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Sexy Beast

First published:  February 2010
Winner, 2010 Spock/Uhura Awards.
Summary:  In the transporter room of the Mirrorverse, Spock sees something he wants and commits sabotage to get it.
Warning:  This story contains scenes of dubious consensual sex, BDSM, torture, murder, and all-around bad behavior, in addition to explicit sex, language, and adult situations.  You've been warned.


Spock's mind was made up minutes after he realized what happened and no one saw him adjust the energy distributor field on the transporter.  Marlena was staring forlornly at the visiting Captain Kirk and didn’t notice.  It was a quick turn of the knob, tightening the energy allocation from four to three.  The molecular breakup occurred and there was a momentary flux, and then four beings were on the transporter pad.

The real captain, chief engineer and ship’s surgeon were more than happy to find themselves back in the transporter room of the ISS Enterprise.  Kirk’s relief was so great he nearly jumped off the pad.

Spock saluted him, but his eyes were on the woman.  She blinked.  Her dark eyes widened as she realized she had not returned to her universe.  She looked around, gasping.  The captain came down, followed by McCoy and Scotty.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I’m thrilled to see ya, Spock!  Marlena,” he said, taking her by the waist.

“I am pleased to have you back on board, Captain.  Doctor.  Mr. Scott.  I trust that your wayward visit wasn’t too unpleasant.”

“Got thrown in the brig by your beardless twin brother.  Bastard refused to be bought.”

“Vulcans cannot be bribed, Captain. This you well know.”

McCoy and Scotty looked at each other.  “We weren’t there five minutes before that Spock realized that we were on the wrong ship.”

Spock looked at them.  “You should report to sickbay to ensure there are no lasting effects, Captain.  The transporter malfunctioned in the ion storm.  Mr. Scott, you should see to its repair.  I do not think we should risk transporting anyone else.”

“Good idea, Spock.  Except I don’t plan to head to sickbay just yet,” Kirk said, giving Marlena a seductive look.  She looked up at him, her expression unreadable.

“Understandable, Captain.”

Kirk left first with Marlena, followed by Scotty and McCoy.  Uhura was still on the transporter pad, eyes wide with surprise.  She was still looking around.  Then she looked at him.

“I’m still here, Mr. Spock!  I didn’t—I’m still here!  Please, please transport me back to my universe.”

He stared at her, his expression betraying nothing.  “I am unable to do so.  The window has closed, Miss Uhura.  I am sorry.”  He wasn’t sorry a bit.

“Please try!” she said.  “Please! I can’t remain on this vessel!  I want to go home!”

“It is too late,” he said.  “I apologize for your discomfort.” 

She put her face in her hands and he thought he heard her sigh.  After a moment, she straightened up and took a deep breath.  “Send me back, Mr. Spock.  Send me back now.  I don’t belong in this world and your Uhura doesn’t belong in mine.”

“I beg to differ,” he said, coming from behind the transporter desk.  “I think you very much belong here, Lieutenant.”

She stepped off the pad.  “I do not understand, Mr. Spock.”

He stood before her, his hands clasped behind his back and looked down at her.  “It is quite simple, Lieutenant.  I deliberately sabotaged the transporter beam so that you could not leave.”


Spock knew the moment they beamed aboard that something was off.  It was in their expressions.  Hers was quite revealing.

Everything else about her was the same.  Physically, that was.  She possessed a different temperament than her counterpart.  His knowledge was preternatural, but Vulcans weren’t known for their cheery dispositions.

A short while after the away team beamed back on board, Spock reported to the bridge to find that his captain refused to follow orders and destroy the Halkans.  He told him that he had to report his actions and the captain merely told him to do so.  Kirk then told Uhura to have Scotty and McCoy meet him in his quarters and left the bridge.  Chekov followed him.

Spock moved over to his station and leaned against it so that he could observe her.  She had perfect posture and kept her legs crossed under the console.  She appeared to be quiet and demure.  Not like her counterpart.  She was the same stunning beauty, but she was clearly not the vicious, brash Lieutenant Uhura that he was familiar with. 

That Uhura was flirtatious, seductive and used her wiles to get her way.  She knew her power and wielded it mercilessly.  She was a temptress and the catalyst for several fights. Uhura was loyal only to herself, and while she never shirked her duty, she never did anything that did not benefit her.  And even armed with that knowledge, men could not resist her.  In spite having his face sliced open, Security Chief Sulu openly lusted after her.  She teased him mercilessly and he foolishly kept pursuing her. As far as Spock knew, she had never bedded him, but as soon as Sulu came into possession of something Uhura wanted, she would. That was the way she was.  She had not become a bridge lieutenant based on ability alone.  Spock was fully aware that she enticed some wayward, lovelorn crewman to murder her predecessor and then dumped the guy once she got what she wanted.  Spock was one of the few men she had not been able to inveigle.  Outside of their working relationship, Spock stayed away from her.

