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Bulletproof Soul

3. Kalamar Revisited

She was on the transporter pad with the captain, the commander and Dr. McCoy.  Scotty was operating the transporter.  She stood between Spock and Kirk, her head lowered to hide her smile.  Uhura was very, very glad to be on the away team to retrieve Dez.  Kirk had not informed her until that morning that she would be able to attend.  He explained that it was only right, as it had been her suggestion to go back for the security officer.
“Energize,” Kirk said to Scotty, and the four individuals disappeared in swirling beams of light.
Starfleet’s medical facility in Kalamar was large and low-lying, two kilometers outside of the metropolis.  They beamed into the waiting room and Kirk went up to speak with the receptionist on duty, who directed them to the proper location.  Once on the correct floor, Dr. McCoy consulted with the team of physicians assigned to Dez’s case while Spock, Kirk and Uhura waited patiently.
McCoy returned, frowning.  “She has yet to be discharged.  There is an error in her paperwork, one that’s going to take a little while to repair.  Bastards could have told me this while I was on board the ship.”
“So what do we do?” Kirk said.
“Well, I was told that she could have a visitor while she waited.  And I’m swamped on board the ship.  I need to get back until it is time for her to be discharged.”
“Go on,” Kirk said.  “Mr. Spock and I have some Starfleet business to attend to.  Lieutenant Uhura, would you like to visit with Sgt. Niaz?”
“Yes,” she said, beaming.
“Contact Dr. McCoy when it is time for her to be discharged.”
“Aye, captain.”
McCoy shook his head.  They definitely kept their relationship under tight wraps.  As far as he could tell, no one knew that the lieutenant was intimately involved with the captain and his second.  McCoy himself found out by accident; he walked in on them while they were asleep.  He knew that the captain was in love with her; it had been a very interesting thing to discover that the pointy-eared hobgoblin was too.  McCoy never mentioned his discovery to his friend; he knew when he crossed the line with Kirk.  It was nobody’s business anyway.  But it did have an unexpected benefit: Kirk was much calmer and less reckless in his decision-making.  He could see no obvious change in Spock’s behavior.  He wondered what it was about the lieutenant that captured and commanded those men to the point that they were willingly together in a threesome.
He was aware, however, that gossip about them was circulating.  It was very amusing.
“Anything specific that I need to know?” she asked.
“Just be easy, but I don’t have to tell you that,” he said.
“Thanks, Dr. McCoy,” she said, turning her smile on him.  McCoy widened his eyes and sighed.  If that was how she smiled at the captain, then it was no wonder why he was so in love with her.
“I’ll leave you to it.  I’ll be back down in a few hours.”  He called Scotty on the communicator and asked to be beamed up.
Uhura turned to Kirk and Spock.  “What do you have to do?”
“We’re spending the night,” Kirk said.
“We’re taking the night off,” Kirk said.  “You too.”
“But the crew—”
“Doesn’t need to know.  I’ve already left the conn to Scotty, informing him that Mr. Spock and I had some business to attend to regarding the incident on Amigosa V.  No one questions me, Nyota.  We’re going to have dinner tonight and then I’m going to take you dancing.  Then we’ll leave here with Dez and head back to our original mission.”
Uhura turned and looked at Spock.  He told him about her wish.  She opened her mouth to speak, but found words eluded her.
“As you requested, Lieutenant,” he said in response.
Uhura swallowed and took a deep breath.  She was floored at the idea of it.
“So, once you visit with the sergeant, go and find yourself a pretty outfit and contact either me or Spock.  We’ll tell you where to meet us.”
She closed her eyes, unbelievable warmth radiating from her core.
“Do you find this acceptable, Lieutenant?” Spock said.
“You have no idea,” she said.  “You have no earthly idea how much I wanted an opportunity to be free with you in public.”
“Good,” Kirk said.  “Until later, Lieutenant.”
“Until later, Captain.  Commander.” A warm oozy feeling was already starting to permeate her body.
She turned and went towards the triage desk.  Kirk and Spock left the hospital.
Dez’s room was bathed in warm yellow Veridian sunlight.  She was sitting in a chair, gazing out the window at the distant ocean.
