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Folie a Trois (8/15)

Sexy Little Things

Uhura sat in her quarters, in her chair, sniffing roses.  For the past couple of weeks, a half-dozen roses were delivered regularly to her quarters by an eager, enthusiastic Starfleet peon.  There was never a note.  Uhura first thought that they might have been from the captain, but then she had to think about it.  The roses could have easily been from the commander.  Yes, Kirk might have believed that she, like a lot of women, was flattered by receiving flowers, and therefore sent them to her.  However, it was equally likely that Spock, true scientist he was, actually researched the concept of human courtship and decided roses were a definite course of action.

Even though she did love roses (and each time, they were a different color), mere flowers weren’t even remotely close to capturing her interest or her heart.  Well, maybe her interest.  She definitely was.  She couldn’t even look at her candy without thinking of Kirk or her front door without thinking of Spock.  Needless to say, she’d been thinking about them all the time, even during shifts on the bridge.  She found herself sometimes gazing at Spock’s lips or Kirk’s lips during lulls on bridge duty, remembering how they felt against hers.  The very idea of kissing either man made her prickly and perky.  They kissed in entirely different ways and Uhura had to admit that she liked both techniques. 

For the most part, the old tension between the captain and herself all but disappeared and a new one resurfaced.  Uhura acknowledged that she missed the bickering. She didn’t realize it until they weren’t doing it anymore.  In its own way, their spats were a sexy little thing, a turn-on.  She thought she might mention it to Kirk that they should resume their verbal foreplay.  If such a thing were possible, knowing the truth behind their mutual attraction.  It was probably a bad idea.

Spock had never been anything but professional; however, she realized that he allowed her certain freedoms that were not available to others.  Favoritism, maybe, but it did not appear that the other crew members noticed.

Then she realized that Irish was right; the entire situation had a funny side.  It was almost like high school; the geek and the jock competing for the cheerleader.  It made her blush because it was a heady feeling, knowing that she was the center of attention between them.  

Uhura wondered if each man knew about the other.  If not, then that could have consequences she could deal with.  Ignorance could be bliss.  If so, she didn’t think she would be able to handle or control it.  Kirk and Spock got along fine now, but their working history was brief enough for Uhura to remember the fight on the bridge and how Spock had almost killed Kirk.  Would she be a catalyst for another violent confrontation?  Kirk put his heart right on the table for her to do whatever she wanted to with it.  Spock, of course, was not so obvious, but the few times he had allowed himself to touch her were quite revealing. It was like electricity flowing through her, illuminating his emotions and intentions towards her.  She was heated from her core after he touched her.  He didn’t do it often, but when he did

She wondered how it would feel to have his hands all over her.  She wondered what sexy little things lay beneath his rational and staid surface.  How would it feel to lie next to him and have those fingers gliding over her skin?  It was a completely inappropriate thought.  Right or wrong, Uhura decided that she wanted to find out.  She could hear Irish in her mind: ‘Why the hell not?’

Her attraction to Kirk was just as powerful.  In the hallways, sometimes they would pass one another and he would spare her a quick glance, but it was full of so much desire that she would miss a breath.  It would be all she could do to cool down before she made it to her destination.  Her captain had a way of saying a lot without speaking.  In the turbolift, he would stand next to her so that he could place his hand on the small of her back and stroke it, out of sight of the others.  She liked it when he did that.  He would casually lean over her to sniff her fragrance.  He would caress her finger or tuck a loose strand of hair behind her ear and massage the lobe.  She really liked it when he did that.  One time, he actually took her hand and thumbed her palm, which was erotic as hell.  He secretly did this while carrying on a conversation with Scotty.  When Uhura left the turbolift after them, she felt like her head was going to pop off, she was so horny.  Kirk did lots of sexy little things; things that spoke volumes.  Never in a million years would she have guessed that her captain was capable of such sensual behavior. She had the feeling, however, that she was the only recipient.