Uhura was gorgeous and Spock appreciated her looks, but he did not want to align himself with a woman who was a dangerous tease and could not be faithful. He demanded loyalty from those close to him. He didn’t want a woman who would use him to advance herself.  To her credit, Uhura tried to use her wiles on Spock, but he wanted no parts of her.  He could have had Uhura if he wanted to, but he chose not to.  The resultant drama would not be worth it.

With this new Uhura, this delectable, stunning stranger from another universe, that did not seem to be the case.  She got up to leave the bridge on the captain’s orders and he followed her, leaving Sulu at the conn.  Sulu watched them go, his eyes on her.  The security chief’s desire for her was no secret.  Spock was aware that Sulu thought Spock had a claim on her, yet he never took what she was willing to offer him and not Sulu.  Sulu was jealous.

She certainly moved the same way as the other Uhura. She was curvy and voluptuous.  Her hips swayed as she walked, drawing the attention of the bridge security guards.  Spock watched her walk, trailing his eyes over her ass.  She stepped into the turbo lift.  He entered and stood beside her.  She glanced at him and then turned away to look at the controls.

“Sir,” she said, her voice low and respectful.  The other Uhura’s voice was loud and not.

“Lieutenant,” he said, locking his fingers behind his back.  “I trust that you have no negative after-effects from the transporter malfunction.”

“I…have a slight headache, sir, but I’ll…be all right.”

“You are to meet the captain in his quarters?”

“Yes sir.”

“I suggest that when your meeting is concluded, you go to your quarters and rest.”  He wondered what she would do once she saw her suite.

“Yes, sir.”  She turned her back to him, as if to hide herself.  He merely swept his gaze up and down her body.   He was half-human and half-Vulcan, but he was all male. The female uniforms were very seductive, very revealing as per Captain Kirk’s mandate.  Uhura’s uniform fit her like a glove and left little to the imagination. He merely stared, feeling a twitch in his gut.  The other Uhura would have never been this quiet for long; she would have had something spiteful to say about Spock’s lack of interest in her…was he a eunuch? Was he gay? 

This one was blessedly silent.  He knew that she was still getting her bearings, but he had seen enough to know that he desired her.  Spock was not a man who dallied.  He did not wish to complicate his life by maintaining a string of vapid females just to appease his ego.  He was a one-woman man, and that woman had to be special.  He didn’t want just any female; he required a woman who could give him what he needed, physically, mentally and emotionally.  He required someone with fire and spirit, someone he could handle and who could handle him.  He wanted a woman who would be content to be his and only his.  He was not a man to share.

On the ISS Enterprise, it was common practice for women to attach themselves to men.  It was also common practice that women were targets.  Not all, but some. Uhura was a mark, but she knew how to protect herself.  She carried a knife on her thigh, and at least one other Spock knew about, tucked somewhere else on her person, and she never hesitated to use either.  Spock knew about the men she’d sliced, about the women she slashed, about anyone she cut if they interfered with her plans.  He wondered if this Uhura knew how to handle herself because if she were to remain on this ship, she would get challenged.  The old Uhura pissed off more than enough of her colleagues to warrant it.  Her enemies would retaliate, especially if they figured out that she wasn’t their Uhura.

The only women that didn’t get marked were those that were attached to men with authority like himself, the captain, McCoy or Scotty.  They had guards assigned to their women to protect them.  All others were open targets.

This Uhura did not seem fragile.  She did not give off the aura of being weak.  Although she had not demonstrated it, Spock sensed that she was more than capable of taking care of herself.  However, if she aligned herself with him, he could protect her even more.  He had Vulcan operatives scattered all over the ship; she would be safe.  No one would dare touch Uhura if everyone knew she was Spock’s woman.  No one on that ship would willingly choose to fuck with Spock.

He wanted to study her, to see if his hypothesis was correct.  If it was, then there were plans to be made.  Uhura could not be allowed to return to her universe.  She would have to stay here.  With him.


Spock knew from the look on her face that she was in complete disbelief.  Quickly, while she was disoriented, he reached out and took her arm. 

“Come, let me escort you to your quarters.  I am not entirely certain that the transporter is fully operational.  I will have your relief report to the bridge so that you may adjust to the differential.”

Uhura allowed him to take her arm, blinking as if she were in a trance.  This wasn’t happening, this wasn’t possibly taking place.  She could not have been left here alone; it just wasn’t possible!  Scotty had the transporter configured properly; she could not have been stranded on this ship of barbarians!