Uhura tapped on the partially open door.  “Dez?”
The Bajoran turned.  Her eyes widened and she smiled.  “Lieutenant Uhura?”
Uhura entered the room and walked towards her.  “Call me Nyota, Dez.”
Dez stood and faced her.  Uhura walked as close as she dared, wanting to give her a hug.  But Dez seemed to read her hesitation and opened her arms.  Uhura walked into them and put her arms around her.
“It’s so good to see you, Dez,” she whispered.
“You too,” she said.
And then they were embracing and crying.  Uhura let Dez to sob into her shoulder and allowed her own tears to fall.  A few moments later, Uhura released her.  “Sit back down, Dez.”
Dez sat back in her chair and waved to the bed.  “Have a seat.”
Uhura sat down.  “How have you been?”
Dez looked at her, wiping her eyes.  “I know that you aren’t sure exactly what to ask me, Lieutenant.  Suffice it to say that I’m all right.  Considering.”
Uhura nodded.  “Nyota, please.”
Dez nodded.  “Nyota.  What happened to Brenda and Didi?”
Uhura looked down at her boots.  Dez didn’t know.  “They died.”
Dez closed her eyes and clenched her fists.  “Ass-holes!” she screamed.  “I wish I could have taken out one of those giant bastards!”
“Don’t worry,” Uhura said.  “Captain Kirk did just that.”
“Security showed up and they destroyed the entire colony.  That’s what I was told.”
“All of them?”
“Every last one.”
Dez closed her eyes for a long moment, processing the information.  Then she turned her beautiful dark eyes on Uhura.  “Good.”
“Yes,” Uhura said.  “Kirk got a reprimand and we got assigned a crappy star-mapping mission as a result.  He told me that he would do it again if he had to.”
Dez nodded.  Then she stared at Uhura.  “How are you?”
“I’m fine, Dez.  My injuries were nowhere near as severe as yours. Brett carried you back to the Enterprise.”
“I don’t remember anything,” she said.  “The last thing I remember is you getting hit in the head with that big stick.”
“I don’t remember that,” Uhura said.
Dez leaned back into her chair and moved her dark hair out of her face.  She looked confused.  “Nyota, I have to ask.  Why are you here?”
“We came to get you.”
“Captain Kirk came to get you.”
“How did he know that I was ready to be discharged?”  Dez was shocked.
“McCoy received regular updates on your condition.  He told me that you were healed enough to resume a—somewhat—normal life.  I asked a favor of the captain and he granted it.”
“You did that for me?” Dez said.
“Yes.  You’re one of us, Dez.  You need to be back on board the Enterprise with us.  I couldn’t stand the thought of you being left here alone.”
“You told the captain to come and get me?”  The Bajoran was completely stunned. 
“Well, I didn’t tell him.”
Dez stared at Uhura, turning her head to the side.  “How in the hell did you manage that?”
“What do you mean?”
 “Many people have asked Captain Kirk for many things.  And while he may consider it, most of the time he doesn’t do it or grant it, whatever it may be.  You asked him to come and get me and he did.  What kind of power do you have over him if you can do that?”
“I—I don’t…” She blushed.
“Is he in love with you?”
Uhura gasped, her eyes widening.  “What makes you say that?”
“It’s written all over your face.”
“It is?”
“Don’t worry about it, Nyota,” Dez said. 
“Oh no,” she whined.  “I can’t let him get in trouble for this.”
“I won’t tell.  His secret is safe with me.”  Dez shrugged.  “I don’t care.”
Uhura looked at her.  “But others will.  They’ll think I get preferential treatment.”
“Do you?”
“No.  He doesn’t treat me any differently while I’m on duty.”
“And off duty?”
The smile that broke out on Uhura’s face was explanation enough.
 “You must have him wrapped around your finger.”
“Well…” Did she?  Uhura sighed.  She wasn’t about to mention Spock.
“Do you love him?”
“Do you love him?”
She didn’t respond. 
