engineering was partially inspired by Shoogerbare’s Spock Fantasy artwork, posted on spock_uhura by recumbentgoat.  Warning: NC-17 content, so…

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