But she hadn’t been stranded.  Scotty, Kirk and McCoy intended for her to return with them.  The man holding her arm, escorting her to her room, intentionally impaired the transporter.  Uhura was afraid.  She didn’t know what to do, so she let Spock lead her.

They reached her quarters and Spock motioned for her to enter first.  She went into the room and looked around, taking another psychological blow.  These were her quarters, but they weren’t her quarters...

He was speaking. “…until you get your bearings.  You are scheduled for alpha shift tomorrow.”

What?  What was he saying?  Uhura found it hard to concentrate.  She was in a daze.  She turned and looked up at him.  Spock still held her arm.  Uhura glared at the goateed Vulcan.  An infinitesimal corner of her mind thought that he was incredibly attractive with a beard.  Not that it mattered.

“…trust that you have suffered no ill effects.  I should not wish for you to endure further discomfort.”

“Mr. Spock,” she said, taking a deep breath.  “Did you just tell me that you deliberately sabotaged the transporter pad?”

“I did.”

“Why on earth did you do that, Mr. Spock?  What would make you do such a thing? “

Spock stared into her wide brown eyes.  A man could drown in those luminous pools of espresso.  Her skin was the color of rich Vulcan mead and he imagined her tasting as sweet.  Her lips were highlighted in bronze, which enhanced the gold accessories of her uniform and he didn’t need to look any further to know that his decision to keep her was the right one.  But he did.  He couldn’t help it.  He trailed his vision upward over her curves and met her flashing eyes. 

He stared at her.  “I am a man who will do what is necessary to get what I want.”

“Mr. Spock, why are you keeping me here?  I need to know why I’m still on board this ship.”

She shifted her weight from one leg to the other.  Although she was apprehensive, he knew that it was due to her confusion and fear of remaining on board this ship.  But he sensed that beneath the surface, there was a fiery heart.  He liked that.  Spock didn’t want a dull, timid woman in his bed.  He needed a woman whose spirit was as hot as Vulcan.

“I believe I was clear in my explanation, Lieutenant.”

“Excuse me?” 

“I do not stutter.”

Uhura put up a hand and turned away from him.   She walked towards her bedroom door.  “I am going ask you to tell me why again, Mr. Spock.  I do not think I heard you correctly.”

He watched the roll of her hips and the curve of her thighs as she moved away from him.  Already he was aroused.  He had gone far too long without a woman.

“What do you want?” she said.  She folded her arms.

“Please turn around and face me,” he said.

She turned around and he could see the fear in her eyes.  He also saw something else; steel.  She would adjust.

“You asked me what I want and the answer is you.”

“What do you want me for?”

“For the same reasons any man wants a woman.  I disrupted the transporter because I want you to be mine.”
She widened her eyes and parted her lips, taken aback.  “You kidnapped me?”

“I did what I felt was required,” he said.

Uhura closed her eyes, her mind reeling.  “I need a moment,” she said, turning away from him again.

“By all means,” Spock said.  He took that moment to run his eyes up and down her body.  It was illogical to go so long without feminine comfort and he was understandably bereft, so he took pleasure in filling his visual memory banks with the curvy beauty in front of him. Soon, he would have more than just the sight of her to placate him.  Spock wondered how long it would take for her to lower her guard and get used to him.  He was not a man to force a woman against her will, but he wanted this woman fiercely.

She looked at the walls, trying to take it all in.  This wasn’t happening.  This could not be happening.  She was not still on board this ship, this ship of crazy, Roman-saluting barbarians! Captain Kirk would know that she wasn’t where she belonged; he’d know it immediately!  He’d find a way to get her back.  Spock, Scotty and Kirk would figure out a way to get her out of here.  They would come back for her!

She was trapped for now, but she would not be stuck for long.  Whatever she had to do to survive, she would do it.  Even if it meant she had to do harm.  This was not her world.  She did not belong.  She would adapt to protect herself, but she would not accept that she was never going back home.

She pulled herself together and turned around.  He saw the steel in her eyes.  It pleased him.

“Mr. Spock, you’ve admitted to kidnapping me because you want me.  I guess it’s because no woman on this ship wants to be with you.”  The idea of that was ludicrous, but she was too upset to care.  “What makes you think that I would have you?”

He held out his hand. “Kidnapping is merely one of my crimes, Miss Uhura.  It is wise for you to align yourself with an authority figure so that you may be protected.  And I dare say that you will find me preferable to any other male on this ship.”

“Align? You must be joking.”

“I do not joke.”