Dez looked thoughtful.  “It’s all right, Nyota.  After what happened to us, I think you have the right to live your life any way you choose and love whomever you want.  We could have died on that shitty planet.  I’m not going to miss another opportunity that comes my way and nor should you.  If you love Captain Kirk, then so what?  Who cares?  I know regulations say that it’s wrong, but it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t help who you fall for.  Who gives a shit what anyone else on board that ship has to say about it?  Just what are they going to do other than gossip?”
“I don’t want him to get in any more trouble, Dez.  He committed genocide because of what happened to us.”
“And I’ll have to thank him for that.  This galaxy is a better place without a planet full of lying barbaric rapists.  If he’s not worried about the trouble, then you shouldn’t worry either.  So I ask again, do you love him?”
“Is he worth it?”
“Absolutely.”  Spock was too.
“Then…” Dez leaned forward so that she could look Uhura in the eye.  “…fuck what everyone has to say.  To hell with what they think.  And screw regulations.”
Uhura nodded her head.  Irish basically told her the same thing when she saw her in Kalamar.  ‘Love as hard as you can for as long as you can.’
“Where were you before you came back here?”
“We were out past Procyon, in a star desert.  Over fifty light-years away from here.”
Dez nodded.  “Yeah.  You’ve got him wrapped and tied.  It took you about thirteen days to get here, right?  No Starfleet captain would risk getting into further trouble for leaving his assignment to come and pick up a lowly security guard.  Especially one so far away.”
“Well, he got permission from Admiral Pike to do so, so he’s not in trouble.”
“Yeah,” Uhura said. “Pike said it was okay.”
“Which proves my point.  To make you happy, he secured permission to leave his assignment for what…three weeks?  I’m not any member of significance on the Federation flagship, Nyota.  I could have been left here and no Starfleet official would have cared.”
“But you are significant, Dez.  And I do care.”
“And because you do, so does the captain.  I rest my case.  I promise you, no one else could have gotten him to do it.”
Uhura sighed.  “I just didn’t want you to be stranded here.  I mean, I love this place, but the Enterprise is my home.  It’s yours, too.”
Dez smiled.  “Thank you for giving a damn enough to convince the captain to come back and get me.  I didn’t know what would happen to me once I left here.”
“In time, you can get your job back.”
Dez nodded.  “It’s going to be an adjustment, Nyota.  Security has a lot of males.  I don’t think I could stand for a man to get within five feet of me.  I don’t think I can be a member of security anymore.”
“Well, what else can you do?”
Dez smiled.  “I need to figure that out.”
“You’ve got time.  No one’s going to fault you for taking as much time as you need to get re-acclimated.”
She nodded.  “Thank you, Lieutenant Uhura.”
“You’re welcome, Sergeant Niaz.”
“If there is anything I can do in return…”
“Don’t,” Uhura said.  “You don’t have to do anything except take back your life, Dez.  That’s enough for me.”
She spent the next couple of hours talking to and getting to know Dez.  Uhura found that she really liked her honest, blunt nature.  She reminded her of Irish, except Dez wasn’t endlessly horny like her best friend.  Uhura regretted that it took a tragedy for her to get to know the extraordinary woman.  Dez was strong and tough.  There was a determined light in her eyes; Uhura knew that she was going to make a full recovery.  She learned that Dez had a strong background in chemistry and suggested that she start working in the science department once she settled back on board the ship.  Dez agreed that it might be a good idea.
Uhura was very glad that she found a friend.
Sometime later, Dez’s doctor came back in.  “Sgt. Niaz, I regret to inform you that you cannot be discharged until the morning.  After much consideration, I think it is best that you remain here for one more evening of observation.  Are you all right with this?”
Dez shrugged.  “I’m fine.”
The doctor nodded at Uhura.  “Are you going to stay with her?”
Uhura nodded.  “For a little while.  I’ll let the Enterprise’s CMO know of the change.”
“All right.”  The doctor left.
Dez looked at her.  “You don’t have to stay with me.  You can go back to the ship.  I’m tired anyway.”
“Well, I’m not ready to go back yet.”
Uhura looked down at her feet and blushed.  She couldn’t help it; Spock and Kirk were taking her out on a real date in a real city.  She got warm just thinking about it.  And she realized how transparent she was in front of Dez.
