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First published: April 2010
Summary: Uhura’s recollections of Spock while he’s on an away mission and Spock’s memories of Uhura while he’s on said away mission.  Fourth in the “Friends With Benefits” series.

This fic is dedicated to Gerriv.  Thanks for the love, girlfriend!  MWAH!!

He needs to come back.  He needs to come back now.

He has been on an away team assignment for two weeks.   I’m about paranoid as hell.  Who’s going to take care of me with him down on that planet?  He is the only man on the whole damn ship who has the equipment to keep a woman like me satisfied.  Surely none of these other sorry ass motherfuckers know how to do it.  What in the hell am I supposed to do with him gone for fourteen days, nine hours and fifty-seven minutes?

Damn it, I’m starting to keep time like him.

I guess it can’t be helped; we’re rubbing off on each other.  As much as he and I have been fucking, it was bound to.  He’s picked up my penchant for being blunt.  The night before he went on that away mission, he lay down on my bed and told me sit on his face.  Me, being the woman I am, did exactly what he told me to do.  He made me come all over his face in under two minutes.  His best time thus far, not that I keep time when we fuck.

This is what we do.

A few weeks ago, he would have never been able to say anything of the sort.  But since we’ve been in this thing, I’ve taught him how to be dirty, nasty and freaky with his verbiage because it makes our interludes so much better.  I love it when he grabs the back of my head and tells me he’s going to fuck me good.  When he says it, I believe it because Vulcans don’t lie.

I’m sitting with my earpiece in, listening for communications from him or the captain, but nothing’s coming through and I think about the past nine and a half weeks.  The man can fuck.  Goodness gracious, he can absolutely get down.  He came up to me one night on the bridge, bent me over my console and fucked the shit out of me.  I’d been messing with his head for weeks before that night, using every trick I knew to excite him past the point of no return.  And baby, when he went past it, he went past it.

After we got off work that night, we went to my quarters and fucked again.  Since then, we’ve been fucking regularly.  It’s not on a schedule, just whenever the opportunity arises. I’m getting hot just thinking about the number of times he and I have gotten it on all over this ship.  No place is taboo; not even the bridge.  The last time we shared gamma shift, he got rid of the ensign and two seconds later, he was eating me out in the captain’s chair.  I think we got six positions in before we had to pull ourselves together prior to the ensign returning from break.  He bent me over the arm of that thing and turned into a battering ram…

I make it easy for him.  I wear thongs and thigh highs just so he can get it anytime he wants.  I’ll spread for him at the drop of a hat.  I don’t give a shit because I like fucking him.  You never know when a chance might pop up and it pays to be prepared.  One day we met in the corridor near the conference room and our eyes met.  It’s like a key turning in a lock.  I kept walking but diverted to the conference room which was mercifully a few steps away.  He turned and followed me.  When he got there, I was already bent over on the table, wetter than a damn washcloth soaking in a sink and his dick was out the moment he entered the room.  I knew it because I know the sounds it makes when he whips it out.  

Should let you know how many times I’ve heard him whip that bad boy out.

We didn’t need to speak because our bodies spoke for us.  He grabbed my waist and pounded into me, filling every inch of my hungry pussy with that marvelous big dick he has.  Something’s got to be said for skinny men, because Spock is slim everywhere except for where it matters.  Something’s got to be said for me, because I’ve been walking around halfway moist most of the time since we got into this thing.  I haven’t been completely dry in weeks and to be honest, it’s great.  It makes me feel like an incredible woman, which he says I am every time I make him come.

I hear it regularly.  I know my shit is good.

He needs to come back.  He needs to come back now.  I need him.  I need him tonight.  I haven’t fucked him in two weeks and my snatch’s going through Spock dick-loss.  I know he’s going through pussy withdrawal because as I’ve said, my shit’s good.  Secondly, we’ve been screwing almost every day and when we can’t, he will find a way to damn near nail me to the wall as soon as the opportunity arises. It takes him longer to get off when we don’t see each other that much and it makes me happy as hell.

One time we went two whole days without seeing each other.  He was busy with an assignment, as was I.  It couldn’t be helped.  When I got off my shift, I had to run down to the long-range sensor lab and when I was on my way back to my suite, I saw him talking to Scotty in Engineering. I got hornier than the devil himself.

