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Prototype (2/3)

III:  Adjustment

When I awoke the next morning, I discovered that my wonderful husband had indeed followed through.  He was watching me while I slept.  I opened my eyes to find his lovely ones on me.  He was a beautiful man.

“How do you feel, k’diwa?”


“No headache?”

“No.  Other than my breasts, I feel—”

Spoken too soon.  I got up and fled to the bathroom.  When I was done puking my guts out, he helped me up, gave me water to rinse my mouth, and carried me back to bed.  I had tears in my eyes.

“Nyota, why are you crying?”

“I hate this!  I’ve got to report to duty in an hour and I can’t—”

“No.  I have already completed your schedule change.  You will work beta shift until after the baby is born.  Your mornings are just too volatile for you to be on alpha shift.”
I relaxed into the bed, grateful for this man.

“The captain was quite agreeable to my requests, and he told me to inform you that your position on the bridge is secure.”

“Oh, good.”  I said.  “That worried me.  Why aren’t you on duty?”

“I also told the captain that I was adjusting my schedule by one hour so that I could care for you in the mornings.  Unless I am needed, I will be here when you wake up.  Now, I shall fix you some tea.  I will also make you some broth.”

“I can’t eat anything, Spock.  My stomach is unstable.”

“Nevertheless, you must have something.  The tea and the broth will settle your stomach.”

As he went about his preparations, I went over to my vanity and sat down.  My hair was a limp, tangled mess.  I tried brushing it and got frustrated again.  When he brought me my tea, he saw me fighting with my hair.  I wanted to cry.  It felt like everything made me want to cry.

“I’m cutting my hair,” I said.  He raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t care what you say, Spock.  I’m cutting my hair.  I can’t fight with it every morning.  How am I going to take the time to flatiron all my hair when the baby comes?”

“Come back to bed, Nyota.  Let us deal with one thing at a time.”

I meekly followed him back to bed.  He gave me the tea.  I sipped it.  My stomach stopped rolling.  I finished the tea and lay back in bed.  He took my hand and caressed my fingers.  “You should deal with your hair later.  You have the next eight hours to get yourself together.  You always feel better in the afternoons.”

I nodded.  I couldn’t argue with a man who knew me inside and out.  “Okay.”

“I will stay with you until you go back to sleep.”  He had not yet dressed for the day and got back in bed with me.  He spooned behind me and slid one hand around to cup one of my throbbing breasts.  He moved his fingers gently over the nipple, which felt like it was ten inches long.  I winced, but I didn’t want him to stop.

“Am I hurting you?”

“No,” I said.  Quite the opposite.  I turned over on my back and looked at him.  He continued to stroke my breast.  “I don’t get this at all, Spock.  My hormones are out of control.  Look at me, I’m getting horny.  How is that possible when I was sick ten minutes ago and screaming at my hair five minutes ago?  Is there anything Dr. McCoy can give me to get my emotions and hormones to settle down?”

“He will not give you any more hypo treatments unrelated to your prenatal care, Nyota.  He will not risk the child.  I fear that we will have to adjust to your hormonal fluctuations.  In regards to your state of arousal, which is intoxicating, there is something I can do about it and I will gladly do it.”

He took one of my tender nipples into his mouth.  The sensation was indescribable.  I couldn’t keep my pleasure inside and he didn’t want me to.  Spock’s treatment of my condition was better than anything McCoy could have prescribed.  When I finally let him go, he had fifteen minutes to get dressed and report to the bridge.

Everything after that was easier to deal with, except for morning sickness, which had me on my knees every day.  My hormones still fluctuated and little things frustrated me, but I could handle it.  My hair became too much to maintain and I cut it to my shoulders.  My husband was not pleased with my action and he let me know it when he touched me.  I knew Spock was quite fond of my hair; he told me once that it was as much as an organ of pleasure as my hands or my mouth.  It’ll grow back.  He understood why I did it.

I maintained my duty on beta shift and the only thing that bothered me during that time was the fact that Spock worked alpha shift, so we could only spend quality time at night.  He was waiting for me when I came in from the bridge and we had a late dinner.  He would run a bath for me or we would take a shower together.  Then we went to bed.  I tried to make sure I did not go to sleep until it was time for him to leave.  I didn’t always succeed.  As the baby grew, so did my fatigue.  I slept as much as I could.  He took care of me, the way a good man is supposed to.