“You got plans in Kalamar tonight, don’t you?”
“Am I that obvious?”
“Well, I already know your secret, so I guess you don’t feel like you have to shield yourself.  Where is he taking you?”
“Dinner and dancing.”
Dez smiled.  “Really?  Captain Kirk can dance?”
Uhura recalled the memory of their sensual dance in his quarters.  “Yes.”
“That’s all right,” she said.  “Okay.  So get on out of here.  I know you’re not going to wear that damned uniform out to dinner.  One of the nurses told me that she likes to shop at a clothing store called N’jeti downtown.  She says that they have fabulous clothes at a decent price.  She keeps telling me that I have to stop there when I’m released to get a couple of outfits.  I’ve lost a lot of weight.”
“You look great, though.”
“Considering.  Now go.  Go on.  Take this opportunity to love your man in public, Nyota.  Who knows when you’ll get the chance again?  Until you decide you don’t give a damn, anyway.”
Uhura smiled at Dez.  “Thank you.”
“No, thank you.  Thank you for caring.”
*        *        *
Dinner and Logic
Kirk sent her a message informing her of where they were spending the night and telling her at which restaurant to meet.  Uhura had a couple of hours before she had to meet them, so she took Dez’s advice and found N’jeti.  Once there, she admittedly splurged.  It had been a long time since she indulged in shopping.  She bought a dress for dinner and an outfit to go dancing in.  She wasn’t going to worry about tomorrow, but was going to enjoy tonight.
The restaurant Kirk chose was elegant and specialized in a variety of cuisines.  He was very happy, as he had the chance to have a good old-fashioned Porterhouse steak.  He wore dark slacks and a shirt and Uhura’s favorite scent.  He had to admit, it was a heady feeling being out in such an environment, waiting on his lady to show up.  Spock sat across from him, wearing black.
“This was an excellent idea, Spock.”
“I merely wish to give Nyota whatever she asks for, Jim.”
“Well, this is a very good wish to grant.  I’m mad I didn’t think of it.”
“It is very difficult to restrain myself on board the Enterprise.  I want to stare at her while she is seated at her console or when she moves back and forth on the bridge.  But I do not, as it would not be appropriate.  I still marvel that she is indeed with me.  With us.”  That was a marvel in and of itself.
“Well, we have to restrain ourselves, Spock.  It just wouldn’t do for anyone to suspect anything between us.  We’ll take advantage of any opportunity we have to make it up to her.”
Spock raised an eyebrow, staring at something behind Kirk.
“What is it?” Kirk asked.
“She’s here.”
Kirk turned and inhaled sharply.
“Oh my,” he said.  He had grown used to seeing Uhura in uniform with her hair up, very official-like.  Tonight she was anything but.  She wore a long black dress that looped around her neck.  There was a round buckle between her breasts, enhancing her cleavage.  Her hair was down and hung in large spirals around her face.
He heard Spock’s breath hitch.  They scrambled to stand as she approached the table, holding a matching clutch.
“Hi,” she said.
“Fascinating,” Spock said. 
Kirk eyed him.  “That’s all you can say, Spock?  She looks fantastic!”
“Mesmerizing comes to mind, Jim.”
Kirk looked at Uhura and took her hand to kiss her fingers.  Then he pulled her in for a quick embrace.  “You look gorgeous,” he said.
“Thank you,” she said.  “You’re not half-bad yourself.”  She turned to Spock, who took her hand and kissed her palm.
“Nyota,” he murmured against her skin.
Kirk helped her sit down.  Uhura sat, smiling, looking around.  She felt free.
“This is a nice place, Jim,” she said.
“I admit; I had Spock do a bit of local research.  This restaurant caters to many tastes and cultures.  So you can have anything you want.”
“What are you having?”
“A steak.  And I don’t care if you do think it’s barbaric, Spock.”
Spock raised his eyebrow.  “I said no such thing.”
“You don’t have to.  I know what you think.”