I saw him and he saw me.  I started soaking the moment our eyes locked and I knew that he wasn’t going to let me make it to my quarters.  So I turned and made my way up to the catwalks, finding a remote corner over the water turbines.  I was rubbing my boobs and belly when he found me moments later; it was like he could sniff me out.  He came up to me and squeezed my breasts.  He lifted my skirt and my leg and then impaled me on his dick.  He pushed me up against the grate and fucked me hard enough that my curls came loose.  He shoved his fingers into my mouth and I bit them.  He likes it when I bite.  I could feel the grate pressing into my ass and the sensation was crazy erotic.  He held my thigh with one hand and the grate with the other.  We stared at each other and kissed like lost lovers.  It was necessary because I couldn’t keep my pleasure to myself.  I put my arms around his neck and then he moved faster and harder, banging me against the grate.  It was so damn good.  I had grate marks all over my ass for two days, but he was more than happy to massage it for me.

If he was like that after two days, then I cannot imagine how he will be after fourteen days.  He’s probably going to tie me to the bed and fuck me senseless.  But I’m ready, baby.  I’ve got scarves he can use and I’m going to give up the snappy nappy.  The moment he returns and we get off duty; I’m spreading for him wherever we are.  But maybe we should wait until we get to his quarters or to mine. That way there are no interruptions and he can fuck me until the cows come home.  I’m a big girl; I can handle all of that fantastic dick.  I bet no other woman can handle him.

He needs to come back.  He needs to come back now.  My body needs him; yearns for him.  I’ve been lying in my bed every night masturbating, thinking about how it is when we do what we do.  I found in him the science office one day during shift change and went over to him.  He put down his PADD, turned from the desk and looked at me.  I got on my knees, removed his stiffening dick from his pants and started sucking.  It’s better than a damn lollipop, as it’s the gift that keeps on giving.  In moments, he had me by the head and he was making those small little groans that let me know when I’m doing him right.  Like I said, we didn’t really need to talk. 

I heard the door swish and immediately crawled under his desk. He pushed his chair back under it and resumed whatever it was he was doing.  So did I.  I wanted to see if he could maintain that Vulcan composure with me gobbling his dick.

I don’t know what he discussed and with whom he was discussing it.  All I cared about was making him come and I did my best.  He held it, kept it together and the moment I heard the crewman exit, he climaxed.

He has a sweet, warm taste, almost like cream but lighter.  I crawled out from under the desk, kissed his lips and left him there.  I knew he would find me later in the communications office and bend me over my console.  That’s how it is with us.  When the opportunity comes, we fuck.  We’re addicted to each other.

He needs to come back.  He needs to come back now.  I want him.  I need him.  It’s been fourteen whole damn days and I don’t know how much longer I can take this.  It’s like my pussy’s stewing in its own juices every time I look over at his console and realize he isn’t there.  I want to kick Kirk’s ass every time he asks Spock to go with him on a fucking away mission because I know I won’t get fucked until he gets back and sometimes it takes him too damned long to come back.

Like fourteen motherfucking days.

He needs to come back.  He needs to come back now.


I must return to the Enterprise.  I must return now.

Once again, I am imprisoned because of my captain.  I can handle it because I am first officer and support him no matter what happens.

He is unconscious on the floor.  It is pleasant because it gives me time to ponder the last nine weeks, four days, fifteen hours and thirty-six minutes since I became intimately involved with the ship’s communications specialist.  It is my fault, though blame is an inappropriate descriptor.  What I mean is that I could no longer control myself; I lost all of my Vulcan discipline and training.  I responded on pure human instinct; something I desperately try to hide and deny, but I could not help it.

She knew I watched her.  I tried to keep my voyeurism clandestine but it was futile as she knew it.  I later learned that she did things to make sure I watched her.  She made it easy for me to look and knew it drove me insane when all I could do was look, stare, ogle and covet until I had to have it, have her.

The moment I bent her over and she looked at me; I knew she wanted it too.  Her vagina was glossy and it looked like it would be a tight fit, which pleased me.  With a total lack of finesse, I pushed my way in and…fucked…her.  She said that was what we did and it is what we do.  She keeps it honest, keeps me honest.  I use the words she wants me to use and I like using them, as it is appropriate for what we do.

We fuck.  It is so very good, so very human.  This is the part of my humanity that I can embrace; the instinctive need to fuck and not just fuck, but fuck her.  I do not wish to do it to another.

We have demonstrated entirely inappropriate behavior since that first time.  I do a disservice to my Vulcan heritage every time I see her and cannot control my response to her.  All of my blood rushes to my lok and I cannot think straight until after I have ejaculated inside of her.

Which means there have been a multitude of instances—I admit to losing count—where I have ceased to think properly.

To be more specific, I do not have to come inside of her.  She enjoys it when I come over any part of her body.  I prefer to do so over her luscious round ass, her big, marvelous breasts or her stomach.  She touches the head of my lok and licks my ejaculate from her fingers, as she likes it.  Sometimes she takes a more direct approach.  She pleases me either way.