When I first began to show, it was amusing to see my fellow officers falling all over themselves to assist me in any way they could.  Spock always helped me in and out of my chair.  If he wasn’t available, either the captain, Sulu or Chekov would do it.  Chekov always blushed whenever he helped me.  Captain Kirk didn’t even try to hide his approval of my rotund appearance and he openly commented on it in front of my husband.  I wondered if he complimented me because it annoyed Spock.  I wasn’t bothered by it, as Kirk meant about as much to me as a junebug in July.  Outside of his position as my captain, that was.

“You’re really, really hot pregnant, Lieutenant,” he said.  Spock was nearby and I saw the barest flicker of irritation cross his face.  “If you weren’t a married woman, I’d—” He was smiling.  I knew he was doing it to irritate my husband.

I held up my hand.  “Captain, if you don’t mind, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t try to antagonize the commander.”

Spock said, “Captain, I would like to bring your attention to a matter of sincere importance.”

I hoped that the matter wasn’t a nerve pinch.  Spock did not like it when the captain was overly helpful or appreciative of me.  He never showed it and he didn’t have to tell me, but I knew it.  He had nothing to worry about, because even though Kirk was a brilliant commanding officer, he appealed to me about as much as a case of Andorian shingles and I found his attention nothing more than cute.

Crew members, especially females, complemented me on my hair and skin.  The wife of a crew member, who was also pregnant, became a good companion during those times when Spock and I were apart because of duty.  It was because of her that I fully embraced the notion of motherhood, and it gave me a lot to think about.  There were some major considerations and sacrifices.

As promised, my husband stroked and kissed my belly every single night.  I found it interesting that we were intimate more often.  We have always had a healthy sex life, but things curtailed right before the Enterprise left space dock, as our schedules did not mesh and we did not see each other as much as we wanted.  But it seemed that once I got pregnant, that changed.  Spock’s desire for me did not diminish as I got bigger and rounder.  In fact, it felt as if he wanted me more than ever, and our coupling increased in frequency and intensity.  My hormones were off the charts, and as long as I felt up to it, he was up for it.  My belly did not get in the way, as he was quite creative in finding positions that were not only comfortable but also pleasurable.  It made me love him that much more and I’m sure my happiness showed.
*        *        *
One night, we’d just finished making love and he lay spooned behind me, one hand on my belly as usual.  The baby and I were feeling good.



“How are you feeling?”

I smiled.  “Fantastic.  Up for more, if you’re asking.”  Spock had turned me into a slut.

“I have a query.”

“Anything, adun.”

“Have you given much thought as to how we shall raise our child?”

I sighed, covering his hand with mine.  I thought about it a lot.  “I have.”

“What do you wish to do?”

“What do you mean?”

“What have you decided?”

“Well, nothing.  It is a decision we should make, Spock.”

“I would like it if we could raise our child on New Vulcan.”

I closed my eyes, then lifted his hand and kissed his fingers.  I knew he wanted that, even though he never said it.  For him to mention it now let me know how important it was to him to ensure the survival of the Vulcan race.

K’diwa, are you opposed to the concept?”

“Of course not,” I said.  I wasn’t.  I just wasn’t sure if I wanted to leave Starfleet.  Wasn’t it possible to have a career and a family on a starship?  I did not know.

“You do not want to give up your career.”

“I don’t want you to think me selfish, Spock.  I will do whatever is best for my family.”

“I do not think you are self-centered, Nyota.  I know what your career means to you.”

“I know what it would mean to you for us to raise our child in the Vulcan tradition.”

“I would also embrace your human traditions.  I will do what you want, Nyota.  I will do what I must to ensure your continued satisfaction with me.  I do not want you to leave me.”

“Do you really think I would?  Who would I leave you for?”

He didn’t respond, but kissed the side of my neck and linked fingers with me.

“Spock, we have time to decide what we shall do.  Let’s not deal with it right now.”

“The child will be here in three months, k’diwa, if all goes as expected.”

“So we’ll talk about it in two months.”