The attendant came and handed them menus.  Kirk allowed Uhura and Spock to order first, and then gave his own.  He asked for a bottle of Rhaandaran wine.
“Are you going to imbibe, Jim?”  Spock asked.
“A glass or two won’t hurt.  You should as well.  It’s a special occasion.”
“I am unaware of the significance of the stardate.”
Uhura beamed at him.  “You’re so cute, Spock.”
“He’s also a doofus.  We are out with our lady.  Isn’t that a reason to celebrate?”
“Ah,” he said.  “You are correct, Commander.”
When the food came, Kirk methodically cut his steak into bite-size chunks.  It came with asparagus, sour cream whipped potatoes and crusty bread.  Uhura gazed at his plate.
“That looks fabulous, Jim.”
“Want some?”
“You know I do.”  She had angel-hair pasta with a light cream sauce, sprinkled with parsley.  Spock dined on a salad laden with colorful fruit and some clear broth.
He speared a forkful of steak and potatoes and held it to her lips.  She received the meal, her eyes closing at the taste.
“Tender,” she murmured.  Then she turned to Spock, who fed her some salad.  Uhura was so giddy, she couldn’t stop smiling.  “You know, I would have been fine if I just sat here looking at you two.”
“Yes, but then we would have missed an opportunity to have a non-reconstituted meal.”
Spock decided to inform them about Sarek’s query.  Kirk was amused.  Uhura was surprised.
“What did you tell him?” she asked.
“I sent a deliberately vague response.  I wanted the opportunity to speak with you about it.”
“He won’t be too keen on the idea, will he?” Kirk said.
“He would, at best, find it illogical.”
“But it is, isn’t it?  You say so all the time,” Uhura said.
“It is.  This is an unconventional, exceptional union.  I cannot explain it, justify it or rationalize it.  I do not know how to tell my father that I am involved in such a relationship.”
“Are you embarrassed by it?” she asked.
“To be embarrassed would be to imply that I have the founding emotion to respond in such a manner.”
“So you’re not,” Kirk asked.  “Good to know.  I mean, if you are, feel free to leave Nyota with me.”
“I shall do no such thing, Commander.  I am not embarrassed by our liaison.  I am very satisfied with it.”
Uhura smiled.  “I’m glad, Spock.”
“I told you, Nyota.  I want you enough to accept you on any terms.  Even an illogical one such as him,” Spock said, motioning his head toward Kirk.
“Good,” Kirk said.  “Because I’m not going anywhere.  What are you going to tell him?”
“What do you think I should tell him?  He expects that I should continue the Vulcan line.”
“Oh,” Kirk said.  “He wants you to have some kids.  When?”
“There is no time specified.  He merely wants to know if I intend to select a mate and reproduce.”
“But you have,” Uhura said.  “There’s no need to tell him about Jim.”
“I would not lie to my father, Nyota.”
“You don’t have to, Spock,” she said.  “Just don’t tell him.  He never has to know anything about Jim’s part in all of this.  He wouldn’t think to even ask you about that.”
“True,” Kirk said.  “It’s not like I’m the one that’s going to have the kids.”
Spock looked thoughtful.  “That is logical.”
“But tell him that kids are a ways off,” Uhura said.  “The last thing I need right now is to get pregnant.”
“You might get pregnant tonight,” Kirk teased.  “If you haven’t had your shot.”
“Oh, I have,” she said.
“Fascinating,” Spock said.  “You have charted her cycle?  She cannot ovulate due to her injections.”
“Of course not, doofus.  I’m just playing around.”
“Why you persist in calling me names escapes me.”
“Because you are a doofus at times, Spock.  You’d think you’d have picked up on some cues by now.”  Kirk knew that it really didn’t bother Spock when he called him goofy names.  Uhura liked it.
 Uhura looked at Spock.  “You’ve charted my cycle?”
“It is logical to know when you will suffer the discomfort of menstruating.  Jim and I must be prepared to soothe you.”
“This isn’t the dinner conversation I had in mind,” Uhura said.  Spock never ceased to surprise her. But it was true that he and Jim were extra attentive when her period was on.  They were amazing men.