Neither did the old Spock.  He didn’t understand jokes.  Uhura sighed.  She admitted to having a crush on him.  It was his ears.  She felt that he might have harbored the tiniest bit of feeling for her; he allowed her to get close and sometimes touch him.  He didn’t allow anyone else that privilege.  She used to wonder if anything might ever happen between them, and had it been up to her, it would have.

But this Spock…this bearded Vulcan before her…was as good as telling her that he abducted her so that she could be his concubine.  Her Mr. Spock would have never considered such ruthless behavior.  He was the epitome of grace and professionalism.  This Mr. Spock…what he did to her could not be called the least bit professional.  It was, if anything, piratical.

“You are not being logical, Mr. Spock,” she said, coolly eyeing him.  “Prisoners do not align themselves with their captors.”

“Not that I expect you to suffer the effects of the Helsinki Syndrome, but you are not a captive.  You shall find that you have every freedom on board this starship.” 

He was frustratingly calm.  It drove her nuts.  “Mr. Spock, please send me back home.  Please.”  She tried not to cry, but the tears would come eventually.  She didn’t know how long she’d be able to maintain her false bravado.

“I cannot,” he said.  “Even if I could, Miss Uhura, I do not wish to.”  He stared at her, fire in his eyes, his loins, and his heart.  He wanted her.  Taking her had been a wise decision.  “You are now an officer on board this ship and you have duties to attend to.”  He reached for her arm.

She turned away again. “My duty is on board the USS Enterprise.  Not this vessel of savages.”

“We are not all savages, Lieutenant.  And I am your commanding officer.  You now serve on board this ship.  Your Enterprise is long gone from the Halkan system.  You are to remain here, so please adjust.”

“Adjust??” She clenched her fists.  She was furious.  “So I’m supposed to be your whore?”

“I do not wish to have that kind of relationship with you.  I would like more.”

“You expect me to be your slave?”  The very idea!

“If that is a kind of intimate interaction you wish us to have, I will gladly accommodate you.”  He actually found the idea stimulating.  “However, what I seek is a worthwhile companion, an equal.”

Spock tried to take her arm again; the sooner everyone saw her with him, the sooner they would know she was hands off.  They would know immediately that she wasn’t the old Uhura.

She snatched her arm away.  “Don’t you dare touch me!  You keep your hands to yourself!”  She found the knife on her thigh and whipped it out.  This was the second time today she pulled a blade on a man.  The first had been this vessel’s version of Mr. Sulu.  They were turning her into one of them, and not even twenty-four hours had passed.  “I’m not a violent person by any means, but you’ve given me every reason to stab you right now!”  She jabbed it at him, keeping him at bay.  Fear was her primary motivator, but she was angry too.

Spock put his hands behind his back, delighted.  He was right to keep her.  This Uhura was a firecracker.   Her indignation stimulated him, made him twitch.  He could, if he wanted, easily disarm her and considered doing it just to see if she was as soft and cushiony as she looked.  He did not like slender women; one of his weaknesses had always been a curvy girl.

But he kept his hands to himself.  For now.  “I would prefer that you do not, Miss Uhura.  You are fully aware the officers on board this ship have private security that will retaliate if need be.  You do not wish to incur the wrath of my Vulcan operatives.  They will not be as generous as I am.”

“Generous?”  She took a step back.  “Generous?”

“I have not reprimanded you for your unprofessional conduct.  I allow you your emotional outburst, as I recognize your displeasure at not being able to return to your universe.  However, and you must get used to the facts, you will not be permitted to continue such behavior.  You are an officer on this ship and you will behave accordingly.  You are here because I want you here. I realize this is hard for you to accept, but you must accept it.  Like it or not, you are here to stay.”

She jabbed the knife at him again, wanting to slit his throat.  But she didn’t have the courage; she was not that kind of woman.  However, Uhura thought that she could easily become such.  She had never been as mad as she was right then.  She wanted to claw his face, scratch his eyes out.  Or land a good solid punch.  Or a kick to the balls.  But she was a lady.  She wondered how long she could remain one on board this vessel.

“I was taken against my will!  And I will make you pay for it, you…you…!”

“You will come to understand and accept the logic of my decision.”  Spock was completely turned on.  Uhura’s fury was an aphrodisiac.  He could have her right now…

“You say you kidnapped me because you want me.  I do not understand why, as there was another me stationed on board this ship!  You didn’t have to keep me when you had her.”

“I have not ‘had’ her, as she has been had by several on board this ship.  I have no desire to be with such a woman.  You are so very different from her.  You please me.  You will satisfy me.”  He was convinced of that.