So it was with the advice of her girlfriends that she decided to do what she would do, as long as she was fair.  Uhura decided that it was safe to assume that Kirk and Spock were aware of each other; that would make it easier for her to deal with either of them.  She wanted to be fair.  But she also knew she had to be careful in her dealings with them.  She had to establish some ground rules.

‘Try not to kiss or to touch.’

Yeah, right.  That would probably last all of two minutes.  She liked kissing them and she liked it when they touched her.  Uhura sighed because she wanted more physical contact.  She required more.  It had been a very long time since she’d had any, so what was wrong with wanting more?  Especiallyfrom two hot men.

‘Aren’t you supposed to be courted right now?  How did you skip over being wooed and go straight to sex?’

That was sad, but it was true.  Uhura was hot, she was horny, and truth be told, she was ready.  It had been a very long time since she felt that way about any man, much less two, and being around them for any period of time could have her marinating in minutes.  She should have never stopped having casual sex; maybe it wouldn’t be so easy for her to get so hot so fast.  She hoped that she could retain her senses and her cool. 

‘Who are you kidding?  Really?’

That wasn’t likely to happen.  All she could hope was that either man was stronger than she was.

*        *        *

Fortunately, the Enterprise ran into a crisis.  Everyone was distracted in efforts to handle the situation.  Captain Kirk was furious over the events themselves, a crew member was killed for failure to follow instructions, and the citizens of the planet they visited caused a lot of problems.  Things were crazy on board the ship.  So it was another three weeks before anything else happened.  And it was brought on merely because she followed Gaila and Irish’s advice.

After working two straight shifts on the bridge and another two in the communications lab, she had the following day off.  She went to the observation deck and turned on the lights to thirty percent.  Uhura was exhausted, but she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if she didn’t relax.  She had not been to the obs deck to dance in over four days, a result of the crisis fallout.  The Enterprise completed the mission and left the system, headed for the Neutral Zone.  Kirk gave his officers some needed time off.  Uhura intended to spend every hour she had in some form of relaxation before returning to duty.

She removed her sweats and finger combed her hair.  The music for her dance was already programmed into a private playlist under her authorization code.

“Computer, play playlist three.  Authorization code Uhura: Delta-Kappa-Theta 036.”

Her music began.  She shook her limbs and began to stretch.  She moaned softly; her muscles were stiff from sitting at her console for so long.  She wished there were bathtubs on board the Enterprise.  A hot soak would be wonderful after her exercise.  She wondered if Kirk had a bathtub, captain privileges and all that.  Something to ponder.

After a good fifteen minutes, she scanned the rear of the observation deck.  Was Spock standing there?  She had to wonder if Kirk was standing somewhere in the darkness as well.  He had never mentioned that he watched her dance, and she forgot to ask him about it.  But she knew that Spock was standing somewhere over there.  Where would he stand?  Logically?

Thinking that way, she turned in the direction where she thought he would be.  ‘Okay, Irish…let’s see if this works…’

*        *        *

Spock stood in his corner, his eyes on her.  She had not danced in ninety-six hours, forty-five minutes and thirty-nine point two seconds.  It was quite frustrating, as this sequence was a form of his meditation ritual. 

She turned in his direction and began to move.  It took Spock six point five seconds to realize that her dance tonight was for him.  Fascinating…

In the middle of a slow twirl, she noticed that she could make out the side of his head and shoulder.  The starlight provided enough illumination for that.  He was out of the corner.  Irish had been right.  She kept moving and then turned towards him, reaching out one hand.  She beckoned to him.

Spock watched her fingers.  She was inviting him over.  He had already ventured out of his corner once he understood that she was performing for him.  He was unsure of how to proceed, but couldn’t stop himself from walking towards her.  She was an intoxicating siren.  He wondered if she had actually set some boundaries to her dual courtship.

Uhura finished her routine and smiled in his direction.  She then ordered the computer to cease the playlist and went about stretching.  Absently, she reached up to rub her neck.  Even after her workout, she still had some tension.  She was going to be sore.  She massaged the back of her neck, sighing.