Kirk sipped his wine.  “But it’s fun.  Now, you look astonishing in that gown.  However, you won’t be able to dance in it.”
“I know.  I have a change of clothes.  I’ll run back to our room and meet you.  Just tell me where it is.”
“What will you wear?” Spock asked.
“Oh, nothing like I wear when I dance for you,” she said.
“Preferably not,” Spock said.
“There are limits to such things,” Kirk said.  “I admit to being a little jealous of you, Nyota.  But you know that.”
“You know where my heart lies,” she said. “I take it that you’ll remain in the hotel room, Spock?”
“You know he will,” Kirk said.  “He’s lame that way.”
“I see no need to be among a deafening crowd of individuals crammed together in a small, overheated space.  I am content to wait for your return.”
“Okay,” Kirk said.
“All right,” Uhura said.
They finished their meal.  Kirk agreed to wait for her at the specified location, as he didn’t need to change clothes.  Spock would go back to their suite with her.
*        *        *
Freak Like Me
Spock was sitting in a chair, sitting quietly when she emerged from the bathroom.  When he saw her, both eyebrows went up.  She walked over and kissed his forehead.
“Are you seriously planning to wear such an outrageous outfit, Nyota?”
“I do not agree with your fashion choice.  Jim will not be pleased.”
“He will,” she said.
“He has distinct feelings about your wardrobe, Nyota.  He does not like it that other men have visual access to your legs due to the brevity of the Starfleet female uniform.”
“He didn’t have a problem with the brevity of my uniform when he was chasing me.” 
“That is the illogical nature of a man like him.  However, I also admit to a bit of displeasure when I notice that you command the attention of men other than him or me.”
“So that makes you illogical too.  Neither of you are about to police my attire,” she said, smiling wickedly.  “I’m going to wear what I want when I have the chance to.  If you don’t like what I’m wearing, then stop me.  Because I’m leaving.  I’ll see you tonight.”
She left before he could respond.
The spot he chose was not for romantic ballroom dancing.  It was a large club, filled with humans and humanoids.  There was a long bar at one end and he was perched on a bench, nursing a drink.  He had barely touched it.  The music was loud, thumping.  There were bodies pressed together all over the dance floor.  This was what he felt like, dancing with Uhura’s body flattened against his, his hands free to roam all over her.
Women hit on him and he was courteous, but refused their advances.  If anyone told him that he would so easily reject the attentions of females a year and a half ago, he would have laughed in their faces.  But it was easy now.  They offered him nothing but a few hours of pleasure and no connection other than the physical.  He required more than that and Uhura met him on all counts.
Where was she?
He found Spock’s announcement at the table humorous because he wondered how he would ever be able to explain their relationship to his crew or to Starfleet.  He knew that their secrecy would only last but so long.  Things had a way of coming out and it was only a matter of time before their liaison became common knowledge.  The Enterprise just wasn’t big enough.  He’d deal with it when the time came.
Where was she?
Kirk wanted to buy her a ring, but it would lead to questions that neither he nor she would want to answer.  The triangle tattoos they had were sufficient, but Kirk wanted everyone to know that Uhura was his girl, especially those jerks in Security and Engineering.  He didn’t know if he could keep his fist to himself if he heard Cupcake say anything else about Uhura.  He thought he might challenge the security chief to a friendly sparring match in the gym.  Cupcake wouldn’t have his punk friends around to save him from another ass-kicking.  He decided to do it.
Where was she?
Kirk went out on the floor.  The dance floor was crowded, but he had some room to move about.  He noticed a crowd of males on a section of the floor and heard catcalls and whistles.
“Hey baby, do those legs go all the way up?”
“Hot damn, sexy!  You in that skirt!”
“You by yourself tonight, girl?”
Some guy said something wicked in Romulan.
“Take me home, honey.  I’m yours for the night!”
“I bet that sucker ain’t enough for you!”
Kirk cocked his head to the side.  Who in the world were they talking to like that?
The crowd of males parted and he found himself staring at a gorgeous female in a scantily-clad leather ensemble.  She wore a large pageboy hat, big sunglasses, a vest that amplified her bosom, a skirt that might have stopped six inches past the V of her thighs and calf-hugging boots.  He could see her navel.