“Nyota, we should—”

I turned in the bed, pushing myself up so that my back rested against the headboard.  The sheet fell down, revealing my six-month bump.  He merely propped his head up on one arm and stared at my breasts, running his hand over my belly.

“We’ll discuss it in two months, Spock.  Maybe by then I’ll have a more definite opinion of what I want for our baby.  The options are limited: a future on Vulcan or on board this starship.  Could we provide a good life for our little one if we continue to serve aboard the Enterprise?  I don’t know.  In two months, we can decide.  All right?”

Spock leaned over and caught my nipple in his teeth.  He knew how to do it in a way that didn’t hurt, but was still very erotic.  His eyes were closed and he moved over to take the entire areola in his mouth.  Almost immediately, I was wet, but I wanted him to answer me.  “Oh…oh…Spock…all right…?”  I closed my eyes and cradled his head.  He growled and sucked harder.  I moaned and knotted my fingers in his hair.  He knew how to turn me into goo in seconds.  His other hand found my other breast and pretty soon I could think of nothing except how much I wanted him.  My desire was incessant, insane.  I did not understand how I could be so horny so often.  I didn’t understand why my Vulcan husband found me so irresistible while I was pregnant.  I kept meaning to ask him, but I never thought about it until… “Spock…!”

“I need your essence, k’diwa, I need to have you in my mouth…the taste of you right now is indescribable…I must have it…”

He lifted my leg and I found myself with it over his head as he burrowed it between my thighs.  He caressed my thigh as he took his pleasure.  His need was so insistent, so desperate, that our current position was not enough to sate him.  My belly just got in the way.

“Come up on your knees, ashayam. Get on your knees for me.”

I could never deny him, not when he was like that.  Soon, I was contorted in pleasure, nearly screaming in my lust.  I wanted to touch him, but my bump was blocking and I couldn’t reach.  It didn’t matter; my climax was a tidal wave and for my husband, it still wasn’t enough.  He wanted me to ride him.  I knew he could bear my weight.  Feeling him inside me like that was so erotic, so stimulating.  He twined my fingers with his own and I rode him.  As always when we made love, I experienced everything that he felt, and as intensely as he felt it.  He met me, came with me and trembled with me in the aftermath.  After some time, I could speak.

“I hope you weren’t trying to distract me, Spock.”  It was a pleasant diversion, however.

“I assure you that I was not.  I heard what you said and I agree with your decision.  We shall discuss it in two months.”

“You’re insatiable,” I said.  “It’s like you can’t stay away from me.  Not that I’m complaining, but since I got pregnant, you have been…”

“Ah,” he said, curling against my back.  I once again lay on my side.  “Your pregnancy makes you more tempting to me than ever before.  You are sweeter, you are softer, you are more sensitive and you are radiant.  The curve of your belly is an aphrodisiac.  It stimulates me to see you naked while you carry my child.”

“I don’t know why,” I said.  “I look like a beached whale and most of the time I feel like one.”

“That is an illogical and inaccurate statement, k’diwa.  You look like a human female who is twenty-four weeks and three days into her pregnancy.  I find you pleasurable in such a state.  I will not apologize for my desire for you.”

“I didn’t ask you to.  It’s just that human males tend to be the opposite.”  My friend complained that her husband was scared to touch her while she was pregnant.

“Would you like for me to curtail my attention?”

“I would leave you if you did.  But, will you want me the same way when I’m not pregnant?”

His hand slid around to my belly.  “Of course.  Your biochemistry will never be the same as it was, ashayam.  But it matters not because I want no other but you.  Just you.  Only you, adun’a.

That was enough for me.
*        *        *
Spock was with me for all my prenatal visits.  During my twenty-eighth week checkup, Dr. McCoy was very pleased to report that all was well with my pregnancy and informed us that I carried twins.  I was surprised.  One baby was one thing.  Two babies were something altogether different.  What in the world was I going to do with twins?

“Twins, Doctor?”  I could only stare at him.  Spock had a hand on my arm and I felt the slightest twitch.

“Two healthy babies.  A boy and a girl.  Excellent work, Commander.”

Spock raised an eyebrow when he said that.  “I am sorry, Doctor, but to what work are you referring?”