Then she felt fingers on her nape.

“May I?” he inquired.

“Please,” she said, utterly surprised.  She didn’t think he would come out of the darkness.

Spock brushed her hair over her shoulder and began rubbing her neck.  She sighed deeply.  “Mmmn, that feels so good.  I’m still tense.”
“That happens when you spend forty-eight hours and thirty minutes on the bridge and thirty-six hours and forty-five minutes in the communications lab, Lieutenant.  You have not had proper rest.”

“It’s my duty, sir.  And neither have you.”

“Vulcan physiology is more resilient than human physiology.  And I hardly feel that it is logical for you to be so formal in this setting, Lt. Uhura.”

“Then I guess the same goes for you, Commander.”

He did not respond, but gently increased the pressure on her neck.  She went silent; her breathing even and calm.  Spock inhaled her scent; it was tinged with honeysuckle and her natural fragrances from perspiring.  He thought it was exhilarating.

He turned towards the partition and recognized the silhouette of the captain.   Kirk did not move from where he stood, but it was obvious that he was staring at the pair of them.  Spock stared back at his commanding officer, his face impassive as he stroked Uhura’s neck.

“Sir,” she breathed.  “I should go back to my quarters now.”

“You are still quite tense, Lieutenant.  I do not wish for you to suffer such discomfort.  I am willing to rid you of your tension.” 

Uhura moaned.  Did he know what he just said?  Did he not understand that she suffered from more than one kind of tension?  But his hands felt so good.

“If you are uncomfortable with my suggestion, I would remind you that I am well-versed in human skeletal and muscular systems.”

She sighed.  “I hope so,” she murmured.

“I’m sorry.  I did not hear what you said.  Please repeat yourself.”

“Nothing,” she said.  “I’m just…tired.”  Was this Spock’s way of hitting on her?  Then she remembered Gaila’s words.


She knew that Spock wouldn’t do anything other than what he said.  He wouldn’t do anything inappropriate.  Kirk was another matter altogether.  Uhura knew it would have been dangerous for him to be in Spock’s position.  Kirk would have suggested the same thing, but he would not have been referring to her muscular tension.  Dangerous indeed because she probably would have agreed to it.

“Is this your idea of a spontaneous date?” she teased.

“You may interpret it as you wish.  I merely want to spend time with you, Nyota.”

“That works for me.”  She put her sweats back on and Spock followed her to her quarters after turning to look back at the captain.

Uhura asked him to wait while she took a quick shower.  He stood by her bedroom door in his usual stance, taking in her quarters, memorizing the details. There were rose petals everywhere.  When she came back out, she stared up at him.  He gazed down at her.  “I suggest that you recline on your stomach, which you should interpret as to lie face down on your bed.”

“I understand you perfectly, sir.”

“I am aware.”

“Are you?” she asked.  “Are you going to be fresh with me?” she teased.  She knew he wouldn’t but she wished he would.

He raised an eyebrow.  “Please clarify the nature of your use of the word ‘fresh.’ I am not sure I understand what you mean.”

She smiled at him.  “Never mind.  I’ll go lay down on my bed.”

He waited for her to call him.  When she did, he found her face down on the bed, her back and shoulders bare.  He inhaled sharply.



“I’m ready.”

“I am aware of that.”  He stood in the doorway for a moment, hesitant to move closer.  He was warm all over.

“I don’t bite,” she said.

“I am aware,” he said.  He was aware of everything at this point.  Spock rubbed his hands together and went over to sit by her.

“Please relax, Nyota.  I will begin.”

He gathered her hair and moved it to one side.  “If I apply too much pressure, please tell me so.”

“I will.”