She was looking at him and sucking on a lollipop.  The men ogled her and continued their raunchy comments.
Kirk swallowed, disbelieving the sight before him. “Nyota…?”
She lowered her sunglasses and smiled.  She walked up to him, removed the lollipop and laid a fat kiss on his lips.  That ended the catcalls.
“What the fuck?”
“How in the hell did he get her?”
“What’s a scrawny little punk like him know what to do with a woman like that?”
“No way can he handle all that!”
“Hi Jim,” she said, caressing his cheek, oblivious to her surroundings.
“What the fuck are you wearing?”  He could barely get the words out.
“Like it?” She stuck the lollipop back in her mouth.  She knew that he did.  She knew that he was shocked.  She knew that he’d be upset.  She also knew he’d get over it.
“Nyota, we need to leave right now.”
“I just got here, Jim.”
“You’re not wearing that outfit.  Not here!”
She rubbed her nose against his.  The boots gave her an extra four inches of height.  “Are you telling me what I can and cannot wear?”
“Jeez, Nyota…I mean, look at you!  Those guys are staring at you!”
“So?  Who am I with?  I’m with you.  Let them stare.  Isn’t that the point of this whole thing?”
He put his hands on her waist, moving his fingers back and forth over her skin.  “I don’t like it.  I don’t want anyone looking at you like that…I can’t stand it…”
Uhura removed the sucker and kissed him again, catching his lower lip.  She claimed his mouth and slid her arms around his neck, slipping her tongue in his mouth.  She loved the way she was feeling right now.  She felt like a goddess: powerful, magnetic, sexy and strong.  She knew what she wanted and she wanted to do everything in her power to make Kirk and Spock go crazy.  The scandalous garb she wore would achieve just that.  Spock’s response was sedate, but he had openly acknowledged that he did not approve of her walking out in public dressed like that.  Kirk was losing his mind.  Job well done.
She broke the kiss. “Grab my ass, Jim. You know, like you usually do.  Grab my ass in front of all those looky-loos and let them know I’m yours.”
“Oh damn, woman…”
She sucked his earlobe and whispered in his ear.  “Grab my ass.  Now.”
He did and pressed her against him, kissing her.  She cradled his head and gave him some tongue, lifting her leg to press against him.  He took a deep, shaky breath.  “What are you doing to me, Nyota? “
She perched her sunglasses over the lid of her cap and put the lollipop to his lips.  “I’m seducing you.  Now suck.”
He obeyed.  She took it back and slipped the sucker between her lips and began moving with him slowly, in spite of the rapid thrum of the current song.
“You’re a naughty girl,” Kirk was able to say after a few minutes.  He wanted to fuck her right there on the dance floor.
“Are you going to spank me?” Uhura said, pressing her face against his neck.  She felt like a naughty girl.  She felt his erection, hot and throbbing, through her skirt.  She felt so very bad.
He swallowed. “I should.  I can’t believe Spock let you leave our hotel room wearing that skimpy outfit.  I’m going to kick his ass.”
She removed the sucker.  “He can’t control me any more than you can, Jim.  I wanted to wear this the moment I saw it. This outfit matches the way I feel right now.  I’m packing all the flavors you need.  I want you to know that I can be your lady in the living room and your whore in the bedroom.  Spock’s too.”
“Dear sweet Mother Mary,” he murmured.  He was already her whore, wrapped around her fingers, waiting on her beck and call.  Whipped. Sprung.  Lost.
“Though,” she continued, running her lips against his throat, “we don’t have to be restricted to the bedroom.  Just go with it.  If you really don’t like it, then we can leave.  I just wanted to tempt you.”
“Mission accomplished,” he said, regaining his composure and squeezing her buttocks.  “You know you’re getting fucked tonight, right?”  He actually considered carrying her to the ladies’ room and doing it there.
“Is that a promise?”
“What do you think?”
“I think…I want to dance with you,” she said, placing the sucker in her mouth and turning around.  She grabbed his hands and secured them at her waist.  She pressed her ass into his groin and began to move her hips.