Dr. McCoy motioned over my belly.  “This.  You sired two children.  Good job, hobgoblin.”

“Don’t call him that,” I said.

McCoy looked at me.  “Hob. Gob. Lin.”  His eyes were smiling. 

We went back to our suite.  I was leaning on my husband.  I encouraged him to walk faster because I needed to relieve myself again.  Once back in our quarters, I put on a nightgown because it was much more comfortable than my maternity uniforms.  Someone really needed to upgrade Starfleet fashions.  I lay on our bed, closing my eyes.  Spock lay beside me.  He lifted my gown, caressed and kissed my belly while murmuring words in Vulcan.  I was treated to his feelings of contentment, excitement, and happiness at officially learning that we were having two children.  The smile on my face was for both of us.  He lay with me for a little while, got up to prepare my meal, and then kissed me before he returned to the bridge.

When he returned to our suite some hours later, the captain was with him.  I was reclining in the sitting room, wrapped in a blanket, eating fruit, crackers and cheese.  My husband kept plenty of goodies for me to eat, which I seemed to do all the time now.  The captain sat in a chair beside me and stared at me.

“How are you feeling, Lieutenant Uhura?”

“I’m feeling fine now.  As much as can be expected anyway.”

“Do you know that you’re gorgeous?  Motherhood really becomes you.”  He smiled at me.  I couldn’t help but smile back.  I was about to respond, but Spock beat me to it.
“I inform my wife of such on a regular basis, Captain.  There is no need for you to do so.”

“Mr. Spock, I will remind Lieutenant Uhura of her beauty as I see fit.”  The tone was light; I knew that the captain did not want to incur the wrath of my husband.  I hoped he didn’t, anyway.  Kirk was unpredictable.

“So, how’s the baby?”

“Oh, fine, sir.  Just fine.  In fact, we discovered that I’m carrying twins.”

Captain Kirk was flabbergasted, but recovered quickly.  “Name both kids after me.”  Before leaving, he slapped Spock on the arm.  “I totally underestimated you, Commander.  Totally.”
*        *        *
I loved my career.  I loved my job as an officer aboard the Enterprise.  I loved everything about it.  I knew my husband took pleasure in his duties as the commander and the science officer.  The Enterprise was a magnificent vessel, spectacular in every way.

Spock had planned to leave Starfleet to help rebuild Vulcan, but changed his mind on an act of faith.  He consulted with his older self once more to seek some sage advice about the same thing.  This time Spock Prime’s answer was completely different.  There were children involved.  We had already informed Sarek of our decision, and he was pleased in the way a Vulcan would be.

We were going to miss Starfleet.  Three weeks before our babies were due, he sat in mediation.  I made T-charts of the pros and cons of remaining in Starfleet versus the pros and cons of moving our family to New Vulcan.  We came together to compare our data and found that we were on the same wavelength (which we always were, so it was no surprise).  We decided to remain in Starfleet for six months after the birth of our children and then relocate to New Vulcan.  It was the logical decision.  Had it been Earth that was destroyed, I would have wanted to rear my kids in a place where Earth traditions continued.  It was a hard decision for me, but it was one I had to make.  I loved my husband and I would follow him and make a life with him anywhere he wanted to go.  I knew that he felt the same way about me. 

Captain Kirk was disappointed when we told him.  But he understood completely.

“I don’t know who is worthy of replacing you, Lieutenant.” he said.  “And how am I supposed to run this ship without you, Spock?”

“You will manage, Captain.  I have already compiled a list of competent xenolinguists, though none have the exceptional ability as my wife.  But they will be sufficient to your standards.”

“My standards are high,” he said, looking at me with a tinge of sadness and want in his blue eyes.  “But I understand.  You have to do what you have to do.”

Spock moved to stand between me and the wandering eyes of our captain.  “I have also provided a list of capable science officers.  I dare say you will have to seek Admiral Pike’s advice on a suitable commanding officer.” 

“But you’re going to remain on board for six months? Right, Commander?”

“That is our intention, yes.”

“Then I’ve got six months to convince you to stay,” Kirk said.

“Captain, I apologize, but our decision is made—”

“It can be changed.  I understand what you want to do, Spock.  If I can figure out an acceptable alternative, would you and Uhura consider it?  I really do not want to replace you two.”  He moved to where he could see me. 