She wanted to hurl herself at him, but merely kept the knife between them.  Her face was hot.  “How dare you…how dare you?”  She had never been so outraged.  No man had ever…

“You will find, Miss Uhura, that I dare anything.  And I expect that you will come to want me as well.”  He looked at her once more.  “I trust that you will sleep comfortably.  I shall see you tomorrow morning.”  And he left.

Outside her quarters, he was met by his personal guard.  One of them was Vulcan, the other human.  Both were as tall as Spock and as steely-eyed.  He addressed them.

“I want a pair of eyes on Lt. Uhura at all times.  Assign Turock as her private sentinel.  Inform him to watch over her but to keep his distance.  I do not wish for her to come to any harm.  If something should happen to her, I will hold you personally responsible.”

“Yes sir,” they said.


She wanted to scream and pound her fists into the wall.  But all she could manage were angry tears.  Uhura stomped into her bedroom and fell on the bed.  She was a prisoner on board this ship.

She did not know how long she lay on the bed, but she slept.  When she woke up, she didn’t know what time it was.  Her eyes hurt from crying and her head just hurt.  She sat up and bent over to remove her boots.  They were leather with four-inch heels.  She was shocked to find that her stockings were thigh-high and she wore a garter belt.  A thought popped into her mind: easy access?  What kind of woman was her counterpart?

She removed them and massaged her feet.  Then she looked around.

The Uhura of this world was clearly different.  The room was painted in bold, dark colors.  There was a semi-nude picture of her on the wall over the dresser, and she was draped seductively across a settee.  Her dresser was littered with jewelry, and there was a Nubian statue that held a chain of colored beads: blue, red and gold.  Starfleet colors.

Uhura removed her jewelry; the large ring on her left hand, the snake bracelet on her upper arm, the gold earrings, the knife on her thigh, the chain around her waist.  She was stunned to discover the navel ring.  So much had happened that day that she hadn’t even realized there was one.  She started to remove it, but her hands shook and she couldn’t handle the stud.

She stood up and looked in the mirror.  This uniform was positively outrageous.  She had never shown as much skin as this outfit revealed.  This could not be official attire.  She felt like a slave girl.  Uhura began removing the uniform and was dismayed to find that she had two exactly like it in each Starfleet color.  And two more pairs of thigh-high boots and high-heeled shoes.  And the regular clothes and shoes were equally seductive and revealing.  She couldn’t wear this stuff!

Uhura opened the drawers.  The first two contained lingerie, all colors, and all styles.  In the third drawer was a long silver box.  She opened it.  It was littered with knives; different lengths, blades and handles.  The fourth drawer contained sleeping clothes.  Something as close to normal as she could find.

Uhura selected some panties and a nightgown and took a shower.  The bathroom counter held a bevy of oils, soaps, perfumes, creams and makeup.  A deep red lace bra and a matching pair of panties hung over the shower door handle.  There were fuzzy bedroom slippers by the door.  The room was fragrant with a sensual, musky scent.

She took a shower, washed her face and got ready for bed.  She didn’t know what time it was nor did she care.  She made sure the door was locked, as she didn’t want anyone coming into this room.  Uhura got in bed and looked at her hands.

She was a very calm, very rational woman, not prone to violence.  But this was not a rational situation.  She had been taken—abducted—by Mr. Spock.  He did it because he wanted her, not the Uhura she replaced.  The way he spoke of her; it was as if this universe’s Uhura was nothing more than a whore.  A quick glance around the room let her know that the woman was overtly sexual, if not quite whorish.  She found it difficult reconciling a Spock—any Spock—of behaving the way this one did.  How in the world would she deal with him, especially since he had been up front about his sabotage and his reasons for doing so?  She had seen his brutal side; the way he tortured poor Mr. Kyle was horrifying.  Would he rape her?  Would he try to? Would she have to fight him off?  Would he be the only one she’d have to fight off?

She already knew the answer to that.  Sulu would undoubtedly come on to her again.  But he had said something interesting: “Spock’s not here…when the cat’s away…”

Did it mean that, in spite of his assertion, her counterpart was having an affair with Spock?  Why would Sulu say such a thing?  Why would he wait for Spock to be absent before hitting on her?

It didn’t matter.  Uhura wasn’t about to let either man get near her.  She recalled the drawer full of knives.  Although the thought was uncomfortable, if she had to fight, she would use them to protect herself.  Tomorrow morning, she would slip one into her boot; tuck one into her waistband and another in her cleavage. If Spock so much as laid a fingernail on her, she would cut it off.  He might want her but he would not have her. 

Uhura pulled the covers over herself and tried to go back to sleep.  What she really wanted was to wake up from this nightmare.

to be continued...

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