“Move with me, Jim.  Move with me.  You know how I like it.”
As if in a trance, he followed her lead, loosening up and getting into it.  She was in complete control.  He looked up and saw a few of the oglers staring at him in total surprise.
‘Hell yes she’s mine,’ he thought.  ‘All mine and this is as close as you’re going to get!’
“Holy shit,” one of them said.
Damn,” said another.
Kirk allowed his hands to travel across her belly, down her hips and across her thighs.  He slid them back up and cupped her breasts.  He felt her nipples pebble under his hands.  “You’re not even wearing a bra,” he breathed into her ear.
“Didn’t fit.”
“I’m going to spank you,” he said.  “You’re so bad, you need to be punished.”
“Then I guess I’d better not tell you what else I’m not wearing,” she teased.  She laughed as she heard his breath catch, and then widened her eyes at the sight three feet in front of her.  She stopped gyrating.
“Why’d you stop, you flirt?” Kirk whispered in her ear.  “I was just going to check for myself.”
“Spock,” she said, staring.  “He’s standing right there.”
Kirk looked up.  Indeed, there was his science officer right in front of them.  He jerked his head in astonishment.
“Spock?” he said.
Spock raised his eyebrow.  Uhura got over her surprise and smiled.  She had, in fact, elicited the response she desired.  In for a penny, in for a pound.  That he had even shown up in such a place spoke volumes. She began gyrating against Kirk and really got into it when Spock came closer. Uhura couldn’t help but feel omnipotent.  This was what she called dancing for her men.  Kirk caressed her, pressing kisses against her hair.  Then she abruptly moved away from him and went to Spock, putting her arms around his neck.  She raised her thigh and pressed her crotch against his.  He stared at her, raising his eyebrow again.
“Nyota,” he said.  She could not tell if he was displeased.  She could tell, however, that he was horny.
“Spock,” she said.  “You came after all.”  She kissed him.
“I could not,” he closed his eyes as if the thrum of the music pained him, “allow you to come here unescorted in that thoroughly disreputable costume.” 
“No one bothered me,” she said.  “Besides, I’m fully dressed compared to most of these women here.”
Kirk moved, coming behind her.  “Spock,” he said.  “It’s a surprise to see you here.  Thought you were gonna wait for us to come back to the hotel.”
“I admit that I am astounded at my illogical behavior.  Under the circumstances, it could not be helped.”
“But you let her leave in this thoroughly disreputable, though very sexy, getup and had to come see for yourself…”
“Affirmative,” he said.  He left the hotel room about three minutes after she did.
Spock stared at Uhura, who removed her arms from his neck.  She backed away from him into Kirk and began moving her hips again while staring into Spock’s eyes.  He took in all of her and raised his eyebrow again. It was as clear as the color on her lips that she was deliberately enticing him.  He was not unhappy about it.
 Kirk moved with her, putting his hands on her waist.  She stared at Spock, twirling the stick of the lollipop.  She was so horny that she could have spontaneously combusted.  Tonight was going to be a good night.  She slid down Kirk’s body and back up again, feeling uber-sexy and feisty.  Tease?  Absolutely!
“Nyota,” Spock said.  It sounded like a warning.
“What?” she sassed back.  “Are you going to spank me too?”
He raised an eyebrow.  Kirk caressed her breasts and noticed Spock’s eyes home in on her erect nipples.  Spock loved her boobs.
I plan to,” Kirk said.  “She’s earned it, don’t you think?”
Spock cocked his head to one side.  “I would suggest that she is far too old for such discipline.  However, given the current circumstances and her deliberate decision to wear such inappropriate attire, I believe that such an action is required to ensure it doesn’t happen again.”
“Damn right,” Kirk said.  “Such impertinence must be addressed.”
She sighed against him.  “I’m so hot for the both of you right now…”
Spock grabbed her and tossed her over his shoulder, knocking off her hat and sunglasses. Uhura’s hair tumbled down over his back.  He secured an arm against her thighs and carried her out of the club.  Kirk grabbed her sunglasses and cap and then followed him.
It was going to be a very good night.

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