Spock started to speak, but I grabbed his hand.  He closed his mouth and looked at me.

“Maybe, Captain.  We won’t promise anything.  We have to do what’s best for our children, you understand.”  I said.

Kirk nodded.   “Fair enough.”  He looked at me again in that same way.  Spock got between us once more.

“Captain, if you will excuse us?  It is time for my wife to rest.”

Kirk nodded again.  “Go on.”

Spock and I left the captain’s quarters.  Spock had an arm around me, supporting me as I waddled.

“I really do not like it when he looks at you that way, Nyota.”

“He can’t help it, Spock.  I mean, I am gorgeous,” I teased.  I didn’t feel that way, not now.  “Besides, you’ve always known that he has a crush on me, and you also know that I chose you.”

“I am aware, k’diwa.  However, I cannot help my displeasure at his besotted stares.”

I smiled.  My husband was jealous.  I never thought he was capable of such an emotion.  

“Don’t worry about it.  It’s meaningless.  I mean, he’s not going to do anything but irritate you and you’re letting him.  You know how he is.  You’re not bothered when Scotty or Sulu looks at me.”

“That is different, Nyota.  They do not openly lust after you.”

He moved his hand up to massage my neck.  I closed my eyes.  “Would you like for me to tell him to back off?”

“No, there is no need for you to do so.  I will handle it when the time comes.”

“Spock, please don’t beat him up again.  I don’t want you thrown in the brig or court-martialed.”

He didn’t say anything, but I felt his response.  Captain Kirk would do well to back off if his objective was to annoy Spock. Maybe it was best that we move on to New Vulcan to avoid a possible confrontation.
*        *        *
A few days later, I was in excruciating labor.  The babies decided to come early.  Spock was with me, as he wanted to view the process of childbirth.  I would have been amused had I not been in such pain.  I started screaming for an epidural, but my husband wouldn’t hear of it. I screamed epithets at him in Vulcan, Romulan, Klingon and English.  He sat beside me, took my hand and pressed my forehead to his.  I stopped screaming, until Dr. McCoy ordered me to push again.

Spock supported my back and caressed my neck and shoulders as I strained to bear his children.  I felt his strength and drew my own from it.  But it was not easy giving birth to a Vulcan’s child.

K’diwa, k’diwa,” he said, sending his calm to me.  It worked in short spurts until I had to push.  Then Dr. McCoy hissed at Spock.

“Get out of the way, you pointy-eared bastard!  She needs to push!  You want these babies, don’t you?  Then stop hypnotizing her!”

“That is out of the question, Doctor.  I will not remove myself.”

“You wanna comfort her? Then hold her hand, hobgoblin!”

“Don’t…call…him…a…hob…gob…lin!” I panted.  “Stop…calling…him…THAT!”

“If it gets you to expel these babies, Mrs. Hobgoblin, then I have a list of names ready and you won’t like those either.”

I screamed at Dr. McCoy and I think one of the babies emerged.  It turned out to be our son.  After ensuring that he was breathing, Nurse Chapel wrapped him in a blanket and handed him to Spock.  I was sweating and breathing like a steam engine, but I had to see my little boy.  Spock lowered him to my line of sight.  He was covered in goo, but he was so beautiful.  He had his father’s ears.

“Okay, one more time, Lieutenant,” Dr. McCoy said.  Nurse Chapel took our son from Spock, who I’m almost sure was ready to protest, but took my hand instead.

“Come on, Mrs. Pointy Ears, come on.  One more time.”

“God, stop…with… the… names…Dr. McCoy!”

“Then push.  Push.  Come on, the head’s crowning.  Push!”

“Spock,” I breathed.  “I can’t…”

“You can, Nyota.” He stroked my hand.  “Squeeze my hand, ashayam.  You have given me my son.  Please give me my daughter.”

I gripped his hand, digging my nails in his skin.  He did not even flinch.  I squeezed my eyes shut, took a deep breath and shoved with all my might.  Some moments later, our daughter came into the world.  I collapsed on the bed.  Then I heard his voice.

 “Ashayam, look.  See our vaksurik ko-fu.”