I gladly return the favor, as the taste of her is like Vulcan nectar, a light, sweet taste; a taste that I have since become addicted to.  Whenever I see her, I can smell it and my lok hardens in three point two seconds.  It is at these times that I cannot walk with my hands behind my back.  I am well-endowed and I once feared that it would be too much for any female to handle, but in this instance I was gratefully mistaken.  She handles it, handles me as if she were born to do it.  When she places her full, pouty lips around my lok, she can take in nearly half and she does not gag.  She can hold my testicles in her mouth.  She can suck me off in under two point five minutes and swallows when she’s done, and I know for a fact that she likes it.

I find myself rising to the challenge and make her do the same when I have her nether lips in my mouth.

I must return to the Enterprise.  I must return now.  I need her.  I need her at this very moment.

We have fucked in the turbolift six times.  I am amazed as to how we have not been caught, but I cannot help myself when she is in there with me.  It has become second nature for me to push her up against the wall and bury myself within her; it is quick and brusque, but intense and satisfying.  I shove my tongue in her mouth to dampen her sounds, but when we are in our quarters, I let her scream as loud as she wants.  I soundproof the room, of course. I like to hear her scream, to hear her say my name when we do what we do.

I am aroused at my memories.  I must return to the Enterprise.  I must return now.  I am in need of her.


The captain wakes up and sits on the bench next to me.  We have been in this place for thirteen days, twelve hours, fifty-six minutes and thirteen, fourteen, fifteen seconds.  I admit that I notice her absence more and more with each passing day.  It is dangerous when we do not see each other regularly; I am insatiable when a mere day passes and I have not had her.

It has been fourteen days. 

The captain begins talking, ruminating, killing time as he calls it.  I am surprised to hear the words that come out of his mouth.

“I will be glad when the dictator comes to his decision and lets us out.”

“He has been most tedious in his thinking, Captain.”

“I’m ready to get back to my ship.  I’d like to check in with Lieutenant Uhura.”

“Aye, sir.”  The undercurrent in his voice is different.

He pauses for a very long moment and looks at the ground.  “Spock, what do you think of Lt. Uhura?”

“She is an excellent officer, Captain.”  And a most excellent lover.

He pauses again. “You know, she is really, really beautiful.”

“She is aesthetically pleasing.” 

“I don’t know, Spock…I wonder sometimes…why is she a single woman?”

“She is dedicated to her duty, sir.”  Her status is not something that we speak of; there are no labels to our relationship.  I now begin to consider that it might be wise to add one.

“I know, Spock, but come on…she’s a woman.  She’s got needs.”

“Needs, Captain?”  I am fully aware of her needs and I am also aware that the captain is ill-equipped to satisfy them.

He shakes his head and smiles.  “She’s a woman.  All woman.  You know, I wonder…”

I look at him.  Captain Kirk has a reputation with the ladies, but I was confident that he would not get as close to Lieutenant Uhura as he is right now.  But the mere fact that he is thinking of her in such a light bothers me.  I cannot specify why.

“I know you’ll keep this between us, Spock, but I wonder sometimes.  “You think she could…I could…if I could break my own rule, could she keep it between us?”

I do not betray the irritation that is building within me.  “Are you wondering, sir, if you should be intimate with the lieutenant?”

He actually blushes.  “Not just that, Spock.  I was thinking of more…she’s far too classy for just sex.”

I close my eyes at his words.  My relationship with her is primarily a sexual one.  We have conversations when we are able to be at leisure, but it has remained within those parameters.  My irritation grows and I begin to wonder if our relationship should grow.  I certainly do not desire another, but does she?  Sexual intimacy is merely one need a woman has.  I am fulfilling that one, but is it possible that I could fulfill more?

“She seems as if she can ground a man, anchor him in a good way.  A woman a man wouldn’t mind giving his heart to, a woman a man could really love…I should…do you think I should tell her this?”

I am Vulcan.  I am disciplined.  I am in control of my emotions.  I consider the captain a friend and I respect him.  But I have realized, in a very short time, that I do not wish for him to have any interest in Lt. Uhura, much less inform her of it.

“I do not think it is wise, Captain.  There are protocols.”  There is also the probability that he would suffer injury at my hands.

“I know, Spock.  But…”  He looks away and I know he is thinking about violating those protocols.

It is now imperative that I return to the Enterprise.  I must get back to her before he can get to her.  I must discover if we can expand the parameters of our relationship before he initiates one with her.

I must return to the Enterprise.  I must return now.

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