Uhura groaned as he moved his fingers across her shoulder blades.  Whenever he put his hands on her, it was electric.  She sighed.  So this was how it felt to have Spock’s hands all over her…fantastic!  A real sexy thing.
Spock closed his eyes.  He was touching her the way he wanted and he had his answer: she felt like warm silk.  His hands moved down to the middle of her back.  Her back was grace personified.  He knew that his telepathic abilities were conveying all of the information she needed to know.  That he found her immensely satisfying, that he thought she was spectacular and supremely intelligent.  That she was his intellectual equal, that a bond between them was logical and plausible.  That he wanted her in ways he would never be able to say aloud.  That he wanted to please her, that he could please her if she would let him.  Would she let him? That his heart was hers if she so desired and that he hoped she would. 

He wanted to kiss her spine.  Her muscles rippled under his fingers.  He could not suppress the sigh that escaped him.

Oh my….” she murmured into her pillow.  “Oh god…” She was receiving, all right.  Uhura buried her face in the pillow.  Spock was letting her know, if she didn’t already, that his desire for her was as magnetic and as intoxicating as Kirk’s.  She had been aware of it before, but this was broadcasting it from the mainmast.


“Please call me Spock, Nyota.  At this point, I do believe it is logical for you to do so.”

“Spock…this feels so good.  I should thank you before I fall asleep.”

“You are most welcome.”

He moved his hands back up.  He wanted to run his fingers through her hair.  When he gently grasped her scalp and began to massage, she could not stifle her moan.

“I take it that you find this pleasant?”

“You have no idea…you could make a lot of money with a side hustle as the ship’s masseur, sir.”

“Side hustle?  Please clarify.”

“A part-time job.”  She smiled into the pillow.  He could be cute at times.

Spock closed his eyes again as he massaged her scalp.  Uhura’s hair was black satin.  It slid through his fingers and smelled of jasmine.  He inhaled her.  Then he removed his fingers from her hair.  That was quite enough.  He was very aroused.

“Mmn, why did you stop?”

“I believe that I am done.  I no longer feel any tension.”

Uhura moaned again.  He didn’t realize he had made her tension worse.  Or did he?  She was about to pop.  But she would never tell him that.  Spock sat on the edge of the bed, gazing down at her body.  He did not want to leave.  One finger rested on her lower back, on her spine.


“Yes,” she murmured.

“I believe I have been obvious in letting you know of my intentions.”

“I read you loud and clear, Spock.”

 “Then you know…know what it is that I cannot find the words to express.”

“Then may I make a request?”

“Anything.”  Did she just issue a blank check?  Uhura sighed.  She was horny enough that she didn’t care if she had.  She wished he would cash it.

“May I kiss you here?”  He pressed her vertebra. 

She gasped.  What a request!  “Yes.”

Uhura did not move as she felt the bed weight shift.  She wanted to see what he was doing, but decided it would be better to be surprised.  In ten seconds, she was pleasantly so.

He was directly over her, his weight on his hands and knees, which were on either side of her knees.    He moved his head to her lumbar vertebra and gently pressed his lips against it.  She bit her lip.  It was sexy as hell.

Oh, that feels so damned good…he’s going to make me come…’

Then he made his way up, slowly and tenderly kissing each vertebra until he was at the back of her neck.  And just as she predicted, she was wet and wobbly by the time he was done.  He rested his forehead against her the back of her neck and breathed softly.  He wanted to lie with her and spend the night with her.  Her female scent flooded his nose and he knew he had to leave.  He was completely aroused and utterly undone.  Was this how his father had felt about his mother?  No wonder they had married.  No Vulcan male could resist such a force.

“I am obliged to confess that I am hopelessly besotted with you, Nyota,” he whispered into her ear.  “I must leave you now.”

Screw the rules.  Uhura was ready to throw Gaila’s warning out of the window, turn over and wrap herself around him.  She wanted to beg him to stay, to spend the night with her, but if it ended up being a power struggle between him and Kirk, then she wasn’t being reasonable.  She felt Spock’s weight leave the bed, heard his footfalls across the floor, heard her bedroom door open and close, and then heard the swoosh of her front door.  She buried her head in the pillow and forced her screaming sex to calm down.  She reminded herself that she needed to be fair.  Kirk deserved his second…date?  But she didn’t know what he could do that would top that

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