I opened my eyes long enough to see my daughter.  She, too, had her father’s ears.  Then I passed out.

The twins were put in the nursery until they reached sufficient weight.  I nursed them on a regular schedule and there is no accurate phrase to describe the joy I felt when I held my babies for the first time.  Spock, covered in a yellow smock with a cap on his head, did little more than raise a curious eyebrow when he held them.  I knew that he was overjoyed because I felt it.  I was flooded with his emotions to the point where I had tears and he wasn’t touching me.  I wondered if our link was further strengthened by the birth of our children.  It felt like it.

Dr. McCoy, ever the killjoy, checked in frequently.  “So, how are the little hobgoblins?”  I knew he was teasing, but I wasn’t hearing it.

“You can call me any name you want, Dr. McCoy.  You can even think about calling my husband that.  Don’t.  And don’t you ever again refer to my children as hobgoblins.  My babies are perfect.  I will find a way to slip you a poisonous hypo if you ever do it again.”  I was completely serious and the doctor knew it.

“Nyota, that is completely illogical.  Dr. McCoy is an exceptional physician.”

“Is that a thank you?” McCoy sneered.

“Logical or not, Spock, I will not have Dr. McCoy insulting you or my children.  I mean it.”

“All right, Mrs. Hobgoblin,” McCoy said.  “You win.”
*        *        *
We were able to bring our babies back to our suite after two weeks.  While I was in sickbay, my wonderful adun arranged to have a corner of our bedroom turned into a nursery.  I don’t know when or how he accomplished it, or who helped him, because everything was a beautiful pale yellow.  Spock was not a yellow personality.  I didn’t care.  I was happy to be home with my children.

Captain Kirk came by not two hours after I got settled.  I heard Spock telling him that the timing was inopportune, but that didn’t stop him. 

“I haven’t had the chance to see them yet, Spock.  I won’t stay long.”

Spock must have agreed to let him in, because Kirk walked in quietly.  I was sitting in my rocking chair, nursing my daughter.  Kirk gazed at me.  Then he looked at the baby.

“God, you’re so beautiful, Nyota.”

“The children are who you should compliment, Captain.”

“Spock, I can say what I want to say.  The baby is beautiful too.  What’s her name?”

“Nzinga,” I said.

He got up to look in the crib, where my son was sleeping.  “And this is little Jim?  Ah, a handsome boy, just like his namesake.”

“His name is Syran, Captain,” Spock said.  I heard the tone of his voice and shook my head.  The nerve pinch might be imminent.

“I thought we agreed to name the baby after me, Commander?”  Kirk’s tone was teasing, but my husband wasn’t hearing any of it.

“I am going to request that you leave us, Captain.  My wife is tired.  Nursing takes a lot out of her and it is time for her to r—”

“I just got here, Spock.  Can I at least look at the kids?”

I do not know what Captain Kirk saw in my husband’s face.  Probably a nerve pinch or the Vulcan claw.  But he grinned, held up his hands and walked towards the door.  

“Okay, Spock, okay.  When is a better time to visit?”

“I must insist that you give her time to recuperate.  Six weeks from now should be enough.” 

“Six weeks?”

“The children will be old enough to receive visitors at that time.  They are premature, Captain.”

Kirk held up his hands again, as if surrendering.  “Bye, Nyota.  Give the kids a kiss for me.” 

Spock walked him out.  When he returned, I smiled at him.  “You should not let him worry you, Spock.  He doesn’t bother me.”

Spock looked at me.  “I find his comments to you and about you inappropriate at times.”

I ran a finger over Nzinga’s hair.  “He means no harm, Spock. But if it bothers you so much, then what are we going to do?  He’s the captain.  I’m sure he’ll respect your wishes, but he won’t stay away forever.  People are going to want to see the twins.”

“I will suffer the consequences of any action I take.  I do not approve of his admiration of you.”

“You can’t stop him from it, Spock.  Now that he knows it bothers you, he’ll just keep on doing it.  The baby is asleep.  Would you take her?”

The sight of him holding our newborn daughter was enough to give me chills.  He rubbed her back and gently laid her in the crib with Syran.  He stared down at our babies and my heart went out to him.  I know he was thinking of his mother. 

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